Dreizin takes greatest victory lap EVER

Heeeeeeyyy folks!

I’ll get to my “Dreizin was right again“…..

…..Ukraine victory lap, soon.

It’s probably…..

…..my most consequential…..

…..victory lap…..

…..to date.

Of course…..

It’s not just about me.

It’s about REALLY big picture stuff.

Please, read on.

But, first, an update…..

…..on the Ever-TrumpTard…..

…..talking points situation.

And, as always…..

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Talking points whiplash in the Trump camp

This is REALLY about…..

…..partisan psychology in general…..

…..but, the spin machine defending Trump…..

…..is so extreme…..

…..in its dogged perseverance…..

…..as to be a PERFECT case-in-point.

(Audio file duration: 5:49)

(Afterword: There are “cues seekers” among my audience as well, people who leave comments just spewing wholesale near-verbatim from Macgregor, Barnes, whoever. Not that it’s ALL crap, don’t get me wrong, but the psychology is the same.)

Dreizin beats the all-time record for AWESOMENESS


No, the “victory lap”…..

…..is NOT about…..

…..Zaluzhny’s concussion.

I merely have some fun…..

…..with the MSM still ignoring…..

…..or covering for that…..

…..while I get to…..

…..a MUCH bigger point.

And so…..

The Bezos (Washington) Post…..

…..finally remembered…..

…..that there’s a Ukrainian Napoleon…..

…..named Zaluzhny…..

…..who was on the cover of Time Magazine…..

…..but, disappeared…..

…..(with a serious brain injury)…..

…..in early May…..

…..and, has barely appeared in public…..


Much less, given any interviews.

Until now. Allegedly!


Bezos does NOT tell us…..

…..HOW they interviewed him.

They DON’T claim to have met him…..

…..or spoken to him by phone…..

…..or instant messaged with him…..

…..or whatever.

(And, they don’t write that he sounds perky, looks refreshed, fidgets with his pencil, has reams of papers on his desk, map on the wall, wears six watches like Schwarzkopf, whatever.)

Instead, they get RIGHT into it…..

…..with he said this…..

…..and he said that.



Bezos DID NOT claim…..

…..that the two photos they ran of him…..

…..were taken by a Bezos employee…..

…..or had any connection…..

…..to the “interview” at all.

Look, it’s pretty obvious…..

…..the guy’s NO LONGER in charge…..

…..and is still too busted…..

…..to talk to the press.

We can assume…..

…..the “interview”…..

…..was an email correspondence…..

…..with one of his staff, LOL.


“Zaluzhny” complained to Bezos…..

…..that his people don’t have…..

…..the stuff they need…..

…..and everything is really tough…..

…..because they don’t have…..

…..what they need.

As I’ve been saying…..

How is any of this…..


OK, so…..

They don’t have what they need.


They didn’t have it a month ago…..

…..or two months ago…..

…..when The Big Counteroffensive…..

…..was expected to be…..

…..a great success.


Among other problems, according to “Zaluzhny”:

His troops should be firing at least as many artillery shells as their enemy, Zaluzhny said, but have been outshot tenfold at times because of limited resources…..

(Dreizin’s note: “Tenfold” is totally ridiculous, but yes, they are outshot.)

…..“Without being fully supplied, these plans are not feasible at all,” he added…..

…..In these conversations, Zaluzhny is frank about the consequences: “We have an agreement: 24/7, we’re in touch. So, sometimes I can call up and say, ‘If I don’t get 100,000 shells in a week, 1,000 people will die.’ Step into my shoes,” he said.


“Step into my shoes” is NOT a local expression.

(The closest parallel, translates to something like, “Put yourself in my place.”)

And, there’s NO evidence…..

…..that Zaluzhny speaks English.

That aside…..

I covered the munitions shortage…..

….in my April 7th, 2023 post.

Here’s the relevant audio…..

…..from that post:

(The most relevant part is at 11:20 to 14:00.)

I was the ONLY American to state…..


…..that it was HOPELESS…..

…..AND, for ***THIS*** reason (among others.)

Why did some obscure blogger (me)…..

…..nail this one…..

…..while all the “smart” people…..

…..didn’t have a goddamn clue?

Because, their bullshit hopes and dreams were all political, based on an expectation that Russia would collapse and run, because Russia is shit, and then the U.S. can supervise Russia’s capitulation and withdrawal to pre-2022 borders (and reparations and all that), well in time for the 2024 election and a focus shift to China.

They were so blinded by hate-Russia bullshit, they had no expectation of an ACTUAL FIGHT!!!

Same as the original Russian advance in late February 2022, which was supposed to intimidate the local politicians into capitulation, NOT be an actual war. It was political. THAT’S why it failed.

(Obviously, many Russia-lovers on the fringes, never got that… but, neither did the U.S. Establishment. They TOTALLY misread EVERYTHING.)

When you have political bullshit — to include, in the case of the USA, a DISGUSTING feeling of ethnic disdain and supremacy — getting in the way of (or corrupting) actual war planning, you get a CATASTROPHE.

Now, the USA is stuck, with no way to win, and no smooth, dignified way out. Basically, another Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan — take your pick. Without the “boots on the ground”, but WITH the investment in arms, money, ego, and prestige.

(Actually, in that sense, it’s even WORSE, because the Ukraine situation is the MAGNET that is pulling together most of the world in opposition to U.S. Hegemony… and, of course, Uncle Sam understands this. It’s what the recent goodies for India were about, I covered that. But, what can Uncle Sam do? He’s stuck. If/when he backs down over the Ukraine, he loses control of Europe. I wrote about THAT in ***2021***. The folks who were with me then, could barely comprehend what I was writing about. Now, perhaps they see. You know, it ONLY SEEMS the prophet is on LSD… until you actually see the prophecy begin to unfold.)

It’s a no-win, a SELF-MADE trap.


Tough shit!!!

This isn't random or light. Someone made a mistake.


The head of Ukrainian military intelligence, Budanov, gave a “live” (on video) interview on June 24th, with almost no hair on his head, and then another live interview the next day, with his hair being up to an inch longer. And, he’s still being photoshopped into appearances with foreign diplomats and others.

Folks, the guy is in a coma, or dead.


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