Dreizin’s “new Ukr-offensive material since June 16th” Big Video Dump – Installment #7 – “STILL GOING STRONG!” (21 vids & 10 photos)

Folks, I have a weekend special for you, please stay tuned. It’s public now, directors of the U.S. CIA and Russian SVR recently discussed how to resolve the Ukraine. The Ukraine war ends soon enough, because the U.S. and its hegemonic bloc STRAIGHT UP RUN OUT OF AMMO by the first months of next year, IN THE VERY “BEST” CASE (for them.) That is, they’ll be able to supply the Ukraine minimally after that, but, NOT REMOTELY enough to keep Russia at bay. I’ll publish an audio in which I go over the numbers, as well as newly-disclosed numbers on the Russian side. You’ll hear the IMITATORS pile on shortly, but remember, you heard it HERE FIRST. It’s ending, and that’s NOT up for debate. Russian arms may or may not win this war, but Russian industry (and planning and foresight) certainly will, soon. UNTIL then, the Ukraine’s role is merely that of a SUICIDE BOMBER, a dead-end flunky chump, used by the bosses. AFTER that, ANYTHING is possible, just like after the U.S. lost in Vietnam.

In the meantime…..

If this SEVENTH installment finds you having missed the first installment (at least 50 videos and photos), second installment (22 videos), third installment (28 videos and 1 photo), fourth installment (43 videos and 9 photos), fifth installment (22 videos and 4 photos), and/or sixth installment (30 videos and 6 photos), all from the last six days, PLEASE GET WITH THE PROGRAM. This is coming fast and furious. Don’t be left in the dust. If you like Ukrainian failed “blitz-cringe” videos, then, at this point, you should be checking this website at least once per day, as a default.



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Again, this is ONLY material that came online since June 16th.

Remember, as I told you, The Big Counteroffensive started on the morning of June 4th (the MSM didn’t even begin to catch on for three days), and I already posted at least 135 videos and photos from the period June 4th to June 16th, here, here, here, and here. (Check it out, if you haven’t already. You might have to scroll down to find the relevant content.)

I dedicate all this work to The Candyman, a.k.a. Mr. Dipshit:

And so, here goes:

Below, a drone survey of burnt-out or abandoned armor (two or three tanks, if no repeats, and two armored cars, possibly U.S. MaxxPro MRAPs) and seven bodies in Piatikhatki, Zaporozhie.  Towards the end, a Ukrainian squad is hit with a shell or mortar bomb, ultimately leaving another two bodies and one wounded man (keep watching, he moves) to just lie there.  I don’t understand this… but, I’m here and not there. The soundtrack is a slow, creepy rendition of the most popular Russian lullaby, Баю-баюшки-баю.

Below, GLOBOHOMO armor wasted in a TANK BATTLE (yes, these still happen.) In the first photo, inside the circle, two German Leopard tanks and what may be a U.S. MaxxPro MRAP. In the second photo, a U.S. M2 Bradley. Near Rabotino, Zaporozhie.

Below, AWESOME!!! A PERFECT strike by a Lancet kamikaze drone, totally destroys a U.S. M777 towed howitzer, and anything that may be nearby. Location unspecified, but likely on the southern front.

Below, a Ukrainian soldier surveying a destroyed (possibly evacuated, I’m not sure of the context) U.S. M2 Bradley, in which the aluminum hull had evidently burned (ever put “silverware” into a microwave oven?), followed by a collapse of the turret into the body hollow.

Below, what looks to be a Ukrainian-built Kozak (Cossack) armored car, having lost a short argument with a land mine, launches a small part of itself into near-Earth orbit, to the tune of the 2003 Russian rock aria, Ya svoboden (I am free), by Kipelov, although it may be a cover. In/near the Vremievka salient, west Donetsk.

Below, several trashed U.S. MaxxPro MRAPs and an abandoned (possibly burnt-out) U.S. M113. Somewhere in west Donetsk.

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone strikes a Ukrainian (Soviet-era) 36D6 air defense radar, somewhere in Kherson.

Below, a Slovenian M-55S (a modernized Soviet T-55, with a British L7 cannon) takes a direct hit from a Krasnopol’ laser-guided howitzer shell, and burns out, somewhere on the Kremennaia front.

Below, with praise from observer drone operators, a Russian glide bomb scores a precise hit on an “industrial sized” agricultural structure (a cowpen or whatever) that was being used to store Ukrainian vehicles or other hardware, obliterating half of it. In/near Malinovka, Zaporozhie.

