Bootlicking the Pet Sematary

Folks, I did NOT INTEND for a visual connection, linking the first two below audios.

I only realized the dead cat angle, when I googled for “Pet Sematary” images (thinking of the 1989 movie poster zombie/ghost with the head injury), after having recorded the second, longer audio, and deciding to make it the headline piece.

Synchronicity, huh?

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Please listen:

(Audio file duration: 3:55)

“Afterword”: Come to think of it, it’s POSSIBLE that the Korean cat shelter bought a large quantity of contaminated, chilled/frozen chicken meat, at one time, from one source, then fed it to the cats over a weeks-long period. But, I dunno, who feeds REAL, raw and unprocessed meat to shelter animals? And, in Korea??? (Millions of Koreans still eat dog, at least occasionally, FYI.)

*****LATEST NEWS: Three more suspected H5N1 cases at another cat shelter in Seoul, not clear if alive or dead. Test results may take a few days, supposedly. (I guess testing for a specific strain takes longer than what we’re used to, at the clinic?) FWIW.

One little point of clarification on the below. I understand why the Clinton administration allowed the mega-consolidation of the arms contractors—new orders went downhill in the 1990s, and some of the secondary and tertiary players were not going to survive, otherwise. Well, it is what it is. We are where we are.

(You know, the Clintonistas also (with bipartisan support in Congress) allowed for the mega-consolidation of the banking industry. I’m sure they had a great reason for that, too. Of course, no one ‘fessed up at the time, “Hey, we won the Cold War, so we’re no longer threatened by socialist-revolutionary thinking, or any “other camp” that we need to compete with, that dissidents or the Democrat “hard left” can point to, so why not let our campaign donors, finally, LIVE IT UP?”)

Please listen:

(Audio file duration: 7:21)

Folks, it’s GUARANTEED that Scott Ritter is under FISA surveillance. If (again, if) he’s not registered as a foreign agent under FARA, “they” have probably more or less built a “case” already. In which case, they’re just letting it go on for longer, to put him away for longer.

Bottom line, as per the below audio:

“This is not a prediction, but if anybody in the geopolitical dissident camp is going to have any kind of legal problems first, the first one is going to be Scott Ritter.”

Please listen:

(Audio file duration: 3:18)


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