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Here’s another monster mash-up, MY LONGEST-EVER, to keep you busy. We got juicy stuff for POLICY MAKERS, JOURNOS, and AMATEURS alike.

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…..including, the Zelensky regime CRACKDOWN on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (you mean, the MSM didn’t mention this?)…..

…..and Azov HUMAN SACRIFICE (like, feeding the Old Gods)…..

…..and, how the U.S. House GOP’s pending “audit the Ukraine aid” drive is a BIG JOKE…..

…..and, the bitter truth about the Ukraine’s manpower situation (you won’t find this level of deep background, truthbomb analysis ANYWHERE else)…..

…..and the REAL picture on casualties of the war, no propaganda or wishful thinking, you will see this NOWHERE ELSE…..

…..but first…..

…..unique Dreizin perspectives on the Musk/Twitter situation and Bitcoin. (Also, “dinner with Kanye“, some Variant X stuff, and a note on commercial real estate, worked in here and there.

Are We Supposed To Cheer?

Free speech is being saved by the world’s number one conman.

This says everything about the state of America today.

Long before I got into blogging…..

…..smart people were pointing out that the alleged main “engines” of our economy, are giant legalized fraud and/or ossified rentier/skimming operations…..

…..or “at best”, speculative bubbles that could never exist without constant huge inflation of the money supply. 

Tesla (the stock at least, maybe the whole idea) is one such bubble. 

Many conservatives cheer Elon Musk as a hero for single-handedly returning free speech to the Internet. 

All good people everywhere, especially those fired for refusing the vakk-seenz…..

…..were psyched to see thousands of nasty censors being fired, most with no immediate prospects as the dotcom sector downsizes. 

It was like God’s judgement. It’s great. 

But let’s not forget, Musk bought Twitter because, when he first committed to buying Twitter…..

…..his Tesla stock was at or near its peak (world’s most valuable company, LOL)….. 

…..and he needed to cash out, before it really crashed…..

…..(it fell quite a bit before the deal was done, in large part because others cashed out in anticipation of Musk cashing out)…..

…..and find some other PR gimmick to run with, to soothe his need to be the center of attention.

Now, picture a late 19th century “snake oil” salesman, sneaking out of town ahead of the lynch mob.

That’s Musk. 

Musk has a problem that many are aware of, but almost no one is writing about. 

Supposedly, Tesla once claimed its batteries are good for at least 350,000 miles…..

…..but, they’re now only warranted for 100,000 to 150,000 miles (depending on the car model) or eight years, whichever comes first. 

(With most Tesla drivers being work-from-home sorts, and with no chance to drive a Tesla cross-country due to lack of charging stations, and, this not being a “drive your kids to practice” type of car… eight years is likely to come MUCH sooner for most.) 

And, even during those eight years….. 

Tesla only guarantees charge retention of 70 percent of “new” (!!!!!!!!) 

Yes, this is all in writing. 

What does it tell you? 

It tells you that AFTER eight years…..

…..Tesla expects your battery performance to fall off a cliff, if it hasn’t already….. 

…..at which point, the car (at least, if a lower cost model) will be nearly worthless….. 

…..as you could almost (not quite, but close enough) buy a cheaper car, for the cost of replacing those batteries alone.

But, it’s actually MUCH worse than that.

A few years ago, Tesla’s were still rare on the roads.

Now, you can’t drive 5 minutes, daytime, on a major road in any large city or suburb, without seeing at least one, perhaps many.


Once EVERYONE’S battery starts to run down, i.e. hundreds of thousands, a million each year…..

…..what will THAT do to the replacement battery price? 

(Keep in mind, Tesla would still have to make batteries for new cars, they wouldn’t stop everything just to sell replacement batteries only.)

LOL, right?

At that point, just go ahead and buy a new car, your Tesla is SCRAP METAL.

But… before you can sell it for scrap… I assume it will be on you, to pay to separate out and dispose of the half-ton of toxic batteries.

So, in fact, you’ll have to PAY to dispose of the car.

It will have NEGATIVE value.

Obviously, Musk is a conman. 

I’d love to see the financials on his private space company, but I’m not holding my breath.

It could be years (or as likely, never) before it goes public and shows its numbers.

We can assume that, despite all its government contracts…..

…..it’s losing tons of money, and is only being propped up by Musk’s profits from sales of his Tesla stock over the years.

So, free speech is being saved by the world’s number one conman.

(You might say he’s not a conman, as he merely rode the trend of “green” cars; he just took advantage after the country already conned itself. Actually, no, wrong. It was Tesla that “single-handedly” brought back electric cars—dead since circa 1910—at a time when the Big Green Thing was hybrids. Tesla started PR hyping its “Roadster” in 2006, and began selling it, albeit in minute quantities, in 2008, over 2 years before any other company released an all-electric vehicle for the mass market. In fact, the Federal electric car tax credit was started in 2008, specifically with Tesla in mind. The major, major entity I worked for at the time, was lobbying for that tax credit as part of its anti-oil agenda, and our lobbyist who led on that (they hired him because he had been chief counsel for a Senate energy committee chairman) was talking up Tesla constantly, even though they were only selling perhaps 100 cars per month, at the time. He was basically co-opted and turned into a Tesla lobbyist, working for them, essentially, although my employer paid him. He was conned, my employer was conned, Congress was conned, the public was conned. Tesla invented the electric car con. Of course, Musk did not invent Tesla, but he did provide early financing, and then took it over and helped make electric cars a conversation item on Capitol Hill and in the media.)

So, no, I’m not cheering.

Again, it’s DELICIOUS to see thousands of censors being canned.  

But, we are still totally f*cked.

