Dreizin estimate of Ukr. losses – June 4th to July 29th… and… To show you what Dreizin sifts through for you: Material from July 29th **ONLY** (post-June 16th “Big Video Dump” – Installment #11 – 19 vids, 5 photos)

Yes, this is just one day (July 29th) of GLOBOHOMO junk getting blown up or captured, prisoners, bodies, etc. AND, only the “quality” material, not the “I can’t be sure what happened here” stuff. AND, not the petty, “one prisoner here, one body there” type stuff (unless it’s somehow interesting.) AND, keep in mind, not everything is documented visually and published online; we don’t see everything. (In this war, most of the corpses are generated by artillery hitting their positions in the woods, or bombs burying them under collapsed structures—you’ll never see them.)

(Other than what’s in my last post, I’ve not yet had time to publish the remaining **250-PLUS** videos and photos that I’ve got sitting around from recent weeks.)

The July 29th material is further down, and then, below that, I include the now-famous (everyone else ran with it on July 29th, I can’t be left in the dust) footage of ONE Russian tank knocking out AN ENTIRE COLUMN of two tanks and five or six armored cars (full of infantrymen) of the Borscht Reich, in early June, in west Donetsk.

Just watching it, without understanding the (Russian) voice recording of the observer drone operators, you’d think the Borscht Reich vehicles were being hit by artillery, but no, it’s just this one tank!

But, before all that…..

AT LEAST 6000 uniformed personnel of the Borscht Reich (“Ground Forces” a.k.a. the army, Air Force, Navy/Marines, Territorial Defense militia, National Guard, SBU (state security), border guard and police deployed as frontline soldiers, and foreign mercs) killed, or died of wounds.

AT LEAST 24,000 uniformed personnel wounded/injured, of whom, at least 50% have not yet returned to duty, and around 20% will never return to any kind of military duty. 

AT LEAST 400 uniformed personnel taken prisoner.

Organizationally (this is FACT, not estimate), at least two brigades pulled off the line in west Donetsk, and at least one brigade (92nd) destroyed/disintegrated near the Lugansk/Kharkov border. (Likely at least one brigade also pulled off the line in Zaporozhie, but I’ve just lost track.)

ROUGHLY 320 combat/fighting vehicles (tanks; infantry fighting vehicles; armored personnel carriers whether armed or not; armored utility vehicles if armed; 6×6 or 8×8 battle wagons; all models of armored cars including patrol-type vehicles, MRAPs, and armored Humvees; but not including self-propelled howitzers, built-in mortar carriers, or air defense vehicles) destroyed, captured, abandoned in no-man’s-land and so-far unrecovered, or rendered not economically repairable.  This equates to roughly 21% of the entire Ukrainian functional inventory (probably around 1500) as of June 4th.  This includes MORE THAN HALF of the U.S. M2 Bradleys and ALMOST ALL of the U.S. MRAPs (MaxxPro and Oshkosh) that were in the Ukrainian inventory as of June 4th. Another 200+ vehicles damaged and repairable (if not repaired already), assuming availability of parts and qualified personnel and a quiet workspace that’s not getting bombed (or, a transport opportunity to some NATO country workshop.)

AT LEAST 55 pieces of artillery (includes towed and self-propelled howitzers, antitank cannon, MLRS launch vehicles, built-in mortar carriers; excludes stand-alone mortars) destroyed or rendered not economically repairable.  This equates to at least 18% of the entire Ukrainian functional inventory (probably around 300) as of June 4th. Another 65-85 pieces damaged and repairable (if not repaired already), assuming availability of parts and qualified personnel and a quiet workspace that’s not getting bombed (or, a transport opportunity to some NATO country workshop.)

AT LEAST five short-range air defense systems destroyed.

(This is FACT, not estimate.) Around 16-17 manned aircraft (fixed or rotor wing) destroyed.  This equates to probably about half of the entire Ukrainian functional fleet as of June 4th.

AT LEAST 20 electronic installations (e.g., air defense or counterbattery radar, or jamming systems) destroyed or rendered not economically repairable.

AT LEAST 4 (that is, 4 were visually documented) U.S. Oshkosh M1083A1P2 armored-cab heavy trucks, destroyed or rendered not economically repairable.

AT LEAST 6 specialized mine-plow vehicles or armored recovery vehicles destroyed, rendered not economically repairable, or captured.

On the advice of a wise reader/commenter, who gave me $15 to this end, I registered the web address, https://warpornhub.com. This address will redirect you to the Dreizin Report.

If this ELEVENTH installment (exclusive of material published on or before June 16th) finds you having missed the first installment (at least 50 videos and photos), second installment (22 videos), third installment (28 videos and 1 photo), fourth installment (43 videos and 9 photos), fifth installment (22 videos and 4 photos), sixth installment (30 videos and 6 photos), seventh installment (21 videos and 10 photos), eighth installment (57 videos and 2 photos), ninth installment (20 videos and 1 photo), or tenth installment (38 vids, 4 photos), PLEASE GET WITH THE PROGRAM, go back and review what you missed.



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Again, all this “installment” material came online SINCE June 16th.

Remember, as I told you, The Big Counteroffensive started on the morning of June 4th (the MSM didn’t even begin to catch on for three days), and I already posted at least 135 videos and photos from the period June 4th to June 16th, here, here, here, and here. (Check it out, if you haven’t already. You might have to scroll down to find the relevant content.)

