We’ve got a really “smart” post, this time.

Some economics lessons for you.

Economics and international finance.

Among other things, covering the “Russia/China/BRICS will kill the dollar” nonsense…..

…..which readers have brought up, or asked that I comment on.

Prepare to be edumakated!

But first, a quick admin note…..

…..and, I DECLARE WAR on the “GOP.”

And, a GUESS (not a prediction) about the Ukraine war.

A Quick Note

Folks, when I said I was “wrong“…..

…..in the headline of my last piece…..

It was a JOKE.

Most of you, got the joke…..

Because you read the piece, and your IQ is above average.

But from now on…..

I’ll try to accomodate the ‘tards…..

…..with more straightforward headlines.

(Another quick note. Please look at the comments to my recent posts. If you can write like that, you know, coherent and level-headed and stuff… then, please go ahead and leave a comment. Don’t be intimidated by my “new and improved” Comments Policy.)

Don’t Be A Gimp

Mitch “The Manchurian Turtle” McConnell is at it again…..

Having said, on Fox News…..

…..yesterday, live TV, as follows:

“Defeating the Russians in Ukraine is the single most important event going on in the world right now.”

Yes, I know, a goal is not an event.

Don’t worry about the semantics.

What’s more important…..

I think we can ALL agree with Mitch.

I mean, with a small correction.

Something like…..

“Defeating GLOBOHOMO is the single most important thing in the world right now.”

Before I move on…..

Speaking in a Ukraine context…..

…..McConnell was later quoted as:

“Don’t look at Twitter, look at people in power.”


Don’t worry what the “MAGA” majority of the base thinks. The establishment’s in charge, and we please our donors and do what we want!

Aside from that…..

Folks, it’s 2023.

Trump came…..

…..and sank like the Titanic…..

…..over two years ago.

Hell… Marjorie Taylor Greene voted for McCarthy as “Speaker.

Don’t forget…..

She voted for him IN THE FIRST ROUND.

If you STILL think this party can be salvaged….. 


You’re an IDIOT

No, it would NOT be worse…..

…..just handing the country over to the Dems. 

They are ALL Dems. 

Sure, the “great white hype” DeSantis…..

…..does well in Florida, talks a good game…..

…..makes Trump look like an ESL (English as a second language) kid.

But, look who’s gotten behind him…..

…..and where the money’s coming from.

And once you’ve considered that….. 

Do you think he’d EVER be allowed…..

…..to do his “tough act” from a national stage? 


As for Trump, if he comes back, so what?

He STILL won’t have a party behind him.

He’s still an interloper.

As I said, they’re all Dems.

Anyway, I live in a Dem area…..

…..and it’s just PEACHY

A balanced ethnic make-up…..

…..and a balanced professional mix…..

…..help A LOT.

Not EVERY Dem area is a shithole.

Moreover, if Republicans disappeared tomorrow…..

The Dems would bifurcate…..

…..at least, de facto…..

…..and we MIGHT get something better…..

…..than today’s Republicans.

In short…..

If you’re one of those “but it would be even worse” people….. 

…..you are a BATTERED WIFE.

I tell you, there will be NO improvement in our politics….. 

…..until the so-called “GOP”…..


Now, I’ve still got hundreds of Republican officials and activists…..

…..reading this blog.

My message to all of them:

Unless they’re PAYING you…..

…..or you have some other, direct financial interest in it…..



Don’t be a gimp.

Don’t be a chump.

Don’t legitimize them.

Don’t help their careers.


Just quit.

They’re NOT worth your time.

They’re NOT WORTHY of you.

Pick up your ball, GO HOME.

Check your mind OUT of partisan politics.

Find ANOTHER “club”, another hobby.

Yeah, the RNC and state officers…..

…..(if still reading me, bless them)…..

…..will laugh at this.

But, a few precinct captains, might listen.

Hey, anything I can do, right?

That’s my mission, from here on out.

ALSO…. many readers don’t pass my stuff around much, because everyone they know is a “square”, and/or some of my posts are too crude. Well, this post is fine to share. Please share it with any Republican / conservative friends and family that you may have.

If You Still Don’t Understand…..

…..What Happened (Economically) In 2020-2021…..

Let Me Help You

A reader commented as follows:

Dreizin, thanks for your blog. I like your perspectives, but one thing I’ve noticed is you complain about inflation (not making money on rentals) on prior posts but then say the federal government’s spending doesn’t cause inflation. As they say “inflation is taxation without representation”. Just wanted to point out this dissonance.

Please read my response, and learn something:

Hello! Thanks for being a longtime reader. I did not say Fed spending never causes inflation. It doesn’t cause DISRUPTIVE inflation until/unless it causes disruptive inflation. The USA can “export” its inflation (soaking the world in dollars, using all of humanity as a dampener) until the “money printing” becomes ludicrous, AT THE SAME TIME AS domestic and global production falls off a cliff, as in 2020-2021. At that point, the soaking is complete, that is, not just domestic but GLOBAL dollar demand, falls below supply, and thus the equilibrium dollar “price” (the money’s value relative to real things), i.e. where supply meets demand, falls sharply… and we call that high inflation. We’ve lived through this and seen it, I don’t need to prove anything. Millions of us wondered, what would it take for the profligate USA to finally, FIIIIIINALLY experience sharp inflation? And it finally happened… and we know the PRECISE conditions under which it happened. A live, real-life economics lesson. AND, we can assume, that while prices may keep rising, there won’t be another huge, sudden “leg up” to inflation, without a repeat of the financial and economic circumstances of 2020-2021.

