Dreizin Asks, What Is GLOBOHOMO?

The headline is bold, but the content is as mind-blowingly informative as you’ve come to expect from the Dreizin Report.

I’ve got much to say about inflation, STOP VOTING REPUBLICAN NOW, the “alt” commentary business, and other matters…..

…..but first, a little more about GLOBOHOMO and “human resources policy” in the Ukraine. 

GLOBOHOMO and Ukraine HR

Below this text are some of the most DISTURBING videos I’ve ever posted….. 

…..and they DON’T involve bodies, blood, or deadly violence… or horror motifs… or anything sexual… or anything else you might be thinking.  

They may stay with you for a while. 

Getting to that….. 


Two Fridays ago, the #1 Closet Conserva-Homo (“CCH”) in the U.S. Congress….. 

…..(you know the name, and I use this CCH term as he will only be Respectfully Gay when he wakes up to 2023, stops deceiving his dumb hick voting base, and comes out… until then, he’s a vile, twisted homo who projects sexual abstinence frustrations outward, onto the world stage, much like Hitler and his nonfunctional micropenis)…..

…..tweeted that the Ukraine must have more tanks, because the “world order” is at risk. 

Note how they hardly talk about Democracy anymore.  For many months already. 

Everyone knows the score now, what the Ukraine is.  They’re not THAT dumb. 

What they mean by “the international order“, “world order“, or “rules-based order“….. 

…..is U.S. Global Hegemony. 

(After all, who is yapping about, and trying to enforce, this alleged order? Duh!)

Which is, first and foremost, dependent on U.S. military-political (and now, increasingly, energy-wise) domination of Europe….. 

…..still by far the richest continent…..

…..and, as a unified economic bloc, the only real competitor to the U.S. in cutting-edge commercial technologies and high value-added industries. 

If the Hegemon is unable to enforce his “rules” in Europe….. 

…..(one longtime rule being, the U.S. and Europe will expand eastward—replacing governments and colonizing, if necessary—and any pushback is a RULES VIOLATION)….. 

……then it’s “Akela missed his kill”, and European states start to go their own way….. 

…..and the main leg of Global Hegemony collapses. 

Now, with U.S. Hegemony coupled to the Western elite transnationalist AGENDA….. 

…..(for the first time in history, rulers in nearly all Western countries are—gladly and willingly, or not—on the same page about everything, including korona vakkseenz and consolidation of power through “medical dictatorship”, regime narrative control through online mass censorship and suppression, climate hysteria to enrich favored sectors, unlimited migration for cheap labor and to further the destabilization-centralization agenda…..

…..and wokeness and the Rainbow Religion and its silly flag)….. 

…..this AGENDA being carried by essentially indistinguishable and interchangeable political clans within Europe and the English-speaking countries…..

…..(any “populist” governments—in Italy, Austria, the U.S., etc.—are neutered or even removed in short order, unless they can entrench behind 60-plus percent approval as in Hungary)….. 

…..who operate under the aegis of the U.S. and its intelligence agencies and MASSIVELY POWERFUL media-cultural influence….. 

…..(to include, as we’ve seen since 2020, control over the top scientific journals and the largest research funding streams)….. 

…..I refer to this full package as GLOBOHOMO

Well, our closeted friend with the woman’s name, can send all the tanks he wants….. 

…..but as the prior Lords of Europe learned about 80 years ago…..

…..there are no WonderWeapons

(Hello Javelins, Switchblades, and all the rest!) 

Other than with nukes, there is a countermeasure or mitigation plan for EVERY weapon or military technique. 

And, much of this junk doesn’t work too well in some environments, or at all.

(See my last piece, shame on you if you missed it!) 

As Uncle Sam should have learned in Iraq and Afghanistan….. 

You can’t ignore the HUMAN aspect. 

You need men, enough men—ideally, trained men, ideally as many, or more, men as the enemy has….. 

…..Men who are willing to stand and fight and, if told to, go forward….. 

…..not disobey or surrender or retreat at the first opportunity….. 

…..as soon as they can ascertain that they won’t be arrested or shot by their own side. 

Not like the Donetsk or Lugansk draftees in the below video, who are being chewed out by their officer…..

