Dreizin Takes On The Church Of Homo

Welcome back! In this installment, not in precise order:

…..Why no riots? And, the deeper global meaning of the Rainbow flag…..

…..”Not so secret” intel from the Ukraine… yet you’ve NEVER heard it, unless you’re on a Congressional intel c’tee, behind closed doors…..

…..Analyzing “expert” bullshitters, with case studies of Zeihan and Colonel Macgregor…..

…..”Hans, are we the baddies?”…..

…..My latest podcast…..

…..America is the world’s biggest cult…..

…..and the world’s ultimate “john” (case in point, this time: the Venezuelan opposition)…..

…..A quick note on what Variant X could be, or not be…..

…..And, a “you are here” mental map for any Washington, DC VIP’s still reading me, regarding (among other things) the Ukraine aid situation, to include, why the talk of tanks is nonsense, this stuff is never gonna happen in any big quantity (see my “Battle of Two Systems” headline.) As with my manpower piece from December 15th, you don’t get this level of info and analysis ANYWHERE else.

“Not So Secret” Intel From The Ukraine

I was set to start with the Church of Homo, but please bear with, the New York Times (NYT) just did it again.

Here goes.

They ran a headline, “U.S. Warms to Helping Ukraine Target Crimea.

Folks, this is another case in point:

We don’t have a free press, we have a STATE PRESS UNDER PRIVATE OWNERSHIP.

The Ukraine has been launching up to 10 drones per day against Crimea. 

Some (not many, but some) of these have been a new model of U.S. drone…..

…..assembled “at arms length” in Uncle Sam’s new favorite little gimp country, Czechia a.k.a. the Czech Republic.

(I’m guessing this is a CIA operation, not the Pentagon’s doing.)

(Pound for pound, Czechia is tied with Bulgaria as undisputed leader among the Godfather’s “junior partners” for 2022.) 

On a given day, AFTER the drones are launched, in sufficient numbers, a wave…..

…..Like clockwork, one or more U.S. (and sometimes UK) AWACS planes, launched from Romania…..

…..circle just south of Crimea…..

…..evaluating how well, and from where, Russian air defenses are working (which information is used to plan the next round.)

The planes fly with their transponders on, and can be tracked using a well-known website…..

…..and their flights can be matched against the timing of Crimean regional/local government announcements of notable drone attacks….. 

……but “journalists” are LAZY these days. 

If all this is not “helping Ukraine target Crimea“, I don’t know what is. 

Of course, knowing all this, what the NYT is REALLY telling you, is….. 

…..”The Crimea drone strike program has been unsuccessful, so, now they’re using us to float a ‘trial balloon’ for further escalation, gauging the opinion of relevant domestic and client state political, bureaucratic, and opinion elites for the provision of longer-range, higher-payload, faster, ground-based missiles to the Ukraine (although in their focus on Crimea, they’d prohibit any attacks using such weapons against the Russian ‘mainland’… FOR NOW.)” 

There, fixed it for ya! 

The NYT and its “unnamed Pentagon sources” are so shallow and predictable.

It’s basically just Pravda, a mouthpiece.

You Couldn’t Make This Up

This month, a cousin of one of the alleged initiators of the original, BLM-branded protests, was killed by police in Los Angeles.

The video looks ROUGH, perhaps worse than George Floyd.

As with Floyd, it seems drugs were involved.

Again some drug-induced psychosis or panic attack.

The police, robotic and merciless, chose to physically restrain, went overboard (this time, with a Tazer), and produced another corpse of a certain skin tone.

Were there riots, THIS time?

Why not?

This time, it doesn’t suit, wouldn’t help the Democrats.

There’s no Trump to be rid of, they’re in charge already.

Bow Down To The Church of Homo!

BLM wasn’t about blacks…..

…..just as the Global Rainbow Crusade is NOT about people like Lindsay Graham.

