Dreizin Un-Retires

Folks, I un-retired myself to warn you of the mortal threat of Artificial Intelligence (AI.)

I’ve EXTENSIVELY reviewed the new “chatbot” from OpenAI (funded by Elon Musk among others), and it is TERRIFYING.

But first, my take on the USA’s unprecedented, total political dominance of Europe (never so strong even during the Cold War)…..

……and confusion over how far to push the Ukraine thing, vs. how fast to shift to China/Taiwan as the main focus.

To hear about that, please check out my December 4th appearance on this Kingston, NY radio show, which I’ve posted on Rumble…..

Click here:


Or here.

Pleased to report, I was in TOP form, the talk flows smooth and fast… and, there’s almost no chitchat at the opening.

FYI, roughly the entire second hour is my musical “show and tell” (all guests have to bring some music to this show.) You may or may not be interested.

FWIW, the radio host is not only a successful, big-name record producer, but also the singer from this 1983 video by the Canadian band, “Boys Brigade.”


I’ve got to follow up on some Ukraine stuff from last weekend.

This is just too damn wild…..

…..and can’t be ignored.

The Zoo Is The Zoo Is The Zoo

Remember, last time, I told you how Uncle Sam…..

…..running out of “spare” GMLRS missiles for his HIMARS launchers…..

…..told the Ukraine to start using the stuff more rationally…..

…..like, shooting it at Russian military positions, not just government office buildings in Russian-controlled areas, that type of thing.

Of course, it’s not a “moral” issue. It wasn’t an issue at all, until Uncle realized he was running out of missiles, LOL.

Well, evidently…..

…..the Ukrainian army didn’t internalize “the message.”

Reportedly aiming to kill the Russian-installed, civilian head of largely Russian-controlled Zaporozhie province…..

…..it shot six missiles at the restaurant / banquet hall building (located on the grounds of the Prival Okhotnika rural hotel complex, near Melitopol)…..

…..where he was supposed to be celebrating his birthday.

Some of the missiles (coming in almost exactly at their effective range limit)…..

…..were shot down, but the ones that got through…..

…..killed at least two civilians and injured at least eight more in the general area.

Fortunately, per the couple in the below video (they either work at the site, or own it, not clear)…..

…..the building was mostly empty at the time.

It seems “the target” was not inside the building at the time.

Even had he been, the guy has his own local security squad, it’s unlikely he’s followed everywhere by a Russian army bodyguard detail.

Will Uncle Sam be pleased with this use of his resources?

Probably not, but it looks like “the inmates” just couldn’t resist.

No wonder Uncle Sam, still, after over nine months, has given them NOTHING that could hit deep within Russia…..

…..(that is, beyond GMLRS/HIMARS range….. and even the GMLRS, they’ve been ordered not to fire into Russia’s pre-2014 borders.)

Sure, Ukrainians are good enough to die against Russia, so “American boys” don’t have to…..

…..(because after the Iraq clusterfuck, Americans just won’t accept any large number of casualties, it’s totally out of the question)…..




Civil War

One more quick Ukraine hit…..

This (below) 62-year old Afghanistan veteran is with Russia’s BARS-7 volunteer battalion.

He lived in Russia while two sons from two different wives live in the Ukraine.

One of his sons, he spoke with last in April, by phone.

The son had just joined up (or was drafted, not clear) into the Ukrainian army, he told his dad something like…..

If we meet, I won’t spare you.”

The other son is also in the Ukrainian army.

He said he’d like to see both of his sons, but the nasty one, he will just hand the guy over as a prisoner to the military police, let them deal with him, LOL.

I wrote about this before.

It is a common enough situation.

Certainly AT LEAST TWO-THIRDS of those living in the Ukraine, have one or more known relatives living in Russia.

(If you include Crimea and Russian-controlled areas of Donetsk and Lugansk as part of Russia, it’s probably more like three-quarters.)

You never hear this in the MSM, it’s taboo.

