Another Skull Bomb

Got a mind-blowing story here about rock ‘n roll in the Ukraine. Also, my thoughts on what to do about Trump, and, the weak prospects for any “ballot harvesting” by Republicans.

Stay with me.

First, a few “I told you so’s.”

Finally (days after the election), a handful of top Republicans / conservatives are admitting that McConnell’s strategy of running with no agenda, was a mistake.

Gee whiz, I’ve been screaming that since LAST YEAR.

Way to go, Mitch. Next time, call me.

Again, running on “inflation” was never going to work, when voters understand you’re equally responsible for it, and you have no idea what to do about it.


Again, reach out to me next time, LOL.


I should have added, local issues such as crime and education will stay local, unless you have some national plan for them. Otherwise, forget it.

What gets me now is, the geniuses in my comments, blaming the GOP’s sad performance on the Dem’s “Tammany Hall” machine—ballot harvesting, curing, etc.

Also, some of these bright bulbs are blaming dumb voters who’ve been misguided by the MSM.

LOL. What did the “red wave” people NOT know about the Dems and MSM, before the midterms, that they DO know now?


It doesn’t take a high IQ to blame the other side, for your own side’s failings.

And, yes, the big blue cities are always dirty. Their elections are Third World. Not much has changed since Gangs of New York days.

There is always a (roughly) one-percent fraud margin in every state—other than today’s Florida, which has been cleaned up and is said to be the national gold standard.

Again, what’s new?

Get your own shit together, THEN go fix the world.

Hearing Myself On Tucker Carlson

I’m going to toot my own horn again. (Skip ahead, if you wish.)

Finally, FINALLY, I am hearing it, from someone other than myself.

I’ve been saying it since LAST YEAR.

Speaking on Tucker’s show, Candace Owens said the Afghanistan gravy train was almost immediately switched to the Ukraine track, it’s just keeping the skim going, one project replacing another.

I’ve been saying this literally since the Afghanistan withdrawal.

OK, there was a time, briefly I thought they might switch it from Afghanistan to Taiwan…..

…..but then, by November 2021, I saw it was going to be the Ukraine, and I’ve been hammering that ever since.

Now, they’re finally saying it on Tucker, explicitly, in my terms.

Is Candace a Dreizin fan?  I doubt it.

But, it still feels good.  I’m gonna take a victory lap. 

What BLM Looks Like in 2022

I think I wrote to my mailing list (before this blog), sometime in the second half of 2021…..

…..that Kiev’s rule in much of eastern and southern Ukraine, is a U.S.-financed, military occupation.

Surely, many thought I was nuts.

Check this out, below.

The below video shows Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, frontman of Okean El’zy (Ocean of Elsa), the Ukraine’s most popular, most successful rock band since the late 1990s.

Other than the senile, or some pre-teen children, EVERYONE in the Ukraine knows this guy’s name.

Even many millions of people in Russia, know his name. Okean El’zy had some hits in Russia, including Kvitka, one of Russia’s top rock radio hits in 2004.

Vakarchuk is a big-time Ukrainian nationalist. He and his band are from Lvov near the Polish border, which basically tells you everything.

Vakarchuk got behind the 2014 coup / revolution immediately.

In spring of that year, Vakarchuk was walking in Dnepropetrovsk. He passed a cop. He shouted to the cop, “Glory to Ukraine!” (the approved greeting for nationalist hotheads.)

The cop said he doesn’t need it, that Putin never did anything to him.

Vakarchuk filed a complaint, the department had no choice, the cop lost his job.

The cop was then obviously unemployable (as a cop) in the Ukraine.

I’d guess, he and his family moved to Russia, as did roughly a million “political migrants” since 2014 (this does not include about three million Donbass war refugees.)

(In the USA, cops and others can move from Oregon etc. to Florida or Texas. In the former USSR, they leave the Ukraine and come to Russia, LOL.)

The below video shows Vakarchuk, performing two months ago in Izium, a hard-hit town in Kharkov region.

Izium means “raisins”, don’t ask me where that came from.

Izium is the second-largest city in Kharkov region. Before this year, it had a population of 46,000.

Up to half of those have since fled, either to Russia or deeper into the Ukraine.