PS:  As I’ve written previously, Twitter is doomed, no matter what happens.  It’s now OBVIOUSLY peaking in terms of account volume (who cares how many users you got, if they’re not paying, and half your advertisers have quit?), but, how many under-20, or even under-25 year old’s, maybe even under-30 year old’s, do you know personally or through your own relationships (not talking about some celebrity), who have a Twitter account?  That is, not running some company account, but for their own self? None?  That’s what I thought. The medium has gone stale, and frankly is just toxic. Musk will have to find another racket eventually… if his Tesla stock holds up, LOL.

Bitcoin Is The Biggest Financial Fraud Of All Time… And Illegal (Yes, Illegal)

Thanks to a reader tip, I went further down the rabbit hole with Bitcoin. 

It turns out, “Satoshi Nakamoto“, the alleged name of the mythological founder of Bitcoin…… 

…..(who came down from On High, and bestowed the Holy Bitcoin unto His Prophet, a programmer and small-time software entrepreneur named Gavin Bell, then raptured back to Heaven like the Blessed Buddha)…..

…..means, literally, “wise one, of middle (realm) origin” in Japanese. 

While it does not mean “Central Intelligence”…… 

…..it is probably the CLOSEST you can get to “Central Intelligence” in a genuine, believable, Japanese name. 

(So genuine, in fact, that some reporters actually tracked down a guy in California with that very name, in 2014.  Of course, that was just some random guy.) 

As I’ve mentioned…..

…..Bitcoin was created then “laundered” to a lucky civilian who ran with it. 

This is standard practice for the CIA, MI5/6, etc….. 

…..which have been laundering fake news bombshells to journalists for generations—and more recently, passing intel revelations (e.g., accusations against Russia) to be announced by state-aligned “private intelligence” middlemen such as Bellingcat.

It seems what the CIA/NSA did…..


……leaving themselves (i.e. it’s verified that the creator held on to) 750,000 Bitcoin—valued at over $47 billion at the high—to pay foreign agents, fund coups and revolutions, etc…..

…..in an untraceable way (i.e. not traceable directly to any person who uses an anonymous “wallet” and guards their IP address.)

And, all totally off the books. 

Literally one giant slush fund. 

It is, in fact, a VIOLATION of the U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 5…..

…..which gives Congress sole authority to “coin money”…..

…..(later universally interpreted to include bills and digital dollars, not just coins.)

(Obviously, Congress long ago delegated that authority to the Federal Reserve, that’s their right to do so.)

And, the Supreme Court ruled over 200 years ago…..

…..that Congress’s power to create money is EXCLUSIVE (that is, it has to be Congress or someone working under its authorization.)

Of course, if it’s really some guy in Japan (LOL), it’s not unconstitutional…..

…..because it didn’t happen in the USA.

But if it’s a U.S. Government agency, acting on its own, then… it is illegal as hell.

PS: Bitcoin cultists among my readers (any few who have not yet unsubscribed) are free to comment as to WHY my conclusion regarding Bitcoin’s origin is unreasonable, and why you think Satoshi is just some smart guy who didn’t want publicity.

PPS: If anyone didn’t notice, I don’t make money blogging, so I don’t give a hoot. There’s plenty of zombie cultist retards in the “I don’t believe the MSM, I think for myself” crowd. I will always tear them up, I don’t spare any subhumanoids on this blog.

“Freedom Will Prevail” (Why The Ukraine Is Toast)

The Ukraine is now a borderline totalitarian regime. 

Since early March, it has been the world’s largest prison camp. 

With very rare exceptions for work reasons (if the employer is large and well-connected, and the job can’t be performed without travel)….. 

…..or unless a bribe of tens of thousands of dollars is paid….. 

…..or unless they have a medical waiver (again a question of money, unless you’re obviously missing an arm or something)….. 

…..males ages 16 to 60, simply can’t leave the country. 

Not by plane, not by car, not on foot, not any how. 

Whoever tries to walk through the woods to Romania or wherever…..

…..and gets caught by the border guard…..

…..is arrested, and (after some days in jail) drafted into the army. 

Even guys in their 50’s, doesn’t matter. 

Once in the army, there are no options. 

In July, a law was passed, allowing commanders to kill any soldier ON THE SPOT, who fails to follow an order, any order. 

No detention, no trial, not even a proper firing squad (or at least, it’s not required.) 

You can be sure, that law was passed not “just because”…..

…..but because it was “badly needed”… and, it has been “used.”

The Ukraine is basically Stalin’s USSR. 

You wonder how these guys can just sit in a meat grinder and await their fate, this is how.

(Of course, almost all politicians’ sons left the country in March, February, even January.)

As for free speech….. 

The regime is THE media, there is no other media.

All true “alt” media has been shut down….. 

…..much of it, in fact, LAST year, with the outspoken support of the U.S. and UK embassies. 

(Original readers of my mailing list remember, I wrote about this.)

Even the “pro-Western” but anti-Zelensky media (owned or financed by Poroshenko) has been crushed.

They still have their jobs, but they literally have to read daily talking points from Zelensky’s administration.

They can’t criticize his handling of the war, economy, corruption…..

They must stick to the talking points.

People can’t even go out to protest power cuts or whatever…..

…..without being arrested as Russian spies. 

As for the cultural divide…..

The Russian language has been completely banned in all professional settings and public spaces and venues….. 

…..even though OVER HALF the population—and over half the army—speaks Russian as their first (oftentimes, only) language.

On TV, even in Kiev where everyone speaks perfect, unaccented Russian….. 

…..you see NOTHING but Ukrainian speech.

Every “let’s go see what this bystander says” interview, is in Ukrainian only

Perhaps because it’s illegal to broadcast anything in Russian. 

LOL, it’s illegal to show the REAL country on television. What they show on TV is a fiction.