Below, from 0:24, a Ukrainian tank takes a direct hit from a howitzer shell, presumably a laser-guided Krasnopol’, and goes up like a bucket of gasoline, BEAUTIFUL!!! Near Seversk, north Donetsk.

Below, to the tune of Toxicity by System of a Down, a Lancet kamikaze drone strikes some type of Ukrainian self-propelled howitzer, inside a caponier and protected by jerry-rigged anti-drone mesh. The explosion is impressive, but I have no idea as to the damage. In the general vicinity of Krasnyi Liman, north Donetsk.

Below, a German Leopard tank that lost its cannon. Something you don’t see every day! Somewhere on the southern front.

Below, a collection of hits against Ukrainian positions, by some type of Russian kamikaze mini-drone, in various locations. Most of the targeted personnel are hiding in their bunkers, so you don’t see them, but some of the bunkers are clearly LAID TO WASTE, and, one or two bodies are visible near the end.

Below, a Ukrainian column (the background speech is in Russian, as usual) has been knocked about, location unspecified.

Below, despite its tiny size, this FPV kamikaze mini-drone has, it seems, managed to set fire to a Ukrainian tank. Location unspecified.

Below, a Russian verbally abuses three faggot cocksucker prisoners from a NATO-trained brigade, captured near Novoselovskoe, near the Lugansk-Kharkov border. Psychological abuse is also prohibited under the Geneva Conventions.

Below, a captured Ukrainian T-72AB tank, being hauled away to Mordor, where the Shadows lie. Location unspecified.

Below, three FPV kamikaze mini-drones, in succession, hit a Ukrainian BMP fighting vehicle, parked in Ugledar, Donetsk.

Below, a knocked-out Ukrainian tank, location unspecified.

Below, a de-tracked and abandoned light armored vehicle, probably a U.S. M113 with what seems to be a U.S. Browning .50 caliber machinegun mounted up top, south of Orekhov, Zaporozhie.

Below, a U.S. Oshkosh M-ATV MRAP, with a flat tire, captured by Russian marines, being towed away by a tank.  Location unspecified, but most (if not all) marines are on the southern front.

Below, a Ukrainian tank (likely a T-64) and BMP fighting vehicle are immobilized by Russian fire, in west Donetsk.

Below, bombardment of Ukrainian forces that moved in to Piatikhatki, Zaporozhie. An unknown vehicle (blurry, but clearly not a tank) takes a direct hit from a high-caliber shell, and goes up spectacularly, at around 0:24. A burned-out BMP fighting vehicle is visible at 0:32. (Other junked hardware here, may have already appeared in my other videos or photos.)

Below, a lightly armored vehicle, likely a U.S. MaxxPro MRAP, or U.S. M113, or some other U.S./NATO donation (all we see of it is a blurry silhouette), takes a near-direct hit from a high-caliber projectile, in the general vicinity of Bock-moot. The crew MAY have survived and even avoided serious injury, but the vehicle clearly won’t be going anywhere soon.

Below, a knocked-out Ukrainian BMP fighting vehicle, possibly near Bock-moot. The man in the photo is a Russian.

Below, said to be the destruction of a Ukrainian BTR (8×8 wheeled battle wagon) in the general vicinity of Kupiansk, east Kharkov. Presumably, it was hit with a Krasnopol’ laser-guided shell after being “lazed” by the observation drone. For such a small point (in the drone camera view) to put out so much flame, it must have been LOADED with munitions.

Below, from near the very beginning of The Great Counteroffensive, this reportedly shows a captured Russian armored Ural truck, which was manned by Ukrainians in Russian uniform, in an attempt to infiltrate Russian lines in Vasilievski district, Zaporozhie. The truck hit a mine, and then survivors were picked off by snipers. The Russian side was tipped-off and well-prepared for this attempt. (In early June, I published daytime footage of the aftermath of another, similar attempt. The two attempts were close enough together, but I’m only getting to this one, now.)

Below, an explosive-laden, jerry-rig remote-controlled MT-LB armored/tracked utility vehicle, lights up and then EXPLODES inside a Ukrainian-held (not for long) forest strip, location unspecified. This is one of four Russian “jihad-mobile” videos made available within several days, around June 18th-20th, demonstrating a great surplus of light armored vehicles on the Russian side, due to the “mothballed junk” refurbishment efforts of Russia’s military-industrial complex being ramped up to a GALLOPPING pace. Allahu Akbar!!!

Below, another Russian jihad-mobile in action. HOLY MOLY!!! Look at that shock wave. First words that came to mind, “Neo-Tokyo is about to explode.” (Granted, the Tokyo in this Akira clip, is not Neo-Tokyo, but old Tokyo.)

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