What now for GLOBOHOMO?

Folks, I counted it up, I posted 35 “Ukrainian shit blown up” type videos in my last piece (with written descriptions.) That was after posting at least 20 photos and videos, after midnight on Thursday morning (the publication date suggests Wednesday, but that’s when I started, not finished, it.) I’ve got another big pile now, at least 25 more, and constantly growing, but, I’m exhausted, and of course I can’t do this blog on my dayjob hours. I will let it go, for now. Of course, keeping me lubricated with money juice is always an incentive, you know?

I do have more “tactical” warporn updates for my lunatics, further below. Stuff you won’t hear anywhere else, in the English language, this soon after the events, because I’m the BEST.

Below that, I also cover the latest news about UFO’s. The “UFO’s or pieces thereof, in the possession of the U.S. Government” bullshyt, has never before faced a slightly autistic, sub-genius blogger with an attitude. Now, it has met its match.

But first, two things.

Number one:

When I said GLOBOHOMO is at a crossroads with the Ukraine, having to decide now whether to slowly walk away, or else OPEN THE FLOODGATES on the heavy stuff (e.g., air defense, tanks, mine-clearing vehicles) and totally disarm itself for the benefit of the Ukraine, I neglected one aspect of the decision:


Due to China’s RAPID, high-end arms buildup (e.g. hypersonic missiles, aircraft carriers), aimed at Taiwan, which would allow China to, at least, fully blockade and then invade Taiwan in the absence of massive U.S. intervention…..

GLOBOHOMO is on a TIMETABLE for a (largely naval, hopefully not nuclear) war with China by mid-2025 AT THE VERY LATEST.

WELL BEFORE THAT, it MUST get the Ukraine off of its plate.

And, where is the Ukraine, today?

The Ukraine’s top general has been convalescing for well over a month, recovering from a head injury, likely never to return to duty. Its military intelligence chief (the “we will kill Russians anywhere” guy) has not been seen in almost two weeks, likely killed in a missile attack on his office.

The Ukraine has utterly failed in its battle plan to reach Melitopol and the Black Sea within ten days (as I wrote about on May 8th, here.)

Russia did NOT take the bait of trying to guess where the Ukrainian “main thrust” is, and sending large reserves to that one sector. Russia’s strategic reserves in the south, have so far NOT been activated.

The whole world is seeing images of burnt-out Ukrainian columns, similar to what Russia went through in March 2022. The worldwide conclusion might be that Russia has learned, while the USA has learned nothing.

Folks, the Big Counteroffensive started on Sunday morning (local time), **JUNE 4TH**, with a massed attack in the vicinity of Novodonetskoe, west Donetsk. I wrote about it, at the time. The clueless-and-coopted MSM only caught on about three days later, when the action spread to Zaporozhie.

As of this writing, the Ukraine has taken and held two or three little villages in the “Vremievka salient“, west Donetsk.

That may be enough for headlines to keep the peasants entertained, but it’s NOT enough for “the people in the situation room.”

Now, things are going so badly that, STILL, TO THIS DAY, neither Zelensky nor any part of his propaganda machine has admitted to his own public that The Big Counteroffensive has commenced. At most, he told journalists in Canada, on Saturday, something like “we are engaged in counteroffensive and defensive operations.” LOL.

Folks, this is a BIG dilemma for GLOBOHOMO.

Yes, the military-industrial lobby would be glad to keep the war going “until the last Ukrainian“, and the politicians would be glad to oblige.

HOWEVER, the Pentagram has its own needs, which, in this case, involve NOT fighting Russia and China SIMULTANEOUSLY, even if, one is a land war, and one is something else.

It would be dangerous militarily, at the very least, in terms of watering down resources for planningnot to mention, there’s simply NOT enough Patriot missile gear to go around. AND, it would be diplomatically TOXIC (for example, the Europeans have already said, they’re not going along with the China thing—one global war is enough for them.)

Folks, what do you think?

If you want to know what I think….. I think, that you’re hearing all these facts and analysis from an obscure, part-time blogger, and NOT from any MSM source, is simply astounding.

Number two:

Remember, I am the world’s NUMBER ONE EXPERT on the social psychology and “information processes” of the GLOBOHOMO Imperial Propaganda Machine. No one else understands these people like I do. Here’s another pearl:

Remember I told you that the Bezos (Washington) Postcalled” The Big Counteroffensive late last week, based on talking to some Ukrainian officers and soldiers, NOT from anything the Zelensky government said, because the Zelensky government hasn’t said anything, because it WON’T claim any Big Counteroffensive UNTIL it has something, anything, to show for it. (Until then, nothing happening!)

Well, that was the Bezos Post… which has NOTHING on the Wall Street Journal (WSJ.)

In the greatest act of “threading the needle” that the world has ever seen, on Saturday (BEFORE Zelensky spoke in Canada), the WSJ wrote as follows:

Ukrainian officials have said little about what progress their forces are making, but insist that the offensive will take time and that casualties are inevitable.


