Dreizin Explains Govt Finance

Today, we cover Uncle Sam’s fiscal clown show, and the Ukraine, in that order.

The first item will blow your head off, even if you’re in politics and think you know something.

(Actually, those folks intuitively know what I’m writing, but no one EVER comes out and says it openly.)

I highly urge you, to read to the end of it.

It’s NOT your typical “Feds spend too much” rant.

The second part is another Ukraine “HR” update, of sorts.

As you know already… in a protracted war, HR often trumps everything.

I think people are on the verge of waking up to that.

I was the FIRST one saying it. Read on.

Federal Deficit & National Debt:

The Story Behind The Story

We’ve come to that point again. 

Republicans in DC are again talking about “spending” and “the national debt.” 



The debt is like the boogey-man, to scare children. 

But, let’s take this one piece at a time. 

First off, you know Republicans don’t REALLY care about “spending.” 

In 2017….. 

…..Trump’s budget office…..

…..proposed a budget that would have cut about (going by memory) $45 billion in discretionary spending. 

In fact, it proposed many $$$ billions in SPECIFIC cuts…..

…..to various programs and district earmarks….. 

…..which Republicans NEVER do. 

(Republicans only bullshit with vague talk of unspecified cuts, that they know will never happen.) 

Well, what happened?

Paul Ryan’s House of Representatives….. 

…..told Trump’s budget office to take a hike. 


Because, Republicans are a FRAUD

(If you have another explanation, please share.) 

Have been a fraud, for as long as I can remember.

In 2017, for the first time EVER….. 

They were given their druthers, to CUT CUT CUT….. 

And they BALKED.



They grandstand for “optics“, but when it comes to DOING….. 

…..they take a long lunch.

Today, the situation is so much worse than in 2017. 

Back then, the Federal government’s built-in, “structural” deficit….. 

…..was perhaps $600 billion/year. 

Today, it’s much closer to $1 trillion/year. 

WHAT are they going to cut, exactly? 

They’ve spent over $100 billion on the Ukraine….. 

…..and that will rise to $200 billion or more, before it’s done. 

(After that, China/Taiwan’s on deck.) 

The unspoken reason Europeans have begun lining up, to give their old F-16’s to the Ukraine….. 

…..is to get U.S. F-35’s, free, in exchange. 

Have you seen how much those cost?

So, let’s say they somehow cut a couple $$$ billion in welfare spending…..

…..and then have to buy another 50 F-35’s at about $80 million a pop.

What was the point?

And, remember….. 

The Senate GOP…..

…..(not all, but much of it, including, McConnell)…..

…..went along with hundreds of $$$ billions in Democrat-led stimulus giveaways in 2021-2022. 

So… what are the odds that ANY cuts in the House (however unlikely)….. 

…..will clear a Democrat-led Senate with a weak, RINO-dominated GOP?


All this “cuts” talk, is just theater….. 

…..to make you think Republicans are “fighting“, they “stand for something.” 

If you still fall for it….. 

…..you’re an idiot. 

Now, as for THE DEBT

Kevin “deer in the headlights” McCarthy says the debt, and interest on it….. 

…..is the biggest…..

…..(or one of the biggest, don’t quote me)…..

…..problem facing the USA.

Look, as we’ve seen from EXPERIENCE….

…..(I’m not making anything up)…..

…..when you own The World’s Reserve Currency….. 

…..the debt ONLY matters….. 

…..if growth in deficit spending (including, spending to pay interest on the debt)….. 

…..is so large and sudden….. 

…..as to cause a sharp, jarring increase in the money supply….. 

…..(too sharp to be shunted overseas, as per the “exporting inflation” playbook)…..

…..and there is near-zero growth (or worse, a decline) in economic output, falling far short of monetary growth…..

…..and, if that causes a high degree of price inflation….. 

…..which upsets voters. 

On the other hand…

If it doesn’t cause price inflation….. 


The debt could be a gazillion dollars, who cares? 

You just “print” more money to roll over prior debt, it’s what they’ve done for 20 years. 

(As for “the interest on the debt”… The more money they “print”, the more interest they DON’T have to worry about… Because interest payments on all U.S. debt held by the money factory, the Federal Reserve, are only NOTIONAL.  They are paid to the Fed, then “remitted back to the Treasury.”  It’s like owning a house, and paying yourself rent to live there.  It’s not real.) 

