Dreizin brain candy explosion (& BIGGEST VIDEO DUMP IN HISTORY)

Folks, we’ve got everything today. Trump, Taiwan, and UFO’s, among other things, and, towards the end, Dreizin’s take on the latest Yoo-Krayne developments, followed by METRIC MEGA-SHYTLOADS of blasted, busted-up Yoo-Kray-nee-un hardware (and some bodies, mostly nothing too gross, but “you’ve been warned”, and you’ll be warned again, so you can skip over whatever you may need to skip over.)

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First up:


Millions of screaming fans want to know.

I explained it in writing, some time ago.

It was a bit convoluted.

Here’s a more straightforward answer:

(Audio file duration: 4:33)

Real Chinese vs. Russian-Jewish posers

I received some good feedback about Taiwan…..

…..and the GLOBOHOMO timeline…..

…..for war with China.

Here’s my response:

(Audio file duration: 6:28)

More on why “U.S. Government is holding on to UFO’s” is retarded

What the dum-dum cultists overlook:

If ONLY the Government…..

…..ever had access to all this (alleged) junk…..

The Government itself…..

…..could never…..

…..DO anything with it.


Government doesn’t have the EXPERTISE.

They’d HAVE TO farm it out…..

…..or, provide access at least…..

To A LOT of people.

(And, “the truth” would get out.)

Otherwise, no profits, no new weapons, no whatever.

Remember, folks, this is AMERICA.

Don’t tell the dum-dums.

(Audio file duration: 4:25)

PS: Sadly, it turns out, the TV series that I mentioned in the audio, never got off the ground. But, here’s the “demo” preview, from 2016. Pretty cool!



Still PLENTY of great content, coming up.

But first…..

It’s long been known to me…..

…..that almost all of my commenters…..

…..(even some of the most “reliable” regulars)…..

…..don’t ever contribute ANYTHING, financially.

Recently, some madman…..

…..left me nine or ten comments…..

…..(most of them, quite good, but nonetheless)…..


Do you think he went ahead…..

…..and donated to my cause?




…..to review this stuff.

(And, for any new readers who don’t know: I do this part-time, this is NOT my job.)

Sorry, I’m NOT running…..

…..the comments function….

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If this blog…..

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As of now…..

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I REGRET to impose…..

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But, there’s been…..

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Thanks for your understanding!


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Thanks for the thought.

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Ever-Trumptards are like “enablers“…..

…..of a drug addict in the family.

I’m tired of hearing the peanut gallery…..

…..make excuses for Trump. 

Every problem Trump has had since 2016…..

…..ultimately comes down…..

…..to his careless sloppy ass, ignoramus, wrecking ball…..

…..mentally lazy, take-the-worst-possible-advice-from-the-least-competent-to-give-it…..

…..overgrown baby, undisciplined character. 

No, it’s not just because “they’re out to get him“…..

…..that is, him ONLY…..

…..like it’s the first time in history…..

…..that someone was a target.

That is facile, retarded.

The Ever-Trumptards confuse pure motivation…..

…..with motivation and OPPORTUNITY.

And, like most partisans…..

…..they live in the emotional NOW…..

…..and conveniently forget…..

…..all that ever came before.

Surely, some of my older readers…..

…..remember Ronald Reagan. 

Despite Reagan’s being one of the most “scandalous“…..

…..and probably the MOST PROSECUTED…..

…..(often on thin grounds)…..

…..U.S. presidential administrations EVER…..

…..and, with a MUCH weaker Republican media, at that time…..

…..(no Fox at all, FWIW, and no “alt-right”, only talk radio)….. 

…..and, with Reagan being as hated by Democrats.….

…..(the ones who didn’t vote for him)…..

…..as much as Trump is, today….. 

NOTHINGstuck” to Reagan personally….. 

…..because he was a cool, smiling…..

…..charming old guy…..

…..who knew HOW to delegate…..

…..and WHEN to shut up. 

If Trump is nominated…..

…..(from jail, perhaps)…..

I see NO POINT in voting for him…..

