Dreizin countdown

Folks, barring any sudden, unforeseen crises, this will be my LAST post before my next “Big Counteroffensive is going so well, here, you can see just how well” video dumps. I think I have OVER 200 (!!!) “new” (since June 16th) photos and videos, in total. Again, I will release them in batches, please stay tuned.

(And, again, you can help make this worth my time, and cover my many expenses, by contributing here.)

For now…..

Dreizin on the current round of ATROCIOUS U.S. military recruitment ads

Why do guys join the military?

It’s NOT so they can sound like an Apple Store geek!!!

Sure, you can blame “the economy” for your self-made recruitment problems…..

…..but, first, besides not crapping on the Deplorables…..

…..and not turning the force into Woke Central…..


Please, listen below:

(Audio file duration: 5:33)

Polish cats, again

I recorded the below, OVER 48 HOURS AGO.

They have released NO NEWS SINCE. Nothing!

Obviously, hiding something.

Obviously (they said as much, even if VAGUELY), they’ve found live bird flu spores in supermarket meat, AND, they don’t want to start a panic by saying what meat type/brand, or what shops, and hey, public, here’s some information.

ALSO, not one single update about ANY additional confirmed flu deaths among cats, since BEFORE my last recording.

No fuckin’ way, folks.

(Look, I’m NOT saying this is “it.” It’s probably not. But when “it” happens, whether the pathogen is bird flu or the korona again, “it” will look something like this, AGAIN. It will again be “nothing to see here”, “just a cold/flu”, or, just ignoring it completely, until the shit blows up again, and all the schools nationwide are closed on the same week, if not the same day, etc.)

Please, listen below.

(Audio file duration: 6:34)

A Slow Revolution

There’s one mistake in the below audio.

U.S. embassies worldwide did NOT explicitly celebrate “Juneteenth National Independence Day” (June 19th) at the expense of July 4th.

What they did, is celebrate “Independence Day” **in late June** (NEITHER June 19th NOR July 4th.) Various days, depending on the embassy, but all in late June, or July 1st at the very latest.

Yes, it’s confused. They are trying to “migrate over”, slowly. I talk about this, below. If they stay in power for long enough, at some point, it will ACCELERATE.

Also, to be clear, in the below audio, I’m NOT saying the Democrats are quite as aggressive and disciplined as the Ukrainian oligarch-fascist coalition that came to power in the 2014 coup.

(The Ukro-fascist agenda of total political and cultural domination and assimilation of Russian-oriented, cosmopolitan non-Ukrainian cities within the breakaway Ukrainian state, was worked out under Petliura in 1918, whereas the Dems are just half-assing something new.)

But, the parallels are OBVIOUS.

And, I’ve been pointing them out since **2021**.

The Dems want to preserve power indefinitely by remaking the country in their own confused image.

That’s what the tranny agenda is about, and it’s what “reconfiguring” Independence Day is about.

(Audio file duration: 7:42)

Dreizin clarifies his position on Ever-TrumpTards

Folks, there’s no getting through to the Ever-TrumpTards. They will just keep “voting harder” and hoping for a better result, even though their Retard God has no plan, no discipline, and is on track to get rolled again.

It’s a religion, you can’t argue it.

(The ONLY way Trump or any Republican wins, is that things get so bad, so bad that you WOULD NOT WANT it to get so bad, just to send the Regime packing. You would not want to live through that)

Thus, I’m asking each and every one of my readers, please, don’t troll these people, just let them be. When it is safe and legal to do so (probably, sooner not later), they will all be humanely euthanized, and I’ll volunteer to help with that, and to burn the bodies.

Until then, leave them alone.

Alternative music

In a musical context, the term “alternative” has been horribly misused, since the 1990s at least.

I took my son to a Tori Amos concert, earlier this evening.

Folks, please realize, you’re NOT listening to “alternative” music, unless you go to a concert and see that three-quarters of the audience is pairs of lezz-bows (NOT of the “lezzbow-porn-for-heteros” kind), and most of the other half (yes, the math is alternative) are hoe-moes.

I had no idea this was Tori Amos’ fanbase.

She is alternative.


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