Dreizin’s “new Ukr-offensive material since June 16th” Big Video Dump – Installment #4 – “PLEASE DREIZIN, MAKE IT STOP” (43 vids & 9 photos)

Folks, if this fourth installment finds you having missed the first installment (at least 50 videos and photos), second installment (22 videos), and third installment (28 videos and 1 photo), all from this past weekend, PLEASE GET WITH THE PROGRAM. This is coming fast and furious. Don’t be left in the dust. If you like Ukrainian failed “blitz-cringe” videos, then, at this point, you should be checking this website not even every day, but every 12 hours.



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Again, this is ONLY material that came online since June 16th.

Remember, as I told you, The Big Counteroffensive started on the morning of June 4th (the MSM didn’t even begin to catch on for three days), and I already posted at least 135 videos and photos from the period June 4th to June 16th, here, here, here, and here. (Check it out, if you haven’t already. You might have to scroll down to find the relevant content.)

And so, here goes:

Below, a Ukrainian soldier, speaking Russian, surveys a scorched, open area that looks, to me, like it got hit with Russia’s Solntsepiok (Sunbake) napalm rockets. He shows at least 6, maybe 7 or 8 or 9 or even 10 bodies, depending on whether any are repeated (it’s hard to grasp), and on the size of your screen and the quality of your eyesight. Actually, one of the bodies is only half a body. At the end, the narrator points to a flayed, defoliated wooded area, and explains that it contains an even greater number of bodies. Note, there’s a misconception that everyone killed by the Solntsepiok is going to be crispy. Except for those in the epicenter of a blast, this is not necessarily the case. Far more casualties will have severe organ damage arising from the rapid, extreme change in air pressure, induced by the napalm blast. Location, likely Zaporozhie.

Below, following the bombing or otherwise blasting of his convoy, with scorched earth and several burning vehicles behind him (reminds me of Zelenopole, Lugansk 2014), a stunned Ukrainian soldier complains that he feels like he’s in Vietnam. LOL, why Vietnam? Seeing as Ukrainian education and state propaganda no longer highlight World War 2, I suppose the zombified populace can default to whatever they saw from Hollywood. Location, likely Zaporozhie, perhaps the same general area as in the above video.

Below, in the first half of the video, direct hits on three U.S. M2 Bradleys. You can see that most or all occupants of the second one, sadly, survived. You can stop watching after 0:45. Near Rabotino, Zaporozhie.

A Ukrainian (Soviet-era) T-72 tank, a Polish PT-91 Twardy tank (a highly modernized T-72), and a U.S. M113, all burn deliciously, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, YEAH BABY!!!! A U.S. armored Humvee is disemboweled after running over a mine. I am concerned for the health of its occupants; someone please do a welfare check. Location unspecified.

Below, quite a number of Ukrainian vehicles are hit with ground-based guided antitank missiles, in this “collage” video. Location, near Bock-moot. The “nuclear bomb tank” from my “Installment #1”, is here too.

Below, a Ukrainian fighting vehicle, firing its autocannon or machinegun, is “silenced” by a ground-launched antitank guided missile, somewhere in Donetsk province.

Below, a Ukrainian tank advance comes under a deadly rain, somewhere in Zaporozhie. Something burns richly in a forest strip from 1:36, and, a tank crewman, apparently the only one capable of abandoning his damaged machine, does precisely that at around 1:49. Likewise for the sole gentleman from another tank at around 2:00. Lyrics from the refrain at the conclusion of the soundtrack, translate as follows: “Russian roads, long highways, Russian roads, iron trusses. Great races tripped over you, Plan Barbarossa sliced its foot on you.” The song is Russkie Dorogi (Russian roads), with lyrics by former Russian space agency director and former Deputy Prime Minister with the military-industrial portfolio, Dmitri Rogozin; the music and performance is by the Kazakhstan band, Motor Roller. You can listen to this song on Yandex or YouTube. Female session singers join in with the refrain at around 3:00, it is breathtaking. Regarding the melody, particularly the refrain… If any Israeli readers have ever wondered where Israeli patriotic and folk music comes from, yes, it all comes from Tsarist and (early) Soviet Russia.

Below, reportedly what’s left of a U.S. M2 Bradley AND a tracked recovery vehicle (note the crane for removing/inserting engines) that was sent to tow it away, somewhere on the southern front.

Below, three U.S. M2 Bradleys, two of them burnt-out, and the other perhaps simply abandoned, near Malaia Tokmachka, Zaporozhie, in the general vicinity of (and NOT to be confused with) the famous Leopard-and-Bradley “scrapyard” from near the start of The Big Counteroffensive.