Ukrainian officials” have NOT acknowledged that any offensive, per se, is presently under way. According to their propaganda machine, the Big Counteroffensive has NOT started yet, but, you know, it will soon.

Folks, this is more sly than it might look at first glance. This is EXPERT weasel-ry, 1984 “Ingsoc records office” style. My hat is off.

Sure, “Ukrainian officials” have said little. Sure, they insist that the offensive (when it finally starts!!!) will take time. ***BUT***….. Again, they have NOT acknowledged any CURRENT offensive.

ON THE OTHER HAND, the WSJ just did….. while THROWING SAND IN YOUR EYES….. MISDIRECTING….. SUGGESTING, PRETENDING the acknowledgement came from “Ukrainian officials“, NOT the WSJ itself.

Again, threading the needle.

Of course, they want to report Great Big Awesome Heroic Offensive stories from highly-motivated, kool-aid-drinking Ukrainian servicemen put forward to them by Ukrainian politruks (political officers, although, of course, this Soviet term is no longer in use in the Ukraine.) Well… Either that, or they make it all up, LOL.

BUT….. They can’t bear to call out the Ukrainian state on its game of “no Big Counteroffensive until we have something to show for it.

So, they kind-of, sort-of, put words in the mouths of “Ukrainian officials.”

Folks, I can imagine an editorial meeting just over that one line, above. LOL.

What’s also funny, you’d read over this stuff and probably never give it a second thought, without the world’s NUMBER ONE EXPERT to explain it to you. It’s subtle!

Weekend developments

Folks, when Mercouris told his followers, that most of the Russian casualties of The Big Counteroffensive have been from the HIMARS, where do you think he got that? LOL. (To one of my readers: thanks for the tip!)

He didn’t read it on Rybar, no Russian source said it, not explicitly, anyway. It was my own analysis, based on accounts and data points from tens of credible sources.

On Saturday evening and into Sunday, for the first time since Wednesday night, the Ukraine restocked its HIMARS launchers, and launched a substantial number of HIMARS missiles at Russian positions in the south.

Since then, about 24 hours of no HIMARS. As I said, this is an EXTREME SHORTAGE ITEM. GLOBOHOMO’s HIMARS stocks are flat out empty, and manufacturing of new ones is limited to roughly ten missiles per day.

(Can you blame them? They’ve got a very small number of military contractors, and a small number of Taiwanese custom PCB makers, scrambling to manufacture everything else AT THE SAME TIME.)

If you’re new to this blog, you may not know that precise coordinates for HIMARS targeting, down to six decimals, come from the filthy perverts at the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

In fact, if needed, the coordinates are transmitted in “real time“, that is, the launch trucks receive and tap them in and hit the button, with Musk’s Starlink being used, in at least some cases, for the transmission and reception.

(Yes, the same Musk who has gone all “soft on Russia” on his Twitter. This guy is a businessman, LOL. He’ll sell you a ticket to Hell, then rent you state-subsidized ice cubes.)

As for the front, nothing has changed, except that southeast of Orekhov has quieted down, and, the Ukraine made a big push into the Vremievka salient, west Donetsk.

The latter, culminated in Russian withdrawals from several villages and part of a strategic ridgeline (and a few Russian prisoners taken), with concern that Russian forces may have to fall back as far as the third line (of the first line) of defense within this sector.

All of this was due to poor weather, which prevented outnumbered Russian forces from using drones for artillery spotting, or to receive air support.

HOWEVER, aided by improvement in the weather, beginning on Monday mid-morning (local time), a Russian counterattack, using operational reserves—the unmolested movement of which, may have been secured by the fog and rain—took back roughly half of Ukrainian weekend gains. And, from here on, the weather forecast is “nice and sunny” for some days, at least.

Идут по Украине cолдаты группы «Центр»


You can’t make this shyt up.

Below, is a WW2-style Balkenkreuz, on a German tank, in the Ukraine.

History does rhyme.

The UFO’s

Folks, I had my UFO experience when I was 14. It was fairly close up.

Even at the age of 14, I was sensible enough to understand, that this was not “little green men.” It was not from another place, but from another level. Its apparent physical form, was, to me, meaningless. I named and remembered it as “the anomaly.” Again, because it was NOT from another PLACE.

I believe the U.S. Navy’s famous “tic-tacs” were likewise, not from another planet, and likewise, that their apparent form was meaningless. Looking for a means of “propulsion” on these videos, is pointless. There is no propulsion.

That’s my take, anyway.

Given all that, I do NOT believe the U.S. Government is holding any of this stuff, because that is IMPOSSIBLE. No one will EVER get a hold of any of it. It’s not possible to do so.

But, of course, UFO’s are always good for a slow news day.

Note how, whichever second or third-tier news source broke the latest iteration, waited till AFTER the end of the “debt ceiling crisis“… but, BEFORE the Trump indictment. Perfect timing!

Please listen below, for some related thoughts:

(Audio file duration: 9:22)

You’re welcome to write about your own UFO experience (if any) in the comments, provided you follow the Comments Policy, at bottom. Although, I don’t want to hear about how you got “probed.” Sorry, they’re just not THAT into you.

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