(…..who just traveled to the Ukraine again, because when you’re the #1 Closet Conserva-Homo in Congress, you have to play #1 Global Tough Guy, to deflect your DUMB HICK primary voters from asking why you’ve not only never married, but never even had a publicly known/confirmed female partner in your entire time in Congress.)

So… if you’re Homeless Sexual, don’t get your Jean Paul Gaultier silk shirt all ruffled. This is NOT about you.

Below, looks to be the gift shop just outside the main entrance to Disney World, Florida.  But, it could be at Disneyland, I don’t know.  Doesn’t matter. 

That someone at Disney….. 

…..the corporation most closely involved with propagandizing (via its film divisions) the total “normalization” of Homeless Sexuality and Transgenderism to minors, including pre-teens and even younger…..

…..(believe me, I used to have to watch that “subtle” crap before I told my son, I’ve had enough)….. 

…..went out of their way to acquire these T-shirts….. 

…..well, it just figures, doesn’t it?

The Agenda is the Agenda. 

It’s a punch list, a collection of corporate (military-industrial, pharma, “greentech”, etc.) and career-bureaucratic interests, carried by the corporate media in conjunction with the state. 

The Church of Homo seems more ideological, so it doesn’t really fit the above…..

…..UNTIL you realize….. 

…..the Rainbow Flag is the SIGNAL STATEMENT of adherence to the Agenda. 

It’s a flag! A symbol.

It’s simple, it has every color of the rainbow, it works.

The Agenda needs a Unifying Symbol, this is it.

It’s like a Christian wearing a cross pendant.

Once you put up the Rainbow Flag, you’re COOL and everyone knows you’re KOSHER. 

(Or, the ones who don’t care for it, will never talk politics with you, and you’ll be secure in your righteous bubble.)

Until/unless they invent a flag for Pfye-zer, Moh-derna, or getting your third boos-ter shot.

Then, perhaps the Rainbow will be retired, LOL. 

Obviously, running around with the Rainbow in the Arab Emirates during their recent soccer (football) event…..

…..is an IMPERIALIST activity. 

Like, “we came here to force our religion down your backward throats.” 

Less successful, but not much different than Christian missionaries coming to enlighten the natives.

Not much has changed, LOL.

(“Progressive” or not, the white man gonna white man. They think they’re so new and futuristic, they’re the same old disease.)

Anyone who fights this for any reason, for their own reasons, whatever…..

…..is a HERO in my book.

I don’t care if you’re the Taliban, you’ve got my sympathy.

On the other hand, anyone who holds up the GloboHomo Banner, like this here Secretary-General of NATO…..

…..and his busted-ass fugly (GAWD DAYYUUUMM, WHAT THE FUCK!!!! PUT SOME BAGS OVER THESE VIKING WENCHES!!!) Norwegian family…..

…..well, NOT a hero.

Hans, Are We The Baddies?

Here’s a video of a Ukrainian BMP armored vehicle…..

…..with a flag (1) bearing the Nazi German SS and Neo-Nazi “black sun” symbol, and (2) an SS-style eagle perched atop this symbol.

Although Nazi and Neo-Nazi visuals are very common in the Ukrainian forces…..

…..this case is so over-the-top…..

…..it made me think of one of the GREATEST sketches in the history of British comedy.

Please watch:

Hahahah! Speaking of “an army marching under the banner of a rat’s anus“…..

…..Well, without the “rat’s“…..

…..today we’ve got the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines.

Another Installment of “They Died For GloboHomo

One scene from Soledar, Donetsk region.

Just a taste, nothing too serious. This is a family-oriented blog.

(I mean, like, if you’re the Manson Family.)

No doubt, all these poor fucks would be alive today…..

…..if they’d worn masks…..

…..and practiced social distancing.

America Is One Big Cult

In the USA, “Holy Democracy” is a dogma.

We’re better than certain other countries, because we have Holy Democracy, and we lead the other Democracies…..

…..(except for the “world’s largest democracy”, more populous than the entire U.S. bloc combined, India, which the USA has seldom gotten along with very well, preferring to support its not-always-democratic enemy, Pakistan, for the last 70 years.)