Below, same area, same failed attack. Another abandoned U.S. M2 Bradley, as well as a totally destroyed M2 Bradley.

Below, same area, same attack. Near the middle of the image, if you can make it out, is (reportedly) an abandoned Ukrainian (Soviet-era) IMP-2 engineering vehicle.

Below, a looooong video, showing the aftermath of the bombardment of a group of (mostly) U.S. M2 Bradleys. Probably the same general area as in the above photos, although in this case, a motionless, Soviet-model tank is visible at around 8:40-9:00. The survivors have put up some smokescreens. At least 10 soldiers lay wounded, dying, or dead. The standing chump at 7:10, evidently dazed, ignoring his crawling comrade, makes a big show of checking and loading his rifle, for no apparent reason. One chump steps on a mine at 1:14, but appears to remain intact. Another chump, loses half a leg to a mine at around 9:20. THAT PART IS “18+”, NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Below, a ground-launched, guided antitank missile strikes a U.S. M2 Bradley, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a U.S. MaxxPro MRAP passes what appears to be a de-turreted U.S. M2 Bradley, and then strikes a mine. Presumably, on the southern front.

Below, a Ukrainian (Soviet-era) BMP fighting vehicle takes a direct hit from a high-caliber shell, and goes up in SPECTACULAR fashion, somewhere in west Lugansk. One-off, direct hits against moving targets are something we’ve hardly seen prior to June 2023. Evidently, Russia has truly perfected the use of its Krasnopol’ laser-guided 155mm shell.

Below, a U.S. MaxxPro MRAP and eight prisoners, captured by the Russian side. Somewhere on the southern front.

Below, Ukrainians inspect their destroyed Finnish Sisu XA-180 personnel carrier, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a glad-to-be-alive Ukrainian soldier films the scene outside of his own armored car. We see one armored car, destroyed and still on fire, two more to the right of that one (of the two, the one in the foreground looks to be wrecked), an abandoned tank, and then, panning around to the front, possibly another abandoned vehicle, barely visible through the dirty windshield. Panning halfway back, we get a very brief glimpse of what seems to be an armored car or truck with a shovel-type plow (probably, some kind of makeshift mine-clearance solution, and NOT a safe one for whoever had to drive it, likely somebody on punishment detail.) Location unspecified, probably on the southern front.

Below, REALLY COOL. A Ukrainian infiltration team gets hit with a tank or other direct-fire cannon round, which you can ACTUALLY SEE (!!!), coming from the left. Location, unspecified.

Below, at the end of the video, seven Ukrainian personnel, routed, seek to surrender, on the Svatovo-Kremennaia front. The Russian write-up to this video, indicates that at least one of these men was found to be an officer. Сдавайся ведьма! 

Below, looks to be about 14 Ukrainian prisoners, said to be from the 42nd and 67th brigades, captured in the general vicinity of Krasnyi Liman (“Lyman”, for any MSM people still reading me.) The prisoners have, evidently, been encouraged and incentivized to recount how brainwashed and misguided they have been.

Below, a damaged T-64 tank with a mine plow, two abandoned U.S. M113’s (one of them has lost its track) and an abandoned (possibly damaged, or a flat tire at least) U.S. MaxxPro MRAP, likely somewhere on the southern front.

Below, a damaged and captured Turkish Kirpi armored car, near Novodonetskoe, west Donetsk.

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone wrecks a U.S. MaxxPro MRAP. Location unspecified.

Below, some type of U.S. M113 variant, abandoned near Avdeevka, Donetsk, and being inspected by a Russian.

Below, the command post of an S-300 air defense missile system is struck by one, then another, Lancet kamikaze drone, somewhere in Kherson. Although this is far from the most spectacular Lancet-meets-S-300 video in existence, the fact that the Ukraine’s “theater level” air defense systems are, lately, close enough to the front to be within range of a Lancet (and its partner-monitor drone)… is CRAZY.

Below, what appears to be a UK Mastiff armored car, likely already abandoned, takes a perfect, direct hit from a cannon or mortar round, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below… At first, I assumed this is just more footage of the famous, early June, Leopard-and-Bradley “scrapyard” south of Orekhov, Zaporozhie, perhaps after some scrap had been removed. However, upon inspection, it’s a different, newer scene. The U.S. M2 Bradley at 0:27-0:32 is still gently smoking. And, in the first few seconds, you can see a burned-out U.S./NATO-model armored car, which did not appear in the “scrapyard.”