(The top propagandists still have their Internet shows in Russian, I guess that doesn’t count as “broadcasting.”) 

As yet, authorities have only just started fining people for speaking Russian…..

…..(including the mayor of Kharkov, who insisted he needs to speak Russian with constituents in his almost all-Russian city. Seems like he’s a smart guy and knows which way the wind is blowing, now that the lights are going out)…..

…..but they’ve turned over half the population into criminals, or at best, second class citizens. 

As I covered a few weeks ago…..

The regime is targeting the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (the real one, not Poroshenko’s schismatic spin-off, regime-approved faction)…..

…..for being insufficiently “rah-rah.”

Last week, another, larger wave of raids was carried out…..

…..against monasteries, churches, and church offices and residences throughout the Ukraine…..

…..including the church’s “signature” monastery, the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), as per the first photo and video, below.

The raids were conducted under pretexts such as…..

…..we think this church building is hiding Russian infiltrators, or stockpiling weapons, or (vaguely enough) conspiring to commit treason.

That type of nonsense.

Below, G-men “visit” the Cyril and Methodius Convent (women’s monastery) in Transcarpathia, near the Slovak and Hungarian borders.

Other raids were conducted in Rovno, Vinnitsa, and Zhitomir provinces.

I’m not sure which location this is, must be one of the above:

Geography nuts may have noticed, all the above locations (other than Kiev)…..

…..are in WESTERN Ukraine.

Politically, these areas would be more receptive to confiscating church property…..

…..and giving it to the state-approved, breakaway faction.

My guess, that’s what the stage is being set for.

The raids found… well, no weapons.

It would have been easy enough to “plant” a stash, and show it on TV…..

But, who (outside of the Ukraine) would have believed that?

At several locations, the G-men displayed Russian language books and journals, mostly from the 2000’s if not earlier. 

(Prior to this year, any school or library in central, southern, or eastern Ukraine, or in Kiev, would have been chock full of Russian books.) 

At this particular location, it seems only RELIGIOUS books were seized:

At least several priests were charged after the raids.

We don’t know how many, looks to be under 10… so far.

The charges are “spreading propaganda of the Russian world” (i.e., Russian irredentism.)

Here’s one priest, signing his charge sheet (or whatever), in the presence of a plainclothes Ukraine Security Service man.

Well, at least they had the sense not to handcuff and perp walk these priests.

The head (by other accounts, the press office) of the Ukraine’s military intelligence, the G.U.R.…..

…..suggested the priests be traded for Ukrainian soldiers held by Russia. LOL. Off the fucking charts!

In reality, the church is GUILTY…..

…..of sermonizing for peace, and emphasizing (in its prayers and sermons) the historic bonds between Russians and Ukrainians…..

…..which is seen as a THREAT to the post-2014 regime…..

…..as, among other sins, it contradicts the “official narrative” (as per school history textbooks)…..

…..that Ukrainians are an autochthonous ethnos with a distinct lineage and an integral, unified history separate from Russia’s.

In particular, the regime hates that the church, per 1000-plus year tradition…..

…..refers to “Rus” or “Holy Rus” in its prayers and sermons…..

…..(e.g., “we pray for the peace of Rus“)…..

….Even though (long story short) “Rus“—later Rossiya, or Russia in English—was basically founded in Kiev.

But, the regime hates that word.

Regime official history is that the Ukraine has been the Ukraine, since dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

As I wrote before, the church (which is nominally under the Moscow Patriarchate)…..

…..is also the last cultural bond between the Ukraine and Russia, that is not yet totally suppressed or illegal…..

…..So, it has to go.

I won’t even be surprised if they dissolve the entire church soon, put its assets under the regime-approved breakaway faction.

UPDATE: This is moving fast. It appears, there are now plans to confiscate the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and hand it over to the regime-approved breakaway faction. The head of the Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, Oleksiy Danilov, a former racketeer from Lugansk, has said something along the lines of, “the site never really belonged to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, it belongs to the people, and now we’ll see who gets to use it.” Speculation is, the first stage of confiscation will involve allowing the regime-approved breakaway faction to use the site co-equally with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church… before the latter is pushed out entirely.

In general…

Anyone, today, in the Ukraine, who challenges the narrative or speaks out in any way…..

…..is basically GUARANTEED to suffer physical harm and/or detention and prosecution for treason, perhaps disappearance, even death. 

(The Narrative is, that’s Russia not Ukraine. Well, just FYI, there have been cases of men in uniforms, or even just camouflage clothing, being denied admission to Russian restaurants, bars, clubs. “Nothing” happened to the unpatriotic owners, other than some bad PR and perhaps harassment by angry locals. Then there’s the famous case of a Moscow University journalism student being harassed and threatened because he was the only one in his department who came out for the war. I could go on with many other examples. None of this would fly in the Ukraine. Unless you’re some harmless little granny, you’ll be straight up “disappeared”, sayonara, nice knowing you. You got your countries mixed up, sorry. Try flipping them around.)

This older lady, below, was assaulted on the Kiev subway…..

…..for trash-talking the army, saying they are killers (that’s as much as I can make out.)

OK, not too bright. Bad judgement.

The brave (Russian-speaking) patriot gets into an argument with her, tries to grab her arm (to make a point about ejecting her from the train)…..

…..she defends by putting out her foot…..

…..and he gets up, and, after threatening to strangle her…..

…..slams her face into the window frame, hard, using both hands, at 1:26.

You can see most people on the car don’t approve (this is Kiev, not Lvov), but no one dared say a word.

Some did not even dare to look.  See below: 

People in “liberated” areas (retaken by the Ukraine from Russia) have been rounded up…..

