Dreizin’s “new Ukr-offensive material since June 16th” Big Video Dump – Installment #1 – “THE DUMP AWAKENS” (50 vids & pics)

Folks, we’ll get to the dump in a minute…..


GLOBOHOMO running out of tools, starting to lose its mind

Manny once pointed out, Brandon is like a five year-old who’s not supposed to go repeating what he hears from his parents about the neighbors or whatever…..

But, he goes and repeats it.

Most recently, he admitted to a CNN interviewer, like, yes, on TV, that GLOBOHOMO is giving cluster munitions to its 51st state… because it’s running out of regular 155mm shells.  So, like, no choice.  Up against the wall!

What a dumbass.

There’s ZERO chance that was in his notes.  

Rule number one:  Never admit your side is desperate.

Beyond that, look, the global “optics” are terrible.  Even college girls know, this stuff is nasty.  It’s well known, many of the submunitions will fail to detonate, and then, they’ll stick around for years, or decades, and kill or maim kids who are just playing in the woods.  Even kids who haven’t been born yet.

(Yes, I’ve shown video of area denial mini-mines—the PFM-1 Lepestoks”landing all over downtown Donetsk city. But, that was old Soviet stuff that the Ukraine inherited, not coming from GLOBOHOMO.)


BOTH sides have used cluster munitions… since 2014. I’ve seen video of cluster bomblets from a Grad rocket, going off on a street in downtown Donetsk. But, it wasn’t in the news.

Now, GLOBOHOMO made it news… and made itself the problem.

LOL. Why?

This is like giving the Ukraine a pile of bubonic-plagued bodies, and a catapult to shoot them with.  And, making a Big Damn Global Scene about it.  “Hey, look at us, we’re handing out cluster munitions!”  Like a criminal with a guilty conscience.

This is REALLY dumb.

Just shut up and keep doing your dirty deeds on the sly, no?

Yes, The Big Counteroffensive is a TOTAL FIASCO.  And, GLOBOHOMO is running out of “game changer” weapons; there are very few tricks left in the hat.  Understood.

But, this sudden deference-but-not-quite-deference (because they’re still giving the junk to the Ukraine) to the human rights crowd, is just silly.

It seems like they’re starting to lose their ability to think straight.

New “Ukraine Blitz-cringe” video/photo dump

Folks, these 50 photos and videos are ***LESS THAN A QUARTER*** of what I’ve got for you, so far… and, that’s after ignoring all low-quality footage and “can’t quite determine what happened here” type stuff.

And, more material is coming in, every day.

But, I have to cut it off now. Otherwise it will crash, same as last time.


(You can help make this worth my time, and cover my many expenses, by contributing here.)

Again, everything here (and in subsequent installments) was made available to humanity since late on June 16th.

Remember, as I told you, The Big Counteroffensive started on the morning of June 4th (the MSM didn’t even begin to catch on for three days), and I’ve already posted at least 135 videos and photos from the period June 4th to June 16th, here, here, here, and here. (Check it out if you haven’t already. You might have to scroll down to find the relevant material.)

I don’t claim that the below videos and photos are in “chronological” order. I’ve been going through my “collection”, and posting what I feel like posting, for this installment. Again, everything here is from after my last dump on June 16th.


And so, here goes…..

Below, democracy in action! I’ve seen MANY phony videos; this one seems as real as it gets. If it’s fake, it’s the most complex, best short fake of the war. A gung-ho Ukrainian (likely an officer) threatens to kill, and then FRAGS, a bunker full of his subordinates or comrades, who were not excited about following some dangerous order(s.) And you wonder how this army manages to keep going out on suicide missions?

Below… EPIC!!! “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.” A Russian tank strikes two armored cars at close range, totally wasting the first one (possibly a U.S. MaxxPro MRAP.) Damage to the second (possibly a Turkish Kirpi), is unclear. Note the two dead and one seriously wounded chumps, starting from about 0:50. There could be more casualties that we don’t see. Location, in/near the Vremievka salient, west Donetsk.

Below, a Ukrainian assault meets a mine field. Watch carefully. Outcome: Two immobilized tanks, four destroyed U.S. MaxxPro MRAPs, another one damaged, one Ukrainian-made Kozak (Cossack) armored car destroyed, and some bodies visible on the ground. Reportedly, the tanks were later finished off from the air. Near Velikaia Novoselovka, west Donetsk.

Below, in/near the village of Piatikhatki, Zaporozhie, is a graveyard for GLOBOHOMO metal. Here we see a large number of destroyed or abandoned vehicles, some of which are too mangled to make out. Among other tanks, at 1:00 and again 1:25 we see what’s likely a German Leopard (missing its cannon), and at 1:14 there’s a beautifully burning, de-turreted Soviet-type tank.

