Death by cat?

Several weeks after 25 of 34 H5N1 bird flu “positive” cats succumbed or were euthanized across eight Polish provinces, two cats have been confirmed dead of bird flu at a shelter in Korea, with 36 other dead cats (or samples thereof, allegedly) being tested (allegedly) after having displayed the same symptoms.” The 38 total Korean shelter cats died of these “same symptoms” over a 33-day period ending July 26th. Yeah, the Koreans are really on the ball!!!  LOL.

How many “samples” did they even retain? Sounds like they had a mass death, and no one reported it for a month, until fiiiiinally they sent the last two dead cats to a government lab for testing. Well, you know those Asians, always looking to avoid drama and conflict, LOL.

Few if any birds migrate from Korea to eastern Europe.  Just googling, I could not find a single species.  Is the virus evolving, independently in different locations, to be structurally closer to humans?  If it “hits”, well, in line with the corona experience, you won’t be told SQUAT until it’s already out in your communi-tay.

Same with any potential resurgent corona; they won’t have a clue until it’s too late to seal anything off.  Same as last time.

Meanwhile, Lebron James’ son (age 18), an athlete like his dad, suffered a heart attack a few days ago, and R&B singer-songwriter Tori Kelly (age 30) has been in and out of comas, with a number of life-threatening blood clots in various parts of her body.

(Somehow, NONE of this “young people disease” is happening in… Russia, which did not go the mRNA route, hmmm…)

Bottom line: 2020 is NOT over, prepare for more excitement.

I’m not doing any more “timelines”, but if you think it’s all behind us, your head is deep up your own ass.

Whatever happens, the mRNA’d “West” is FAR more vulnerable, the global power map WILL change radically, and the existing U.S. Government regime WILL be swept aside or rendered irrelevant—all as I’ve been saying for a year (I am advocating NOTHING, merely predicting.)

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