…..because Democrats and RINO’s…..

…..would CONTINUE to run circles around him…..

…..and in fact…..

…..would run the show…..

…..as they’ve done for a long time.

We might as well just have a Democrat…..

…..and avoid the shitshow.


…..(going off on a tangent here, but I’ll be back)…..

The rest of the world…..

…..would be MUCH better off…..

…..with more Brandon…..

…..(if he makes it, or Kombucha if he doesn’t)…..

…..as it’s clear that the Democrats…..

…..are HELL-BENT…..

…..on wearing down…..

…..the U.S. military…..

…..in both human AND material terms.

The Ukraine adventure…..

…..is flat-out…..


(As I’ve covered, MUCH worse than they’re letting on.)


Have you seen…..

…..the U.S. Army’s recruiting figures?

The LAST THING the planet needs…..

…..is Trump…..

…..(or ANY Republican)…..

…..coming in…..

…..and perhaps turning it around.

Team Brandon has also made the USA…..


…..to 80% of humanity.

Sort of what…..

…..they accused Trump of doing…..

…..but they actually did it! LOL.

They are the gift that keeps on giving.

They are doing God’s work. 

They are, slowly…..

…..bringing down GLOBOHOMO.

Or at least…..

Setting the stage…..

…..for some unforeseen mega-shock…..

…..(perhaps, another pandemic?)…..

…..to come around…..

…..and take down…..

…..an already-weakened GLOBOHOMO.


As I wrote to my Republican mailing list…..


…..in 2021…..

…..when nobody understood…..


…..(SOME are catching on now)…..

…..(because, hey, 90% of the time, I’m a GAWD DAYYYUMMM PROPHET!!!)…..

When THE EMPIRE comes down…..

We will have a COUNTRY again.

UNTIL then…..

All the petty domestic shyt…..

…..that we’ve got our panties wrapped around…..

…..doesn’t matter!!!


Discrediting the Imperial Security State…..

…..that kept Trump…..

…..from truly being President…..

…..for four years…..

…..is WORTH putting up…..

…..with tranny BS…..

…..or even censorship…..

…..for some more years, if needed.

It HAS to be this way.

Given all that…..

I DO NOT WANT Trump…..

…..to make peace in the Ukraine…..

…..in ten seconds.

(Or whatever he purports to be able to do, LOL.)


Enough on the benefits…..

…..of keeping Team Brandon in charge!

Back to the peanut gallery.

I can’t stand the geniuses…..

…..who jump out…..


…..to memorize and parrot…..

…..the talking points…..

…..in defense of Trump. 

**THIS** time…..

They’ve all become EXPERTS…..

…..on the Presidential Records Act, LOL. 

Don’t these folks…..

…..EVER get tired…..

…..of learning new talking points???

Look here…..

No, it’s not “espionage“…..


Clinton taking home some recordings…..

…..of HIMSELF…..

…..talking to a historian…..

…..is NOT the same…..

…..as Trump pilfering 102 files…..

…..that HE DID NOT CREATE…..

…..and merely wanted to hold on to…..

…..so he could wave them around…..

…..to visitors to his castles…..

…..as an ego boost.

But, it doesn’t matter.

The facts don’t matter…..

NOT because…..

…..the facts don’t matter…..

But, because it’s ALWAYS “something“…..

…..with this guy.

Yet, many millions of Americans…..

…..STILL cling to him.

Like he’s ELVIS!!!


Ever since Trump failed to pardon…..

…..or to financially support…..

…..any of the “J6” people…..

……(He couldn’t even write a check to Ashli Babbitt’s parents, come on!!!)…..

…..it’s been clear…..

…..that the Ever-Trumptards…..

…..are in some kind of…..

…..Stockholm Syndrome relationship…..

…..with the guy. 

If you ever wondered…..

…..how some people…..

…..can put up…..

…..with a perennially-troublemaking…..

…..UN-REFORMABLE drug addict…..

…..in their own family…..


Please listen below for a few additional thoughts: 

(Audio file duration: 2:29)

Inflation hasn’t gone away


A summary of my recent experiences…..