Below, another graveyard of GLOBOHOMO gear. In total, one destroyed and two damaged/abandoned armored cars of Ukrainian and/or foreign manufacture, two abandoned U.S. M113’s, and an abandoned German Leopard tank with a mine plough that appears to be damaged. Somewhere south of Orekhov, Zaporozhie.

Below, a number of precise hits on Ukrainian vehicles traveling a road from Chasov Yar towards Bock-moot. Special highlights include multiple chumps launched high in the air with the first hit, a BMP fighting vehicle lit up like the sun at around 1:09, and two chumps flying far off the jeep at the end.

Below, VISCIOUS!!! A Ukrainian (Soviet-era) BMP fighting vehicle, having picked up seven Ukrainians, is reduced to a MOLECULAR STATE by a land mine, said to have been placed by hand, after Russian observation of local “traffic patterns”, near Belogorovka, Lugansk. In the words of the American rapper Boondox, “Everybody must die, everybody must die, everybody must die.”

Below, the world’s first nuclear bomb tank, LOLOLOL. The Russian guided missile instantly detonated 100% of the tank’s onboard munition store. Note the wreckage raining down from around 0:20, with a particularly large piece visible at 0:22-23. Now, what happened to the other vehicles??? Location, near Bock-moot. Soundtrack performed by the famous Russian traditional folk ensemble, AC/DC.

Below, a closed-casket funeral awaits the driver of this U.S. MaxxPro MRAP. Location unspecified.

Below, was this a U.S. M113 (or variant) hit with a guided antitank missile near Bock-moot… or a splattering watermelon???

Below, an assault column has been blasted and broken. The video is choppy, but two of the vehicles clearly have a number of wounded or concussed (some, perhaps, dead) Ukrainian soldiers on the ground behind them. Later in the video, completely unrelated to the scene just described, we see a damaged/captured U.S. Oshkosh M-ATV. Somewhere in west Donetsk.

Below, HOLY MOLY!!! A Ukrainian (Soviet-era) BMP fighting vehicle, sent to evacuate a Ukrainian squad (here, eight men) from their position, evacuates almost all of them… STRAIGHT TO HELL, upon running over a mine. Keep watching! How did one of them survive and get out so quickly??? And, how far will he run, with brain damage? Location unspecified.

Below… can you die twice? A corpse evacuation goes… uh, south. The video appears to combine footage from both the Ukrainian and Russian sides. Even if you’re not convinced that the aerial view is related to the ground view, both explosion views are INVIGORATING. Clearly, at least one Ukrainian (Soviet-era) BMP fighting vehicle has been wasted. Somewhere near Bock-moot.

Below, from the Ukrainian side, a destroyed UAE Panthera T6 armored car, and, in the distance, a heavily damaged (at a minimum) French VAB armored car. Location unspecified.

Below, keep watching! A Ukrainian (Soviet-era) BMP fighting vehicle burns and then explodes spectacularly, after the fire sets off its onboard munition store. Location, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, one side of the hull of a U.S. M2 Bradley, southern front.

Below, a de-turreted U.S. M2 Bradley, southern front.

Below, an abandoned U.S. M2 Bradley, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, from the Ukrainian side, a wrecked U.S. M2 Bradley being evacuated, presumably so that some army officer can sell it for scrap, as it’s obviously good for nothing else (although the wheels and any remaining track can likely be salvaged as spare parts for another “casualty.”)

Below, a well-cooked U.S. M2 Bradley, near Malaia Tokmachka, Zaporozhie.

Below, a fully burnt-out German Leopard tank, near Novodanilovka, Zaporozhie.

Below, center, a burnt-out U.S. M2 Bradley, and on each side, a German Leopard tank. The tank at right, though abandoned, may be undamaged. The tank at left, is burnt-out to at least some extent. Location, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, video taken by a Ukrainian, of the 47th Brigade, hiding under the turret of the burnt-out Leopard tank at the left of the above photo. (If you download the above photo and blow it up substantially, you can see the blown-out panel, lying in the dirt.)

Below, close to the above scene. At right, lies part of a turret (and the turret armament, a U.S. Browning .50-caliber machinegun) blown off of a U.S. M113 variant, and behind that, what appears to be a destroyed pickup truck or other civilian vehicle, and in the background, likely another Leopard tank and multiple fighting vehicles, some of them probably U.S. MaxxPro MRAPs, all destroyed or abandoned.

Below, the likely source of the above turret piece, presumably the Dutch variant of the M113. Not going anywhere! (The turret piece is just behind and to the left of the vehicle.)