…..and (literally) BEATEN, HARD, WITH A BATON, AT GUNPOINT, for retreating and leaving contract soldiers (more valuable than themselves) to die with no support.

(Note: I originally misidentified this video as from the Ukrainian side, but the red armbands give it away, even if you ignore the Russian flag on the officer’s cap.)

And, as I covered extensively on December 15th, check it out if you missed it….. 

…..While both sides have big problems…..

…..the Ukraine is on an inexorable DOWNWARD trajectory in this regard. 

No, of course there won’t be a total collapse… yet. 

But here, below, are a few glimpses into how the Ukraine is now filling its ranks. 

Russia was smart enough to let its “cowards” out of the country, not make a scene to prove a point about national service.

Almost all of them (now slumming in Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Turkey, etc.) will be back, anyway. 

With no prior military service, most of them were not even eligible for the late 2022 draft wave, they’re just dumb victims of a Ukrainian online panic campaign, a psy-op. 

On the other hand…..

…..with a much smaller population….. 

…..and with a large proportion of its prime military-age males having already emigrated, pre-2022….. 

…..the Ukraine has no such luxury. 

So it had to become the world’s largest prison camp, for males aged 16 to 59. 

And if you get the call, and don’t answer it….. 

…..they are increasingly likely to try to come get you, in a BAD way. 

See below, just a recent taste. 

This is their plan for filling the ranks for their “Spring-Summer 2023 Offensive.” 

These men, below, don’t want to fight for GLOBOHOMO

But, of course, it’s not about what’s best for them. 


FYI, prior to the arrest stage (if it comes to that)…..

…..they have to accost you, see your ID, write down your info, and give you a draft summons…..

…..telling you to show up to the draft office on X day…..

…..and without a summons, nothing can be done to you.

So… you try to avoid getting the summons.

But they’re sneaky, they’re now driving around in ambulances…..

I’ll take a wild guess, and say…..

You won’t read about any of this in our MSM.


The MSM literally CANNOT show or write about this…..

…..as it would crack the entire propaganda effort WIDE OPEN…..

…..and NO mainstream publisher or editor wants to be blamed for that, attacked as “disloyal.”

What, you mean Ukrainians don’t want to defend their own country? Then what are we doing over there???

Can’t have that!

One final treat…..

Here’s a draft notice posse, driving down a rural road. A man sees them, jumps over a fence, runs away.

They stop, get out, and shout at him, threatening to shoot.



Two corrections to my last piece:

(1) The U.S. surveillance aircraft assisting with Ukrainian drone attacks on Crimea, are, for the most part, perhaps exclusively, unmanned RQ-4 Global Hawks, NOT manned “AWACS” (Boeing E-3 Sentry or whatever.)

The AWACS assisted with Ukrainian missile attacks against Snake Island (further west, not Crimea), when it was held by Russia.

(By “assisted” or “assisting”, I mean gauging the precise location, reaction time, and technical parameters (e.g., radar frequencies) of Russian air defenses, to help plan successive strikes.)

Also, U.S. surveillance aircraft were involved with the sinking of Russia’s Black Sea flagship, the cruiser Moskva.

(2) This is a half-correction. Based on reader feedback, it turns out, Douglas Macgregor may never have appeared on Mercouris’ YouTube show. Of course, I didn’t say he made an appearance, I said he was invited. Back in March or April 2022, Mercouris told me that Macgregor was invited and, in fact, scheduled to appear. If the man cancelled, OK.

Also, one correction to my December 15th piece:

The average age of many hundreds of Ukrainian KIA’s identified online, in the roughly three weeks prior to my post, was indeed right around 40, as I said. However, this average was skewed by a very heavy concentration of Territorial Defense militia among Ukrainian casualties at that time, in line with Ukrainian deployment posture at that time. According to the most credible source, the average age of “fresh” Ukrainian army (not militia) dead is now 27, up several years since the summer.

Wow, some of my corrections are news in and of themselves!

No further corrections.


Last time, about the tanks, I forgot to mention something.

They will at least TRY with the German tanks, but the Abrams isn’t going to be used in the Ukraine at all.

(Perhaps as a mobile pillbox to guard Kiev, that’s about it.)