…..many disappeared with no contact, some small proportion have been killed. 

This household in Kherson was raided on advice from a couple of snitches, probably looking to settle a score.

You can see them pointing fingers, one then the other.

The soldiers have no idea, they throw some accusations, make the mom and her son spread out against the fence, so silly.

Must have watched too many Cops reruns.

The soldiers obviously got nothing, beyond, “Why do you have a bunch of rubles… you must be an enemy spotter“…..

…..(the son claims to have worked a manual labor job with the Kherson government, of course he was paid in rubles.)

(Over 700 have been detained in right-bank Kherson, but only seven charged, so far.  Almost all real “collaborators” made it out among the 130,000 civilians who evacuated with Russia. Of note, a highly credible Russian source claims the head of the Kherson city jail, an officer named Kirill Rashin, chose not to evacuate, and was then arrested and executed by the Ukraine Security Service.)

Moving on, we can’t pass over the propaganda.

It’s MUCH more than just the “Ghost of Kiev” and spoon rape / rape dungeon stories that were fed to retard consumers of MSM crap.

Ukro-propaganda is the dumbest shit you’ve ever heard.

You have no idea, let me school you.

My babysitter (from that part of the world) believes the widespread fake Ukro-news story…..

…..that some subhumanoid Asiatic (Buryat-Mongol or whatever) Russian soldier…..

…..at an address not identified, in a town not identified…..

…..looted an electric tea kettle…..

…..but LEFT THE BASE (!!!), as he’d never seen an electric kettle before…..

…..(and couldn’t figure it out, because Russians are so poor and ignorant.)

Who loots a tea kettle?

Russians drink tea all day, they have all the kettles they need.

He couldn’t find a scented candle or an alarm clock radio?

Below is a video…..

…..likely originating with the Ukraine army’s Center for Information and Psychological Operations…..

…..with a guy pretending to be a (faceless and unidentified) Russian soldier, on a bus going home from the war…..

…..making a video for his wife, showing all the stuff he’s looted for her…..

…..including a cheap little hair dryer (LOL, you have to see this), a TV, and a breast milk sterilizer, so that “we will give milk to our little one.

(It sounds as dumb in Russian as it does in translation.)

And, Zelensky’s wife has made a new push (carried in the UK tabloids at least)…..

…..to convince you that Russian wives and girlfriends, are asking their soldier men to rape Ukrainian women.

Got nothing else, I guess.

I covered this back in April, they are recycling it.

From back then… Here’s a release from the Ukraine Security Service, in their long tradition of, “We hacked the enemy’s phone connection, recorded them talking, and put it on the Internet.

This is supposed to be an intercepted phone call between an unnamed (of course) Russian soldier and his unnamed (of course) lady friend.

The entire length of the “excerpt”, translated by me, goes like this:

Lady:  “And so, you go ahead there, you rape the Ukrainian broads, and don’t say anything (to me), understood?  (Giggle.)


Lady:  “Today, I…

Soldier:  “…(unclear)… You asked not to say anything to you.

Lady:  “Yes.  So I don’t know anything.  (Giggle.)  What of it?

Soldier:  “I can, yes?

Lady:  “Yes, I allow it.  (Giggle.)  Just use protection.  (Giggle.)

Soldier:  “OK.

Hooooookay. Yeah, my wife tells me this all the time. Moving on…..

Let’s cover the opinion polls. Like Democrats, the regime does phony push-polls to show how much support it has for the war.

I don’t even know why they go through the motions.

Many people are afraid to answer the polls, honestly or at all. The regime really thinks 85 percent of the public wants no peace talks, nothing but war until victory.

I don’t know, it might be 60 percent. It’s NOT what they claim.

The Ukraine is a giant pressure cooker, and is likely to get crazy (e.g., mass looting) once Russia turns the light and heat off for the winter. 

The critical moment may come once the police give up, because their own homes are also dark and freezing. 

At that point, it could get wild. 

Of course, there WON’T be any revolt, because the opposition has been banned and dismantled…..

…..and the regime’s political security arms (who surely have their own generators and other comforts) would shoot to kill. 

As for the army….. 

…..Fantasy talk of a coup to remove Zelensky BUT keep the war going, is silly.

The only possible “pro-war” coup, would be with U.S. backing, a la South Vietnam 1963. 

Short of that…..

The army is obviously hanging on an American paycheck, and would crumble in five seconds without it, there is no money. 

They need to get paid, and the only way to do that, is to keep the war going. 

Of course, America’s not going anywhere for as long as the war is ongoing. 

After that… well, you know. 

Now, you see, the problem with this type of regime…..



Zelensky’s advisor Podoliak said on TV last week, he expects to speak on the same show, in six months, FROM CRIMEA.

These guys are floating in space.

But, they’ve driven their public mad (or into deep silence), those who weren’t mad already…..

…..and now they can’t back down, not one inch.

The place is just BATSHIT CRAZY.

(BTW, I described this back in March, with a piece titled “Ukraine is cracking.”)

The “smart” thing would have been, make a deal to freeze the conflict (recognizing Russian control of Donetsk, Lugansk, Crimea)…..

…..perhaps “demilitarize” by pulling all heavy military gear back to the Dniepr…..

…..and live to fight another day…..

…..a bit like Poroshenko did in 2014.

Basically, wait for Putin to die or retire, and some weaker man becomes Russian leader, and then…..

…..(if you’re still in power)… make your move, hoping Moscow folds like a cheap suit.

But now, it’s MUCH too late.

Today, these guys probably BELIEVE their own BS.

And, much of their public is likewise so far gone, it will have to be DEPROGRAMMED, like Germans in 1945 and thereafter.

Some critical mass of the unthinking public (some of them coming under Russian rule, some not) will wake up and realize, they’ve been led astray.