Below, the video starts off choppy, with perhaps quite some time edited out, but it seems one U.S. M2 Bradley has been immobilized by a shell or mortar bomb, going off nearby. Subsequently (keep watching), a group of Ukrainian soldiers casually walking past the Bradley, are fatally cut down by another shell or mortar bomb, well aimed. Near Rabotino, Zaporozhie.

Below… What are the odds? Two of three vehicles in a Ukrainian assault column, run over mines almost back to back. Location unspecified.

Below, a Ukrainian (Soviet-era) BMP fighting vehicle runs over a mine, likely somewhere near Bock-moot or else further north (e.g. near Krasnyi Liman, or Kremennaia.) You can see some men on top of it, at 0:03. Anyone inside (the driver at least) probably died instantly. After the smoke clears, you can see what happened to those on top. One of them lies on the ground, immobile; one crawls away on his stomach; one crawls on his hands and knees; and one walks away, turning around to look, before continuing to walk. Must be a draftee! LOL.

Below, a German Leopard tank, somewhere in Zaporozhie, with damage to the track, wheels, turret, cannon, and near the driver’s hatch, among other locations—and that’s just what we can see from one side.

Below, a French AMX-10 wheeled tank, which got stuck in terrain and was abandoned by its crew, near Novodonetskoe, west Donetsk.

Below, other destroyed, damaged, or abandoned light armored vehicles (as well as what appears to be a supply truck) of U.S./UK/European manufacture, near Novodonetskoe, west Donetsk.

Below, the actual “hit” has been cut out for some reason, but towards the end, you see one of the two French AMX-10 wheeled tanks burning. Somewhere on the southern front.

Below, a U.S. Oshkosh M-ATV MRAP, not from the junkyard collection shown above, being towed away by a Russian tank, and then, an abandoned/captured UK Mastiff armored car, also not shown above. (Immediately after that, a Ukrainian prisoner who was picked up after being left wounded and alone inside the Mastiff or some other armored car for four days.) Southern front, west Donetsk.

Below, this will make your day. A U.S. M113 (or variant) is hit right in the turret shield by a Russian kamikaze drone of some type. If the drone bore a shaped charge, the machine-gunner will be cremated in various trash or Ziploc bags, if his side ever even gets around to it. If not a shaped charge, perhaps he can be given a “proper” (closed-casket) burial. Location unspecified.

Below, an abandoned Ukrainian T-72 tank, in no-man’s land near Zherebrianka, Zaporozhie, being destroyed to prohibit its recovery, evidently by a perfect strike with an indirect fire munition, possibly of the laser-guided variety.

Below, an abandoned and slightly smoking (possibly burnt-out inside) Ukrainian T-72 tank, also in no-man’s land near Zherebrianka, Zaporozhie, not far from the above scene.

Below… just beautiful. A blurry Ukrainian armored vehicle gets reduced to scrap metal, likely by a Krasnopol’ laser-guided howitzer shell. Near Bock-moot. Note the “It’s all about humanity” lyrics of the synthwave track by Max Brhon. Someone has a sense of humor.

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone annihilates a Soviet-model Ukrainian tank, “somewhere in the Donbass.” Watch to the end!!!

Below, a damaged and abandoned Turkish Kirpi armored car, and after that, a damaged and abandoned armored-and-turreted U.S. Humvee. Note the two very large holes in the Humvee’s fiberglass hood, which (as stated by the narrator) were obviously caused by shrapnel. The engine and/or other under-hood components are likely toast.

Below, a Russian kamikaze drone goes after some men on foot. We don’t see the outcome, but we do see two likely damaged/abandoned Ukrainian (Soviet-era) BMP fighting vehicles, each bearing what seems to be a mangled mine plough, as well as, at around 0:12-15, at top right, a seriously mangled armored car of some NATO variety (possibly a U.S. MaxxPro MRAP.) As far as I can make out, the soundtrack is a song about horse riders on a hunt.

Below, near Mar’inka at the western tip of the Donetsk city agglomeration, a Russian force takes possession of a Ukrainian strongpoint, taking booty including a Starlink terminal, and, more interestingly, finding two mass graves with roughly 20 inhabitants each, to include, foreign volunteers. The names on the first sign include someone “Larsen” (written in Latin letters), and on the second sign, a Kadeus Kleman and a Jorge Brice (or Breis.) No one’s claiming these are recently deceased, but it’s known that Mar’inka has been a death trap.

Below, a Finnish or Italian 6×6 type battle wagon, looks to be with at least one flat tire due to shrapnel, abandoned south of Orekhov, Zaporozhie.

Below, some type of U.S. M113 variant, abandoned south of Orekhov, Zaporozhie.

Below, a Ukrainian tank, probably a T-64, gets hit by something or other, somewhere in Zaporozhie, and goes up like a July 4th finale. Watch till the end—just when you think it’s done, it’s not done.


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