It’s like, this is “Hitler invaded Poland, and we must fight for Poland“… really dumb.

These are two separate states…..

.….but NOT two separate populations.

Even if you think Russia is wrong, at least report the truth, give people some fucking context!!!

Of course, by now, everyone knows the Ukraine thing is just an AGENDA….

(1) to promote bureaucratic turf, prerogatives, careers, egos,

(2) to VASTLY expand cashflows for a “certain industry” (which has much clout in Congress),

…..and (3) to serve as a sort of “loyalty” test, censoring and shutting down any opposition as extreme and unacceptable…..

…..just like with the vakk-seenz, (1) and (2) and (3), same thing.

It’s the same thing.

It’s even the same voting bloc in the USA, that has largely peeled away from the Narrative on this one.

Almost no one really believes in it (or gets excited for it) anymore…..

…..but it will go on, and on, and on…..

…..like the vakk-seenz and the boossters…..

…..because there’s just no lobby to end it.

SkyNet Is Coming

If you thought the dotcoms were bad, you’ve seen nothing yet.

I’ve spent hours playing with ChatGPT, “a prototype artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI.”

Amazon spent many billions of dollars on its failing Alexa.

Alexa can’t even do ONE PERCENT of what ChatGPT can do.

This thing is being described as a mortal threat to Google’s search engine.

I don’t know about that, as Google has the resources to buy it out, or replicate it.

Regardless, it (or something like it) WILL supplant the ranked, messy lists that we refer to as “search results.”

With search results, yes, on certain topics, many topics…..

…..Google “curates” the results…..

…..but if you go down far enough, you might still find something closer to the truth.

With THIS technology…..

…..there will be ONLY ONE, well-written (or well-spoken) answer to EVERYTHING.

People will accept it, because they are LAZY.

Why scan your eyes over a bunch of crap…..

…..and have to decide what to click on…..

…..when you can find ONE well-written answer, that you can copy-paste into your college essay or whatever?

Likewise, why sift through a bunch of merchants?

The AI will be happy to recommend just one, just for you.

Whoever controls this product (or products), will control EVERYTHING.

They will have TOTAL CONTROL over minds and wallets.

There will be NOT ONE CRACK for the sun to shine through.

(BTW, Elon Musk is said to have resigned from OpenAI’s board, but he’s still got loads of money wrapped up in the place.)

Now, this here is really interesting…..

I asked ChatGPT, why has the Greenland ice sheet EXPANDED in recent years…..

…..and it gave me a well-written, bullshit answer…..

…..about how, sure OK, this may be the trend for recent years…..

…..but on the whole, the ice sheet has been shrinking (you know, because of global warming)…..

…..without ever answering my question (the WHY IS IT EXPANDING NOW part.)

I then spent half an hour asking ChatGPT about Nazis in the Ukraine, the Volyn genocide (against Poles living in northwest Ukraine, etc.)

This thing spit back at me Ukrainian propaganda…..

…..that the guys who carried out the genocide were really freedom-fighters against the USSR…..

…..and the genocide is complicated, and unclear, a subject of debate (LOLOLOLOL)…..

…..and we shouldn’t point fingers, and don’t use questionable sources (I am NOT making this up!!!)…..

…..also, there are no Nazis in the Ukraine, the Ukrainian army doesn’t allow Nazis…..

…..there are no Nazis or fascists in the Ukrainian army…..

…..and no one in the Ukrainian army wears SS or other Nazi or Wehrmacht patches or insignia.

Like, these guys don’t exist…..

Later I came back to the Volyn genocide…..

…..and got a better (real) answer.

The program had evidently shifted to another source!

Of course, this thing is brand new.  Eventually, there will be one approved source for anything “controversial”, and it won’t change.

Also of note, this thing composes (crappy but mostly coherent) poetry…..

…..clearly relying on a mammoth database of literature, textbooks, CliffsNotes, periodicals, and website text, likely dating to as far back as the 19th century.

