Dreizin’s first UN-retraction

We’ll get to the un-retraction.

And, I have more to say about DeSantis.


Why the U.S. and UK…..

…..stopped their MANNED surveillance flights near Crimea…..

…..at the end of September

Let’s start with…..

The Amazon (Washington) Post, April 10th, 2023:


Sounds familiar.

Where did I read this before?

The Dreizin Report, March 5th, 2023:

(next screenshot follows, there’s a little bit of overlap)


It only SEEMS…..

…..that I confused the E-3 Sentry…..

…..with the RC-135.

In truth…..

They were flying both types of planes…..

…..near Crimea…..

…..at one time or another.

I didn’t say which one…..

…..they were flying on September 29th! :-)))

Now, you might wonder…..

How is Dreizin so good???

Well, first…..

I know where to look.


Where I look…..

…..is more credible…..

…..than where others look.

Others” being, of course…..

The State Media.

What other scoops…..

…..have I delivered lately?

Well, there’s my M777 story.

For those who missed it…..

In brief…..

The TRUE number of M777 cannon…..

…..given to the Ukraine…..


…..the “official” number.

And, as I told you….

What this means…..

Is they’ve had to go beyond…..

…..cleaning out the stores.

They’ve had to take M777’s away…..

…..from line units.

In other words…..

There are U.S. artillerymen…..

…..sitting around, today…..

…..with no cannon.

I was able to deduce this…..

…..based on observable facts on the ground…..

…..in the war zone.

And now…..

I can CONFIRM it…..

…..based on conversations…..

…..with persons “in the artillery business.”

The State Media COULD do the same…..

But, they’re not AUTHORIZED.

They won’t run with anything…..

…..not “sanctioned for release.”

(Unless, it’s already been leaked somehow, in which case, they’ll run with the Government’s “damage control” version.)

They’re just whores.

There’s also my story…..

…..about how U.S. direct financial aid…..

…..(that is, that which has been announced)…..

…..to the Ukraine…..

…..has ceased.

And, the IMF bent and changed its own rules…..

…..to pick up the slack…..

…..but, it’s STILL not enough.

And, Europe has not stepped meaningfully in to the breach.

What this means is…..

And I’m calling it now…..

As of today, April 11th…..

There is NO WAY for the Ukraine…..

…..to plug its $5 to $6 billion monthly budget gap…..

…..except with “off the books” transfers…..

…..from “emergency funds“…..

…..or “slush funds“…..

…..within the Pentagon and/or CIA.

(Presumably, being passed through the IMF or perhaps the Federal Reserve.)

And, that’s exactly…..

What’s being done.


It’s Happening.

Kind of like, how Trump paid for The Wall.

Except, this time…..

There’s no benefit to the American people.

Perhaps you’ll read about it…..

…..in six months…..

…..in the MSM.



They’re doing this…..

Because U.S. House Republicans…..

…..want to push off any further Ukraine aid…..

…..for as long as possible…..

…..and when it does come around…..

…..they’d rather it contain no direct financial support.


We’ll see how long this lasts!

But, again…..

The Ukraine is now being funded…..

Oliver North-style.

Speaking of Oliver North…..

I can’t raise money from this blog…..

…..by selling U.S. Army gear to Iran.

Instead, I must ask you for money.

Russian improvement curve update

Russia is now launching up to 15 precision glide bombs per day, up from zero per day in February, or early March.

This past Sunday evening saw the FIRST CONFIRMED USE of napalm-bearing precision glide bombs by the Russian air force.

Specifically, three precision glide bombs were launched against a large store of weapons and munitions in Kherson region, causing total destruction of the target.

We’ve also just seen likely the first use of precision glide bombs against bridges in the Ukraine.

Specifically, a total of three 500kg glide bombs were used against two bridges in the northeast.

Of course, one 500kg bomb—or comparable cruise missile, launched from a safe distance—cannot irreparably damage even a medium-sized, Soviet-constructed bridge…..

Which is why, with one or two exceptions for “experimentation”, Russia has not wasted its pricey cruise missiles on bridges.

I assume, the latest bridge bombings are early “test runs”, anticipating the use of the new UPAB-1500B-E glide bombs, of 1525kg weight (explosive mass, 1010kg.)

Russian glide bombs, upon release, are self-guiding and cannot be radio-jammed.

Relying on inertia from a launch vehicle, the bombs have no engine, and are thus many times cheaper than a cruise missile, also carrying over twice as much explosive payload as any Russian cruise missile.

The UPAB-1500B-E can travel up to 50 kilometers on its own.

This provides a heavy-duty, “stand-off” capability that Russia did not have before.

Presumably, the UPAB-1500B-E will soon be tested on Ukrainian bridges.

The range on this munition, allows a Russian aircraft to launch it against the bridge in Zaporozhie city, a critical supply route for the “spring counteroffensive”, or the bridge in Nikolayev, or the critical bridge (for oil imports from Moldova) near Zatoka, Odessa…..

Without facing serious risk from the Ukraine’s air defenses, which are already, in any case, fast degrading.

With a good hit (once the targeting and launch process is nailed down), the explosive payload on this bomb is so large as to COMPLETELY, WIDELY SEVER a two-lane bridge span. Two or three of these munitions, used against even a large, four-lane bridge, could knock the bridge totally out of commission for weeks or months. They could also potentially demolish a pylon of a railroad bridge.

