Ukraine Aid & “HR” Update

This installment has some very serious discussion of the Ukraine situation, which YOU KNOW you won’t find anywhere else.

As usual, it’s more concisely informative (none of that mealy-mouthed, “we assess...” bullshit)…..

…..and more PREDICTIVE…..

…..than being on a U.S. Senate committee, and getting an intelligence briefing… and it’s free (unless you wish to donate.)

You can scroll down for all that brainy stuff…..

…..because first…..

…..I’ll be getting the usual GLOBOHOMO review, out of the way.

One commenter remarked, I’m “obsessed with homo.”

(OK, so are the Democrats.)

Another pointed out, if you take the Ukrainian alphabet…..

…..and remove all letters that overlap with the Russian alphabet…..

…..what you’re left with…..


……are the letters ґ є і ї …..

…..which, again in that order, spell ґєії…..

…..which literally means, gays.”

Folks, there are NO COINCIDENCES.

But look, as I’ve said more than once…..

NOTHING against homeless sexuals.

The Rainbow Religion is NOT about them…..

…..just as BLM (or how it was used), and the 2020 riots…..

…..were NOT about blacks.

It’s about POWER.

And, what I’ve defined as GLOBOHOMO in my last piece…..

…..(shame on you, if you missed it!!!)…..

… MUCH bigger than the silly rainbow flag.

Another Installment Of:

“They Died For GLOBOHOMO”

Like the last poor fucks…..

…..these poor fucks also died for GLOBOHOMO.

Turns out…..

GLOBOHOMO is far deadlier than the 2019 Fauci Wuhanovirus.

The trucks in the video belong to Russia’s Wagner PMC.

They are delivering collected bodies to the Ukrainian side.

(There is separate video of bodies being loaded into coffins for one of these trucks, it’s not fake.)

The coffins are likely for PR shock effect on the Ukrainian side. Wagner’s boss has a talent for that.

Neither the Ukraine nor Russia boxes its own dead until the funeral home (for those who even get a funeral.)

It Was All A Game

Citing interviews with 12 different officials…..

…..the Bezos (Washington) Post reports that Brandon’s “decision” to send U.S. tanks to the Ukraine…..

…..was a headfake.

The U.S. agreed with the Germans…..

…..that the U.S. would announce first…..

…..then Germany would commit to sending its tanks….

…..then the Pentagon would say, oh sorry, our tanks won’t be ready for another year.

And that’s what happened.


The Next Bait-And-Switch is Under Way

With the tanks out of the way…..

All the lemmings now talk of sending F-16’s to the Ukraine.

According to Politico, even “military officials” are “quietly pushing the Pentagon” to this end…..

…..and when it’s in Politico…..

… know it’s serious (LOL.)

Look, not even getting into the logistics… spare parts, maintenance training, etc.

Also, forgetting that the U.S. bloc has been providing the Ukraine with Soviet-era aircraft…..

…..and AGM-88 HARM anti-radar missiles…..

…..(at least one of which, was shot well across Russia’s pre-2014 borders)…..

…..since last summer.

Discounting all that…..

The Ukrainian side has very few trained, combat jet pilots (or any military pilots) left.

You’d have to train people from scratch.

Even as a lunatic “crash course”, it would take at least six months.

This is like the air defense panic from two months ago…..

…..when everyone realized….. 

…..the Ukraine really, really needs the very-latest model Patriot missiles.

So, what did they do? 

They resolved to send tanks. 

They don’t talk about air defense, anymore.  

Not one bit.  Total silence on that count. 


As I said… LEMMINGS.

As you can see, “it’s all political.” 

Of course, they will do another bait-and-switch…..

…..sending large attack drones…..

…..or large surveillance drones, modified (i.e. weapons fixtures added) for an attack function…..

…..BEFORE they send F-16’s. 


Because Ukrainian training for those…..

…..(conducted by either the U.S. or UK, I’m not certain)…..

… ALREADY under way….. 

…..(Oops!  Was that Classified?  Sorry!!!)….. 

…..(just as training for the German tanks started WEEKS AGO—they always get a head start, relative to what’s announced for the newspapers)…..

…..and because, if need be, if it really comes to it, once launched….. 

…..these things can be “piloted” from anywhere. 

Even from Brandon’s garage! 

Again, it will be heavy attack drones.