The entire Library of Congress, and then some.

The process by which this material is scanned and used for “inspiration” (based on keywords in your instructions) to produce coherent text…..

…..with narrative progression or other logical structure and coherence, is a mystery to me…..

…..but clearly, a number of the WORLD’S BEST computational linguists were involved in its development.

I told ChatGPT to write a poem about a man who is mourning his lost love…..

…..and then a raven flies in and perches on a bust of Athena in his living room (as in Poe’s The Raven.)

While the program did not reproduce The Raven…..

…..it “knew” to CONNECT the lost love with the visiting raven, in some fashion.

(It had the raven providing the man with relief, LOL. The opposite of Poe’s version.)

Now, independent, intuitive deduction—true “intelligence”—is not possible for a computer, but…..

The program is clearly “well read”, and capable of reviewing terabytes of information at basically the speed of light.

(Obviously, it scanned the various “CliffsNotes” and treatises on this poem… but, didn’t “understand” them very well.)


I instructed ChatGPT to write a poem about cargoes being carried by different types of ships throughout history.

I did NOT imply the cargoes were different across time, only the ships.

However, the program made that “deduction”, and wrote accordingly…..

…..in line with John Masefield’s Cargoes.

Yes, it must have “read” one or more summaries or analyses of Masefield’s poem.

But it’s still, clearly, very “smart.”

How does it go from reviewing keyword-oriented background information…..

…..to producing structured, sensible, new language demonstrating an “understanding” of that information???

It’s clearly VERY advanced.

I don’t know, but someone said it writes pretty good “macros” (command formulas) for MS Excel spreadsheets…..

…..saving literally several hours of work-time.

Folks, this thing could eventually clear out MILLIONS of jobs.

(Thus FURTHER shifting the balance of power in society to the techies and the money that funds them… as if the USA was not “coastal” enough. Sadly, most Republicans / conservatives will be too dumb or “blinded by the light” (or “on the payroll”) to see this. Maybe they’ll wake up when it’s too late… as usual.)

My wife is in finance, I don’t know much about her current (new) job…..

…..but, in the past, she’s had problems with getting lower-level accounting functions done, reliably, on-time, by workers who don’t quit after a year or whatever…..

I’m thinking, AI could largely take humans out of those functions.

As for other fields…..

Would you bet YOUR OWN money…..

…..that the Pentagon will NEVER give control of its nuke launching protocol to an AI program?

What with all the prospects for colonels and generals to retire…..

…..and land a seat on the board of “Cyberdyne Systems”…..

…..getting paid a million dollars a year, just to attend monthly or quarterly board meetings.

You know the Pentagon would tell our great senators (who’ll be taking Cyberdyne $$$ for their campaigns)…..

…..that this thing is fail-safe, foolproof, we have safeguards so nothing can go wrong.

Yeah, OK…..

OK look, it could be that, or it could (more likely) be something else. It’s no good.

The one thing I can see stopping or even delaying this monstrosity…..

…..is Variant X…..

…..which would kill or debilitate the vakksed-and-double-boossted, West Coast programmer types (OpenAI is based in San Francisco, of course) at a high rate.

However, after Variant X (if we’re still here)…..

…..there might be such a labor shortage…..

…..that deployment of this technology is accelerated.

What do YOU think?

PS: In my next post, I will directly SHOW you some other examples of the AI poetry, which were not mentioned here. It may blow your mind.

A Special Thanks To Robert Barnes

Back when I only had a mailing list…..

…..”brand name” social media pundit and video-blogger Robert Barnes was the very first person to plug me to his own, most loyal followers (his Locals and/or newsletter subscribers)…..

…..and when they started coming over by the hundreds over just a few days…..

…..it helped motivate me to finally start up this blog…..

…..realizing I could grow my audience substantially, rather than just continue “cold-calling” a few thousand Republican / conservative VIP’s with an email bulletin.

Robert, I’ve come a long way. Thanks, in part, to you. Thank you.

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