Cucks “down under”

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The Leaker

We can draw conclusions from the recent Pentagon document leaks about the Ukraine war and related diplomatic matters.

The leak or leaks constitute(s) a mix of (1) Ukraine war “daily data digests” (or individual slides or pages thereof), and (2) informal policy briefing memos or diplomatic-intelligence “sitreps.”

Releasing photographs of document “hard copies” in a Discord chat room—rather than leaking complete electronic copies or else screenshots from inside the files—was likely done to throw off the scent, eliminating the potential for a “digital signature“, etc.

The theory that it was a gamer kid who raided his dad’s briefcase and photographed its contents, is no longer credible. If that happened, the kid or (more likely) the parent would have come forward by now.

It seems all documents in group (2), relate to the Ukraine war, in some fashion. Several of the juiciest, refer to the U.S. or Russia scrounging for arms with their respective friends or allies.

A particularly damaging one, describes the U.S. pressuring South Korea to bend its export control laws to provide cannon shells for the Ukraine…..

…..and, the U.S. SPYING on a ministerial-level Korean government meeting on this matter. (This is now the biggest news story in Korea.)

So far, no component of the leaks makes Uncle Sam look good. Some components are more or less neutral, others “bad“, but on the whole, it seems to be a mini-“Wikileaks” situation.

The leaker has succeeded in SEVERELY EMBARASSING the U.S. Government, at home and abroad.

Uncle Sam’s “we’re helping but not involved” line, has been shown up as bullshit.

Of course, we’ve known it’s BS for a long time. But, that hadn’t really sunk in with most Americans.

Now, we have “alt-right” dudes on Twitter, pointing out, among other things, that U.S. Special Forces personnel are on the ground in the Ukraine. (Not that many personnel, but who cares? It’s enough for a segment on Tucker Carlson.)


As I wrote in my last post…..

News media and social media across the globe…..

Have been running photos…..

…..of U.S. military briefing materials…..

…..which show how Uncle Sam…..

… pretty much running…..

…..the Ukraine war effort.

It’s NOT a message…..

…..the U.S. Government wants to see circulated.


Back to the leaker…..

ASSUMING the military has learned…..

…..from its Wikileaks disaster…..

There are only so many persons…..

…..with access to the broad spectrum of documents…..

…..that were leaked.

In this case…..

What’s obvious to people “on the inside“…..

But not to most of you readers…..

… that both (1) the Ukraine war “daily data digests“…..

…..and (2) the various memos and diplomatic-intelligence sitreps, in their entirety…..

…..(again, both 1 and 2)…..

…..would be available…..

… only a relatively small…..

…..number of people.


(1) is almost all logistics and military planning…..

…..while (2) is closer to foreign policy and foreign intelligence gathering.


The files under (2)…..

…..would not be distributed…..

… the same circle…..

…..or at/for the same meetings…..

…..or even, held in the same “library” or database…..

… the files under (1).

What this means…..

It’s not some junior-level…..

…..”Bradley Manning” type of leaker.

After what Manning did, long ago…..

They’ve surely compartmentalized.

No, the leaker has access to the mother lode.

It’s likely to be a senior…..

…..or, otherwise…..

…..a very-well plugged-in…..

…..person in the hierarchy.

And, if that person had already left the country…..

… Snowden…..

They’d likely know who it is.


Almost certainly…..

The leaker is still there.

What we have…..

Is someone in a KEY position…..

Working for the machine…..

Who dissents…..

…..and seeks to sabotage the machine.


Everything I’ve written above…..

…..could be TOTAL BULLSHIT…..


Again, IF…..

…..the Pentagon has learned NOTHING…..

…..from the Manning leak…..

In which case…..

It COULD again be some 19 year-old…..

…..who doesn’t really care…..

…..about the “content“, per se…..

…..and is just dipping into…..


…..for shits and giggles…..

…..or some kind of ego trip.

The Cucks Down Under

I got some comments…..

…..from a fool in Australia…..

…..who gave me the usual…..

…..”you crazy Americans with your guns” schtick.

How original!

I responded…..

Yes, we’re crazy…..

But, on the plus side…..

What happened in Australia…..

… 2020-2022…..

…..could NEVER happen in the USA…..

…..for as long as…..

…..we have our guns.

His response to that…..

…..was to play down 2020-2022.

He said, it wasn’t really so bad…..

…..and in any case…..

…..he doesn’t personally know anyone…..

…..who got dragged off to quarantine camp…..

…..and, Australia got off lockdown…..

… early 2022…..

…, like, it barely lasted at all…..

…..(only two years, what a deal!!!)…..

…..and moreover…..

…..they finally voted out that government…..

…..and thus, it’s not justified…..

…..that some American conservatives…..

…..have criticized Australia!

I know, I know.

Hopeless” doesn’t cover it.

Here’s my final word (as per the comments)…..

I saw video of a small, peaceful protest procession on an otherwise totally deserted street in a large Australian city (either Sydney or Melbourne) being rushed and literally shot at with REAL GUNS (using rubber bullets) by a group of roving “interdictor” police, with no warning and no need. The police simply came around a corner and opened direct fire as soon as they saw the small crowd. If this happened in Russia, every leading U.S. Senator would be on CNN/Fox, calling for immediate regime change. There are many other videos of Australian police brutality, dating from this period. The police went mad with licentious sadism and extreme “othering” of kovid dissidents; they obviously had state encouragement and approval for their actions, and, they enjoyed it. I also saw videos of ridiculous arrests of people just taking a walk or sitting on a riverbank at night. Any one of these incidents could have been a national scandal in the USA. But the shooting video would have provoked a REVOLT, had it happened here. You can pooh-pooh it all you want, with your “Hey, no big deal, and we reopened in 2022, what’s the problem?” silliness. It’s not just that Australians couldn’t even drive between provinces without the klotshot, once the vakkseenz were rolled out. You limp dick cucks couldn’t go sit in a park, for a year or more!!! At least 97% of you, went along with all of it, with ZERO resistance. The resisters were easy pickings, because there were so few of them. None of this ever happened in the USA. You obviously don’t understand the USA, and you never will. The USA is one of the last “white” nations (another being Russia) where a small majority of men are not yet emasculated, pussy slaves who will comply with anything. No, I’m not defending the USA’s fucked-up political system, which is TERMINAL, as literally nothing can get fixed or solved anymore at the Federal level. But, in no Democrat city (lousy as they may be) was downtown turned into a deserted, locked-down, “no-go”, police free-fire zone, not for one day, not for a weekend, and not for a year. At least, here, we’ll have some red states and red folks to build back something after it’s all come down. As for you… You’ll get to live through Mad Max, nationwide. And you’ll probably deserve it.

Streets of San Francisco

There’s a leftist effort going on online…..

To defend San Francisco, say it’s not so bad…..

Here’s what I have to say about that:

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