(They don’t have to come to like Russia, any more than Germans love the USA.)

It won’t be a pretty road to get there.

When You Can Only Report What’s “Approved”, You’re ALWAYS Behind

The point of the USA and its hegemonic bloc clearing out their arms stocks for the Ukraine…..  

…..(in an orgy of loyalty-proving, some east European countries have given away literally everything of value that they had)….. 

…..was, the Ukraine would use that stuff…..

…..to take back all lost territory and end the war, THIS YEAR


It was a bad call, Ripley.

Now, Russia is advancing again, not hugely yet, but the steamroller is warming up. 

Now, U.S. and European military officers and officials are crying to the New York Times and Politico….. 

…..that “we’re running out, we could not have expected, such an intensive war, not remotely like Afghanistan, oh my goodness.” 

Yeah, a huge surprise that fighting a land war with Russia, would clean out the garage.

Of course, this was all obvious, and COULD have been reported sooner…..

…..BUT, only recently did it become a talking point at the Pentagon…..

…..which is anxious over maintaining enough stock to deal with China etc.

And, naturally, our brave MSM doesn’t get ahead of the Pentagon (you know, a “free press” and all.)

A reader wrote in the comments on this blog, SEVERAL MONTHS AGO….. 

…..that Russia is “disarming” the USA, via the Ukraine. 

YouTube commentator Alex Mercouris touched on this as early as July. 

It’s been obvious for a while, no? 

Well, we know governments come to their senses slowly…..

…..and thus, the “free press” that takes their cues, also catches on slowly.

After so many months, it’s finally “OK” to say the War Machine must keep enough junk on hand to give to Taiwan….. 

…..and fight potential ground wars against North Korea, Iran….. 

…..or God-knows-who (Uncle Sam will always find somebody.) 

This is what recently pushed Milli Vanilli (General Milley)….. 

…..to suggest the Ukraine get back to peace talks with Russia. 

Now, with unnamed sources whining about running out of weapons….. 

…..why would Russia sit down to negotiate its own surrender? 

Jeez Louise!

UPDATE: I just read, Uncle Sam has chewed out the Ukrainian command for wasting his precious HIMARS missiles on useless, “just making a point that we hate you” type targets, where there’s not one single Russian soldier present (e.g., local/regional government office buildings—that was a favorite.) BAHAHAHAHAHA. Don’t you know, messing with the kingpin’s “product” is the Crime of Crimes. Uncle Sam is now, finally, demanding more rational use of his resources. Where’s Captain Rhodes when you need him?

Or these guys…..

They might also be of assistance…..

GOP’s “Audit The Ukraine Aid” Drive Is A Big Joke

It looks like Kevin “deer in the headlights” McCarthy, made a deal with Marjorie Taylor Greene (possibly among others)…..

…..for her “legit outsider” support to remain GOP leader in the U.S. House…..

…..if he agrees to audit the Ukraine aid…..

…..which, I assume, means, establishing a “special inspector general” office…..

…..as was done with Afghanistan, many years ago.

I’ve already written, nobody cared what the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction had to say.

That office was created in 2008, the staff did mountains of work.

Conservative media and social media, only ran with it…..

…..AFTER the 2021 withdrawal, LOL.

For 13 years, no one cared. All those million dollar goats and whatever, we only heard the story when it was too late.

HOWEVER, that’s not my focus here.

You see, it looks like MTG, Matt Gaetz, and other Republicans who want to audit the Ukraine…..

…..are interested only in the roughly $20 billion of U.S. arms given to the Ukraine since February 2022.

(Readers of my pre-blog mailing list may recall, there were “off the books”, probably illegal, cargo flights of weapons to the Ukraine, EVEN IN LATE APRIL 2021. But, that’s untouchable.)

(Keep in mind, the $20 billion expense, is the cost of reordering the weapons, to backfill Uncle Sam’s arsenal. Otherwise, just giving stuff away, doesn’t really “cost” anything, except to transport it.)

But, wait a minute… Didn’t Congress appropriate $60-some billion for the Ukraine since February?

(Brandon has asked for another $37 billion, that’s pending.)

Why, yes they did!

So, why only look into $20 billion of it?

What about $40-some billion that was (or is now being) spent on likely very overpriced, likely no-bid contracts…..

…..to rent ships to transport over 1,000,000 cannon shells (among other stuff) to the Ukraine…..

…..and to transport, house, and feed many thousands of Ukrainian trainees in Poland, Czechia, etc…..

…..and to ship refined petroleum products to the Ukraine, through Moldova (after Russia destroyed all Ukrainian oil refineries)…..

…..and on various propaganda outlets and “information operations” (bot farms or whatever) in Europe…..

…..and all other categories and line items involving CONTRACTORS OR GRANTEES???

I mean, that’s where you’ll find most of the FRAUD, WASTE, and ABUSE, right?

Well, cough, cough, we’re not touching that.

American war is a lucrative business…..

…..and it’s OK to talk about fraud and abuse, at some LATER date…..

…..but to dwell on this today, while “Ukrainians are dying, blah blah“…..

…..well, that’s “disloyal”, no?

It’s problematic, for sure.

Evidently, MTG and her friends want splashy headlines about U.S. weapons (intended for the Ukraine)…..

…..going to (for example) the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara…..

…..which, incidentally…..

…..the president of Nigeria complained about, a few days ago.

That way, if she’s still in Congress when the Islamiacs use a U.S. Stinger missile (intended for the Ukraine)…..

…..to shoot down a large passenger aircraft…..

…..or worse, a large passenger aircraft with Americans on it…..

…..or still worse, an American large passenger aircraft…..