…..with “services” (as opposed to “goods”) price inflation.

(Not saying anything good about goods inflation… but, people seldom talk about the services side.)

It’s NOT QUITE in line…..

…..with the Government’s latest number, LOL.

Oh, and by the way…..

The website of CBS News…..

…..claimed, yesterday:

“The war on inflation is already won in some parts of the U.S.”

You can see the narrative…..

…..going into November 2024.

Meanwhile, State Farm…..

…..(one of the very largest U.S. insurers)…..

…..has closed its doors…..

…..to ALL new residential real estate…..

…..policies in California…..

…..due in large part…..

…..to the rapidly rising costs…..

…..of building replacement homes…..

…..in that state.

But, hey, what does State Farm know?

What do I know?

(Audio file duration: 4:08)

They found a guy who makes Brandon look good


One of two U.S. senators from Pennsylvania.

He had a STROKE…..

Babbled through his campaign…..

…..and was STILL elected.

And then, got even WORSE…..

…..after taking office.


Coolies and the Million Man Army

LATEST UPDATE: Saturday was a very dark day for Ukrainian forces near Piatikhatki (try to pronounce it!), Zaporozhie, in the defense sector of primarily Russia’s 429th Regiment from Ossetia. Despite some air support, Ukrainian assault teams, unable to advance due to intense Russian antitank missile fire and other forms of persuasion (Russian tanks also met the attackers), and thus, “dismounted” and hiding in forest strips, were blasted with various munitions to include 250kg and/or 500kg aerial bombs and at least four complete salvos of TOS-1 Solntsepyok (“Sunbake”) MLRS napalm rockets. The term “clubbing baby seals” comes to mind. There were an **absolute minimum** of 200 Ukrainian casualties (dead and wounded) in just that one area, today.

All in all, casualties since The Big Counteroffensive commenced on June 4th, are high enough that, on this trend, unless the whole thing is called off, there will soon be many, many hundreds, if not thousands, of SERIOUSLY wounded Ukrainians being housed and treated in European hospitals, as the Ukraine’s worn-out, understaffed medical system was already almost at the limit, as it was. To paraphrase Obama, “If Europeans like their doctor, they can keep their doctor“… or not, hahahahaha.

Also, as of late today (Saturday), it is likely that **AROUND 40%** of all M2 Bradley fighting vehicles provided to the Ukraine by the USA, are “out of action(damaged, abandoned, or destroyed.)

I recorded the below…..

…..on Tuesday, June 13th, at around 5:30 PM U.S. ET.

So, of course, the estimates/figures therein…..

…..are now (as of this posting) FOUR DAYS OLD.

(But, you’ll still get the picture.)

Since Tuesday, the Bezos (Washington) Post has run a story about Ukrainian Big Counteroffensive casualties, mentioning that several battalions took about 50% losses. As of Friday night, I hadn’t seen anyone else cover this, explicitly. The Wall Street Journal, predictably, has been mum as a fish. Same with many other sources.

Anyway, listen below. Please note, I get to the more “strategic“, weighty stuff, only in the second half of the audio.

(Also note, McGregor was on Napolitano’s show again, under some “Russian steamroller” heading. I don’t know which of those two uttered that term, or if it was uttered at all, but McGregor is a juggling bear on a bicycle, not an “analyst.” The TRUE steamroller is likely still at least six months away. I talk about that, below.)

(Audio file duration: 13:34)

(Minor correction: The total number of “natives” as well as Boers participating on the British side at Isandlwana was GREATER than the number of British there, however, they accounted for not much more than 1/3 of the dead on the British side. Nonetheless, as I said, they are BARELY portrayed in the film. I don’t recall there is ANY acknowledgement, in the film, that they stood and fought, at all.)

MAMMOTH video dump

(70+ new videos of Ukrainian shyt blasted, wasted, torn up, etc.)

Everything below…..

…..was made available AFTER…..

…..my last video dump…..

…..on June 10th, 2023.

(If you haven’t seen that one yet, check it out here; also the prior one, here, from June 8th.)