U.S.-made, but likely coming from Europe.

You can roll that up and smoke it.

If you have any doubt…..

…..just remember, air defense!


This is why you read the Dreizin Report.

Ukraine “HR” Update

As I explained in my December 15th piece (shame on you, if you missed it!)…..

…..the entire Ukrainian force structure…..

…..including the military, “Territorial Defense” militia, Interior Ministry armed units, border guard, etc……

… not much more than 400,000 uniformed personnel. 

Smoothed-out over time, on average, per day…..

They lose around 95-100 dead…..

… many seriously wounded and in need of multi-month recovery time (or demobilization)…..

… least 20 taken prisoner, and some small number of deserters.

I suppose you could add to this, since last month, if not earlier…..

The foreign mercenary flow has been overwhelmingly in a “going home” direction…

Approximately 202,000 Ukrainian men received draft notices in roughly the first 26 days of January.  

Of 202,000…..

113,000 did NOT show up—or were not detained and brought—to the draft office….. 

…..either because they went into HIDING…..

…..or because their politically significant employer was able to get them OFF THE HOOK…..

…..with a phone call (in some cases, perhaps some cash exchanged)…..

… the draft office.

As I explained, would happen.  No surprises. 

Of the 89,000 who showed up…..

7000 still got off the hook for various reasons.

(Employer called at the last minute… or, rich daddy brought cash… or, serious and obvious health or mental issues were observed.) 

Thus, 82,000 were sent to training… at least, “notionally.” 

As you can see…..

The proportion of those sent to training…..

… just 40.6 percent (!!!) of all who received draft notices.

Although this is MUCH higher than I expected…..

… is still ABYSMAL.

If this happened in RUSSIA, it would be all over the MSM.


As I wrote on December 15th…..

They must keep their state, internal security, infrastructure, transport, civilian-staffed military repair and logistics…..

…..and what’s left of their military industries…..

…..and export economy (at this point, with the power shortage, just agribusiness) going…..

…..and, they are RUNNING OUT of available, “surplus population” men.

This should be interesting.  The draft notices are still going out.

The Ukraine cannot concentrate this many men at, or even near, its few training facilities….. 

…..without inviting thousands of casualties from Russian cruise missile attacks…..

…..similar to last winter-spring. 

Europe and the UK have never each trained more than a few thousand at one time. 

It’s likely most of these guys are hanging out in warehouses, pending disposition.

The REAL throughput for training…..

CAN’T handle what’s been thrown at it.

When Russia went through this last October and November…..


Now it’s the Ukraine’s turn…..

…..but it’s a news blackout, go figure.

To be expected!

One big difference…..

Russia called up only men with military experience.

(At least, a conscription stint at age 18-19.)

Most of the Ukraine’s new draftees have ZERO time in uniform.

Already scraping the bottom.

There’s probably almost as many Ukrainian veterans of the Donbass war, LIVING IN RUSSIA…..

… men who were drafted by the Ukraine in the period January 1-26, LOL.

Obviously, there are not enough experienced officers to lead this many new soldiers.

There are also likely not enough helmets, protective vests, winter boots, webbing, etc……

…..available IN THE ENTIRE WORLD right now…..

…..for this force to be properly equipped. 

Unless the USA was to start raiding its own “live” inventory, IN LARGE VOLUMES…..

But, I haven’t heard of that happening….. yet. 

Not even getting into radios and other squad- or platoon-gear (or crew-served weapons.)

Chinese stocks and/or production are likely fully committed to Russia. 

You see, Russia got a head start.

It’s already soaked up the spare supply.

It’s clear, there’s no capacity to train and equip these new soldiers MUCH FASTER…..

…..than the existing force is GROUND DOWN.

Unless they want to attack Russia…..

…..with human waves of untrained guys in sneakers, an AK-47, and no gear…..

…..the Ukrainian active force structure CANNOT much expand to match Russia’s mobilization.

(Granted, no one said that’s the plan. Their best hope now, in obvious coordination with the USA/NATO, is to slap together the equivalent of about two new armored brigades, and hope for the best. All the other draftees are just cannon-fodder, if even that.)

Sure, they can write about it…..

But when you actually think it out…..

Again, should be interesting. 

Thinktanks, OMG!

(Or… “Only Good For Sex)

There are military men and women, who know their stuff…..