These things have a turbine engine, they run on jet fuel.

With all the Ukraine’s refineries bombed out of commission, it’s enough work to bring in gasoline (and diesel for the army) from Moldova and elsewhere (all at U.S. expense.)

To have a separate logistics stream for jet fuel going to the front lines, ONLY for one certain tank… that’s ridiculous.

Not happening.

Not to mention, this thing gets almost three gallons to the mile. (Yes, you read that right.)

Where’s Brandon’s EPA?

And who in the Ukraine will maintain that turbine engine?


The Abrams was never cut out for a “real” war.

I sat inside one, back in 1998, was shown the features. It’s an impressive thing.

It does have some other shortcomings.

Unlike all modern Russian/Ukrainian tanks, it has no autoloader…..

…..so Ukrainian loaders would have to be selected (strength required) and trained, to load, fast, even while the tank is moving.

Not an overnight skill.

Among all the other training required.

(I read that the Leopards and Challengers have no autoloaders, either. I don’t know if that’s true.)

What’s funny is how the Germans didn’t want to give their Leopards, unless the U.S. agreed to give some Abrams.

So the U.S. caved…..

…..and then basically walked it back, after Germany made its announcement.

Almost immediately, the Pentagon said, sure, but we won’t be ready to send these tanks for a year… or something like that.

Indian giver” comes to mind.

The whole thing is silly, when you recall…..

…..the BIG THING a month or two ago, was… air defense!

The Ukraine needed air defense! Patriot missiles!

How quickly we forgot.

Today, no one talks about the Patriots anymore.

They’re expensive, we don’t have enough for Taiwan… and there’s concern, perhaps they don’t work so well.

Why risk turning off potential buyers of these things? It’s a lucrative business.

Better not to focus now on this potentially lackluster product.

This is funny…..

…..because the Ukraine REALLY needs all the air defense that the U.S. & Co. can muster.

Air defense is MORE IMPORTANT than another 500 or 600 armored vehicles.

(The Ukraine started the war with 3100 armored fighting vehicles—tanks, BMP’s and the like, BTR’s—in working order, with another 500 on ice.)

Yes, some of Uncle Sam’s “junior partners” have given, or are giving, Patriots (among other air defense systems) to the Ukraine…..

…..but the Godfather isn’t getting involved, so the volume isn’t there.

Again, just silly.

The narrative, bouncing around.

Now, some are talking about F-16’s.


Although living, trained Ukrainian pilots are in VERY short supply…..

Yes, on the current trajectory, the Ukraine will get everything…..

…..but the next thing WON’T be F-16’s.

It will be large drones… the Predators and Gray Eagles.

Reportedly, Uncle Sam is now pushing Italy…..

…..to give its aged (18 years old, up to 31,000 flight hours), recently-mothballed Predators to the Ukraine.

As you can see, the Godfather doesn’t give up squat…..

…..IF he can pawn it off on someone else.


Some assholes complained about my “headline only” post, from January 18th.

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And other expenses.

No, I’m not broke…..

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Of course, any kind souls and well-wishers may give, as well. Thank you.

I’ve had too many “how can I support you” inquiries, to keep ignoring these nice people.

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I appreciate your support.

Uncle Sam’s Consumer Price Inflation Figure (“CPI”)…..

….Long Ago Passed The Oort Cloud…..

…..And Entered Interstellar Space

I’ll give some credit to the Federal Reserve Board, and assume they know the stats are BS…..

…..and that they take this into consideration.

Perhaps that’s why they now seem so cautious about “pivoting.”

As for the Wall Street crowd, they must act on inflation headlines…..

…..because everyone does, and you gotta trade against the herd.

It makes our financial news (CNBC, Wall Street Journal, etc.) sound like Pravda.

Just repeating government BS.

But hey, they repeat all other government BS, why not the economic stuff?

Of course, it’s not real.

When the CPI is high, it’s understated.

When it’s not quite so high, it’s understated.

As a landlord, I know price inflation was not just “7.5 percent” over 2021.

EVERYTHING at Home Depot was up 20 percent or more in 2021. Home appliances, paint, bricks, everything.

Mid-year, with new tenants, I raised the rent at one property by 18 percent, finally catching up to the mortgage and tax. Finally.