Please note, I’ve left out MANY low-quality videos, where you have to take the source’s word as to what happened, or, you see a kamikaze drone’s-eye view of the drone approaching a target, but, there’s no follow-up. The videos here, for the most part, leave no doubt as to what happened.

(I’m obviously overloading my platform, with so many videos. If you get a “we can’t play this video” type message, please refresh your browser, or better yet, refresh your browser a few times; it only takes a few seconds. NEVER BE SHY TO REFRESH AND KEEP REFRESHING YOUR BROWSER. If that doesn’t work, switch from smartphone to desktop, or vice versa, or, switch from wifi to cellular or vice versa, or, try a different browser. It’s over 95% likely, that one or more of the above steps, will fix the problem. ***ALSO***, feel free to come back at a “less trafficked” time of day. At least 60% of my readers are in the eastern half of the USA or in Ontario/Quebec, so, you folks can figure out the best time. Thanks.

Please don’t forget to donate to my cause; you know this is A LOT of work. Don’t be a sack-of-shyt mooch-ass, freeloading shytbag. Thank you. As always, the flat broke, the single blue-collar fathers of two kids, and the VIP’s (who can’t be associated with my radioactive self in any way—media, politicals, influencers, etc.) are exempt, God bless you all. Everyone else, pay cash.

And so, here goes…..

Below, the famous scene from the NATO graveyard southeast of Orekhov, Zaporozhie. Nothing new… but no, actually… it’s been pointed out, there’s now MORE junk here, than last time. I don’t recall all of **NINE** U.S. M2 Bradleys here, last time.

Below, another destroyed Ukrainian column, south of Orekhov.

Below, bombardment of a Ukrainian column south of Malaia Tokmachka, Zaporozhie. The hit at 0:51 is particularly rough. I also think I saw a smoking German Leopard tank, at some point after that.

Below, personnel of the OBTF Kaskad, an elite Donetsk unit on the Vremievka salient (among other places in west Donetsk), surveying some carnage including 19 Ukrainian bodies along with a small pile of weapons and an intact, abandoned BMP fighting vehicle.

Below, two U.S. MaxxPro MRAPs burning, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a wrecked / abandoned column, presumably somewhere on the southern front. Possibly a different view of something I’ve already shown.

Below, a Russian soldier collects trophy rifles while surveying an abandoned Ukrainian army column (and some corpses, nothing graphic), close up, and comments with such choice quotes as, “Here’s the famous Leopard“, and “All this faggoty hardware is not so scary—we fucked it up, fuck it up, and will fuck it up.” In one of the U.S. M2 Bradleys, the engine is still on. Somewhere on the southern front.

Below, a Ukrainian clowns around near his side’s busted-up property, that being two T-64 tanks and three U.S. MaxxPro MRAPs. Near Novodarovka, Zaporozhie. He’s just happy to be alive.

Below, dead minions of GLOBOHOMO near Krasnopole, Donetsk.

Below, starting at around 0:23, two Ukrainian armored vehicles (reportedly, either 2 tanks, or, a tank and a BMP fighting vehicle) go up to Heaven in spectacular fashion near Belogorovka, northwest Lugansk.

Below, more blown-up Ukro-junk in the Vremievka salient, west Donetsk. A view from the Ukrainian side.

Below, a Russian tank destroys a U.S. M2 Bradley, somewhere on the southern front.

Below, two different U.S. M2 Bradleys get hit with antitank missiles, somewhere on the southern front.

Below, a Ukrainian tank hit by two antitank missiles, of which the second evidently detonated the ammo store in the turret, and “that’s all she wrote.” Somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, another Ukrainian column getting abused, in Zaporozhie.

Below, at 0:24, a direct hit on a Ukrainian tank, and then, near the end, a tank shell (coming from the left) destroys a U.S -made M113 and the Ukrainian personnel entering it, ROUGH!!! All near Bock-moot.

