U.S. economy trapped in long-term stagnation, no way out

Folks, here at the Dreizin Report, we believe in DIVERSITY. That is, covering many different topics. Today’s edition is super DIVERSE. Please, enjoy today’s content, which includes some of the most intense Dreizin ranting you’ve ever seen. Also, one of my best recent (or perhaps, of all time) “decodings” of the U.S. State Media’s Ukraine-related whoring, with probably the first use of the term “quadrumvirate” that you’ve ever come across (I thought I made it up, but it’s a real word.)

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I was reminded of an old, forgotten Twitter account of mine, by a pimpled, 16 year-old gay virgin Dreizin stalker-fan with sexual fantasies about me, who was trying to hack it at around 3:30am today (as usual, I was awake at the time, collecting warporn for my paying customers.)

He did me a favor! I had completely forgotten about this. I had only ever put a few tweets on there, all on one day, and I didn’t tell anyone, not even my friends.

The tweets are below. I had made them on February 5th, 2020, the day that Trump’s first impeachment drama ended… and, 19 DAYS BEFORE Pelosi told everyone to come visit San Francisco’s Chinatown, because it’s safe and fun.

As you can see, I made a few mistakes. I wrote “PTA’s” (Parent-Teacher Associations, for you foreigners), but obviously meant “school boards.” (Of course, this was before the term “school board” was daily in the national news.) Also, I failed to predict the “tele-school” phenomenon.

(And, no idea what I meant by “(singular)”.)

Otherwise, see below, not bad at all.


Finally got around to laughing at the most recent GDP number.

The U.S. financial press, played it up like it’s “surprisingly good news”, LOL, because the prior four quarters had all been under two percent… and they were expecting an imminent recession.

I suppose when expectations are low, encouragement comes easy.

What is “two percent growth”, anyway?

Dreizin takes you to school, here:

(Audio file duration: 9:26)

A close friend sends me headlines about Trump’s campaign spending tens of millions of dollars on lawyers, running low on cash because of lawyers.

OK. What’s the problem?

At this time, the legal troubles ARE the campaign.  The campaign DOESN’T NEED anything else. The indictments are the biggest “campaign contribution” imaginable.

For Trump, this, per se, doesn’t sound like a problem.

(“They” may choose to crack down on his spending campaign funds on criminal defense lawyers, perhaps hit him or his campaign staff with more charges along those lines, but they can’t stop him from raising money, one way or another.)


It’s VEEEEERY interesting, how all these Trump indictments are coming at about the same time, just as DeSantis CRASHES AND BURNS (as I predicted about four months ago)…..

…..and it becomes clear (even to the blind, deaf, and dead) that Trump is the ONLY credible, the ONLY possible candidate on the Republican side.

The “election interference” investigation against Trump was ongoing, in some form or other, FOR 30 MONTHS…..

…..yet, somehow, it culminated JUST 52 DAYS AFTER Trump’s indictment in the “government archives” case.

AND, Fulton County, Georgia, will be charging him as well, perhaps any day now, for basically the same “election interference.”


Yeah, interesting.

(I can’t speak for Fulton, but notice, the Feds are still TOO PUSSY to actually put him in cuffs, have him do the “perp walk”, publish a mugshot, whatever. Why indict someone for so many (literally, tens and tens of) “serious crimes”, with a total maximum sentence of 561 years (per the Trump campaign), if you don’t actually show that you intend him to go to jail? LOL. Because, duh, they don’t care about that. They just need him gone.)

As I’ve mentioned, all of this already happened in Thailand, more or less. Only the names were different. Nothing new.


As I’ve said, Trump is now just a sideshow.

As in early 2020, “something else” (something BIG) will come around, sooner or later, and COMPLETELY CHANGE THE TOPIC.