PS: As a landlord, I most certainly do not complain about RENT inflation!

There, I hope that helps!

Killing The “Kill The Dollar” BS

A bunch of commenters have written….. 

…..at various times…..

…..that “if China, Russia, India, Brazil, etc. start trading in their own currencies“….. 

…..then the dollar comes down. 


This is what you get…..

…..when you “learn” international finance….. 

…..from ‘tard bloggers carried by ZeroHedge.

(Funny thing is, the boss at ZeroHedge “knows better”, but he prints a bunch of crap for the “volume.” You know, it’s all about “clicks.”)

It doesn’t matter so much…..

…..what you accept for your oil, coal…..

…..nuclear fuel, arms, whatever. 

Yes, it’s great to avoid key economic sectors being impacted…..

…..by U.S. or other sanctions.

But, structurally, it hardly impacts anything. 

What matters is….. 

In which currency do central and private banks, maintain their RESERVES?  

For Russia to stash away a lot of yuan…..

…..(MUCH more than it holds now)….. 

…..China would have to issue a TON of debt….. 

…..because, at present….. 

…..there isn’t enough “quality” (central state-issued), yuan-denominated debt…..

…..to be had, in the entire world. 

(Yes, if you read Bloomberg etc., you’ll hear about China’s horrible debt growth. It’s almost all regional, crap debt.)

Well, the Chinese central state can only issue such debt….. 

…..if it will deficit-spend the proceeds. 

But, guess what….. 

China’s central state, barely runs a budget deficit.

(It’s gotten bigger in the last two years, but it’s still just a laughable fraction of what the U.S. runs.)

What this means….. 

There is only a NOMINAL volume of Chinese state debt, available. 

And even less, available OUTSIDE of China.

If China DID run a large budget deficit….. 

…..(I can’t imagine it needs to, or what it would spend on, so this is just hypothetical)…. 

…..that would be HUGELY inflationary…..

……as all that extra money spent inside China….. 

…..would stay almost exclusively INSIDE the country….. 

…..rather than “leaking out” all over the world, as does the dollar. 

(Because unlike the USA, China is a massive net exporter, not a massive net importer, and also doesn’t host tens of millions of immigrants/migrants who send money “home.”)

And what THAT would do….. 

…..is raise demand for U.S. Treasury bonds by Chinese financial institutions…..

…..and dollar account demand on the part of rich Chinese and their brats…..

…..(looking to park something out of the country)…..

….and, what would that do?



As you can see….. 

The whole thing is a STRAIGHT JACKET. 

There won’t be ANY serious “moving away from the dollar“….. 

….until the present global financial structure…..


And that won’t be pretty for ANYONE.

It WON’T be only an American problem.

It will be YOUR problem.


Don’t listen to the ‘tards.

Wild Guess

Bad Vlad” Putin is scheduled to give a big speech on February 21st.

This coming Tuesday.

It could be a let-down…..

…..just more yapping…..

…..about how the USA should treat other countries with respect…..

…..and other LOL’s that won’t ever happen.


If it’s not just nonsense…..

I’m guessing…..

Again… just GUESSING…..

That it will involve some upgraded union with Belarus…..

So as to fit Belarus under Russia’s nuclear weapons doctrine…..

Thus, keeping Poland at bay…..

…..while Belarus assists with a re-incursion into north Ukraine.

I am NOT talking nuclear war…..

Rather, the potential use of tactical nukes…..

…..(yield of as low as point-three kilotons, which still has at least a 50-meter annihilation radius, for any persons or not-heavily-armored gear out in the open)…..

…..on Belarussian territory…..

…..against any Polish incursion.

Even if it’s just a 200-meter, cross-border “provocation.”

With that kind of a threat, they won’t dare.

(Again, just a guess!)

(I’m ALSO guessing, that if you haven’t yet given me a financial “pat on the back”, NOW is the time, to do so, here. Don’t be a mooch. Again, VIP’s (political staff, journos, party officials, etc.) who can’t be associated with me, are exempt. Also, pensioners are exempt… unless your name is Tex Ketchum, or Rex Tetchum, and you’re sitting on an oil geyser in Oklahoma, royalties coming out of your sleeves. In that case, yes, share with me. Don’t leave it all to your brats, or to your 25-year old, blonde bimbo wife.)

(If you have no excuse, other than, you’re just broke or a fucking stingy mooch, OK, but please follow me on Twitter, and like all my carried-over blog posts there, i.e. ALL of them, not just one or two and then you forget. Also, if you haven’t already, sign up to my damn MAILING LIST! All this means, is that you’ll get my blog posts, in your email. I DO NOT mass-send anything but that. Please enter your email address, in the box below.)




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