…..(although women tend to be in non-combat jobs, but you can learn a lot, regardless.)

Then, there are dilletantes, with no background, who make things up.

There’s this dumb broad at the Heritage Foundation (the leading Republican thinktank)…..

…..who thinks she understands military affairs.

Her name is Maiya Clark…..

…..and she’s a “Senior Research Associate”…..

… Heritage’s “Center for National Defense” (bankrolled by the military-industrial corporations and/or their industry group(s).)

You’d think a Senior Research Associate would… do research.

Like, to inform her writing.

But, you don’t know Washington, DC.

She thinks she knows better than the Pentagon, about the prospects for Abrams tanks in the Ukraine.

A few days ago, she wrote:

Contrary to claims that the Abrams runs only on “jet fuel,” the tank can run on diesel just by swapping out its fuel filter. Maintenance is a challenge, but again, maintenance is an issue for all complex equipment, and Ukraine seems to be doing fine with the other equipment it has received since the war began. The “jet engine” he mentions—the Abrams’ Honeywell turbine engine—is designed to be swapped out, not repaired on-site, meaning its complexity would be a non-issue for Ukrainian maintainers.

Wow, where to start…..

First, the Abrams runs on JP8. “Fuel filter“, Jeeeezzzuss. In my army days, I talked to many tankers, saw the labels on their fuelers. It’s jet fuel.

Some readers have argued it can run on any fuel. One said his Iraq veteran friends used diesel.

Folks, what did the Abrams do in Iraq? Sit at checkpoints. 90 percent of the time, they were just running the AC.

And even then, over the course of that adventure…..

…..about 1000 ruined Abrams power packs (combined engine-transmission sets) had to be evacuated for DEPOT-LEVEL MAINTENANCE, stateside.

If you want high performance, reliability, minimal breakdowns, and “regulation” gas mileage…..

…..for repeated, all-day missions against Russian forces…..

… need what the U.S. Army indicates.

Don’t take it from your drinking buddies, or from office plankton at Heritage.

Second, the Ukraine has NOT consistently, reliably fixed ANY NATO country (not Soviet type) weapons platform that it has received.

Damaged Western systems (e.g., the German and Polish mobile guns) have ALMOST ALL been brought OUT OF the Ukraine for repair or scrapping.

And now, the Ukraine has barely got enough electricity to fix its own local (or donated) Soviet / Warsaw Pact stuff.

Third, yes, the Abrams’ massive power pack is not intended for field-level repair, but…..

(1) It still takes training to replace,

(2) It takes the hoist/winch on an M88 “wrecker” vehicle to raise and deposit, whereas the Ukraine’s Soviet wreckers were clearly not intended for this weight, and might not handle it.

(Uncle Sam was thinking about sending the Ukraine some M88’s, but they’d have to send probably at least five per tank battalion of any Western (including German) tanks, whereas the U.S. and all of Europe reportedly only have 800-some available, mostly in the U.S. and mostly in operational units, needed for daily training and repairs. The U.S. has essentially NONE just sitting around in storage.)

(3) It cost $1 million 20 years ago, and would likely cost MANY times that today, as no more are being made, so you’d need to pay super-premium for a special “custom” run. It makes NO sense to just throw these things away in the Ukraine.

(4) Transporting these packs, on a one-off basis, for depot-level maintenance in the USA, would be a drain on staff time and transport resources… when the established practice is that everything gets shipped across the ocean to the Ukraine, and nothing comes back across same ocean.

(5) There’s many other things that can break, besides the power pack… duh. Where did they find this girl?

Long ago, I met a Russian from the Ukraine, who visited my MBA program for one semester.

Over a meal, he commented on a female member of his class project team…..

…..that she’s the kind of woman, who’s only good for sex.

I was a bit taken aback.

Being American, and having no high school football team experience…..

…..I’d never heard such blunt, crude, no-shame, say-it-without-blinking, sexual sexism.

(At least, not from a credentialed white man from a good family. But, this was before Trump’s “pussy tape.”)

Of course, we all know what he meant.

But, there’s plenty of men like that, too.

(Unless you’re gay, they’re not even good for sex.)

They tend to move to Washington.


Hell, I’ll do her job.

I’ll take just 3/4 of her pay… and do her job on nights and weekends.

I can shill as well as anybody.

How hard can it be?

Just write some dumb crap for the Heritage website. Speak at one or two Congressional hearings a year, playing the “expert.”

