$200 billion question

(This doesn’t get old, LOL.) Perhaps needless to say, the Zelensky government and its propaganda outlets are mum, mum, mum on what’s going on, at the southern front, or on any front. As I told you, there will be NO ADMISSION / ANNOUNCEMENT of any “Big Counteroffensive” from these bull-shytters UNTIL/UNLESS they have some RESULTS. Even as the hospitals have already filled up. Of course, a few soldiers speaking privately with the Bezos (Washington) Post, does not constitute an “announcement.”

(For once, the headline image, above, has absolutely no relation to the title. You’ll understand the title, soon. As for the image, it was published within the last few days, and shows the Z-Man (a.k.a. “green T-shirt guy”) with his Russian-born-and-raised commander of ground forces, Syrskii, and several other poo-bah’s. Who DON’T you see? That’s right, the armed forces chief of staff, Zaluzhny, the Ukro-Napoleon reincarnation of George Patton, who is still recovering from a severe concussion or some other kind of head injury, possibly among other injuries, suffered over a month ago. Taking the Ukro-propaganda machine’s cues, the U.S. and European MSM’s STILL maintain a TOTAL NEWS BLACKOUT on his “leave of absence”, even though he was a media darling, to the extent of being featured on the cover of Time Magazine. Now, they don’t care where he is, or if he’s even alive, LOL. I’m starting to think, perhaps he never existed at all??? Seems a little, hmmm… Stalinist?)

Folks, a LOT of new news, in fact, another overdose of wartastic content for my bloodthirsty lunatics.

(I also have something to say about the Trump indictment, at bottom.)

First, some background, in the context of another Dreizin VICTORY LAP:

Of ALL English-language sources/commentators in any medium, anywhere in the world, I was the FIRST who called attention, in an audio recorded just after noon (U.S. ET) on Thursday, June 8th, to the fact that the Ukraine’s elite 47th Brigade was leading The Big Counteroffensive (“Zaporozhie edition”, not to be confused with major, repeated, failed attacks by other units around Vremievka and Novodonetskoe, west Donetsk) southwest of Orekhovo.

Moreover, that it was this Brigade which has (or had, haha) the highest concentration of U.S./NATO gear of any brigade in the Ukrainian army, as well as the highest concentration of volunteers (as opposed to draftees), and what’s considered to be the sharpest leadership, and likely the most intensive training/attention from “the Pentagram” a.k.a. GLOBOHOMO Central.

ALSO, I was the FIRST English-language source/commentator, in any medium, anywhere in the world, to point out that if this brigade can’t do the job, THEN NO OTHER UKRAINIAN BRIGADE WILL. In this context, I explained to you the “spear tip” nature of breaking through a fortified, continuous, enemy line.

If you missed it, then, for background, please listen here:

(Audio file duration: 5:52)

The $200 Billion Dollar Question

I recorded the below, just after noon (U.S. ET.) on Friday.

Here’s a VERY brief summary:

It’s already clear that the entire U.S. “counteroffensive strategy” in the Ukraine has FAILED.

What does The Pentagram do now?

If you’d like more detail, please listen below.

(Audio file duration: 5:54)

(Please note, my “reliable minimum” estimate of Ukrainian casualties since the start of The Big Counteroffensive on Sunday morning—to include, losses from airstrikes nationwide—is current as of Friday just after noon, when I recorded this. Of course, it must be somewhat higher, now. (Sorry to again disappoint the “one billion Ukrainian dead” crowd.))

The Zaporozhie battle (among others) continues

(Plenty of videos, further below.)

Elements of Russia’s 22nd and 45th Spetznaz Brigades and the 70th, 71st, and 291st Motor Rifle Regiments, grouped under the 42nd Division, are still holding the Russian first line southwest of Orekhovo, Zaporozhie. All lost positions (within the first line of the first line) have been recovered.

As per video that many of you have seen, Thursday’s scrap metal count includes up to 4 German Leopard tanks decomissioned or abandoned (at least 2 full-on destroyed) and as many as 13 U.S. M2 Bradley fighting vehicles decomissioned or abandoned (at least 7 destroyed, or clearly damaged at a minimum.)

(At least one intact Leopard was hauled away by the Russian side, I’m sure their engineers will have fun studying it.)

Also, on Thursday and, possibly, into Friday morning (it’s not clear as to when one of the videos was taken), a substantial number of various U.S./NATO armored cars, as well as a few Soviet-era tanks, were damaged and abandoned—or simply abandoned—in the Vremievka-Novodonetskoe sector, west Donetsk.

Surprisingly, at least in the Zaporozhie fighting, Ukrainian drones (kamikazes or otherwise) are STILL almost totally out of the picture. Russian jamming has proven too strong, and, the threat of operators being discovered by Russian electronic monitoring (and blasted), too great.

According to multiple credible sources, Russian electronic warfare capabilities southwest of Orekhovo involve one or more new systems not fielded previously, which has/have taken the Ukrainian side by surprise.