…..MTG can say she was looking into this, she warned about it, if only someone had listened, oh she’s such a leader on this issue.

OK, that’s cool.

Not bad for a politician, I’m not complaining.

Always nice to see people thinking ahead, planning their careers.

But it does nothing for today.

PS: Separate topic, regarding what the Ukraine NEEDS today, not what it got months ago. Despite all they have received, so much has been damaged or destroyed, that Ukrainian forces are now short on armored/tracked vehicles, artillery, and severely short on artillery munitions. The situation is approaching critical. At this rate, by early January, they will essentially be OUT OF EVERYTHING, even as Russian military industry churns out more and more late-model, modern gear and munitions. Uncle Sam and all his junior partners really need to step up their game, reach further down into the barrel. “Send more Javelins”!!!

PPS: As for HUMAN resources… Ukrainian manpower has reached the limit. They’ve already almost fully tapped their “surplus male population”, and simply cannot squeeze much more additional strength out of the populace, without drafting (with commensurate motivation and morale, and logistical and socioeconomic collapse) utilities and rail workers, port workers, police, essential farm labor, and so forth, as well as men over 50 and even boys 16-17. Otherwise… the army is not short of men yet, but it CANNOT expand. We’re *beginning* to see THE END OF THE ROAD. The army that you see now (including the border guard, the draft offices, civilian employees of arsenals and military repair shops, the state security men, etc.) is already almost all there is, or is going to be. The Ukraine with its ~29 million remaining residents (will be even less with the next refugee wave, they will have to let out some teenage boys with their moms), CANNOT remotely match Russia’s mobilization, period. The biggest problem, is that of the 1.5 to 2 million healthy, young/young-ish males who left the country for Europe since 2014 (not even counting those who left for Russia), ***ALMOST NONE*** have come back to help fight Russia. They may feel one way or another about the war, but most have residency, can’t be deported on a whim, and are comfortable where they are (even if it gets bad, it’s still way better than the Ukraine.) This is the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM that no one is talking about. When the “Maidan” regime broke with Russia, it KILLED the economy, the youngest and brightest took off, and now those people are GONE GONE GONE. Actions have consequences, assholes!!! So… All these “war could last for years” goobers, do not know what the fuck they are talking about. Just because you WANT the war to last for years… well, so what? I want to lose 35 pounds and be supersexy again… but at least that’s HYPOTHETICALLY possible.


Dude, if you support and respect them so much, shut the hell up!  

Even the Anti-Defamation League, the Conference of European Rabbis, etc., etc……

…..(in short, “The Jews“)…..

…..don’t mention this stuff, it doesn’t exist for them….. 

…..(as they’re all-in on the Narrative, they simply like the Ukraine more than Russia, case closed)…..

….so, who the hell are you, to bring it up? 

Below, “SS” insignia on the guy at left.

Of course, there are many hundreds, maybe thousands of such photos circulating the ‘Net.

I could cover nothing but these photos, but then no one would read me.

Wait… What… were those Trump supporters?

Lock them up!

The kids, too!

I Guess We Can Talk About This On Twitter Now

Just a reminder, Variant X is coming, it will kill millions and bring down the roof.

It will change the political landscape of the USA, discrediting and emasculating the Federal government…..

…..thus bringing substantial power (de facto if not de jure) back to the states, especially the “red” states…..

…..where deaths (and chaos) will be somewhat lower.

Anyone vakksed-and-boossted (and especially, boossted again) with an mRNA so-called “vakk-seen”…..

…..including children, is at substantial risk of severe disease, long-term debilitation, and of course, death…..

…..from Variant X.

This includes most healthcare workers nationwide…..

…..as well as hundreds of thousands of police, firemen, urban transit workers, sanitation workers, etc., in the blue states and cities.

Not to mention, almost the entire U.S. military, including the National Guard.

Yup, sounds encouraging.

Now, for some timely details…..

A month ago, in my first podcast with Coffee And A Mike….. 

…..I pointed out the relationship between the vakk-seenz and the ongoing “RSV eppi-ddemikk”….. 

…..RSV being a minor, common cold virus….. 

…..that NO ONE outside of the medical profession (and even many within the profession)…..

…..had ever heard of, until this past September or so. 

I was the first (that I’m aware of) to state the OBVIOUS online. 

I didn’t understand the relationship, but a relationship was obvious. 

About ten days ago, Citizen Free Press (successor to the burnt-out Drudge Report) linked to some censored expert’s Substack page….. 

……which suggested the mRNA vakk-seenz have so lowered imm-yoo-ni-ttee within the population….. 

…..that they are facilitating the widespread passage of RSV among (asymptomatic or largely so) adult carriers (who would otherwise not be carriers)….. 

……to newborn and infant children. 

This same explanation (minus the exclusive focus on babies)…..

…..was earlier proposed as the reason behind the amazingly early-in-the-season, and intense, ongoing flu outbreak. 

That is, the number of carriers who are spreading germs because their imm-yoon systems have been “artificially suppressed”…..

…..(but not suppressed enough for them to get much sick themselves)….. 


This is believable, and in fact, likely. 

What other explanation is there? 

We’ve got this “eppi-ddemikk” of some previously-inconsequential, common cold virus, that’s filled up the pediatric wards….. 

…..and at the same time, probably the earliest start to flu season on record.

Obviously, we’re just getting warmed up. 

It’s now clear, the vakk-seen lords have screwed everything up AND this will have huge epidemiological consequences. 

I would not be surprised if the coming Variant X event is a double eppi-ddemikk…..

…..consisting of korona-vyrus Variant X and some other pathogen…..

…..perhaps a lesser one, or perhaps a major one, such as a nasty strain of Avian Influenza that jumps to humans…..

…..(in which case, turn off the lights.) 

