Dreizin Publishes Complete Ukrainian Battle Plan for Entire Zaporozhie Front

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Yes, Russia’s understanding of the entire Ukrainian battle plan has been published online by a source with a long history of receiving information from the Russian military. I have translated it for you. It is further below. First:

Latest updates

Since two weekends ago, Russia has launched well over 100 cruise missiles and Iskanders, up to 100 long-range suicide drones, and 100’s of glide bombs, damaging or destroying (inter alia) many tens of Ukrainian depots/stores/stashes containing MANY tens of thousands of howitzer and tank shells, mortar bombs, and MLRS rockets/missiles.

With the Ukraine ALREADY well short of what it needed for effective offensive operations, likely at least one-quarter of Ukrainian munitions for “The Big Counteroffensive” (“TBC“) have been destroyed in the last 10-11 days.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian sabotage / terror / psy-ops campaign that (per WW2 practice) was meant to COINCIDE with the start of TBC… has already largely happened and fizzled.

They delayed TBC… but the chaos ops trigger has obviously gone off as per timer.


ALL-TIME HIGH of 22 or 23 drones attacking Crimea on Sunday were ALL shot or downed with radio warfare.

Assassination of the writer Prilepin was a FLOP. His driver died, but Prilepin was back on social media within 36 hours. At least two of his failed killers were picked up by regular beat cops, one of them a woman (go ladies.)

Six of eight members of the hit squad aiming to kill directors of the Zaporozhie nuke plant were identified, some may have been arrested (I’m not sure), one blew himself up to avoid arrest (I saw the video.)

Moscow and nationwide May 9th parades concluded with no “surprises.”

Russian General Staff are now planning the next “Bakhmut“, as I told you a few posts ago.

That is, PMC Wagner is coming to the next town. We will all hear its name soon.

Чё с ебалом?

Complete Ukrainian TBC Battle Plan for the Zaporozhie Front

(1) Break through the Russian forward defense along the line Nesterianka-Novosyolovka (6km and 19km southeast of Orekhov, respectively) into the defense depth of Guards battalions in the Polozhsk-Orekhov sector, utilizing, in the first echelon, the 47th and 65th Separate Mechanized Brigades, 9th Army Corps (total of 2 tank and 7 infantry battalions—8300 men with up to 60 tanks, up to 200 other armored fighting vehicles, up to 110 field pieces and mortars, 12 MLRS, up to 100 motor rafts.)  Breakthrough of the contact line will be in the order of the 65th which is already on the line, then the 47th.  Neighboring units including the 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade will carry the task of harrying neighboring Russian units so as to prevent reinforcement of Russian forces at the main axis of advance.

(2) Subsequently, deploy the main forces.  The main blow is to be from the vicinity of Orekhov, in the direction of Tokmak, ultimately towards Melitopol’.  By way of sequential deployment into battle of the first echelon (116th and 118th Separate Mechanized Brigades) and second echelon (117th Separate Mechanized Brigade) of the 10th Army Corps (total of 3 tank battalions and 9 infantry battalions—12,600 men, 89 tanks, 267 other armored fighting vehicles, 145 field pieces and mortars, 18 MLRS, up to 130 motor rafts, up to 170 antitank missile launchers), within ten days reach Veseloe northwest of Melitopol’ and Mordvinovka south of it, ringing Melitopol’ primarily from the east and holding those positions.  

(3) To support the main blow, direct a secondary blow in the direction of Romanovskoe, Grigorievka, and Primorsk (28km, 46km, and 100km southeast of Orekhov, respectively), utilizing a grouping of airmobile forces (82nd Separate Parachute Assault Brigade, 71st Separate Ranger Brigade, and part of the 46th Separate Airmobile Brigade [DON’T BE CONFUSED, THESE UNITS ARE STRICTLY GROUND-BOUND AT THIS TIME), a detachment of the Azov, the 132nd Separate Reconnaissance Battalion, and Tactical Group 4 of the Separate Center for Special Operations – designation “West” (total of 1 tank and 13 infantry battalions—12,900 men, 14 tanks, 364 other armored fighting vehicles, 136 field pieces and mortars, 13 MLRS, 227 motor rafts), advance to the line of Urozhainoe-Chernigovka-Verkhnii Tokmak (34km, 41km, and 52km southeast of Orekhov, respectively), so as to cover the left flank of the main axis force as well as to threaten an advance from the west into the flank and rear of the Russian 35th Army.

(4) Subsequently, to build on these efforts by directing the 46th Separate Airmobile Brigade and the Azov detachment to conduct raids—avoiding towns and main foci of defense—in the direction (not necessarily reaching these towns, the “XXkm” may be depth-of-advance targets, not actual town positions) of Mordvinovka, Stepanovka Pervaya, Botievo, Primosrk (11km south, 29km southeast, and 40km and 75km southeast of Melitopol, respectively.)  After which, to gain control of the southern portion of Zaporozhie Oblast’, to include control of Chernigovka but not yet entering Melitopol’ or Primorsk, and at the end of 8 days, reach the Sea of Azov coast from Stepanovka Pervaya to the western suburbs of Berdiansk, with the goal of preventing a marine landing by Russian forces.

(5) Separately, from the Guliaipole area, advance south to Pologi and thence in the direction of Berdiansk with the 33rd Separate Mechanized Brigade and the 102nd and 110th Separate Brigades of Territorial Defense (total of 1 tank and 9 infantry battalions, of which 6 are Territorial Defense—10,000 men, 31 tanks, 108 other armored fighting vehicles, 53 field pieces and mortars, 4 MLRS, 52 motor rafts, and 48 antitank missile launchers, so as to split the Russian forces and complete the encirclement of the 35th Army from the east (in tandem with the airmobile force group coming from the west) and subsequently enter the northern suburbs of Berdiansk, and to besiege the city.

(6) In general, with the goal of maintaining a high tempo of advance, all cities and large towns will be bypassed and cut off / surrounded, to include, Tokmak, Pologi, Molochansk.

(7) Simultaneously, conduct a river crossing and assault the area of Kamenskoe-Vasilievka, using the 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade, 15th Tactical Brigade of the National Guard, and the 415th and 425th Separate Rifle Battalions (total of 1 tank and 10 infantry battalions—7600 men, 41 tanks, 148 other armored fighting vehicles, 129 field pieces and mortars, 308 motor rafts, and 69 antitank missile launchers), with the goal of reaching towns and villages 10km to 25km west to southwest of Melitopol, linking up with the main force described in (2), and thereafter supporting an advance on Dnieprorudnoe and Energodar from the south, at the same time as helicopter-borne and riverine infantry assault the Dniepr shore (near those towns) from the north.

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