With a brief exception in early-mid 2008….. 

We’ve had “manageable” inflation, every year UNTIL 2021

So, the smart people know they can keep the game going….. 

…..if they can avoid…..

…..or at least, minimize…..

…..price inflation. 

Now, mainstream thinking…..

…..is that the stimulus and “pay people to sit at home” tsunami of 2020….. 

…..echoing into 2021-2022….

…..was a one-off….. 

…..and thus, nothing to worry about, we’ll get over it. 

That is, price inflation may be coming down slowly….. 

…..but it is coming down. 

(Except for fuel prices, it’s really not coming down at all, you know this from your own life.  But again… mainstream thinking.) 

The problem with that line of thought, is….. 

There’s ALWAYS something coming down the pike. 

9/11 and the Crusades… an “unforeseen” financial meltdown… the 2019 Fauci Wuhanovirus. 

Killer bees, zombies, asteroids.

How about, relations with China going so far downhill…..

…..that it breaks the “supply chainMUCH worse than 2020-2021? 

Of course, you KNOW that’s coming.

Some U.S. general or admiral warns of it, every week.

One of them just wrote to his subordinates, to get their wills ready.

There COULD also be a mass die-off from vakkseen side-effects…..

…..or (as I expect)….. 

…..another pann-de-myck arising from broken imm-yoo-ni-tee, due to the mRNA shawtz.

In the given context, it doesn’t really matter what it is.

Financially, what brings down the house….. 

…..will be the Government response to any one or more of the above. 

That is, a SECOND-STAGE booster acceleration of the money supply and price inflation….. 

……when we haven’t even come close to clearing the FIRST round…..

NOT, simply, “the debt.” 

The debt doesn’t matter. 

The Bottom Of The Barrel Says “Hello”

And… ZeroHedge Pays Dreizin A Compliment

“You won’t hear this in the MSM”…..

…..(for how long should I keep saying that? LOLOLOLOLOL)…..

…..but on Wednesday…..

…..the head of the Ukrainian army’s manpower directorate…..

…..announced that men with a “limited capacity” draft status…..

…..(that is, men who previously went through the effort to identify a medical condition or mental disorder to their local draft office, which may or may not have involved an exchange of cash)…..

…..are henceforth…..


…..although, these medical cases, typically not all that young…..

…..will (he claims) be sent to logistical units…..

…..and NOT into combat.

Well, if you’ve been reading me…..

…..and you have a perfect memory…..

…..you recall what happened to the Ukraine’s Territorial Defense militiamen…..

…..who signed up for duty within their respective regions (in case Russia ever reached them)…..

…..and were then, unlawfully, deployed, in many cases…..

…..to distant combat zones (with many, many thousands dead)…..

…..until the law was finally changed to meet the reality…..

…..allowing them to be lawfully deployed, contrary to their contracts.

In short, the Ukraine doesn’t have a great track record on promises to its defenders.

And, if the state needs men, the state needs men.

The reason it needs more men…..

…..is because existing forces are being chewed up…..

…..and essentially no one has VOLUNTEERED in many months…..

…..(All the dummies are already in uniform, or dead, or with their asses in slings. There’s no more fucking retards in the pipeline)…..

…..and, you know…..

…..SOMEONE has to man those foxholes.

I wrote to my mailing list audience, IN FEBRUARY 2022…..

…..before “the invasion”, before this blog…..

…..that too many military-age Ukrainian men had emigrated…..

…..due to the economic collapse caused by cutting ties with Russia, and becoming an American colony…..

…..and that now, Ukrainian manpower is unsound…..

…..and the Ukraine CAN’T raise and field the necessary size of motivated, committed force…..

…..that some thinktanks and MSM thought would be possible, when everything started.

I said all that A YEAR AGO.

Now, the smart people are waking up.

WITHIN THE SAME 24 HOURS as the manpower directorate’s announcement…..

…..former UK senior MP and defense junior minister, Gerald Howarth, told Sky News…..

…..that NATO countries may have to intervene…..

…..and fight Russia directly.

