One More Go

The above photo shows Christopher Walken…..

… for “one more go“…..

…..a.k.a. the Next Big Ukrainian Counteroffensive.

In the below audio message…..

(Length: 19:31)

Not precisely but more or less in this order…..

I cover:

(1) The PR and “social psychology” explanation for how the Pentagon settled on its present estimate of Russian casualties.

(2) The silly hype over leaks of “top secret”, detailed U.S. military sitreps on the Ukraine war. Much of this stuff (e.g., how many brigades the Ukraine is training) was covered on the Dreizin Report months ago, LOLOLOL. (I don’t mention in the audio, but come to think of it, the ONLY “danger” of the leaks, is that non-Western media will finally be able to run with direct, visual documentation to suggest the U.S. is running the Ukraine show.)

(3) The Ukraine’s munitions shortage. To include: the U.S. is likely flat out of GLMRS missiles (for the HIMARS), with all new production (modest as it is) going to the Ukraine.

(4) Prospects for the Next Big Ukrainian Counteroffensive, in the context of the munitions shortage and the massive Russian mobilization of late last year, as well as recent Russian deployment of precision munitions.

(Thanks very much to Manny, who cropped out several minutes of “dead air”, so this goes faster and smoother. Indeed, it’s a pleasure to listen to, and wouldn’t be quite so nice, if not for him.)


The machine is so UPSET by these sitrep photos being released, that it is striking back with a MISINFORMATION ASSAULT in its State Media, along the lines of, “We have no idea what the Ukrainian army is planning, we know more about Russia’s army than the Ukraine’s.” LOL. Yeah, they’ve just lost the motherload of “We know everything about the Ukrainian army, down to the last man and the last bullet, here it is in writing, in a daily update“… and yet, they know NOTHING!!! And the State Media prints both realities WITHIN THE SAME ARTICLE!!! Again, the only “danger” here, is someone gets the idea (wow, who’d have thought???) that Uncle Sam is running the show. You may recall, I’ve already covered the use of U.S. battlefield awareness software within the Ukrainian army. Uncle Sam can see it ALL, even Russia hacked it, back in October or late September—screenshots were released on Telegram. OBVIOUSLY the USA knows EVERYTHING about its 51st state… because the USA is running… the… show.

Obviously, this audio commentary is the result of massive research, recent but also going back many months. You know, nothing’s as easy as it looks. In addition to my other expenses, I’m also now back to paying Manny, because he deserves it, and because I now earn enough (from this blog) to do so. In short, if you can afford to, please donate the “price of admission, whatever it’s worth to you. ALSO, to all the folks who gave five dollars, one time, six weeks or two months ago, and who think it means they’re done, they’re off the hook, “absolved forever“—well, thanks very much, but nope, sorry, WRONG ANSWER!!! If that’s your attitude, I’ll have to go behind a paywall, sooner not later. Please cough it up again! Thank you.

Moving on…..

A follow up to my sentient AI musings

Please listen to the below audio message…..

(Length: 6:43)

(Thanks again to Manny.)

Autists and guns… and carbines

I got into a spat…..

…..with the middle-aged white guy…..

…..who mows my lawn.

Because I’m a jerk…..

I handled it very poorly…..

But, he’s so goddamn difficult…..

…..and he’d been rubbing me the wrong way for years.


I was smart and cool enough…..

To let him have the last word.

He made clear to me…..

That he “won“…..

…..and he rejoices in his power…..

… cut me loose as a customer (thank God, LOL!!!)…..

…..and that it’s my loss…..

…..and, you know…..

I’m HAPPY with that!

There’s a million Central Americans…..

…..waiting to take his place.

The guy is honest, generally moral and ethical…..

…..and even, likeable, in a way…..

But he’s obviously autistic…..

…..(He has his good days and bad days, but he never truly smiles, and generally comes across as wooden, stunted, with blunted affect, and occasionally tries to compensate with puerile overdramatized behavior of an emotional nature)…..

…..and has SERIOUS temper issues…..

…..and barely-suppressed RAGE.

He is inflexible…..

He can’t handle feedback or special requests or whatever.

He sees that as a threat…..

…..a disruption…..

…..and/or some kind of disrespect.

He’s the most “live wire“…..

…..I’ve EVER come across.

As if he just came back from a war…..

With PTSD.

He also has one or more FIREARMS at home.

That’s why…..

I said my piece…..

…..and after that, didn’t argue…..

And let him think whatever he wants.

Just “let the wookie win.”

If I’m going to get killed…..

I’d rather my death have some purpose.

Like, defending my home/family from an attacker.

Or, standing up for my wife’s honor.

Something like that.

NOT, getting ambushed and shot…..

… my driveway…..

…..over a gardening dispute.

In this context…..

I’d like to point out…..

.….that MOST of the “mass shooters” in American history…..

…..have been autistic.

Just a few of the 100% for-sure autists:

The perpetrator of the Blacksburg, Virginia massacre…..

The Sandy Hook school massacre…..

The Parkland school massacre…..

The Nashville Catholic school massacre…..

And, likely autists:

At least one (probably both) of the Columbine school shooters.

The Binghamton, New York shooter.

The Long Island Rail Road shooter.

And, probably almost every other mass shooter.

In being NOT autistic…..

…..or having any other kind of discernable…..

…..neurological or personality disorder…..

…..the Las Vegas concert shooter…..

…..seems to have been a RARE exception.

Otherwise, the few who are not autistic…..

…..are mostly schizophrenic.

(Such as, the Colorado theater shooter, and the Tucson shooter (who shot a Congresswoman, among others, although she famously survived.))

The underlying problem is…..

These people can walk into a gun shop…..

…..and APPEAR normal.

At least, for long enough to wait…..

…..for the Federal background check…..

