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To celebrate The Big Counteroffensive (TBC)…..

I posted about 20 videos of blown-up (since TBC commenced on June 4th) Ukro-junk…..

Then, about 35 new videos…..

Then, 70 new videos.

(And they’re still coming in, still coming in—STAY TUNED!!! This blog is now Blown-up Ukro-Shyt Central. No one else on the Internet is doing what I’m doing, putting this stuff in one place.)

At 70 videos, embedded in one page…..

…..cellular carriers have been throttling access.

A large minority of my followers, hasn’t been able to access the page.

No worries.

Just get off of cellular.

Switch your phone to wifi…..

…..or, better yet, use your laptop / desktop computer.

If that still doesn’t work…..

Temporarily turn off all frills such as VPN, “safe surfing”, etc.

And, don’t forget to give me a tip, for taking a mad amount of time, to turn my blog into a warporn mini-YouTube.

Lastly, for those who (so far) missed my last post…..

Please be aware of my new “de facto paywall” for comments.

The system is set up to reject any comment associated with an email address that’s not tied to a donation of at least five dollars within the last 60 days. If you haven’t paid up, then, literally, I will never see your comment. This is to prevent abuse, whereby some mooches got way too comfortable, leaving too many (often dumb) comments, that I had to review. Thanks for your understanding.

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