Below, from the Ukrainian side (of course in perfect, unaccented Russian), some chump surveys a seemingly intact but burned-out T-72 tank. (***CAUTION***, he shows the crispy sack of shyt that used to be the tank commander, up close.) Also, there’s a wasted U.S. Oshkosh M-ATV MRAP, close nearby.

Below, a German Leopard tank, hit and burned out by a Lancet kamikaze drone, Zaporozhie.

Below, a U.S. M2 Bradley, hit and likely totally wasted, by something flying in from the right side of the screen.

Below, two UK Mastiff armored cars hit with Lancet kamikaze drones in Novodonetskoe, west Donetsk. Damage to the first one is unclear. The second one is probably not economically repairable, but, if recovered, can be cannibalized for spare parts.

Below, a U.S. MaxxPro MRAP, and then probably a U.S. M2 Bradley, destroyed by helicopter-launched missiles, Vremievka salient, west Donetsk.

Below, helicopter views of missile hits against one, then another, Ukrainian vehicle, presumably in the south. The first vehicle goes up like a tub of gasoline, due to detonation of the onboard munition store.

Below, helicopter views of three different Ukrainian vehicles being wasted, presumably in the south.

Below, a total of four Ukrainian fighting vehicles struck by helicopter launched, guided anti-tank missiles, in the Vremievka salient, west Donetsk. The first and fourth ones are clearly ATOMIZED.

Below, a helicopter-launched missile wrecks an unidentified Ukrainian vehicle (likely a tracked personnel carrier of some sort), presumably in the south. Afterwards, it appears that the helicopter crew launches another missile at enemy personnel milling about. (It’s difficult to say if the second launch was successful.)

(Note, as tends to be the case with such videos, the helicopter is likely much further away than it appears, this being an extreme zoom view.)

Below, a helicopter-launched missile destroys a Ukrainian BMP fighting vehicle, probably on the southern front.

Below, a helicopter-launched missile DISCORPORATES an unspecified Ukrainian armored vehicle, somewhere in west Donetsk.

Below… I don’t think we saw this one yet? My eyes are glazing over…..

Below, more helicopter action, presumably on the southern front.

Below, three heli strikes, said to be new as of Saturday morning, June 17th. Most likely, in the Ukraine’s newest zone of focus, due south of Orekhov, Zaporozhie.

Below, this is said to be a U.S. M2 Bradley taking a direct hit from a Krasnopol’ laser-guided howitzer shell, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a direct hit on a tracked armored vehicle, possibly a U.S. M113 or a U.S. M2 Bradley (it’s hard to tell), by a Krasnopol’ laser-guided howitzer shell, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, another direct hit by a Krasnopol’ laser-guided howitzer shell, on either a German Leopard tank or a U.S. M2 Bradley (it’s not clear), somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, holy moly!!! A Ukrainian BMP fighting vehicle, sent to Hell by a guided antitank missile, near Belogorovka, northwest Lugansk.

Below, a U.S. M113, destroyed by a guided antitank missile, somewhere on the southern front.

Below, more busted-up Ukro-junk (a Soviet-type tank and some NATO-model armored cars), near Levadnoe, on the western edge of the Vremievka salient.

Below, a U.S. Oshkosh M-ATV MRAP destroyed by a Lancet kamikaze drone, west Donetsk. Note the (brief) jet of flame, then smoke, coming out the back, after the strike at the front of the vehicle. As you can see, the blast went clear through the whole length.

Below, some type of armored car (presumably, a NATO model) runs over a Russian mine near Novodonetskoe, west Donetsk.

Below, Russian soldiers surveying two damaged, abandoned Ukrainian tanks, which I showed in an aerial view in a prior post. These tanks had been supporting the “Russian expat/opposition” raid into Russia, on the Kharkov-Belgorod border. Don’t tell Jeniffer-ific!

Below, a Ukrainian BMD fighting vehicle (or, I think that’s what it is) hit with a Sudnyi Den’ (Judgement Day) FPV kamikaze drone, in Ugledar.

Below, a Sudnyi Den’ (Judgement Day) FPV kamikaze drone destroys a Soviet-model Ukrainian tank, location unknown. Watch to the end!