As of January 1st, 2022, one of my daughters’ therapists raised her (much deserved) fee by 25 percent.

Groceries, up 30-35 percent in one year, we all lived through it.

Used cars, holy moly.

How the FUCK did they get 7.5 percent?

Well, now the news is, inflation is COOLING OFF.


The 2022 CPI was 6.5 percent, wonderful.

LOL, all CPI figures are SO UNDERSTATED, what’s the REAL difference between 7.5 and 6.5?

Basically, nothing.

The Fed is supposed to “pivot” off of that?

Well, yeah, if you’re Jim Cramer.

Let’s step back into reality.

With no tickets or accidents, and the same two cars on the policy…..

…..my car insurance just went up 10.4 percent, relative to six months ago

Self-pay for custom orthotic inserts for my daughter…..

…..has gone up by 9.2 percent relative to seven months ago

In December, Starbucks rolled out a tipping option on its cashier touch-screens…..

…..so you’re always asked for a tip, and there’s no “I don’t have cash for the tip jar” excuse.

If you care what people think (even if they don’t see it), your $5.00 coffee drink got at least $1.00 more expensive, overnight. 

(But it’s not just Starbucks, you see everyone doing this now.)

Groceries, still rising fast. My wife brought to my attention, a four-pack of Nutella & micro-breadstick cups is now $8.00. Ridiculous.

Apparently this month, Wendy’s raised its “donate and get a key-tag for an all-year supply of Frosties”, from $1 to $2.

Also this month, it noticeably shrunk the paper cups/bowls it uses for chili.

The price of a veggie-burger with extra patty, at my local Freddy’s drive-through, with tax, is now exactly $10.00.

It was about $9.00 last month (and about $8.00 a year ago.) 

Over the last few months, I’ve received a number of SHOCKINGLY FILTHY OR DAMAGED, obvious “prior return” items from Amazon.

In ages past, these products would have been REMOVED FROM CIRCULATION… or, if appropriate, resold as “used.”

Now, they are being RESOLD…as “new.”

Yes, gasoline and natural gas are way down, relative to spring-summer 2022.

That’s it.  Everything else is still up, up, up.

In my view, the FLOODGATES have just opened.

That is, anyone still trying to limit prices in 2021 and most of 2022…..

…..(for example, insurance companies)…..

…..has finally GIVEN UP.

What’s YOUR recent experience with price hikes… or smaller packaging or other cost-cutting?

I don’t care where you live.

New Zealand, Somalia, sound off.

(Again, recent.  Looking at late 2022, or even just this month.)

If You’re Still Hoping For The “GOP” To Be Redeemed…..

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has just reelected its chairwoman…..

…..a proven fundraiser…..

…..by a landslide.

Her main challenger was the top Republican woman in California…..

…..who, being an actual conservative…..

…..has MUCH more credibility among the activist base…..

…..and a track record of helping turn around the party’s 2018 annihilation in her state…..

…..by adopting the Democrats’ “ballot harvesting” playbook.

Instead, the RNC chose to keep their Woke Corporate Cash Machine…..

…..and their catering, golf retreats, etc. (which the challenger had promised to cut.)

Yeah, sure, you need money.

You also need volunteers, activists, voters, a policy vision, and people who know how to fight like Democrats.

Well, they’ve made their choice.

At this point…..

…..any conservative who’s still hanging on to the dream of…..

…..”We’ll take the party back, even if it’s just 3 or 5 MAGA wins each election cycle“…..



The Republicans can’t be salvaged.

I told my never-Trumper (since reformed) friend just before the 2016 election, either Trump wins or the Republican party must be annihilated. It’s irredeemable.

Well, Trump won, but (except on taxes) the Republican Congress fought him…..

…..or at best, stood by, watching, for almost his first two years.

Now, he’s gone.

And nothing’s changed, the “GOP” still needs to be DESTROYED.

If you’re conservative…..

Just give up, don’t vote, stop listening to pep-talking bozos on talk radio.


These people DO NOT DESERVE your mental energy, or your loyalty… much less, your money.

Only if/after the “GOP” is gone…..

…..MIGHT we see some progress.