This dogma still holds, despite Trump being elected then sabotaged, hobbled, neutralized, denied the full use of his office…..

…..by a “uniparty” coalition inside the bureaucracy…..

…..aided and abetted by GOP senators who would only confirm FBI, DOJ, CIA, etc., appointees loyal to the Status Quo, not Trump and his agenda.

The dogma still holds…..

…..despite no marksman EVER being able to reproduce the three shots that (allegedly) killed Kennedy with the piece of shit, Mannlicher-Carcano bolt action rifle.

Here’s former U.S. Navy SEAL and Vietnam combat veteran, pro wrestler, and Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura, trying to pull it off.

Couldn’t do it!

Now, we learn that not only were some of the Watergate “plumbers” serving as CIA assets…..

…..but, according to Tucker Carlson (who is VERY careful with his claims and allegations)…..

…..so was the Watergate takedown reporter, Bob Woodward.

Lately, we’ve had another “situation.”

Someone faked an election to put an imbecile in the White House, the oldest U.S. President ever elected.

A muppet who shakes hands with ghosts, anytime he’s on stage and insufficiently supervised.

Now, obviously, they don’t want him to run again, they’d rather run someone else.

So, all of a sudden, shortly after the midterms…..

…..and likewise, shortly after he said he’ll run again…..


…..his aides and lawyers start finding misplaced/mishandled, classified documents in his house, its garage, and an office he may have used at a DC thinktank.

Why? Why now?


(It turns out, one of the aides who found something, was depressed and medicated, and, very soon after playing his part in this game, he killed himself. I’m sure he had an interesting story we’re not hearing.)

They set Brandon up for success in 2020.

Now they’re taking him down, or cutting him down just enough to hobble him, take him out of the running.

Sure, go ahead, keep thinking you live in a “democracy.”

You probably do. Your town, maaaaaybe your state (depends which state)…..

…..could be “democratic.”

That’s as high as it goes.

Above that, it’s “managed democracy.”

As I said, America is a CULT.

The biggest cult ever.

All cults eventually fall apart when the belief wears off.

We’ll see how long that takes.

The Ultimate John

This is just so funny.

Venezuela’s opposition-in-exile, SPONSORED AND FUNDED by Uncle Sam…..

…..has withdrawn its recognition of Juan Guaidó (Uncle Sam’s former anointed) as “Acting President of Venezuela.”

The Venezuelan “revolution” project was frozen, put on hold.

Immediately thereafter, oil tankers started moving from Venezuela to the USA… which hadn’t happened in years.

Venezuelan oil is again pumping into American gas tanks, helping lower the price, to counteract the Russia situation…..

…..which was ready to go critical…..

……what with the new U.S.-European “price cap” on Russian oil, which stood to ruin global supply.

All it took, was for Guaidó to be thrown in the trash, like a used condom.

Like the 1980s Afghans and again the 2021 Afghans, the Kurds, the Republic of Vietnam.

Like the Ukraine, it’s just a matter of time.

Uncle Sam is the ultimate “john.”

Enjoy your plaything, fuckers. They all go in the trash.

Ukro-Nazis Sieg-Heil’ing Their “Jewish President”

LOL, these people seem confused.

Nothing like sieg-heil’ing your “Jewish president” at your Soviet New Year’s Eve dinner party, I tell ya!

(Looking at the Santa hat, if you didn’t know, Russia’s version of Santa Claus was moved from Xmas to New Year’s in the 1920s.)

Speaking of Zelensky, someone dug up this gem.

Here he is on Russian TV on New Year’s Eve, 2013-2014.

If I’m not mistaken…..

…..this is Goluboi Ogoniok (“blue flame”), Russia’s “marquee” New Year’s Eve TV special…..

…..watched by tens of millions throughout the former USSR and beyond. (My Kyrgyz wife’s parents still watch it.)