As Russia’s main base in Kharkov region, Izium was subjected to months of rocketing by the Ukraine’s Grad, Uragan, and Tochka missiles…..

….. most of which were shot down, but enough made it through. The city is quite damaged, although there is still power and water.

The only reason you might have heard of Izium…..

…..It’s where Zelensky’s reality show production crew dug up a mass grave of Ukrainian soldiers buried by Russia, and brought in the media and said, hey everybody, this looks bad…..

…..and it made the cover of the Amazon Post…..

…..and then the whole thing fizzled, and you’ll never, ever hear about it again. Same as all that “rape dungeon” crap (fed to morons) from back in April.

Now, see the below video.

Vakarchuk is on a chair, playing guitar in the town square.

Notice the army guard, off to the side, at 0:42. Vakarchuk didn’t just wander into town on his own, unannounced.

For him, this is an “event.”

Low-key, but nonetheless.

Again, this guy is the Ukraine’s all-time most famous, most lucrative rocker.

His band played to an absolutely packed soccer (football) stadium in Kiev—80,000 or more people—as recently as 2018.

They played to a crowd of thousands at a Ukraine fundraising concert in Prague, Czechia, this year.

Again, this is a town of 46,000 (might have lost half because of the war) in east Ukraine, not far from the Russian border.

Again, this is the town square. (Soviet cities are compact. In one of this size, most residents can walk to the town square, it might not be quick but it’s do-able.)

Again, this is an event, I assume it was announced or advertised, at least on Facebook or something.

Obviously, there was no price for admission. People could just go see the guy, for free.

Oh, did I mention this guy only ever sings in Ukrainian, never Russian (the language of Kharkov)?


See for yourself…..

(Oh, and in this clip, he sings not his own song, but Chervona Ruta, a Soviet-era Ukrainian quasi-folk song, probably the top tune from the USSR to have made it into modern Ukrainian culture… and the last thing most people in this town want to hear, LOL, especially as the singer who first blew up the song, despite earning most of her post-1991 income in Russia, later went over to the nationalists.)

I might (not sure) have posted six-seven months ago, footage of a no-name, generic Russian army rock band that came to nearby Kupiansk (population 27,000) this past spring.

A couple of hundred people (on the whole, much younger than this crowd) turned out for that one.


As I said, this is what BLM looks like in 2022.

Nobody needs it.

Of course, not all areas under Russia’s control (at one time or another) are 85 or 90 percent favorable to Russia.

In February, Kherson city, with 280,000 residents, was likely about one-third favorable, one-third indifferent (but could be brought around), and one-third Ukrainian loyalist.

As Russia cemented its control, a few thousand of the most hard-core Ukraine loyalists, left for Ukrainian-controlled territory.

Russia just finished a bloodless withdrawal from Kherson city, a few days ago.

Difficult to supply across a broad river with damaged bridges, the city became a strategic dead-end, and the Russian command evidently had other plans.

For weeks prior to the military withdrawal, civilians had been warned and encouraged to leave.

Russia offered transportation and free permanent housing (i.e. a free condo/apartment in Crimea or mainland Russia) to every household that left… with larger housing for larger households.

Reportedly, 130,000 left voluntarily.  Of course, you won’t read about this in your MSM.

Almost all police, most teachers, supervisors in every department, tax office, all municipal and provincial officials, Kherson state university administrators…..

…..everyone that could be arrested and jailed by the Ukraine as a “collaborator”…..

…..has also relocated to the Russian-controlled east bank of the Dniepr…..

…..and is still getting paid, whether or not they are doing any work at their new duty station. Again, you won’t read about this.

(Yes, the city now has no civil government or services, and not surprisingly, notwithstanding some smartphone photos/videos that have gotten out, has been closed even to Ukrainian state journalists. But what can you as the “liberator” expect, when you promise to arrest everyone as a traitor? Go run your own fucking city.)

Multiple reports from the last days of Russian control in Kherson, describe a half-deserted city, with no police, and with functioning shops but very little road traffic. The 130,000 figure is credible.

These people really did move to “the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.”

(Did I mention, you won’t read about this?)

The last ferry, with several hundred souls, reportedly pulled out just as the Ukrainian army rolled in to the port.  (Movie material, “if true.”) 

