Dreizin Follow-Up

Turns out…..

Friday morning is NOT a good time to send a new post.

Readership on my last one (“Dreizin Explains Govt Finance“) was off by 20 percent.

Please check it out, if you haven’t already.

You’ll find a detailed explanation as to why the U.S. national debt, per se, ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT MATTER…..

…..and, more Ukraine “HR” news that the MSM won’t touch.

Any comments, please leave there, not here.

Just one update, to back up that post:

On spending cuts, I’ve only been proven more right, in the last 24 hours. Most House Republicans still can’t define what they want to cut. ONLY evident idea so far, there’s now talk of walking back some one-off, leftover korona-stimulus money that was never spent, and in fact, might not entirely be there (i.e. program spending that was authorized but not, technically, funded.)  So, they might “cut” this “spending”, and call it “putting our budget on track”, LOL. There are no other ideas. These guys are clowns. The national-level Republican party is a FRAUD. Everything that you’re seeing is PURE THEATER. You should NOT be voting for these absolutely hollow, total fakes. They WILL NOT deliver on, or save, anything.

Those who’ve already read yesterday’s post…..

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