Zelensky’s partner on stage is Maksim Galkin, Russia’s most famous closet Homeless Sexual…..

…..who, like a number of other Russian celebrities, “fled” to Israel last year.

(The dumbest thing you can do. Being “Pfye-zzer Central” in a really bad neighborhood, that country, where yours’ truly was born, is about to be self-Holocausted.)

My Latest Podcast

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BTW and FWIW, Mike is literally the ONLY person I follow on Twitter.

Battle Of Two Systems

A detailed “sitrep” for any remaining “VIP” readers I may have in Congress and the thinktanks… and, everyone else.

Right now, there are three big trends in the Ukraine.

One led by Russia, the other inherent to the Ukraine, the other to Uncle Sam and his bloc.

We’ll start with the latter.

You won’t read this in our “free press”…..

…..but the reason Uncle Sam and his bloc are planning another huge wave of donations to the Ukraine…..

…..is because most gear provided to the Ukraine over the summer through early fall, has been destroyed, or damaged beyond economical repair.

Oh, and don’t buy the BS about Uncle Sam only providing “142” M777 cannon to the Ukraine.

There is photo and video evidence of at least 70 of these things being seriously damaged or destroyed.

And, as a rule, much less than half of such incidents are visually documented.

More has gone to the Ukraine, than they’ve admitted.

Are you surprised?

The Government lies about everything. (The vakk-seenz will stop transmission! Boossters work!)

As for tanks…

Most of the Polish, Czech, etc. T-72’s that went to the Ukraine, have been wrecked.

Eastern Europe (the former Warsaw Pact and Yugoslav countries) is now straight, flat out of gear to give away.

The one exception, Poland has a few German tanks. They wanted Germany to send its own tanks, before they agreed to send their German tanks.

Germany was holding out.

Uncle Sam was never going to send his tanks until/unless Germany cleaned itself out, as everyone knows, the Germans don’t need tanks, they have a pussy army.

(Germany is like that 300-pound guy you see at the range, with a pricey sniper rifle collection. OK, fatty!)

In the last day or two, Uncle Sam had a pow-wow with his junior partners, but the Germans are still holding out.

Reportedly, their position is, we won’t send tanks until Uncle Sam sends tanks. LOL.

You first… no, you first!

What a clown show.

Also, the Germans won’t give permission for “re-export” of their tanks by Poland and others. Again, not until Uncle Sam opens his own pockets.

The one “bright side”, it looks like Britain will be sending its own tanks, regardless.

But maybe not soon, it’s not clear.

In the meantime, Germany will send its Marder APC’s. And, Uncle Sam will send his Bradleys.

Meanwhile, American think-tankers and columnists are calling for F-16’s for the Ukraine.

Absolutely, this is the trajectory. Given enough time, yes, the Ukraine will receive EVERYTHING.

Again, given enough time.

(If you’ve been reading me, I think the house comes down before then.)

The “problem” is that Russia’s winter offensive has already started (not in full force yet)…..

…..and will hugely accelerate in about a month…..

…..and they’re still arguing over who will be the first to send tanks…..

…..that could arrive and be deployed (with trained crews) in a few months!

Anyway, all this tank talk is sort of nonsense.

The German Leopard and British Challenger 2 (as well as the U.S. Abrams) tanks are all at least 62 tons in weight (as much as 75 tons for the fully-armored Challenger)—at least 16 tons heavier than the heaviest Russian/Soviet tank. 

They CANNOT be transported or evacuated by any Soviet-model trailer/flatbed, thus, all such equipment would have to come from Europe or the USA.

The tracked “wrecker” vehicles needed to pull a damaged or broken-down Western tank onto a flatbed, would also have to come from Europe or the USA. 

Furthermore, specifically as a wartime defensive measure (Lo, Prophets have walked the Earth!!!), Soviet bridges were DESIGNED NOT TO HANDLE this much weight. I doubt the Pentagon even knows about this.