Below, a German Leopard tank smokes like Bogart, after being struck by a Lancet kamikaze drone, presumably on the southern front. You don’t see the crew getting out; they may have fared poorly.

Below, a Ukrainian tank burns richly after being struck by a Krasnopol’ laser-guided shell, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, five dead Ukrainian personnel, including, by the looks of it, at least one American mercenary. (One less Biden voter, great! Send more!) Near Lugovskoe, Zaporozhie.

Below, very likely at least three dead chumps, keep watching.

Below, a wrecked U.S. MaxxPro MRAP, location unspecified. It’s clear that GLOBOHOMO has given HUNDREDS of these to the Ukraine, and they have been the (far and away) #1 personnel carrier on the southern front since The Big Counteroffensive commenced on June 4th.

Below, a U.S. M113 is damaged, and (keep watching) three of its occupants end up laying motionless on the ground, near Bock-moot. There’s some editing, some seconds have obviously been cut out, but it looks like the guy who ran away instead of helping his wounded colleague, also died in the end. Folks, on the one hand, there’s “karma’s a bitch”, and on the other… if I’m a draftee? Fuck you all, I’m making my escape. To hell with you bitchez.

Below, a destroyed U.S. armored Humvee, somewhere near Bock-moot. The entire engine and most of the forward frame is gone, but the windshield isn’t even cracked, impressive!

Below, OH YEEAAAAHHH!!! Watch to the end. A Ukrainian (Soviet-era) BMP fighting vehicle, evidently transporting a load of munitions, is hit by a Lancet kamikaze drone, and burns and then (keep watching!) goes up like Hiroshima. Folks, you could leave your wife and kids for warporn this good, mm mmm, dass what ahm sayin’. Location unspecified.

Below, shoulda stayed on the bikini team. A Swedish STRF 90 fighting vehicle, while hiding in the woods, takes a hit from a howitzer shell or mortar bomb, somewhere in the general vicinity of Kremennaia, west Lugansk. Watch to the very end, you will see it burning under the trees.

Below, this should’ve gone into Installment #2, “RADARS OF THE LOST DUMP.” A Ukrainian-made Plastun radio emissions source locator system, and anyone manning it, and anyone in the same house, is sent into the next life by something of quite high caliber (very likely, larger than 152mm), near Mar’inka, Donetsk.

Below, a U.S. MaxxPro MRAP, destroyed by a Sudnyi Den’ (Judgement Day) kamikaze drone, somewhere on the southern front. Video of the strike (from the Russian side) is available, but this Ukrainian’s-eye video of the aftermath is more interesting. The soundtrack lyrics are based on what Russians say on New Year’s Eve, when they turn on the tree lights: “Burn bright, burn bright, don’t let it go out.” LOL.

Below, at the start of the video, two damaged “mine-clearing Leopards” (without their cannon barrels), with what seems to be a totally scrapped, short-bodied armored car of some sort (possibly a U.S. Oshkosh M-ATV MRAP), just behind the further Leopard, visible at 0:09. Somewhere on the southern front.

Below, from the Ukrainian side, a wrecked U.S. MaxxPro MRAP, presumably on the southern front. The soundtrack is a Russian-language but slightly “Ukrainized” variation on Diavola Net (There Is No Devil) by the Russian “pub-folk” group, Green Crow, which itself is inspired by “Some Say The Devil Is Dead” by The Kilkennys, of Ireland.

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone retires a Ukrainian T-64 tank. Watch till the end! What is this music… Rammstein? I love it. Location unspecified.

Below, a tank crew of the Northern Fleet marines discorporates a Ukrainian armored vehicle with a cannon-launched guided missile, near Bock-moot.

Below, oo-lah-lah! A near-frontline munitions cache is sent into oblivion by a direct hit from a Russian D-30 howitzer, near Avdeevka, Donetsk. Anyone near the epicenter will have to be collected with tweezers and Ziploc bags, if someone even gets around to it.

Below, FPV kamikaze drones strike two Ukrainian heavy trucks, location(s) unspecified.

Below, a wrecked Ukrainian tank, possibly with a mine plow, south of Orekhov, Zaporozhie.

Below, a group of Ukrainian personnel is blown up by a guided antitank missile, near Torskoe, north Donetsk.

Below, a trashed but perhaps recoverable Ukrainian T-64 tank, location unspecified.

Below, a captured Ukrainian tank, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, four Ukrainian prisoners taken in the general vicinity of Seversk, Donetsk, are performing, perhaps as instructed, for their captors, explaining what a bunch of faggots their officers are.

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