The racism is not fixable

No, I’m not talking about problems with the policing of poor areas. That’s in every country. You been to South Africa lately? LOL. They must have a hundred George Floyds every month. The cops are black and the victims are black, so they don’t whip themselves over it. And, they have bigger problems to worry about (electric blackouts, the post not delivering mail, etc., etc.)

No, I’m talking about “higher-level” stuff. I’m talking about racism as a de facto State Ideology.

But first…..

Dreizin has better political instincts than Ted Cruz

Got a nice comment from a reader-donor. I fixed some punctuation, but otherwise, here it is, below. My only comment to this comment, is that I was casting doubt on any “Red Wave” even in the SUMMER OF **2021**, to my original mailing list (before the blog, not sure if it’s in the archives here.)

Regarding the election, I remember back last year when Dreizin predicted that the Republicans would not experience a Red Wave (June or July.) I thought he was full of shit. I was just waiting for the results to come in and then roast him, about how much he was Wrong. Well…he turned out to be right. I was wrong. I’m starting to think that, Trump well he is a very strong candidate, but he can’t do anything in just four years. He doesn’t have the time. I wish him the best though.

I also screamed at my mailing list, in EARLY 2021, that no normal person would care about “The Insurrection” in a few years, it would be irrelevant, in part because, psychology. People rewrite their views of history, based on how the present is going… and if/when Biden turns (turned) out to be “meh”, or worse, well…..

In that context, my original readers (those still with me) will recall, I screamed that Republicans such as Ted Cruz were making a HUGE mistake, to come out and say this is another Pearl Harbor, blah blah. Just shooting themselves in the ass.

Is Ted really so smart? Even Dreizin has better political instincts than Ted. Will this guy even win his primary to run for Senate next year?

The racism is not fixable

I have perhaps another 100 (CORRECTION: 200) new videos and photos in the GLOBOHOMO junk getting blown up” department, and MORE EVERY DAY. I’ll be getting to it.

For those of you who want “analysis not warporn” (LOL, I don’t understand you people, but OK, you give me money, so here goes), I recorded the below audio file, analyzing coverage of The Big Counteroffensive.

I’ve wanted to say this piece for a few weeks. Hopefully you like it, and, those of you who haven’t done so in a month or two (or ever), will give me money.

Folks, when your national “intel” apparatus makes estimations and guides policy based on a deep-set psychology of racial-cultural superiority / supremacy… it is ALWAYS a disaster in the making.

Listen below:

(Audio file duration: 8:38)

(Please note, when I say “early April”, I mean April **2022**.)

As a reminder, GLOBOHOMO runs out of munitions for the Ukraine (and for itself, just, period, runs out), COMPLETELY, by March 2024 AT THE VERY LATEST. After that, the ONLY thing that might DELAY Russia’s full re-incorporation of Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhie, Kherson, Odessa, Kharkov, Sumy, and possibly Chernigov—coupled with a severe degradation, or possibly even, termination, of U.S. military-political hegemony in Europe—is another pandemic (another corona, or, the bird flu), or, something more exotic, such as, I dunno, an asteroid strike.


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