Soviet-model pontoon bridges in the Ukrainian inventory ALSO CANNOT handle it.  Any mobile bridges and bridge-layers would have to come from Europe or the USA. 

Moreover, the armor on these tanks is so heavy, that, unless the tanks are BRAND NEW (as with Israeli Merkavas during the 1982 Lebanon War), the engines and other systems can barely handle the load of continuous operation; they will require near-daily maintenance.

(And guess what…. If Uncle Sam & Co. ever get around to it, they will NOT send the newest ones they have.)

Lastly, unlike with the Polish, Czech, etc. T-72s, the Ukrainian side has ZERO maintenance training and ZERO spare parts inventory for these monsters. 

(Not even getting into the power shortage in Kharkov, home of their main tank repair facility.)

It was easy enough to send the Ukraine hundreds of former Warsaw Pact tanks, identical or similar to what the Ukraine already had…..

…..as well as several thousand relatively cheap, light armored vehicles (M113’s and a large variety of armored cars) that, given their numbers, can be cannibalized for spare parts or spare tires….. 

…..but heavy Western tanks are another ballgame, it WON’T work.

It’s DESPERATION even to talk, to hold meetings about this.

Beyond a few “sample” models for the cameras, you CANNOT have Western tanks in the Ukraine…..

…..without a massive Western logistical commitment INSIDE the Ukraine.

Now, the Ukrainian trend.

The Ukraine is obviously running out of men.

They’re even admitting it now to the MSM (e.g., the Wall Street Journal)…..

…..so you KNOW it’s serious.

I covered their massive emigration and draft-dodging problems in my December 15th post.

The Ukraine recently “relaxed” its draft standards, such that even serious medical conditions are no longer a barrier…..

…..unless you literally don’t have legs to stand on, or hands or fingers to hold a gun.

(Of course, no one’s coming for the rich kids who paid cash for a medical exemption; nothing changes there.)

Reportedly, they’re also now drafting low-level government bureaucrats, at the provincial/municipal level.

It’s documented, (urban) draft office personnel have started raiding the villages, or trying to, on a limited scale.

However, this is a high-labor activity.

Even if they manage to hand out draft notices, coming back to actually nab men who don’t report to the (city) draft office, is a lot of work. In the villages, people are close; they will cooperate to hide their men, if needed. You’d have to literally send in the army to pull guys out of barns by their feet.

Moreover, there have been death notices (in the news and on Facebook, etc.) of Ukrainian border guard, policemen from other regions, etc., killed on the Artemovsk (Bakhmut) front.

They’ve been throwing everything into the grinder, and it’s still not enough.

As I wrote on December 15th, the Ukraine MAY, for some time, be able to MAINTAIN the size of its army through conscription…..

…..but they CANNOT expand it much, if at all.

(As of now, it’s clear, a large majority of the Ukraine’s army (exclusive of the National Guard and the Territorial Defense militia) is conscripted. Almost no one is signing up, there’s no one left with that kind of motivation.)

Several new brigades and regiments have been created, and are now either training in Europe, or about to ship out there…..

…..but the cadre for these units have come from brigades destroyed in the Donbass fighting; they are being recycled…..

…..and the new brigades themselves only make up for the destroyed brigades.

Except perhaps on paper, there is almost no net gain to the “order of battle.”

This is a SERIOUS problem for the Ukraine…..

…..seeing as Russia is potentially TRIPLING the size of its committed force.

Naturally, you don’t hear about this from Uncle Sam, in the MSM.

Who needs bad news?

And so, the other piece, the Russian trend.

Russia has been running its drafted personnel through successful “live fire” training, over the course of a number of slow but sure offensives, from north Lugansk all the way south to Zaporozhie.

Russia’s “Hail-Mary” mobilization has gone remarkably well, in the main.

Early severe, embarrassing shortages of personal gear have been addressed with imports from Iran, China, and God knows where else.

Russian military industry has also cranked up massively, working three or four shifts, with facilities running, in many cases, seven days per week.