Oh, Nothing, Just More Killing Of Russian Prisoners, On Video

I’ve shared a number of these, over the months… but… it doesn’t get old, does it?

Not for what it shows, but for what it says (i.e. the meta-message.)

That being…..

The perps can film and share it far and wide, nothing will happen to them, they’re the good guys, so why the hell not?

Just some young guys having some good, clean fun, no consequences.


PS: I don’t know if this is actually “new”, but as much as I track these things, I only saw it two weeks ago, so it’s new to me.

Comments Policy

We’ll get to the HUMAN SACRIFICE, soon.

My new and improved comments policy is always at bottom. Please read it, so you don’t waste time writing comments that won’t be approved and published.

I make sure the comments section is well-written, on-topic…..

…..and free of Nazis, Marxists, and FBI agents-provocateurs (of which I’ve had a few)…..

…..so that mature, quality people know they can come back for a good time.

Like a beach club with a “no shoes, no shirt, no service” sign.

Although it’s free, it’s still my product, and reflects on me personally.

The whiners can take their “free speech”, shove up it their butts.

I’m not Twitter or the phone company.

The Yiannopoulos / Fuentes / Kanye Episode

If Nick Fuentes is really such a Nazi, he should volunteer to fight for the Ukraine.

Then, he’ll be as “kosher” as Manischewitz Premium Gold Gefilte Fish.

As for Milo… The REAL problem is not Milo.

The problem is…..

Trump is still an undisciplined wrecking ball…..

…..and every time he “steps in it”…..

…..the entire Trumposphere (if not the entire conservative movement, as with the Government records he borrowed)…..

…..has to step up and do frantic “damage control.”

We lived through this for years, nothing has changed.

Some people want to live through it again.

Others want to move on.

I have great friends on both sides, I don’t take a side.

I’ll just say, barring the entire house coming down…..

…..(which I think WILL happen, but just for the sake of argument…)…..

…..Republicans have ZERO chance of taking the presidency in 2024, NO MATTER WHO they put forward.

It’s clear, probably several million Trumpers will NOT support a tough, effective, seemingly genuine conservative…..

…..but “establishment endorsed” figure such as DeSantis.

They will ONLY settle for Trump.

Again, I’m not criticizing, just stating the obvious.

Human Losses Of The Ukraine War

In the context of pitching a scheme for a tribunal against Russia…..

…..European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen gave a speech, at which she said, “More than 100,000 Ukrainian military officers have been killed so far.

This caused such a stir…..

…..that an EU spokeswoman had to follow-up, saying Leyen’s figure includes wounded, not just dead.

The MSM pretty much boycotted the whole thing…..

…..(it obviously doesn’t line up with the Narrative)…..

…..except Fox News‘ website, which took pains to make clear it was a mistake.

Many “alt” sources ran with the 100,000 dead figure, as if it was some kind of revelation from Leyen, who is so well plugged in to military intelligence (not!)

In truth…..

…..this figure must have come from Leyen’s speechwriter’s 15 year-old, airhead, research assistant intern…..

…..who found it somewhere on Instagram.

Note how Leyen claimed “100,000 military officers“, not “100,000 soldiers” or “100,000 military personnel.

Obviously, this was written by someone who doesn’t know the difference.

If you lost 100,000 officers, you probably lost two million men in total, LOL.

(Perhaps Leyen got the Ukraine’s army confused with the Waffen SS, of which one of German Chancellor Scholz’s grandfathers’ was a general.)

Fact is, Dreizin has been keeping tabs on Ukraine war casualties, and Dreizin is THE AUTHORITY.

No one else comes close to Dreizin.

I’ve been eating, breathing this stuff for over nine months.

For all you addicts, here goes:

Since February 24th, 2022… 

KIA and “died from wounds” have averaged 49 +/- 3 per day for all forces on the Russian side…..

…..and 97 +/- 3 per day for all forces on the Ukrainian side. 

The ratio of wounded to dead is approximately 4.2 for all forces on the Russian side, and probably around 4.0 on the Ukrainian side. 

Over 85 percent of wounded on both sides, recover and are fit for duty in a few days to a few months, although near the upper end of that range, the soldier would likely be reassigned to logistical/noncombat duty, which may or may not be in the area of operations. 

Close to 15 percent of wounded on both sides, are permanently damaged and/or require longer-term therapy, and must be demobilized. 

Most people citing (knowingly or not) Russian Ministry of Defense (MOD) claims of Ukrainian losses, now standing at 130,000…..

…..are unaware that in Russian military culture, enemy losses are enemy losses, dead AND wounded…..

…..even with many of the wounded likely to return to duty, doesn’t matter. 

What Russian officers estimate and value, is how many enemy personnel were lost to duty in a given battle/operation….. 

…..such that they will not be immediately available for the next round in a given sector….. 

…..and then, you can plan accordingly with your own force disposition. 

Of course, someone at MOD is picking up and adding all the numbers, cumulatively, for a running tally in a nice presentation….. 

…..but that’s just PR. 

This is why you should NOT read other sources, or try to figure stuff out on your own, regarding this war.  It’s a waste of time.  You may be smart in all other respects, but with this, you’re like a sea sponge trying to understand the dashboard on a Lexus.  You don’t know what you don’t know, and what you don’t know is EVERYTHING, and you become a propaganda victim. And that includes any journo’s still reading me, who just pick up the phone and call their pre-arranged Ukrainian contacts, and take dictation and print whatever they are told. All of you should just follow the Dreizin Report! 

The Russian side has taken at least 12,000 uniformed prisoners (over 4000 in Mariupol alone), and traded back up to 2000 of them for its own. 

The Ukrainian side has taken 2000-2500 uniformed prisoners, and traded back possibly most of them for its own. 