I dedicate all this work to The Candyman, a.k.a. Mr. Dipshit:

And so, here goes:

Below, “OOH AH AH AH AH!!!!” A Borscht Reich BTR-80 is struck by a Lancet kamikaze drone, after which the driver, either stunned or maimed or dead, runs off the road… and ANNIHILATES the vehicle and everyone in it, by running over a mine, to a brief sample from “Down With The Sickness” by Disturbed. Somewhere near Klesh’eevka, south of Bock-moot. OOH AH AH AH AH!!!!

Below, a Finnish XA-180 completely burns out after being struck by a Lancet kamikaze drone. Moving target! This Lancet operator is a true “sniper.” Somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a Swedish Strf-90, captured in the Krasnyi Liman sector, north Donetsk. You know, Sweden isn’t even a NATO member yet, and already, Russians are on record as destroying and now capturing their gear. What a bootlicking, sucker country!

Below, a Ukrainian (Soviet-era) Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer suffers a direct hit from a Russian cannon shell, which leads to a total, instantaneous detonation of its entire munition store, BRUTAL!!! Near Antonovka, Kherson.

Below, another Gvozdika takes a very good strike from a Lancet kamikaze drone, west of Kremennaia, Lugansk. Disabled at a minimum. With all that smoke gushing out (but no major/visible fire, or secondary explosion), I think the engine got wasted.

Below, a destroyed U.S. M2 Bradley, near Rabotino, Zaporozhie. This was likely destroyed earlier, and only photographed on 7/29. Note the autocannon barrel, coming out of the collapsed turret, which is sitting in the hull. As I’ve mentioned, the turret can sink downward if the aluminum hull (which supports it) burns or melts.

Below… GET OFF YOUR PHONE!!! A Sudnyi Den’ (Judgement Day) kamikaze drone strikes two chumps (look carefully) on a U.S. M113, one of whom is on his phone, probably surfing this blog WITHOUT paying his Dreizin tax, bad move!!! Just after the strike, you can see pieces of chumps FLYING LIKE RAGGEDY ANN AND ANDY BEING TOSSED BY AN ANGRY BRONTOSAURUS. Location unspecified.

Below, a T-64BV variant 2017 tank of the Borscht Reich, struck and seriously damaged (or destroyed) by a Lancet kamikaze drone, somewhere in Kharkov province.

Below, a destroyed Ukrainian tank, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, somewhere in the general vicinity of Kupiansk, east Kharkov, a Borscht Reich self-propelled howitzer has given itself away by firing off a few shots while under observation from a Russian surveillance drone, bad idea!!! Shortly thereafter, it is destroyed by a Krasnopol’ laser-guided shell. The fire that you see, is a progressive burn (not a total instant denotation) of the cannon’s onboard munition store.

Below, a Bobr (Beaver) kamikaze mini-drone strikes the cab of a Borscht Reich army cargo truck, setting it well on fire. The truck bed is laden with crushed stone, likely intended to help lay down a ford across some stream or small river. Near the truck is an (old) wrecked BTR battle wagon. Location unspecified.

Below, a dormitory of a technical college in Sumy, which had been used as a Borscht Reich army or militia barracks, after being hit by (most likely) an OTRK Iskander tactical ballistic missile.

Below, four or five Ukrainian personnel, resting during a mission, are killed or maimed by a fragmentation grenade dropped from a drone, location unspecified.

Below, a Ukrainian position, looks to be something under camouflage netting (perhaps some kind of communications station) is struck by a helicopter-launched antitank missile. Somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a multipart video, made available on July 29th, but some of it could be from earlier. At the beginning, a Ukrainian squad is murdered by an antitank missile. At the end, Russians inspect a truck bearing at least two dead chumps from the Borscht Reich’s Special Operations command. *****(CAUTION: A LOT OF BLOOD, NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)*****

Below, somewhere in west Donetsk, a Russian sniper team puts down two chumps at the same time. Rare!

Below, a Russian military policeman supervises four Borscht Reich prisoners, taken in or near Staromaiorsk, west Donetsk.

Below, four Borscht Reich prisoners taken in the Krasnyi Liman sector; all served with the 70th Battalion of Transcarpathian militia, although one is from Kiev.

Below, two more Borscht Reich prisoners, taken near Staromaiorsk, west Donetsk.

Below, two Borscht Reich prisoners, taken somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a wounded Borscht Reich prisoner, taken in Staromaiorsk, west Donetsk, being used to advertise the radio frequency to notify Russian forces of an intent to surrender (you’ll see it on the screen—don’t try to understand it, it’s probably in a Soviet format, not written the same as U.S. AM or FM.)

Below, the Internet forgets nothing. A Borscht Reich prisoner, taken somewhere in Zaporozhie, claims that no one in his unit was trained abroad, or by foreign instructors. He is then confronted with a video, taken at some foreign camp, of him saying (rough translation), “Hang on, Rooskies, we’re on our way!”

Below, the chubby wounded prisoner from my last post, speaks to the camera, saying what the Russians want him to say. This guy is (was), indeed, a company commander, from the 116th Brigade of the Borscht Reich’s “elite”, all-NATO trained 10th Army Corps. Damn, he makes me feel good about myself!!! Look at those breasts!

And, here’s the hero tank, from early June:


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