“It’s a trap”

I’ll get to the tactical stuff very soon, it’s a WARGASMIC FEAST for all my lunatics.

Yes, the German Leopard tanks are in action, en masse, RIGHT NOW. First German tanks in the given area, since 1943.

I’ve just seen an entire column of intact ones, but as here (below) I’m only showing you (and will continue to show you) what’s been definitely lost, well, it’s hard to make out the model of a burning or fully blasted-out tank. So, we’ll just have to wait on that.

Things are moving FAST, so, please check back to this post for any “updates” (which I may add to the yellow-highlighted blocks, below, just before the Admiral Ackbar clip.)

Please do make sure to read to the bottom. I can’t beat “They’re coming out of the sewers!!!“, from my last post, but I found another, riotous video for you, also courtesy of the Ukrainian psy-ops command. This one is a diamond.

CORRECTION AND UPDATE TO LAST POST: Contrary to what I wrote, Russia did not fully evacuate all potential Kherson flood victims in advance; evidently it underestimated the scope of what everyone figured may be coming. In the town of Alyoshki alone, about 5000 citizens had to be evacuated in a hurry. In other news, I have three different videos of land mines being washed out and blowing up in the river or along the new shoreline. This is a catastrophe; there are now unknown square kilometers of minefields that have been washed out, this stuff could be ANYWHERE, to include, in flooded communities, “waiting” for the residents to return. All the way south to the sea, no one will be able to go fishing or walk along most of the riverbank for YEARS. As to “who did it”, the answer is simple. Both sides were monitoring the dam continuously, yet neither is releasing video of the moment that it broke. Why? Obviously, because they both know there was no explosion. As strange as the “timing” may be, the dam simply failed, due to a combination of many tens of HIMARS strikes (from last year) and a high water level (this year.)

Moving on…..

(There will be NO ADMISSION of any “Big Counteroffensive” from these bull-shytters UNTIL/UNLESS they have some RESULTS. Until then, following their lead, no one in our MSM will “call it”. However, FWIW, CNN’s website had some inkling on Wednesday, which gave us a taste of the new “party line.” They’re saying it’s preparation and preparation and maybe looking like the early stages, blah blah. LOL.)

After the “relative” calm of Tuesday, on Wednesday the Ukraine resumed its broad offensive.

On Wednesday morning/daytime, across the south, Ukrainian forces reportedly equivalent to around three brigades attempted to advance, with inadequate artillery preparation and an apparent absence of major attack drone activity (no surprise if you’ve been reading Dreizin), at many points along a roughly 130km front, from Vremievka in the east, to almost the Kakhovskoe reservoir in the west, having largely no success.

Substantial assaults also took place on Wednesday against Klesh’eevka, southwest of Bock-moot, where one key Russian position was taken, as well as in the Avdeevka salient, with no success, and smaller attempted advances near Svatovo and Kremmenaia as well as Masiutovka in the north, all with no success.

Overnight Wednesday-Thursday and into the morning, a near-BRIGADE-sized, multi-wave assault, involving over 100 armored vehicles, preceded by substantial HIMARS launches against Russian trenches…..


…..was undertaken against the Russian line southeast of Orekhov, as per the Ukrainian battle plan which I published on May 8th.

It appears that Russian casualties are ALMOST ALL from the HIMARS, not so much from action involving Ukrainian fighting vehicles or infantry.

The situation is chaotic, with large numbers of confused or retreating Ukrainians from the night assault, meeting new Ukrainian forces being brought up in the morning. Ukrainian units have taken a few observation posts / high points within the general vicinity of the Russian first line, but overall the line is holding.

By the sound of it, an unusually large number of Ukrainian souls have flown away to Bandera, Melnyk, and Shukhevych.

Russian morale, preparation, and effectiveness appear to be VERY high. In fact, there is a sense of ELATION among those Telegram channel admins who are affiliated with some or other Russian unit or command, getting their news directly from officer friends at or near the front.

The latest credible word is that, as of Thursday morning, a large reserve of fixed-wing combat aircraft has been activated to pound, across the entire southern front, Ukrainian forces that are stuck more-or-less out in the open, i.e. having sallied forth but not succeeded in seizing and taking adequate cover in Russian entrenchments or Russian-held towns/villages (a potential repeat of the Kherson bloodbath of August 31st to early September 2022.)

Also overnight Wednesday-Thursday, another large attack took place south of Bock-moot, ending in a Ukrainian retreat. Likewise (more importantly), along the eastern edge of the Kakhovskoe reservoir, Zaporozhie—another attempt to slice towards Crimea, another failure.

Again, attacks were aimed at potential weak points in Russian defense lines, presumably as identified by U.S. and UK orbital groups in tandem with private imaging satellites.

(No question at all, high-ranking U.S. officers are in the “situation room” as I write this, in-person or at least virtually.)

On Wednesday (BEFORE the overnight action), Ukrainian total material losses (including abandoned gear sitting in no-man’s land), were very likely in excess of 30 armored vehicles, bringing likely total losses to over 80 armored vehicles since Sunday morning.

Additional, ***documented*** Ukrainian losses, since Sunday, include one fixed-wing combat aircraft of undetermined type (early Wednesday), one Su-25 attack jet and one Mi-24 helicopter (both mid-to-late Wednesday), at least one towed and five self-propelled cannon, and the destruction of the phased array antenna on a (German) Hensoldt TRML-4D radar truck, which had been assigned to an (German or Italian-donated) IRIS-T SLM air defense system.