Compared to her, I’m not even an expert… I’m THE expert.

How I “Met” Gonzalo Lira

This is for the Mercouris audience, no one else will appreciate it.

If you don’t know the name, just skip, scroll down.

Back when I was posting on YouTube…..

…..I got a bizarre comment to one of my videos, roughly as follows:

“I don’t know who the hell you are, Dreizin. I’m warning you, stay the hell away from me. I don’t know you. Don’t follow me, Dreizin.”

In fact, it was about twice as long, but that was the gist of it.

There was no more “content” than what I just shared.

In my few months on YouTube, I only got a few really batshit comments…..

… I remembered the names or handles.

This one, was Gonzalo Lira.

Later I found out, he’s a recurring guest on Mercouris’ show.

Reportedly, he’s a Chilean playboy pickup artist, who claims to live (or have lived) in Kharkov, Ukraine.

Reportedly, no one knows what he does for a living.

He disappeared and claimed to have been held by the Ukraine Security Service (SBU) for some days, it was a big deal among Mercouris fans.

Somehow, the SBU had him locked up…..

…..but when they let him go, they didn’t kick him out of the country…..

… he remained online, shit-talking the Ukraine while living there.

An unlikely story!

My understanding, he’s never “proven” where he lives…..

…..never posted video of himself walking down a Kharkov street.

What a character.

You Can’t Make Money on YouTube

Another one for the Mercouris crowd.

In the comments, some idiot argued that I’m crazy, you can’t make money on YouTube…..

…..No way Mercouris makes good money on YouTube.

Let me educate this fool.

Before I was demonetized…..

I made over $400 on one 25-30 minute video with 25,000 views.

Between their “Duran” channel and their own personal channels…..

…..Mercouris and his wingman publish one or more 45-65 minute videos (longer video = more ad breaks)…..

…..with normally 60,000 to 130,000 views (but potentially 400,000 or more, for vids that have been pinned for a while)…..


At least twice a month, they also do periodic livestream sessions with guests… incorporating superchats (a “pay to ask a question” function.)

(They also post those streams as videos, afterwards.)

Four years ago, they re-posted a Russia Today (RT) interview of Putin…..

…..adding ALMOST NOTHING to it…..

…..and it’s been viewed 2.1 million times, on their own channel.

(I’m sure, no royalties to RT. LOL.)

And, largely feeding off the YouTube fame…..

…..they have a separate, paywalled website, with probably several thousand subscribers…..

…..and “merch.”

You do the math.

Yes, you CAN make money on YouTube.

The Money

I’m very grateful to everyone who donated.

Up to now, I haven’t made a cent off of this blog, in many months…..

…..ever since Google Adsense pulled the plug…..

…..determining I was too toxic even to host “Trump commemorative coin” ads.

This weekend…..

…..I was shocked at how much I raked in, for just one post (long as it was.)

Every bit helps…..

…..but over half the donors gave $15 or more (some, much more.) Wow!

I’m also impressed with the generosity of readers in DeutschStan, the Spanish Emirate…..

…..and other developing countries.

If I can keep this going, it would be a very credible, extra income for me…..

But, it depends on…..

Did my donors do a one-off, just this time?

…..or, will they reach for their credit cards, with each new post that blows them away?

We shall see!

Again, you can support this blog, here.

I’m also thinking, to open an OnlyFans page…..

…..(that site is not just for sex… well, OK, it’s 99 percent sex, but it’s great for paywalling videos)…..

…..and host my new videos there, behind a paywall.

Instead of on Rumble.

Rumble is a joke.

I lost half my Rumble viewership “overnight”…..

…..when they stopped sending email notices to subscribers.

Cost-cutting, I suppose.

Prior to that, they’d send notices, but it was a THREE-DAY process.

That is, publish a video, and they’ll send notices down your subscriber list, slowly, for up to 72 hours.

Now, they don’t even do THAT.

Also, there are too many illiterates on Rumble, who refuse to read my blog.

I can’t get any synergy.

Just dumb people.

The “I’d rather not read, I’m more visual” crowd.

Working for Rumble, earning $60 per quarter (three months!) for my videos…..

NOT worth it.

In short…..

Would you pay $10 to watch a paywalled, 25-30 minute video from me?

Once or twice per month?

Please sound off.

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