And now, we have a situation where everyone knows, but no one in the “mainstream” wants to say out loud…..

…..that Russia will be fully ready for its Real Big Offensive #2 by mid-February at the latest…..

…..but the NATO stuff headed for the Ukraine (whatever it turns out to be, even if just the Bradley’s etc.)… and training the locals on it… and spreading it out among their units…..

…..well, that likely won’t be ready, en masse, until around mid-March.

They simply waited too long.






Thou Shalt Not Make Unto Thee Any Graven Images

Most “expert commentators” are BULLSHITTERS.

I caught a glimpse of Peter Zeihan on Joe Rogan’s show.

Zeihan was sort-of my supervisor, when I interned with Stratfor in 2003. Our cubicles were bordering.

He’s a pleasant guy to work with.

He was a bullshitter then, and nothing has changed, since he left Stratfor and went solo.

From what I saw, he just repackages what he reads in The Economist, etc. Pretends like it’s his original thoughts.

Sounds like an “expert”, who’s gonna challenge him?

It’s all a con (confidence) game. If you sound confident, the sheep will follow.

If you didn’t guess from the Ukraine flag necktie on his Twitter profile pic (LOL)…..

…..Zeihan also REALLY has it in for Russia.

He was convinced, Russia and Putin were going down the tubes back in 2003… then 2004… then 2005… 2006… 2013, 2014… you get the picture.

It’s a credit to Stratfor’s boss, Friedman, that Friedman never ran with that prediction.

So… among much other expert bullshit…..

…..Zeihan told Rogan how Russia’s army wasn’t prepared, because they didn’t do serious training, they just did parade drills, or something like that.

Folks, this is what happens when someone with ZERO military experience, fakes it as a military analyst.

NO peacetime army is ever trained for war, PERIOD.

Oh, how we forget…..

When Uncle Sam went into Iraq, it was a CLUSTERFUCK.

An entire transportation company, famously mutinied and refused to go out on duty (their duty was to drive unarmored, unescorted supply trucks through “Injun country.”)

There were probably other such cases we didn’t hear about (this was before Facebook, etc.)

Even the infantry was not trained to reload their weapons quickly in a rapid-fire, “urban” environment. That only came later.

Back in the day (before Iraq), I saw ground maneuver unit training up close. NONE of it had ANY relevance to what they ended up doing in Iraq.

What Zeihan VERY LIKELY did, is get on Google Translator…..

…..(or, find some source who’s reading Russian stuff)…..

…..and take in a lot of Russian self-criticism (there’s PLENTY of it) about how Russian officers and soldiers were only trained for tank biathlon competitions, making PowerPoints, etc…..

…..and then, run with that on Rogan’s show.

Look, even with Google Translator involved at some stage of the process…..

…..repeating someone else’s thoughts (as if they are your own), without adding much, if anything…..

…..does NOT make you an “analyst.”

Nowadays, I see Zeihan has expanded his “inspirations” to include Bloomberg Energy and the like.

Having seen him work, in my estimation, he’s just tracking them and repackaging their product.

It’s not “full-on” plagiarism, per se, but it’s a moral fraud.

A lot of people do it; my take is he does it almost every day, like an assembly line.

It’s pathetic.

Moving on…..

Of course, even “military men” can be bullshitters.

Retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor went on several Fox shows in late February and early March 2022….. 

…..and told his hosts, each time, that the Ukrainian army is basically destroyed, and now it’s just “a mopping up operation” (LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!)  

…..And was, some weeks later, brought on as a guest on Mercouris’ YouTube show….. 

…..because, in the infotainment business, there’s usually ZERO price for failure….. 

…..because groupies and sheep find their cozy comfort zones, their favorite “voices”, and will forgive and forget ANYTHING.

(This also goes for the biggest names on TV—Hannity, Maddow, etc.  If they BS people long enough, they MIGHT lose one-quarter of their audience… but what’s one-quarter?  They’re still on TV, rich and famous. Management won’t bounce your prime time slot, just because you dropped from 2 million to 1.5 million (or whatever) viewers.)

