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The “Boomerang” piece, focused on the strangely common fate of the USA and the Ukraine, is at bottom.

(For my lunatics, I also offer my assessment of GLOBOHOMO losses since The Big Counter-Ukraine-sive commenced on June 4th.)

But, first, a heads up.

I intend to publish another “Ukrainian shyt blown up” video dump.

Due to the “great success” of The Big Counter-Ukraine-sive, this dump will be AT LEAST AS BIG as the June 16th monster dump.

HOWEVER, to keep it manageable, and avoid any freezing-up on your end, I will publish it in two or three parts. So, it will be headlined something like “Big Ukro-Junk Dump 1 of 3“, then “2 of 3“, or something along those lines. Make sure you catch them all!

Please note, these dumps are a LOT of work, and I straight-up won’t post the next one until I feel a LOT of love, financially speaking, thank you. I’m very grateful for the big donors, and, the regular donors, but, if you gave me five or ten or twenty bucks, two or three months ago, and NOTHING since (or nothing EVER), well then, it’s time to stand up and cough up!

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Back to today’s post…..

As an intro, I’d like to state for the record…..

There may have been a coup in Russia, but that DOES NOT change the fact that Lindsay Graham is an angry closet homo, who does a great job of deflecting his redneck primary voters by playing “global tough guy“, also serving as Mitch McConnel’s rah-rah flagship point-man for U.S. Senate Republican fundraising among the military-industrial commu-ni-TAY (the Jesse Jackson pronunciation of “community.”)

Trump vs. “DOJ” update:

Neither looks good, but…..

…’s time for Ever-Trumpers to find another god, one who’s not a REE-TARRD

Please listen, below:

(Audio file duration: 3:17)

Explaining my endorsement of any establishment Democrat for President in 2024:


An astute reader left this comment, below.

He’s looking more domestically, not getting into GLOBOHOMO, as such.

Nonetheless, I like it:

How about a much less subtle explanation of your 2024 Presidential endorsement?  Trump completely failed to drain the swamp, and a second term will not achieve the desired result.  In fact, he unwittingly deepened the swamp, which accelerated its putrefaction processes.  The increase in swamp gases will burn the swamp down to the roots, when they inevitably catch light.  As such, leave the swamp to the Democrats, and focus on getting clear of it before it blows.

To all thick-skulled REE-TARRDS who STILL think the Russia coup was fake

Here are the names, ranks/functions, and faces of some of the air crewmen who were killed by Wagner employees. (There were at least another two killed on the IL-22, not shown here.)

There were another three or four helicopters hit by rifle and/or machinegun fire, but the machines and most or all of their crews survived, although one crew had to make a hard landing.

The following is my assessment…..

… of early morning (local time), June 29th…..

…..of GLOBOHOMO losses “theater-wide” (the entire front and all of the Ukraine)…..

…..since The Great Big Counter-Ukraine-sive commenced…..

…..on the morning (local time) of June 4th.

At least 2750 uniformed personnel killed in action (retrieved or missing) or died of wounds; at least 11,000 wounded/injured/concussed and alive; at least 200 taken prisoner. 

(Obviously, the U.S. State Media maintains a total news blackout on the wounded.  In a departure from past practice, no one is publishing sob stories from hospital staff, as far as I know.) 

At least 200 fighting vehicles—tanks, Bradleys, BMP’s, armed M113’s, “6×6” type battle wagons, as well as MRAP’s and all other armored cars used at the front, even if not remotely intended as assault vehicles—rendered irrecoverable (destroyed, captured, or still laying abandoned in no-man’s land) or not economically repairable (even if parts can be salvaged.)  This represents at least 13% of all fighting vehicles in the Ukrainian total inventory as of June 3rd. 

At least 30 towed and self-propelled howitzers and MLRS systems (mostly, howitzers) rendered irrecoverable or not economically repairable.  This represents at least roughly 10% of all artillery in the Ukrainian total inventory as of June 3rd.

At least 7 manned aircraft destroyed. 

Numerous air defense / counterbattery radar and electronic warfare stations destroyed.

Polish cat situation

At least 16 cats have died from avian influenza (“the bird flu”) in Poland, most or all of them in western Poland, in the last few days. The count has grown and will grow, as more dead animals are tested.

This is the largest, and in fact, very likely, the FIRST “cluster” of deaths among domesticated (pet or farm) mammals, anywhere on Earth, in the current bird flu wave.

That seems significant, to me.

As you may recall, when the original Chinavirus was in its infancy, not yet having locked down anyone outside of China, “they” were busy “getting” Trump.

It was the first impeachment.

(In fact, they were so busy getting Trump, they didn’t want any distraction, so they rolled out a bunch of doctors and “science” people to tell us it’s just the flu. Remember?)

Well, now they’re back to getting Trump.

But, hey, I’m just thinking aloud. Having failed miserably, I don’t do “plague timelines” anymore.

Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.


I recorded this a few days ago.

By now, most of you have heard that the Z-Man (a.k.a. Green T-Shirt Guy) has called off the Ukraine’s 2024 election.

I have some thoughts on this, please listen below.

(Audio file duration: 6:55)


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