Below, at the very end of the video, a Ukrainian BMP fighting vehicle gets wasted (it probably ran over a mine), after dropping off an assault team near Bock-moot. I guess they’ll have to walk back.

Below, an abandoned German Leopard tank, on the southern front.

Below, a Ukrainian tank burns out, after being hit by an antitank missile, in Zaporozhie. The crew make it out.

An S-300PMU (air defense system) launch vehicle, destroyed along with its missile complement, location unspecified. This one is believed to have been donated by Slovakia.

Below, a direct hit on a Ukrainian fighting vehicle, possibly a BMP, at around 0:31. The vehicle keeps moving for some distance on pure momentum, but is obviously toast. Near Velikaia Novosyolka, Vremievka salient.

Below, a Ukrainian Soviet-era P-18 early warning radar system is EPICALLY destroyed by a Geran’-1 kamikaze drone (Iranian import), substantially behind the front line, in either northwest Donetsk, or near Zaporozhie city, depending on whom you believe. Sufficient destruction of such gear, would allow for Russian cruise and ballistic missiles as well as Geran’ drones to penetrate deep into Ukrainian airspace in surprise fashion, with no advance notification to air defense crews in major cities.

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone blows through a protective layer of logs, and then blows all the way through a Ukrainian Soviet-era P-18 early warning radar truck, in Sumy province.

Below, reportedly a truck bearing a Bukovel anti-drone jamming system, destroyed, in either west Donetsk or far eastern Zaporozhie. I don’t normally publish videos where you can’t see exactly what happened, but, hey whatever, we’ll take their word on this one.

Below, EPIC destruction of a Ukrainian Soviet-era Akatsiya self-propelled howitzer by a Lancet kamikaze drone. It’s all of 13 seconds, watch till the end. Location unspecified.

Below, a PERFECT strike on an unspecified Ukrainian howitzer. I lost track of the location.

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone strikes and destroys what appears to be a camouflage net-covered Ukrainian command truck (likely, occupied.)

Below, a destroyed U.S. M777 howitzer. Location unspecified.

Below, in the last 15 seconds of the video, a pretty good strike by a Lancet kamikaze drone against a Ukrainian Soviet-era Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer, on the Svatovo-Kremennaia front. It seems likely that the cannon barrel has been blown off, or ruined at a minimum.

Below, a quality strike on a U.S. M777 howitzer, supposedly near Bock-moot, although published by a Kherson source. I could be wrong, but in the view at the end, it appears to me that the barrel has been blown off.

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone scores what seems to be a perfect strike against a U.S. M777 howitzer near Kizomys, Kherson.

Below, a direct hit by a Lancet kamikaze drone on a U.S. M777 cannon, location unspecified but presumed to be in a rear area. Given the absence of a crew or any camouflage cover, the cannon was likely parked, awaiting deployment to an operational area.

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone strikes a U.S. M777 howitzer, near Novodimitrovka, Kherson.

Below, a hunt for two Polish Krab self-propelled howitzers, near Kupiansk. The video has poor continuity, but, clearly, there is one, then another, good strike against something or other, FWIW.

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone hits the ammo pile at a Ukrainian towed cannon position, possibly burning out the cannon as well. Location unspecified.

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone strikes a Ukrainian Soviet-era Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer, near Novodonetskoe, west Donetsk.

Below, reportedly a U.S. M777 howitzer, destroyed along with its ammo store, by a Russian MLRS strike near Sofievka, Kherson.

Below, a Ukrainian tank hit and set substantially on fire (level of damage, unclear) by a Lancet kamikaze drone, somewhere on/near the Svatovo-Kremennaia front. Lancets have not typically been used here, but now, there are obviously more to go around. The “soundtrack” voice is the famous, WW2-era “This is Moscow talking” shtick by Yuri Levitan.

Below, a Ukrainian Grad MLRS truck blasted in the back of the rocket tubes by a Lancet kamikaze drone, somewhere on the Ukrainian side of the Dniepr. The tubes were evidently unloaded, but clearly won’t be used again.

