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The fake “Patriot” group from my last post

Yes, I was aware that the fasces…..

… represented…..

…..on some U.S. Government designs/logos.

I didn’t quite know which ones.

Thanks to some bright readers for the information.

But, that’s all a holdover…..

…..from the 19th (or even 18th) century.

It’s in line with the “neo-Roman” flavor…..

…..of the U.S. Government at its inception.

You can’t compare this…..

… putting the fasces on the flag…..

…..of a political party or movement…..

…..(or “alleged” party—it’s all an FBI mock-up)…..

…..which is an explicit nod to…..

…..(or parroting of)…..

…..Mussolini’s Italian Fascists.

Women now drive politics and all fads in the USA

Several readers noted…..

…..that not just women activists…..

…..but women voters…..

…..were the driver behind Prohibition.

I can’t say if this is true…..

But, it seems plausible.

As many as 20 states, already allowed women to vote…..

…..before passage of the 18th and 19th amendments.

And, women in the USA…..

…..have recently carried some trendy causes.

The korona-panic in the USA…..

…..was almost all thanks to the ladies.

The masking, the social distancing.

At least 90 percent…..

…..of those still masking in my area…..

…..(at the supermarket or wherever)…..

…..are women.

Also, I know several couples…..

…..where the wife made the husband get vakk-syn-ated…..

…..when he would not otherwise have done so.

I think, it was a rebellion against Trump.

For your average karen…..

…..(such as, my wife)…..

…..Trump is a brutish “alpha” male.

Well, we knew that.

But for them…..

That’s all that matters!

Not what he stood for.

Not what he did.

Not his policies, right or wrong.

But, his personality.


Trump is EVERYTHING wrong with the world.

(I’m serious. To them, he’s prime evil.)

And, many of these ladies…..

…..saw him on TV, without a mask, not distancing…..

In short…..

Not following the Fow-chee stuff…..

And they did the OPPOSITE… hard!

(And, power-mad governors in some Democrat states, took that and milked it and ran with it, as far as they could.)


If you were awake at the time…..

You KNOW…..

…..that the driving activist force…..

…..behind the “white guilt” and “silence is violence” explosion…..

… the schools, universities, in “corporate America“…..

…..after the George Floyd murder…..

…..was female.

And, they still are.

Same with all the tranny stuff.

How many guys are at the wheel of that?

LOL, you know it.

It’s almost all women.

Yeah, understandably…..

Some “alt-lifestylers“… and beta cucks, and opportunists.

But, mostly women.

Now, obviously…..

Not nearly all women bought the korona-hype…..

…..and the other bullshit.

What we’re talking about…..

Is a particular female demographic.

That is…..


…..(or some assimilated flavor of “Asian”)…..


College-educated (or mis-educated)…..

Old enough to vote routinely…..

And, totally secular…..

…..(perhaps some denominational marker, but no religious faith)…..

…..and rootless.

No heritage, no definite worldview.

No grounding at all.

(Aside from knowing they don’t want to pay too much in taxes, these ladies tend not to have ANY convictions at all.)

In short…..

We’re talking about the “soccer moms“…..

…..of late 1990’s fame.

Although, not all of them are moms.

But, close enough.

The term “soccer moms“…..

First made it into the political phrasebook…..

In 1996…..

When political marketers realized…..

That, as with decisions…..

…..about which toothpaste to buy for the home…..

These suburban white women…..

…..basically decide everything.

They are the largest group of swing voters.


(Since 1996, if you haven’t noticed, almost all political campaign ads—at least, the ones on TV—are aimed primarily towards “adult” white women, not men. Trump’s, somewhat less so. But on the whole, looking at candidates across the full spectrum of campaigns (Congress, governorships, etc.), this is an obvious truth.)

And, like the “dumb broads”…..

…..who fall for TV ads…..

…..for some or other toothpaste…..

…..or laundry soap…..

…..when it’s ALL THE SAME SHIT…..

This demographic…..



You didn’t need me to tell you that.

We all lived through 2020 and 2021.

What happened to my “If you vote, you’re a battered wife, or an idiot” pinned/repeat feature?

Folks, now that Trump is officially back…..

DeSantis is so “done“…..

…..that I’ll have to take this one back to the drawing board.

No, I’m not voting for Trump again.

My only political behavior now…..

… to laugh at it all.

A plug for my friend

If you haven’t already…..

And you have time for hour-long podcasts…..

…..(frankly, I don’t anymore)…..


Check out Michael Farris, and his “Coffee and a Mike.”

His Twitter has links to every new cast.

Mike’s had me on a number of times.

He has the most interesting, eclectic bunch of guests…..

…..of any “alt” show…..

…..that I know of.

I’m not even sure I belong among this crowd.

Mike has interviewed well-known conservative names (e.g., Kari Lake)…..

Both of Trump’s top lawyers from 2020…..

Domestic and foreign economists…..

Real estate experts…..


Top alt-bloggers…..

Osama bin Laden’s niece…..

And that’s just scratching the surface.

Looking at his product…..

I’m just not sure what people see in Joe Rogan.

95% of Rogan’s guest list is RIDICULOUS.

A bunch of comedians, YouTubers, other podcasters, some big game hunter, a soccer player.

What the fuck?

Who cares about these people?

How is Rogan worth like a hundred million dollars?

Who listens to this crap?

I don’t get it.

Could anyone please explain Rogan to me?

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