(As a reminder, the Ukraine’s top general, Zaluzhny, is still out to lunch following his injury, and its chief of military intelligence, Kirill “we will kill Russians anywhere” Budanov, who used to give interviews literally almost every day, hasn’t been seen in well over a week, since Russia launched a targeted strike at his headquarters. I’m not saying he’s dead, but he’s either that, or on a hospital bed somewhere, or gone to ground.)

Some more footage of destruction of Ukrainian “assets” in Zaporozhie and other sectors, is below. I posted none of this stuff last time, it’s all new to you. Please note, with one exception here, “aftermath” documentation for the Wednesday-Thursday overnight and morning action is not yet available.

(Also please note, the Russian trench picture that I showed last time, was a joke, for anyone who didn’t get it. It’s from the “cinematic” preview to the “War Thunder” video game .)

Below, a Ukrainian assault group in disarray and taking damage from mines and artillery, near Novodonetskoe, on Sunday, although the video was released only on Wednesday.

Below, in video released on Wednesday, a Russian drone operator drops a grenade on one of a group of three abandoned Ukrainian armored vehicles near Avdeevka. Dropping grenades on the relatively weak top sides of abandoned armor, to ensure that it is not retrieved and used by the enemy, is a common practice. The fourth vehicle, at left (likely an M113), was already destroyed, likely by mortar or cannon fire.

Below, video taken from Russian attack helicopters. Not necessarily all of the targets are armored combat vehicles. The first video was released on Wednesday. Footage in the second video was taken on Monday but released on Tuesday. The third (very short) video, from Tuesday, shows the destruction of a U.S.-made MaxxPro MRAP. The fourth video is recent, I don’t know what day. The fifth video, said to be from the Ugledar area, was published on Thursday morning. The sixth (very short) video, shows the destruction of one non-tank, armored vehicle on Thursday morning, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a view of at least 10 destroyed or abandoned Ukrainian vehicles; video was taken after a failed renewed assault on Novodonetskoe on Wednesday. Although, some hardware may have been sitting there since before Wednesday. I can’t say that none of it was featured in other videos that I’ve shown you (I don’t know.)

Below, video of multiple damaged, destroyed, or abandoned Ukrainian military vehicles, taken from the Ukrainian side, location unknown. Video was published on Wednesday.

Below, video, made available on Wednesday, of two damaged and abandoned Ukrainian tanks, said to be from the Russian-Ukrainian border in the vicinity of the Russian village of Novaya Tavolzhanka, which had been attacked by several waves of infiltrators belonging to Russian fascist expat/opposition “groups” a.k.a. foreign volunteers organized under the command of the Ukraine’s military intelligence directorate. Ukrainian tanks in this area have been firing at one or more Russian border posts, to provide diversion/cover for the infiltrators. (However, what I just wrote is IMPOSSIBLE if you believe 29 year-old, over-promoted, mega peppy-sassy bullshyt artist Jennifer-iffic, a director at Washington, DC’s Institute for the Study of War, who told a ***nationwide audience*** of PBS/NPR viewers/listeners that these “groups” have only minimal contact with the Ukrainian state, being more like, you know, some hermit guys living in a cave or treehouse, somewhere (only God knows where) on Ukrainian territory.)

Below, in the vicinity of Bock-moot, destruction of a Ukrainian tank, and below that, also near Bock-moot, destruction of another tank followed by a view of an abandoned BTR-looking vehicle and what appears to be a destroyed M113 (the undamaged vehicle at the very end, is taking on wounded passengers.) Both videos were released on Wednesday.

Below, destruction of a Humvee by a small “FPV” suicide drone, sector unknown, video released on Tuesday.

Below, aftermath of the Thursday morning assault on the Russian line southeast of Orekhov. I don’t know what’s happening in the last photo; the tanks or other vehicles are bunched up so closely together, that I can only assume some (perhaps all) of them have been abandoned.

Below, since Sunday, serious damage to, or destruction of, Ukrainian artillery systems, namely two Polish Krab cannon, then two Soviet-era Gvozdika‘s, a Soviet-era Giatsynt-B, and a U.S. M777, and then, at the end, damage to the radar for the IRIS-T (you can see that the phased array antenna got lopped off completely.)

Not quite “They’re coming out of the sewers“… but, close

I can’t beat “They’re coming out of the sewers!!!”, from my last post. However, I found another, very silly video for you, again courtesy of the Ukraine’s psy-ops command. This one, again, is in the context of trying to panic the civilian population of Russian Belgorod. In what has to be one of the DUMBEST fakes the psy-ops command ever broadcast, a classic “1990s businessman type” Russian scuzzball, standing with his two comrades armed with shotguns or hunting rifles (LOL), announces that they, the (Belgorod border area) militia, are taking over, they’re now the government here, because Russian police and the armed forces have simply run away, which means, you should take your pistol or hunting rifle and join the militia, because local people have to stand up to the infiltrators coming across from the Ukraine. The dirtbag can barely keep his Ukrainian accent in check, it is hilarious. I’m not sure why they didn’t film it again, with his accent better suppressed. Maybe they’re starting to lose it? Over half of all Ukrainian citizens speak perfect, natural Russian, but I guess they just HAD to put this guy forward, he’s just so scuzzy, LOL.

In conclusion…..



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