Howarth is still involved in Tory activism, he is by no means retired.

He’s not a top, top dog….

But, he’s NOT some Ron Paul character who just spews whatever, speaking for himself.

Again, I think the smart people are waking up.

Reporting on Howarth’s TV appearance…..

…..(and wrongly referring to him as “Former UK Defense Minister”)…..

…..the mega alt news-blog, ZeroHedge, had this to say:

At the very least, Howarth does admit what many in the alternative media have been saying for some time – That Ukraine’s efforts have ground to a halt without further support from NATO troops.  The deliveries of money and weapons are nothing more than a stop-gap; wars are won by men. 

Look at that LAST sentence.

(I bolded it, just for you.)


“Many in the alternative media“, LOLOL.

Who, besides ME…..

…..has focused on the “HR” side…..

…..recently, or at all?

(All the experts were on the same page, that all Ukrainians are so brave and itching to fight, the whole country just lining up to fight, and it’s just a matter of giving them “the tools they need.”)


(You don’t like me tooting my horn? OK. Who else? Name one other person who’s covered this in an informed way.)

ZeroHedge has been on my mailing list since before this blog.

It’s clear they’ve been reading me.

Over time, I’ve seen them picking up on little things, borrowing this, borrowing that.

Not often at all, but it’s happened.

Evidently, they’re still doing it.

These assholes will NEVER cite me directly.

It’s been a while since anyone making money online…..

…..had the COURAGE and DECENCY to do that…..

…..but these guys were turds to begin with.

Pulling in MILLIONS of ad dollars a year…..

…..the top two guys living like Beverly Hills…..

…..by running a mega-blog with a skeleton crew…..

…..with AT LEAST 3/4 of their content, re-posted verbatim, wholesale from somewhere else.

Well fuck ’em.

It’s still a great compliment!

I’ll take it!

Keep ‘Em Hooked… And Hooked… And Hooked

This is for my “alt” audience only…..

…..(unless you’re a square who wants to slum with the freaks and lunatics.)

A commenter suggested I watch a new video…..

…..with the Greeks (Mercouris and his wingman) and Robert Barnes.

Robert has lost A LOT of weight, he looks FANTASTIC.

The video is over two and a half hours long.


The target demographic must be students on winter break.

As for me…..

…..I’ve got a day job…..

…..AND a “large” (by gringo standards), needy young family…..

…..AND rental properties… AND this blog.

EVEN IF I only had two of those four…..

…..I STILL wouldn’t have time.


It looked to have been a livestream…..

…..but the Greeks always put those up on their channel as permanent vids…..

…..and of course, YouTube inserts a shitload of ad breaks.

I hope they’re paying Barnes a share.

You know, over my last two blog posts….. 

…..I’ve received TENS of comments and emails….. 

…..about Mercouris beating around the bush, he talks too slow, takes forever to say anything…..

…..repeats himself, it’s better to watch him at 2X speed, etc. 

And yet, those leaving such comments, and sending me these emails…..

…..STILL mostly admit to watching and enjoying.

That’s fine, to each his own.

It’s still better than MSM TV.

But look, folks…..

Mercouris and others…..

…..(yes, others, not to single him out too much)…..

…..do it that way…..


If he “got to the point” every day…..

…..in just 10 or 15 minutes…..

…..instead of 45 or 60….. or 154…..

…..he’d be running ONLY A FRACTION of the ads…..

…..and he WOULD NOT be “in business.

He MIGHT still do it…..

…..but it WOULD NOT be a career.

The 60 minute ramble-sessions, and the 150-minute guest shows…..

…..are there for a reason.

Watching (or having to skip) all those ads…..

…..is the price you pay for ANYTHING visual…..

…..that is out of the mainstream.

As for this blog, it’s still free…..

…..but you’re welcome to leave a donation…..

…..so that I’m not working for nothing.

BTW, I really appreciate all the nice comments that come with the donations.

I’m sorry, I just don’t have time to respond to everyone.

Oh, and as for OnlyFans…..

…..as I said, it’s great for video hosting and paywalling, but I got so many comments like, “What if my wife saw my credit card statement?”…..

…..that my pending renewed video effort…..

…..will be through Locals or Substack, LOL.

Thanks for the feedback!

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