Dreizin on France… and, U.S. Federal Government aims to eliminate July 4th

Folks, I’m still collecting photos and videos for my next “Ukro-junk blown up” video bomb(s.)

It’s tough, there’s just SO MUCH MATERIAL, thanks to GLOBOHOMO and The Big Counteroffensive.

Just from TODAY ALONE, there is new video of up to 10 strikes (or the aftermath of strikes) against GLOBOHOMO artillery pieces. That’s just artillery, alone. I have to sift through it all, and collect the good material, leaving out videos where it’s not clear what’s happening, or whether the strike was any good.

At some point, I’ll have to just decide on a cutoff date, and run with what I have.

Again, this takes A LOT of time.

Again, you can compensate me here.

For this here post, as usual, we’re saving some of the best for last.

Namely, in this case: What do you do, when “democracy” hits a dead end?

(Well, I don’t do anything. Things will take care of themselves. But, read on.)

First, some other matters:

Federal Government aims to eliminate July 4th

(Disclaimer: I DO NOT speak for my employer, I speak only for myself, as a private citizen and a citizen journalist, having contractual (union CBA) and case-law-based, Constitutional free speech rights. This blog is ***TOTALLY SEPARATE*** from, and unrelated to, and not overlapping in any way with, my dayjob.)

For the third year in a row, at my U.S. Government dayjob, NO ONE in my chain of command—from the Secretary, or “minister” for you non-Americans, on down—has sent out a July 4th (Independence Day) message or greeting.

In June alone, they sent out the usual about “Pride Month”, as well as Juneteenth. This year, the Secretary’s Juneteenth message was a brief one about “liberty”, not going into any long story about slavery.

It’s clear that, as since 2021, they aim to REPLACE July 4th with Juneteenth.

It’s clear that EVERYONE in my chain of command has “got the memo”…..

…..NOT to send out ANY July 4th messages.

(Speaking figuratively, of course. There is no memo.)

(For those who don’t know, when the Democrat Congress made Juneteenth an official holiday in 2020, they called it “Juneteenth National Independence Day.” WTF, right? It’s a slave liberation holiday, not a national independence day. Keep in mind, the official name of July 4th is “Independence Day.” Kind of redundant, huh? Of course, ONLY ONE DAY CAN SURVIVE.)

And they wonder why military recruitment is down?


The Wall Street Urinal ran a story a few days ago, about the military recruitment crisis. They mentioned political factors as an AFTERTHOUGHT. Their main focus was on the economy, how great the job market is.

Folks, the job market was also “red hot” in the late 1990s. The U.S. Air Force suffered a RETENTION crisis at that time, as specialists left for the private aviation sector. But, there was NO recruitment crisis in any branch of the military.

Today’s recruitment crisis, is all-around (looking at all branches) WORSE than the one experienced during the height of the “Bullshit War on Terror”, circa 2005-2006, when up to 100+ Americans were being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and 800+ injured, each month.

That’s not the economy, folks!!!

Look, if you can’t admit to the problem, you can’t fix it.

If I read correctly, even the U.S. Navy was short 10,000 recruits, last fiscal year. This year, hardly looks better. At this rate, by 2025, they’ll have to cancel their war with China, and just give up on Taiwan, LOL.

As I said, these people are WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

Vote for them!!!

LOL, this guy…

Look at this fool.  He’s on my mailing list, and I heard from him twice back in early 2022, and at that time, he even repeated one of my points, on one of his Fox News appearances… So, I KNOW he reads me. 

Within just a few days (perhaps, even sooner) of my recent, “headline” suggestion that the USA will see a canceled election within the next few cycles… He says that the 2024 election will be cancelled. 

Of course, he messed up the message.

In his version, the election will be cancelled because of the economy… and, because of how the Ukraine is losing. LOL, what a buffoon. 

Folks, the USA had an election in 1932, near enough to the lowest point of the Great Depression.

We’re NOT going to have a cancelled election without another, sudden, “pandemic” type crisis.  Perhaps a plague (real or fake), perhaps a war with China, perhaps something else, or some combination. 

As I said, I think it WILL happen.

But, it won’t be for the petty reasons that this HIGHLY UN-ORIGINAL JACKASS enumerates.

Fake News Corrections

You may be surprised, I have a modest go at not only the New York Times, but also, The Grayzone.

On both counts, it’s about the Ukraine war.

Please, listen below:

(I recorded this in my car while driving, and it’s not edited. I’m giving Manny a break, he’s been busy enough, troubleshooting various technical issues. Audio file duration: 7:06.)

Russian military industry is outpacing…..


Folks, see this video, below.

This is just one train, delivering new product from the factory.

Trains like this are being seen, almost every day. Some of the stuff is new, some refurbished from depot.

These here, below, are all BRAND NEW vehicles, i.e. BMP-3 fighting vehicles and BREM-L’s (the latter, an engineering vehicle on a BMP-3 chassis.)

What the hell is the USA actually making, to compensate for its “Ukrainian disarmament”? So far, ALMOST NOTHING.

Also, as is widely known, Russia is opening a factory in Yelabuga, Tatarstan, for the domestic production of the Iranian Shahed drones (the Russian Geran’.)


I’ve seen an advertisement, seeking females as young as 16 to work at that factory on a work-study program, where they can finish high school while earning college credit, then be automatically enrolled into the local technical college.

This shit is real. This is probably as close to WW2-level mobilization of an industrial workforce, as we have seen, since… WW2.

Russia is WINNING the industrial war… BY A MILE.

Dreizin Report editorial nuances on Trump

Folks, just so you know, my webmaster, audiovisual editor, email system manager, sometime editorial consultant, longtime mentor, and friend, Manny, is still highly sympathetic to Trump.

However, unlike the Ever-TrumpTards, Manny does NOT think “they” will allow Trump to be elected. In short, same as 2020, which, by the way, Manny EXPLICITLY PREDICTED AND EXPECTED.

On this count, I fully agree.

I think anyone still talking or writing about Trump’s awesome support among this or that age group, or Hispanics or whatever, in some given U.S. state, or on the whole… is an IDIOT.

It doesn’t matter what his support is.

As I’ve said or written many times, neither Trump nor ANY Republican will be allowed to be president from January 2025, nor will there be a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate, unless the bottom TOTALLY FALLS OUT, like, REALLY BAD, economically or otherwise, MUCH worse than anyone expects.

Short of that, “they” will steal it again, and keep stealing it, because there were no consequences the last few times, AND because Republicans are still HOPELESSLY divided.

(Witness the well-documented, MASS VOTER SUPPRESSION / DELIBERATE SABOTAGE of the 2022 vote in “red” parts of Maricopa County, Arizona, by the “McCain-ist” Republican elections board there. Literally, without exaggeration, they would rather LOSE, than see a local Trumper elected to Federal office.)

It’s so bad, it’s doubtful the anti-Trump camp would even accept (and work for the election of) DeSantis, who is a semi-outsider, and who has SEVERELY pissed off the Republicans’ top financiers, and, on the whole, the party’s corporate fundraising scene.

It’s literally that bad.

How do they plan to win? LOLOLOL.

Folks, just sit it out.

Let GLOBOHOMO eat itself.

Dreizin on France

Please listen below:

(Also not edited, I’m giving Manny a break. Audio file duration: 13:19.)


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