….and to buy the gun.

What to do?

Well, America won’t do anything.

We love our guns.

It would be nice to require a “bill of health“…..

…..from a state-contracted…..

…..(and thus, liability-protected)…..

…..psychologist, for each and every retail gun purchase.

Like, have the prospective gun buyer…..

… for three, one-hour sessions…..

…..with the shrink.

And then, the shrink decides…..

Based on criteria set out by the state.

(And, the state could mandate that the shrink (who’s likely a Democrat) not reject more than 10 percent of applicants, per year. Realistically, the shrink would pace him/herself (I mean, you never know who will come through the door), and probably only reject half that proportion.)

That wouldn’t filter out everyone.

But, it would filter out a LOT.

A burden on your constitutional rights?

Yeah, OK.

You think they let nutjobs…..

…..keep guns and ammo…..

… 1787?

The village men would’ve come to your house…..

…..and “red flagged“…..

…..(or locked up)…..

…..your happy ass.

And, the “well regulated Militia“…..

…..(see the language of the 2nd Amendment)…..

…..would’ve QUICKLY discharged…..

…..any lunatic…..

…..or any “space cadet” or antisocial “loner“…..

…..who couldn’t work or get along…..

…..with anyone.


Anyway, in the USA…..

With our Federal structure…..

This is up to the states.

Red” states would never have it…..

And, “blue” state leaders don’t care.

They want to ban ALL guns, for EVERYONE.

Given that…..

Just going for the crazies alone…..

… not even worth their time.


It would be INSENSITIVE!!!

Oh, and another thing.

I would ban carbines.

To fight an evil Government…..

Or shoot at Chinese paratroopers…..

…..landing in your football field…..

A carbine is NOT what you want.

I do have a bunch of carbines for home defense…..

Because I never trained with a pistol…..

…..and can’t find time to do so.

But, for outdoor combat, “at range“…..

A carbine is just silly.


…..(in tandem with high-capacity magazines)…..

…..are “great” for shooting up schools…..

…..and other enclosed spaces…..

…..where many people gather.

In short…..

I would institute…..

A Federal MINIMUM on rifle length.

(I’d also ban machine pistols / submachine guns.)

But, Democrats won’t go for this…..

Because they feel more threatened…..

… LONGER guns.

After all…..

We all know…..

Their main fear…..

… of the hicks rising up against the Government.

To them…..

All other gun threats, are secondary.

GLOBOHOMO finally takes Putin’s advice, LOL

“Hat tip” to Ahmad ibn Fadlan.

On national mythologies

For movie night…..

… the Dreizin house…..

…..this past Friday evening….. 

We watched Disney’s Prince of Egypt

My son asked, how do we know any of this happened? 

I paused the film…..

…..and explained to him….. 

…..that the discovery of the Rosetta Stone…..

…..and consequent rise of Egyptology……

…..blew a hole in Judaism…..

…..and the Old Testament. 

There’s not even REMOTELY any hint….. 

… the historical record…..

…..that any of this stuff…..

…..ever happened.

Despite CONSTANT Jewish/Israeli…..

…..and Christian Evangelical propaganda attempts…..

… find “confirmation“…..

…..for the captivity/Exodus story…..

…..through totally fake, fraudulent, dishonest…..

…..parsing of cultural artifacts…..

… well as primary sources…..

…..most notably, the Ipuwer Papyrus…..

…..(you can read its translation yourself, don’t take their word for it)…..


Notwithstanding a few conquering military-aristocracies….. 

There’s NO record…..

…..of any meaningfully large…..

…..and monolithic (single-ethnos)…..

…..alien population….. 

… or slave…..

…..residing in Egypt, prior to Hellenistic times. 

(Moreover, “Confederate” type mass slavery was impractical in ancient Egypt, where the feudal male workforce was otherwise near-idle for several months every year due to the Nile’s cycle, and thus available for corvee labor.  AND, there simply would not have been enough agricultural surplus to feed a vast army of non-farming slaves, in addition to the nobility, priesthood, military, and other townsfolk.)

My son then asked me….. 

Why do people believe…..

…..anything in the Bible….. 

If they know this Egypt stuff didn’t happen? 

I told him….. 

First, many still argue that it DID happen. 

Because their only facts are in the Bible…..

And you can’t tell them anything. 

Second, many will say…..

The Jewish myths are just didactic…..

To guide people, or whatever….. 

While the Jesus stuff…..

… serious.

Because, people pick and choose…..

…..what they believe. 

People believe what they want to believe. 

Well, that’s movie night…..

… the Dreizin house. 

As for Passover….. 

This Passover….. 

The great majority of people…..

…..actually sitting down…..

… celebrate Passover….. 

Live in Israel. 

And you know what? 

It’s fitting that Israeli Jews…..

…..celebrate a story…..

…..about living in oppression….. 

…..and then finding a promised land….. 

…..and displacing its inhabitants, LOL. 

I mean…..

Who cares if it happened 3500 or 80 years ago? 

In fact…..

Even the SECULAR/”MSM wing…..

…..of the Israeli media…..

…..runs with “Evidence of the captivity/Exodus!!!” stories…..

…..every year.

As if, it would undercut the State of Israel…..

… admit it’s all BULLSHIT.

Well, you know what?

It probably would.

And you know what else?

MOST national mythologies are bullshit. 

The USA was founded…..

… a bunch of slave owners….. 

…..(even some northerners, such as Ben Franklin, owned slaves)….. 

…..who thought that “all men are created equal.” 

Truly, the USA…..


As for Russia…..

Many Russian Christians…..

Also glorify Lenin and/or Stalin.


In fact…..

The ONLY sensible, 100% true national mythology…..

Is the Ukraine’s.

Ukrainians really did build the Pyramids.

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