As far as I can tell, there has been NOTHING in the U.S. MSM regarding Russia’s new and growing capabilities in this field.

Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?

Remember, the regime’s “damage control” spin…..

…..about its leaked Ukraine sitreps, is…..

…..it actually has no insights into the Ukraine’s battle plans!!!

I suppose…..

It has a pretty narrow definition…..

…..of “battle plans.”


Please again see my comments policy.

(I made a few small additions to it.)

I do love good comments.

I love original comments…..

…..that make the comments section INTERESTING.

I don’t like comments along the lines of:

I really hate the USA, and I hate Ukro-Nazis and I wish they all die.”

Who wants to read that?


Several readers pointed out…..

…..that “short-barreled rifles“…..

…..have been banned in the USA…..

…..since the 1930s.

In other words, my “minimum rifle length” suggestion…..

…..is ALREADY in law.

Still, the legal minimum now…..


A rifle should be large and heavy enough…..

….that some neglected, 18 year-old autist…..

…..or 25 year-old schizophrenic…..

…..whose only exercise IN THEIR ENTIRE LIVES…..

…..has been playing video games…..

…..and jerking off…..

…..should NOT be able…..

…..to carry and use it…..

…..like it’s a Nerf gun.

Of course, an even BETTER solution…..

…..would be, as I said…..

…..for states to mandate…..

…..professional “sanity checks“…..

…..for those looking to buy any firearm.

No eye contact?

No gun.

Can’t talk for two minutes…..

…..without falling into word salad…..

…..and paranoid delusions?

No gun.

Tough shit for you!

The “well regulated Militia” doesn’t want you.

It should not be on the gun shop owner…..

…..to decide who is crazy…..

…..based on just a few minutes…..

…..of cursory interaction.

After my last post, in which I put to rest the Exodus story…..

The “I get all my ancient history from amateur sources defending the Bible” crowd…..

Has been out in force!

The below exchange, is typical:

A reader wrote in the comments:

There was no evidence of the Hittites, and ‘Higher Critics’ dismissed them as a mythological Bible fabrication. Until archaeology proved this view wrong.

Egyptian rulers like many ancient rulers had a habit of destroying previous rulers’ inscriptions, victories and histories and embellishing their own, so are not an entirely reliable source of the history of their enemies.

The Bible’s history, in contrast (presumably, from a secular view, likewise commissioned by the similar vainglorious rulers) ALWAYS reports defeats, failures, personal weaknesses and sins of the Kings, priests and prophets. Which is at odds with the whole concept of myth.

Of course, his middle paragraph…..

…..(about Egyptian rulers)…..

…..implies that the successor of the pharaoh…..

…..who got punked by Moses…..

…..may (or must) have prohibited any record of that story.

In other words…..

A lack of records from the records-mad Egyptians…..

…..doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

I responded:

It’s clear your “knowledge” of history is derived strictly from low-grade, religious apologist / para-Biblical sources. No one ever denied the existence of Hittites, that’s ridiculous, it’s a straw man. Wherever you may have read that, know that it’s a dishonest, bullshit source.

With that being said, the Biblical Hittites were most likely completely unrelated to the historical Hittites, whose kingdom and written language disappeared centuries before King David’s time. It’s just a trick of speech, a similarity in the name.

As for your alleged “Egyptian habit” of expunging the records of previous rulers, that is known to have happened “in force” exactly one time, after the death of Akhenaten, and even then, we still know a LOT about Akhenaten, because they didn’t get it all. Today, you can read prayers written by Akhenaten to his god, they are amazing.

In fact, we know enough about Akhenaten to spin fiction around him. There was even a bestselling 1940s novel about Akhenaten’s time, “The Egyptian”, which was made into a relatively high-budget (for its time), 1954 film, starring Victor Mature among others (incidentally, featuring the “true” Hittites.)

So… you should try reading real history, for a change, instead of Jehovah’s Witnesses recruitment pamphlets.

Here’s why DeSantis…..

…..is anti-woke…..

…..ONLY anti-woke…..

and NOTHING BUT anti-woke.

Please listen to the simple explanation, below:

And lastly, my un-retraction!

Fiiiiiinally, they admit it.

Folks, the Times of London…..

…..has just confirmed the story…..

…..about the Ukrainian attempt…..

…..to cross the Dniepr…..

…..and seize the Zaporozhie nuclear power plant…..


Per the Times…..

A force of 600…..

…..(essentially all available Ukrainian “special forces”)…..

…..was involved in the two-wave assault.

Although, it went so poorly…..

…..that the second wave…..

…..never even got in the boats.

Of course, Russian claims…..

…..of killing or wounding…..

…..several hundred attackers…..

…..might belong to the McNamara School of Body Counting.


The event HAPPENED.

As claimed by Russia at the time…..

The Ukrainian side…..

Really did launch a large battle…..

Over a nuclear power plant!!!

In retrospect…..

The lack of any genuine…..

….photo/video documentation…..

…..from Russia…..

…..was likely due to Russia’s care taken…..

…..to not film its defensive positions…..

…..or give any hint…..

…..as to the precise topography, structures, and vegetation on its shore…..

…..should the enemy try a second time.

At the time…..

I reported the event…..

But then, had doubts…..

And retracted my reporting.

I now retract my retraction.

As usual…..

Russia was right.

You, too, will be in the right…..

If you give me money…..

For all the time I spend on this blog.

Thank you.

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