Politics is the same.

Yet, people wonder how we’re stuck with Biden or the Bushes, and why anyone even associates with Paul Ryan anymore.  LOL. 


I don’t have that “retired general” title. 

But, I have a better track record.

Incidentally, Macgregor reached out to me briefly, he was reading me…..

…..and the only thing he ever got right back on Fox in February/March…..

…..was what he seems to have lifted from my newsletter back then. I was like, “Hey, he got that from me!”

I’m only sharing this, so the groupies can see how their idols are mortal.

(Also, a bunch of people asked what I think of Macgregor.)

Then, there’s this idiot, a retired general, coming from the other side (back in March 2022)…..

As I said, most of the “experts” are BULLSHITTERS.

As for me, even on my Variant X predictions…..

….. I DO NOT bullshit you with science mumbo-jumbo that I don’t understand.

Nor do I pretend at any deeper knowledge.

Since last summer, I’ve used strictly DEDUCTIVE reasoning…..

…..looking at how the mRNA double-vakksed-and-boossted (and especially the double and triple boossted)…..

…..are getting progressively more sick (from korona and everything else), and sick for longer…..

…..and it’s just a matter of time before some more serious variant (possibly in tandem with some other pathogen), puts many millions of them over the edge.

And, there WILL be a more serious variant…..

…..because the severity of the only other constantly, rapidly mutating multispecies virus, the flu, is always oscillating, it’s not in one direction of “gets weaker over time.”

I could be wrong about WHEN that happens, but logically, it HAS TO happen. It literally can’t NOT happen.

In short, I just use logic. I don’t throw around fancy terms, I’m not a PhD.

Although, the last few years have shown, most PhD’s don’t know or say anything useful to the public.

They need their Government grants, they just fall in line.

They’re BULLSHITTERS, too!


Thanks to everyone who chimed in on my proposed new masthead/logo.

The majority view (in fact, the VAST majority view among the longer, more detailed comments)…..

…..was that my existing design is homely, authentic, non-pretentious…..

…..while the proposed new design is garish, vapid, and too “corporate.”

Also, that my existing caption, “A No Propaganda Zone“, is much broader, more versatile, and more accurate, than “Your Great Reset HQ.”

In short, most people who have an opinion, really like what I’ve got now.

So, I won’t change it.

Thanks to the designer who reached out and volunteered his time. I appreciate his work.

If You’re Reading Me…..

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To All Those Writing Me, “Hey Dreizin, You Were Right, This Thing Here is Variant X…

Thanks for your support, but, nonsense.

When it’s Variant X, everyone will know.

It won’t be just you seeing it.

And BTW, I now think Variant X could just as easily be the bird flu, jumping to man, before we get hit with a more serious korona at some later date.

It really doesn’t matter WHAT it is.

What matters is…..

We have tens of millions of people with all-around fucked imm-yoo-nity, and many of them will die.

And, it WON’T take years or decades (as with the vakk-seen side effect damage), to play out.

When it hits, the only vakk-seen side effect anyone will care about…..

…..is that which hit the imm-yoon system.

One Final Note… NEVER Question The Dreizin Report

To the Bulgarian genius…..

…..who commented here, sometime this past autumn…..

…..that there’s NO WAY his government could be sending combat aircraft to the Ukraine, I can’t possibly be right about that…..

…..because it’s a small country, and EVERYONE would find out about it…..

…..and it would be a HUGE SCANDAL.

Well, genius…..

…..it’s now out in the open, Bulgaria sent 15 SU-25’s to the Ukraine (all or almost all, since shot down.)

And no one asked you! Or anyone you know!

Because your government does what it’s told.

And your public opinion doesn’t count for SHIT.

If your government wants you to know something, they’ll tell you, just like in the communist days.

Until then, shut up!

And, believe everything you read in the Dreizin Report, because it’s all true!

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