And yet… There should be well over 100,000 civilians still in Kherson. Many are not Ukraine fans, but it’s hard to leave your home behind.

In addition to the government buildings, there are housing blocks with thousands of apartments (flats, for you Brits) in the vicinity of the city’s main square, either directly facing the square, or within a few minutes walk.

This is how many souls turned up to greet the Ukrainian army, in the main square. 

ABOUT 100.


Well, now the Ukrainian army has announced, they will start drafting Kherson men as of the end of this month.

Let’s see how some of these guys feel, then.

Now, backing up a little…..

Before, during, and just after late September’s referendum to join Russia…..

…..the U.S., UK, and European MSM said the vote was a fraud, that people were being rounded up to vote at gunpoint.

The foreign minister of Germany literally said, on TV, that people were being forced to vote AT GUNPOINT.

Upon the end of the multi-day (turnout was expected to be thin at first, due to fear of terrorist bombings) referendums across Kherson, Zaporozhie, Donetsk and Lugansk…..

…..Reuters ran a story, quoting several Ukrainian loyalists who had just left…..

…..along the lines of “no one I know voted, it’s all a sham, they are rounding people up, no one I know voted.

Yeah, like the mythological, “I can’t believe Nixon won. I don’t know anyone who voted for him.

Here’s a video of the “join Russia” referendum vote in Melitopol’, Zaporozhie region.

More footage, same city:

And some more:

Of course, the result was pre-ordained, like Trump’s 2020 defeat.

In that sense, yes, it was “a sham.”

In all other respects, there was a vote, people voted, it happened. And, come on, YOU know how the majority voted.

Sure, you can argue about international law or whatever. (My American readers know, the strong do what they want.)

But… I don’t see any “gunpoints”, do you?

Here is video of a young-ish lady in Lugansk, voting and then tearing up her Ukrainian passport.

(Obviously, the gunpoint here is just out of camera view.)

(For true lunatics and addicts, the “soundtrack” is Донбасс за нами, the unofficial rock anthem of the Donbass, sung by these “girl next door” cuties, holy moly.)

For sheer propaganda and “unlawful voter interference” value, back to Melitopol’, still no gunpoints:

If this is all news to you, well, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

Just remember, all your news from the Ukraine is 80 to 90 percent fantasy. Some of it is total fantasy.

(Here’s a special shout-out from the Ghost of Kiev and the downed IL-76 to Senator Marco Rubio.)

When Russia invaded, I went by some Ukrainian sources.

Some members of parliament and local officials claimed Russian paratroopers were dropping in Dnepropetrovsk, and Russian marines were coming ashore in Odessa.

I shared this news with my mailing list, and said, sounds like the war may be over in a few days.

Well, it was all fantasy, like Japanese ships sailing up the Mississippi river on December 8th, 1941.

It’s one thing to be wrong in analysis or predictions, but sending straight-up fake news to my readers is a huge embarrassment.

I still review Ukrainian sources for laughs, or to see how they are coping. But, I don’t get my news from them anymore.

Once bitten, twice shy.

What about you?

You know, all these big respectable papers like the NY Times and Wall Street Journal, they have their Ukrainian sources on speed-dial.

What they’ve done, is gotten in with Ukrainian “fixers” or PR agents, who connect them with anyone they want to talk to in the Ukraine.

Like, if they hear about fighting in XYZ area, and they want to know how it’s going…..

…..they will be put through to some colonel on the ground over there, who will tell them all about it… from his perspective.

There is no second opinion, no doubt, no analysis, no perspective, no background knowledge, nothing.


Lazy, lazy, lazy. Low budget and lazy.

“Journalism” is me telling you the story about Vakarchuk, for example. Weaving a narrative? Yeah, maybe, but it’s all true. You can decide for yourself if his local turnout means anything.

I’d say, just stick with the Dreizin Report.

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Trump Lashes Out

A reader asked me what I think of the Trump-DeSantis shitshow…..

…..which, so far, is just Trump’s shitshow against DeSantis, LOL.

