Why GOP “Lost”

If you enjoy hearing a two-bit, part-time, demonetized blogger say “I told you so“, because he saw everything more clearly than people who get PAID to see for a living…..

…..keep reading.

As I predicted a few months ago, the GOP win—if there is any win at all, perhaps we’ll know before winter—was NOT going to be a tsunami, not at the Federal level. 

In fact, at the Federal level, I said it could be extremely close. 

And, other than with loopy Pennsylvania and the machine failures in red precincts in Arizona…..

…..it doesn’t look like “fraud” can explain everything, this time.

As bad as things are…..  

And with most Americans feeling the badness….. 

This was a LOUSY result… and many conservatives are surprised. 

I see some cretins on Twitter already blaming Trump.

Why the surprise? 

As I wrote (to my GOP mailing list, before this blog) as early as August 2021….. 

…..the GOP national brand is worthless.

The party has NO PARTICULAR AGENDA, at least, not on issues that resonate with most people. 

(Without a coherent, unified agenda, it just becomes a matter of individual candidates, some of whom have no chance on their own merits. Like, if you’re running an Alpha-dog male against an incumbent woman senator from New Hampshire, LOL, forget it, the swing voters are mostly WOMEN. I could go on, state by state. Now you see why a unified agenda is important?)

They may think they have an agenda, but just complaining about inflation or even crime is no agenda, LOL. 

What the hell will they actually do

Not to mention, leadership matters, charisma matters, and the Congressional GOP has no single leader or brand-carrier at the top that anybody wants to hear or look at.

Even Gingrich 1994… very smart-sounding, cool but aggressive, and all over TV/radio so that everyone knew he was the boss…..

…..was an intergalactic sex idol compared to these ROCKS.

Thus, I said any future (looking from 2021) success, would be more a random accident of circumstances, than something earned or deserved. 

More recently, some months ago, I wrote they REALLY need some specific policy ideas to run on. 

I think I also wrote, I didn’t expect anything along those lines from party “leadership.” 

Yeah, I know, candidates talk a lot, and then, they figure they’ll figure it out once they’re in office. 

I mean, why commit to some plan that just raises more questions… especially if you’re slick, dull, and/or lazy? 

What’s new? 

Well, that didn’t work out this time, did it? 

Maybe shoulda listened to Dreizin.

(Before I forget, should mention… I also clearly stated that most swing voters are smart enough to see that inflation comes in large part from bipartisan deficit spending and more recently the bipartisan sanctions war on Russia, so if the GOP doesn’t have an actual plan to fight inflation, good luck running on it, you damn fools!!! The soccer moms will just discount it, and vote their feelings on other matters, duh. Today, November 9th, Republican pundits and consultants are waking up to this, admitting it, not in my words but close enough. I first said it probably nine months ago!!! Someone please hire me to run the goddamn RNC or McCarthy’s office, I will come in with a figurative chainsaw, clean house over there. Bunch of blind bozos!!!)


If they do take the U.S. House…..

They’re in a bind, whether they know it or not. 

As usual, they only have one tool, called “spending more money.” 

Unfortunately, any more deficit-financed large pork/stimulus (over and above the existing deficit)….. 

…..will, if not push up price inflation…..

…..then at least keep it high, or at least…..

…..they will be blamed for it alongside Brandon, and lose their edge on that issue. 

Not to mention, the Federal Reserve might not play along and cook up the Monopoly money, to begin with. 

Sure, that’s just about never happened before (maybe one time near the end of WW2), but… things are getting dicey with the Fed. 

Also, as I’ve covered, unless Brandon pulls the plug (unlikely)….. 

…..Congress will have to appropriate roughly another $100 billion for Ukraine-related stuff, between now and late next year. 

They may try to sneak half of that in before the new year, but the other half’s not going away. 

So, it will be doubly bad.  They will be seen as STILL funding Saint Zelensky….. 

…..while they can’t help out anyone here at home. 

What can they do?

Basically, nothing.

I don’t know, maybe something about abortion.  Big whoop-dee-doo.  It will be vetoed. 

Another thing…..

The public is already well-experienced and cynical with respect to “debt ceiling showdowns” and all of that nonsense.

No one wants to see that theater anymore. 

It was a flop under Obama (remember “sequestration“?), became ludicrous under Trump.

Republicans would be wise not to pull that drama in lieu of real solutions. 

But, there are no solutions. 

What to do? 

I’d say, now, do what they’ve been doing since last year.

It was a BAD strategy then, it’s the ONLY thing to do, now. Just lay low and stay out of the headlines, to the extent possible. 

Let Brandon fumble, keep the attention on him… or his absence and incapacity. 

These bozos have already blown everything. Now, all I can advise is…..

Don’t get into any stupid dramas or crusades.

That’s all I got. 


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