There is strong to indisputable visual documentation of at least 34 Russian/Donetsk/Lugansk POWs executed (or shot and left for dead) in at least five separate incidents by forces under Ukrainian command. 

Desertion on the Ukrainian side is likely at least 30,000, mostly from the first months.  Most of these men are probably hiding out with relatives in the countryside. 

Desertion among Donetsk/Lugansk forces is likely minimal, as these men have little “depth” to hide in. 

Prior to late September or early October, there were no Russian regular army “desertions”, per se, as any contract soldier was free to resign at any time, just up and leave.  Resignations in the combat zone and rear areas including bases deep inside Russia proper, likely totaled at least 20,000 (possibly much greater.) 

It is likely that most Russian “resignees” were called back up in the recent mobilization. 

Based on the Donetsk official running tally that is constantly updated (I’m rushing to publish, won’t look it up now), around 900 civilians have been killed by Ukrainian rocketing/shelling of areas under Donetsk civil government administration. 

The corresponding number for Lugansk is not published, but should be much lower, not more than 300.

Around 30 civilians have been killed by Ukrainian rocketing/shelling of Russia in its pre-2014 borders.  Another eight or so were killed in an attack on a gas rig off the coast of Crimea. Also, one was assassinated (Dugina), and three or four (including the unwitting truck-bomb driver) died when the Crimea bridge was blown up. Around 15-20 more died in a suspicious fire at an arms design bureau.

Certainly at least 8000 civilians have been killed in areas directly contested on the ground by the warring parties, as well as in shelling/rocketing/bombing of frontline or near-frontline areas beyond the Donbass.

(Of these, up to 5000 were killed in Mariupol alone.) 

Less than 500 civilians have been killed by Russian bombing or rocketing of targets deep inside Ukrainian-controlled territory, as well as by errant/malfunctioning Ukrainian air defense missiles (the latter accounts for most pictures you’ve seen of devastated apartment buildings in Ukrainian-controlled, non-frontline areas.)

Ukrainian government claims (in the first month or two of the war) of 25,000 civilians killed by Russia, are PREPOSTEROUS. It’s not that many even today. They pulled that number out of their lying asses, knowing the MSM would (in the absence of anything else) run with it, even if with a “Kiev claims” disclaimer, doesn’t matter, they never questioned it, and if it’s in print, their zombie audience will believe it.

Civilian “excess mortality” due to lack of home heating, lack of medicine or medical attention, lack of clean water, etc., in the current or recent combat zones, especially among the very young and very old, is certainly in the thousands….. 

…..but this death toll is now shifting, and will continue to shift, to areas under Kiev’s control, as the power and everything else goes out.

(On the current track, “excess mortality” in Kiev-controlled areas will likely be in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS this winter, but Uncle Sam could order them to negotiate and stop all that… ah, what am I saying? Not gonna happen.)

There, now you know.

Commercial Real Estate

This building, on Route 1 near the border of Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia (just across the river from DC)…..

…..has been almost entirely VACANT since it was built…..


More—A LOT MORE—office space, has gone up, and is STILL going up, nearby. 

I don’t understand how you can sit on this “asset” for ten years…..

…..considering the property tax, and natural wear and tear on the roof (high-rise flat-roofs need maintenance every 10 years at least), and whatever else.

I guess, it’s easier when you can just borrow money and roll over loans at EVER DIMINISHING INTEREST RATES.

Well… we’ll see what happens now that interest rates have finally gone the other way.

People say China has a vacant real estate problem.


I say the USA has the same.  

Human Sacrifice

In the Winter 1998 issue of its “Intelligence Report” journal, the Southern Poverty Law Center…..

…..a “hate monitoring” group, today a huge competitor to the ADL, and known for its scandalously large endowment of around $600 million….. 

…..(enough to keep the place going for at least six years with no income)….. 

…..wrote the following: 

A neo-Pagan religion drawing on images of fiercely proud, boar-hunting Norsemen and their white-skinned Aryan womenfolk is increasingly taking root among Skinheads, neo-Nazis and other white supremacists across the nation.

They didn’t know it at the time….. 

…..but they might have been talking about THESE GUYS (see below video.) 

Like the Schutzstaffel (SS), Nazi Germany’s regime security arm…..

…..the Ukraine’s Azov brigade (a political intimidation army under the Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, NOT the defense ministry) and its associated movement….. 

…..were… how shall I say… never really big on Jesus.

In the below video, said to be from 2017…..

…..Azov members conduct a religious ceremony…..

…..involving burying and feeding what’s likely a representation of the head of Perun…..

…..the most powerful god of the ancient Russian pantheon.

Towards the end of the video, the men erect a full-on Perun totem on the site…..

…..and their Viking-Norseman looking boss, leads them in a shout of “Slava Perunu!” (glory to Perun!)

In pre-Christian times, this would have been to make the ground fertile, or to consecrate the site, making it lucky or holy, something like that.

Before shoveling soil over the idol “head”…..

…..the Azov boss cuts his arm and drips some blood over it.

Because, you see, the Old Gods were always hungry…..

…..and if they didn’t get fed…..

…..then the crops would fail, your dick would fall off, your brats would hate you…..

…..the “Dawn Boss” would secede, the neighboring Poootteeen tribe would invade…..

…..Constantinople would not ship you enough javelins and bee stingers…..

…..vile councillors at Court, would seek to audit His Majesty’s gifts to you…..

…..that kind of thing.

Hey, I promised you human sacrifice.

And I delivered.

This is sacrifice from a human. Blood is blood.

Ah, you wanted more than a few drops?

You awful, vicious person! Hahaha.

Go watch Mad Mel’s Apocalypto.


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