My answer (copy/pasted from the comments) was as follows:

I look forward to seeing this shitshow play out. Trump is lashing out like some freaky stalker ex-girlfriend, leaving crazy stream-of-consciousness rants on your voicemail. In my younger days, I used to come across poor negroes on the Greyhound bus who had far more dignity and class (and sometimes, better English) than this motherfucker. Of course, his routine was fun when he defended himself against Democrats, our crooked FBI, etc. But, watching him go off against someone who is not (yet) even in the ring, it brings home how disgusting and demented he is. Trump has also attacked my governor Youngkin (who turned Virginia red) for no reason at all.

In my view, we should thank Trump for his service, tie him up, and put him in a cage on the far side of the Moon. If that doesn’t work, then get his voluntary, written consent, and euthanize him (again, only with written consent.)

I will say there is nothing more that Trump can do. He’s already lost the plot, forgot his original message. A second Trump term would be a nothing, just more shitshow. All the Trump cultists now just want to see him stick it to the Dems, that’s their only agenda, there is nothing else. They are like Third World peasants, cheering for their local drug lord, because he’s their guy and fuck hell yeah.

Trump had his chance in 2017, it was a long shot, but he failed. With more discipline and better communication, and less ego and more maturity (i.e. not walking into the viper den like he was going to charm everyone because he’s so awesome), maaaaybe he could’ve saved the Titanic. Now, forget it. We may be going down, but it would be a more dignified torment to have a captain who can speak complex thoughts in the English language.

“We Need To Harvest” Talk On The GOP Side is Nonsense

Since election day, I’ve heard some of my readers—and some major Twitter accounts—say Republicans should learn to “ballot harvest” like Democrats do.

For my foreign readers, this is the act of identifying and approaching people who would likely not otherwise vote…..

…..(based on absence of prior registration, and other indicators, such as, if they were also harvested in the last election)…..

…..registering them to vote…..

……then later offering them a ballot, sealing it, taking it, and depositing it (among many others) on the “voter’s” behalf.

Whether it’s “legal” or not, a small sum of money (perhaps $20 or $25) can easily change hands. Of course, the “harvester” gets paid as well, some fixed amount per ballot.

Ballot harvesting is totally illegal in some states, but not all.

It’s legal and widespread in Pennsylvania, where it probably swung the recent election.

Ballot harvesting also wiped out the Republican party in California in 2018. This is a fact, no one denies it.

In some documented cases, Democrats have gone into group homes for elderly or mentally ill/disabled people, and harvested from there.

Were the “voters” even awake to know what was happening? Probably not, but I’m sure some “honest staff” at those facilities got paid very well.

Yes, if you didn’t know, America has Third World elections.

(We also have “ballot curing”, where illiterate or semi-literate, mostly recent immigrant voters, who made some mistake on their absentee/mail-in ballot or how they folded it or whatever, get contacted by partisan volunteers AFTER the election, to fix their ballot, such that the election can last for days after the election.)

As for Republicans getting into this game…..

Anyone who suggests that, is IGNORANT or IN A CLOUD

It’s doubtful there are enough “couch potatoes” on the Republican side to make a big difference.

It’s been well known for decades: Democrats suffer from “low motivation” among their two most reliable voting blocs (blacks, especially poor blacks, and “young people”, i..e. under-25’s.)

It is these blocs that are targeted with ballot harvesting.

Poor blacks and college students tend to live very compactly. You can send some kids to go around campus or the housing project on foot. No need for a car.

Are there any such unmotivated major demographics available to milk on the Republican side?

Again, doubtful.

Yes, there are some rednecks who normally didn’t vote, but who came out for Trump.

But, the numbers aren’t so great, and they are much more spread out geographically.

It would cost much, much more to pay someone to drive around and reach them all.

In conclusion, now that “white” America has swung to the GOP by a two-to-one ratio, and with a majority of Hispanics now also voting Republican…..

…’s Democrat party simply isn’t competitive, on a national level, without ballot harvesting.

Unfortunately, Republicans probably can’t match this trick.

They can only try banning it, in jurisdictions under their control.

But whenever and wherever they try, of course, the Dems fight like a cat getting a bath.

It’s life or death.

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Any gold teeth, please let me know in advance.

Of course, that’s just funny talk. I don’t call for violence on this blog.

I understand that just like the original Nazis, all modern Nazis have closet homo issues. I embrace their diversity.

But, I do hope they’re all double-vakksed and double-boossted with an mRNA “vakkseen.”


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