Post-9/11 “Golden Age” of U.S. Air Safety Is ENDING

U.S. readership to my late Friday post was off by at least 10 percent, due to the long weekend.

(People tend to “check out” mentally over long weekends.)

Please read that one, if you haven’t already.

A few other topics, but first…..


My newest “podcast” with my friend, mentor, and webmaster / audio-video editor… Manny.

This one is really hot.

The “bottom line” is in the subject line, above.

Yes, we’re going back to the ’90s. You heard it here first.

I also detour into the vakkseenz and kids.

I hope you get something out of it.

Please note, this is the LAST-EVER original audio/video content from me…..

…..that’s not paywalled.

Next time, I’ll share a Locals link…..

…..and I hope you’ll follow me there, for a nominal fee!

On Locals…..

I will post a Dreizin video, or Dreizin-Manny chat, about 4 times per month.

No, I’m NOT quitting this blog.

But there’s almost no commentators…..

…..who produce BOTH deep, original written material…..

…..ANDpodcasts” or videos.

It’s a LOT of work…..

And I MUST get compensated for the audio/video stuff… separately.

(Not to mention, I need to pay Manny something for his editing work.)

Thanks for your understanding!

Spooky Spooky

In recent days…..

Something vague about “February 21st“…..

…..has been playing on electronic signs such as this one…..

…..(also, carried on bus stop posters and through other channels)…..

…..throughout Russia.

In this video, from about two days ago…..

…..the sign reads, “History always repeats“…..

…..then, “Strength is in truth, and the truth is with us!“…..

…..and then that date, February 21st.

They all point to February 21st.

(I’m writing on Monday night, February 20th, but for most of you reading this, that would be, for you, “today.”)

The day of Putin’s “big speech.


The day he hosts (if I’m not mistaken) China’s foreign minister…..

…..and the President of Belarus.

At this point…..

I’m just throwing Jello at the wall, but……

Perhaps Putin will declare an отечественная воина (Fatherland War)?

I mean, you know… if “history repeats.”

Russia’s only had two Fatherland Wars…..

…..(the second, with the prefix “Great”, added after the war ended)…..

…..both against a large Western coalition…..

…..and won hugely, both times.

But, it could all be just a bunch of crap.

We’ll know, very soon.

LOL, we’ll probably know before half of you read this.

For the rest of February…..

You might wish to check this site…..

…..a few times each day.

Because, unless it’s all BS…..

… seems things MIGHT get “hectic.”

And if you wait to get an email…..

…..(which can take up to 10 hours for my system to send)….

You MIGHT miss a lot.

(Of course, it’s always nice to motivate me. If you’re able to, and you haven’t already, please give me a financial pat on the back. If you can’t do that, at least follow me on Twitter, and like all my stuff there. As always, “exempt categories” are exempt.)

Anatomy Of A Bullshitter

A Case Study In… (You Guessed It)… Bullshit

The Internet is full of disgraced washouts…..

…..who lost their careers…..

…..and rebranded as pundits.

Some of them were kicked out of the finance industry…..

…..after being fined and losing their license, or settling with the SEC…..

…..or something like that.

Just think David Stockman…..

Or Daniel Ivandjiiski (ZeroHedge founder/owner.)

YouTube’s Clayton Morris (also formerly of Fox News)…..

…..ran a major real estate scam in Indiana.

But the sleaziest, most shameless…..

… a piece of shit named Martin Armstrong.

Armstrong helped siphon investor money…..

….in a HUGE fraud in the late 1990s.

He was not the only culprit in the scheme…..

But he was the only one to go to jail.

He initially went to jail…..

Because he refused to tell the court…..

…..where he had stashed his stolen loot.

He spent SEVEN years in jail…..

…..literally setting an American record…..

…..for jail time for contempt-of-court…..

…..trying to outlast the judge, LOL.

He finally pled guilty to something or other…..

…..and served some more years.

As a free man, what else could he do…..

…..but get online…..

…..and become a commentator…..

…..ranting about the Corrupt System?


He also concocted a story…..

…..that he had been jailed for refusing to share…..

…..his nonexistent miracle financial forecasting software, “Socrates“…..

…..with the Government.

Funny thing is…..

I recall, around 2014-2015, he claimed many times…..

… be working on “Socrates”, trying to finish it.

And yet, he went to prison, many, many years before that.

Doesn’t add up!

Armstrong’s “predictions” are also fucked up.

Among other BS…..

He declared the interest rate cycle would swing up hard in 2015.

He was off by seven years!

(And even now, it’s not clear. The Fed will most likely “pivot.”)

I put money on that prediction, and lost it ALL.

I’ve since done MUCH better…..

…..when I take MY OWN advice only.

I’ll be my own “prophet“, thank you.

Back to “Socrates”…..

I stopped reading Armstrong years ago…..

…..but, as far as I recall…..

…..notwithstanding some primitive, “circa 1990“-looking screenshots…..

…..he NEVER demonstrated…..

…..that such a software (with the stated capabilities) ACTUALLY EXISTS.

He goes on like, “Socrates says this“…..

…..and “Socrates says that.”


He makes it up.

Lastly, Armstrong’s commentary often involves…..

…..”big picture“, historical mumbo-jumbo…..

…..that’s just plain false.

One time…..

He conflated the Minoan eruption…..

…..with the Bronze Age Collapse in the ancient Near East…..

…..saying the former caused (or contributed to) the latter…..

…..when in fact, the two events were 400 years apart.

He does this all the time…..

….as he figures, no one knows any better.

And when people don’t know better…..

You can bullshit them…..

… your heart’s content.

Well, now you know about Martin Armstrong.

Who should I anatomize, next?

Any suggestion(s), please leave a comment.

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