In the meantime, yes, the Democrats would ban guns, so buy more guns now… and lots of ammo.

Not for “right-wing terrorist” reasons… but simply because, the stuff might become unavailable.

Don’t Be A Groupie

One of my commenters called out YouTube alt-pundit Alex Mercouris for his professional past…..

…..and for talking too much happy-happy about Russia’s war effort for most of 2022.

(Mercouris kept serving Kool-Aid—or allowing his guests to do so—for at least a few months after I dropped my near-daily war coverage, when I told you, in early July 2022, this thing won’t be won on the battlefield.)

Other commenters have criticized Mercouris as well. As many have praised him.

Almost half of my readers, originally came over from Mercouris’ show or website.

Sadly, but predictably, even though Mercouris has total clowns on his show all the time…..

…..(how many times has that Gonzalo lunatic been on?)…..

…..he had no further interest in me (or couldn’t afford to be associated with me)…..

…..once I checked out of full-time war, and got into vakkseen doom news and my “Let’s Go Brandon” shtick.

Of course, he wasn’t the only one.

I take a middle-ground position on him. It’s important to understand…..

These YouTube shows are a business, fundamentally the same as the MSM.

They can be very good…..

…..but they are, for the most part, telling you what you want to hear, not necessarily the truth.

Even if they wanted to be the whole truth, and nothing but…..

…..YouTube won’t allow it.

Here’s how I responded to that comment:

Yes, Mercouris lost his law career under bizarre circumstances, but he has totally reinvented himself, becoming an excellent, groundbreaking businessman in his new field.

He’s the only one offering 45 to 60 minutes per day of rambling, quirky pseudo-egghead, usually well-informed, hilariously overdone King’s English “geopolitical discourse” on YouTube.

People don’t tune in to him for uniquely accurate predictions (that’s not what he does); they tune in because it’s a daily show that they can make a routine for themselves, it has a certain flair, and it beats the hell out of watching daytime news or soap operas. And that’s fine.

By my estimate, given his various metrics (and having earned on YouTube myself), he and his wingman together bank at least $50,000/month over YouTube (if you include their personal channels where they appear solo)…..

…..with almost ZERO investment or overhead, and, only working part-time, not an eight-hour day. (It’s clear the guy is often completely unscripted.)

And, I’m guessing, it probably goes to some Channel island entity, to avoid taxation.

Per hour actually worked, Mercouris makes more money than many hedge funders. He’s the #1 superstar of the YouTube “alt” set, and he only got into it a few years ago.

My one criticism: He’s been established enough to leave Youtube for quite some time, but he prefers self-censoring and avoiding many hot topics (e.g., korona policy and vakkseenz, wokeness, “climate change”, etc.) so as to maintain his gravy train to the max. Note how he only touched the Biden laptop after the NY Times finally got on that subject and made it kosher.

In this sense, he has become the MSM, and his groupies, while they may consider themselves as freethinkers, are hardly different from CNN or Fox viewers. They accept censorship and thought-policing; many of them give it no thought at all. In fact, many are double-vakksed, double-boossted, lefty Eurotrash zombies who just want to hear about the war. He doesn’t care who his audience is, if it brings in the cheddar. As I said, a businessman.

But I can’t judge too strongly. I realized the devil-deal and ruined my standing on YouTube very quickly, but, I have a day-job, and my wife is also working (and earning much more than I do.)

If you understand that Mercouris is a business, not a rebel, then it’s all good. Just don’t take him too seriously. Hell, I am a rebel but don’t take ME too seriously, either.

In short, don’t be a groupie.

AND keep in mind, people who have to fill daily airtime, might be very smart…..

…..but they still have to talk and talk, they CANNOT remain silent…..

….. just because it’s a slow news day, or because they don’t have expertise or knowledge on the topic of the hour.

Again, don’t take it too seriously.

Zeihan, Real Quick

My last comment (I hope) about Peter Zeihan.

Several commenters said Zeihan must be a CIA shill… because he sounds like a CIA shill.

Good guess, but, no.

He sounds like a CIA shill…..

…..because he gets his news and views and “analysis” from The Economist and similar sources…..

…..but first and foremost (at least, when I worked with him), from The Economist.


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