Below, a Ukrainian T-64 tank, damaged near Bock-moot.

Below, from the Ukrainian side, a wrecked YPR-765 (Dutch turreted variant of the U.S. M113) about to be towed away somewhere. There’s VERY few of these YPR-765’s left, BTW. Most have been destroyed or captured.

Below, an FPV kamikaze drone strikes and burns out an abandoned U.S. M113, location unspecified.

Below, reportedly, a Ukrainian mortar position, destroyed near Bock-moot. Yeah, a little iffy, but, notice the two bodies nearby. I think it is as described.

Below, a Ukrainian tank crewman shows the effects of a mortar bomb hit DIRECTLY into the open driver’s hatch, when the crew was NOT in the tank. Location unspecified. This machine needs depot-level maintenance.

Below, from the Ukrainian side, two U.S. MaxxPro MRAPs in a Ukrainian-controlled village near Vremievka, west Donetsk. The first MRAP is largely burned-out and probably not economically repairable. The second one looks to have been abandoned (the right-side door is wide open), but probably usable.

Below, a damaged and abandoned Australian Bushmaster armored car, location unspecified.

Below, a destroyed U.S. M2 Bradley, missing its turret, being inspected by Russians. Presumably, somewhere in the south.

Below, a Ukrainian soldier, happy to be alive, calls his lady and tells her “We’re going whoring!”, as he walks past a blown-up supply truck, location unspecified. This is obviously not a frontline or even a near-frontline vehicle (not to mention, the cellular service seems to be fine), which suggests some aerial penetration of Ukrainian depth in the given area, wherever it is.

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I really appreciate good comments. Many people come back here, in-between posts, just to read the comments. If you help me entertain them, you’re my hero. A few rules:  This is not a chat board.  Your comment must primarily, largely involve and directly touch upon something that, or someone whom, I wrote about in the post you’re commenting on.  Life reminiscences (if relevant), relating your relevant personal experiences, your job, your commie college girlfriend, your idiot family members, your Ukrainian coworker, etc., if relevant, are all HIGHLY encouraged.  The most interesting content here… is YOU.  The only exceptions to the on-topic requirement, are if you’re calling attention to a technical problem with the site, or briefly stating how much you love the content or this Comments Policy.  Don’t try to “legitimize” an off-topic comment by throwing in some little pre-thought or afterthought about what I wrote. NO DISCUSSIONS THAT STRAY FROM MY TOPICS. My topics are the only common denominator here, and while it may amuse you, most readers have no interest in your thoughts on the Punic wars, or on some guy named Serge, or on how much you generally / generically don’t like the Ukraine and Zelensky; it’s your way to kill your own time, but it adds no value for others. Which means, if you’re responding to someone else’s comment, your response must still relate directly to one of my topics. Doesn’t matter how much you generously donated, these rules apply equally to everyone.  350 word limit, no exceptions, 351 words won’t be published, sorry. No rambling. If you’re not sure what “rambling” is, ask yourself, “Are others likely to understand and appreciate or enjoy my comment, or am I merely jerking off“? Nazis, commies, worshipful groupies of Mercouris/Johnson/etc., Jew baiters/haters, FBI agents-provocateurs, guys who forgot to take their Ritalin, passive-aggressive needling of the sysop or of other commenters (to include, by dipshits who think their attitude will fly if they mention possibly maybe potentially giving me money at some point—yes, “you people” are all the same), random questions that have no bearing on what I wrote (to include requests for my view on some commentator I’ve never heard of), no-punctuation writing by the smartphone generation, silly “Nadsat” lingo picked up from “The Saker” website, use of the BS term “SMO“, ALL CAPS writing (a sure sign of untreated autism), obsessives who just can’t leave a topic alone after they’ve already said everything (and just want to repeat themselves), and autistic bitching about the satanic USA and its evil pedo pervert elites and how they must be killed (or other bile in that vein), will not be tolerated. If you’ve got issues, this is not your “let it go” zone. Don’t write anything here, that your therapist wouldn’t approve of.

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