There is also a credible report that Russian electronic warfare went so far as to severely disturb Ukrainian access to GPS data.

On Friday evening/night, prior to another all-night assault, the Ukraine launched a large number of unguided, Grad MLRS rockets at Russian forces southeast of Orekhov. UNLIKE on Wednesday, few, if any, HIMARS missiles were used.

We may assume this means they’ve shot their HIMARS wad, that is, they are flat out of HIMARS missiles (with a 70km or 80km range) within the ENTIRE south/southeast macro-sector, if not nationwide.

Clearly, the HIMARS bombardment against Russian positions southeast of Orekhov, on Wednesday, was supposed to be DECISIVE. It was NOT. Now, they are down to using “dumb” technology.

Ukrainian air defense strikes again

This time, in Odessa:

Poor fate of Ukrainian hardware – UPDATE

(Videos that I did NOT publish previously, most of them taken, or made available, on Thursday)

(Folks, if you get a “we can’t play this video” type message, please refresh your browser, or better yet, refresh your browser a few times; it only takes a few seconds. Never be shy to refresh and keep refreshing your browser. If that doesn’t work, switch from smartphone to desktop or vice versa, or, switch from wifi to cellular or vice versa, or, try a different browser. It’s over 95% likely, that one or more of the above steps, will fix the problem.)

Below, the “definitive” aftermath video of knocked-out or abandoned German Leopard tanks and U.S. M2 Bradley fighting vehicles southeast of Orekhov, Zaporozhie. The now-famous “clusterfuck” segment, is at roughly 1:30 to 2:00.

Below, a U.S. M2 Bradley destroyed with an antitank missile, Zaporozhie.

Below, Ukrainians in a state of confusion—one U.S. M2 Bradley shooting another U.S. M2 Bradley, at close range, presumably Zaporozhie.

Below, “lively” views from Russian attack helicopters, presumably Zaporozhie.

Below, destroyed or abandoned Ukrainian equipment (mostly, various U.S./NATO armored cars) near Novodonetskoe, west Donetsk.)

Below, damaged or abandoned Ukrainian armored vehicles (including at least one tank), near Vremievka, west Donetsk.

Below, destruction of a German Leopard tank, Zaporozhie.

Below, destruction of a U.S. M2 Bradley, Zaporozhie. (Another video is available, of another Bradley being destroyed off to the side, in this same location, just after this one, but the video is so similar to this one, that I didn’t bother adding it.)

Below, destroyed Ukrainian armored vehicles near Bock-moot.

Below, two Ukrainian tanks near Bock-moot suffer perfect “hits”, within the first half of the video (with “instant replay” for both), to a wonderful soundtrack by System of a Down. (May be a “real time” version of material in the first Bock-moot video, above.)

Below, “quality hits” against Ukrainian artillery (more recent than my last such update), to include, against three U.S. M777 cannon positions, one German PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzer, and one unknown unit.

Below, FPV kamikaze drones tearing up a small Ukrainian supply convoy. The first vehicle to be hit, is (per the subsequent video) obviously destroyed. The second one is damaged, at least. The fate of the last, an unarmored U.S. Humvee, unclear.

Below, a U.S. M2 Bradley hit by an FPV kamikaze drone, southeast of Orekhov. The static is due to attempted jamming in the area.

Below, an armored U.S. Humvee hits a mine.

Below, an audition for the Ukrainian space program.

Below, a U.S. M113 possibly hit by a Russian FPV kamikaze drone, southeast of Orekhov.

Below, somewhere on the southern front. Keep watching…..

Below, from around 1:48, a damaged and abandoned UK Wolfhound armored car, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, somewhere in Zaporozhie. (May be a different view of what’s already been covered.)

Below, a Ukrainian T-72 tank being hit by an FPV kamikaze drone, and, below that, another Ukrainian T-72 tank that was already hit (I’m skipping the “hit” video) and damaged by another FPV kamikaze drone.

Below, within the first 15 seconds, a U.S. MaxxPro MRAP is knocked out, near two or three already-damaged or destroyed Ukrainian wheeled vehicles, in the Seversk sector, north Donetsk.

Below, an FPV kamikaze drone strikes a Ukrainian civilian SUV being used as a military transport or utility vehicle, somewhere in the south.

Below, a Ukrainian T-72 tank being hauled away as a war trophy.

Below, burning Leopards and Bradleys, southeast of Orekhov. Probably a more “real-time” view of the “clusterfuck” video that I started off with.

My take on the Trump indictment:

Sure, Trump is a GROTESQUE BUFFOON…..

But, the U.S. national political scene…..

…..now resembles, for example…..

…..that of Thailand.

If you are an active Republican in a “hard blue” area…..

MOVE, or, GET OUT of organized politics…..

…..while it is still relatively SAFE to do so.

Sorry, this is totally un-edited. Manny was busy enough, fixing problems with my mass mailing system. Nonetheless, should be highly enjoyable…..

(Audio file duration: 10:49)


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