(In the last 22 years, I’ve lived through “9/11”; the “Great Financial Crisis”; an overhyped but nasty, “once in a century” pandemic, with a zombie movie-script, escaped bioweapon virus; 1960s-style nationwide riots; “January 6th”; the adoption of cross-dressing and cutting off boy’s dicks as the U.S. State Ideology; Jews backing actual Nazis; 20% real price inflation in 2021; below-freezing temperatures in subtropical Houston; the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve half empty, at its lowest since it was first being filled in 1982-1983; the destruction of Europe’s most reliable source of piped natural gas; artillery bombardment of the world’s ninth most powerful nuclear power plant; and the USA losing THREE wars (I’m counting the Ukraine as a loss already), to include, a disgraceful, “Saigon”-style evacuation from Kabul; top U.S. military officers speaking OPENLY of a coming war with China; and Saudi Arabia moving under Chinese protection—who saw that one coming? (Funny, the list gets much more “crowded” in the last few years.) TODAY, the mistakes and imbalances are SO MUCH WORSE than ever in my lifetime, meaning, the list of things that could go very wrong, is SO MUCH LONGER, and I’m not even getting into a curveball such as the Yellowstone volcano going off. I’m EXPECTING a second pandemic, with mass death of immune-compromised, mRNA “vaccine” victims, but it COULD be just about anything, or more than one thing. One thing is sure, we WON’T have to wait tooooo long.)

And, unlike in 2020, seeing as he’s out of power, “it” is MUCH more likely to help Trump, than to hurt him.

But again, a sideshow. He’s not going to save us.

To paraphrase Jesus:

“Let the Trumpers worry about Trump.”

(P.S. Totally out in left field, but regarding “Let the dead bury the dead”, the meaning within the given scriptural context is so LITERALLY OBVIOUS (that is, don’t worry about those who’ve died, they’re beyond help), yet there seems to be (at least) HUNDREDS of websites and commentators trying to sell you on a convoluted explanation, i.e. that Jesus was speaking to OTHERS about the live subject being “spiritually” dead, or claiming the dead subject was actually alive, or some such BS—all evidently concocted by those concerned with Jesus being seen as insensitive towards a guy whose father had just died, as in, “No way, I just can’t accept that Jesus told the guy to grab this once-in-an-eternity opportunity to come follow His Awesomeness on the trail, at the expense of letting his dad’s body fester at home!!!” LOL, I’m sure these same apologists enjoy their “textualist, strict constructionist” reading of the U.S. Constitution, hahaha. Sadly, modern Christian practice is CHOCK FULL of this BS. Anyone really think the Messiah would speak in such OBSCURE RIDDLES, as to require those around him to reach for their smartphones and consult Google to understand what the fuck he just said? And even then, they’d STILL be left guessing, because Google has no one answer? Sorry folks, that is NOT how religious leaders (or ANY leaders) communicate. (Marlon Brando’s Colonel Kurtz was NOT a real character.) Even accepting the core tenets of the faith, this is totally COUNTERINTUITIVE AND IRRATIONAL—it is contrary to REASON, which was bestowed upon us. Just read what’s there. The INTUITIVE NOT COUNTERINTUITIVE understanding is, he told that guy (it’s in the script, he told that guy), not others in the room, but that guy (again, he told that guy specifically, that’s clearly in the text), “Follow me, and leave your dad there, someone else will come bury him when the smell gets bad enough, because it’s just dirt, whereas YOUR soul’s fate is still undecided.” Insensitive, for modern readers? Not your preferred interpretation of the 5th Commandment? (If they’re dead, who cares?) Tough shit!

Here’s a good comment from a reader, not hugely original, but well written, and a good summary of recent and likely future “narrative hopping.” I publish it here, because I want to show you my response:

Putin should be nominated for a Nobel prize in medicine – the moment that the tanks went into Ukraine, the Wuhan Coronavirus ceased being the world-ending threat that they had been hanging over our heads for over two years, and the Ukrainian Flag emojis started to edge out the syringes and mask emojis in Twitter bios.

If there is a new nasty flu variant going around, I’m sure that the establishment will choose to hype it at a time that suits them, and that can be most effectively used to further their agenda. For now, they probably don’t want to divert public focus away from the glorious Ukrainian struggle for freedom and democracy… but things will likely rapidly change as facts on the ground can’t be covered up any more. Then we will start to hear about it in the media, A LOT.

After all, they ignored the coof until around March 2020 before doing a 180, presumably after they came up with a plan to exploit it fully to push their Agenda 2030 forwards. They pretended it didn’t obviously come from a lab in Wuhan until very recently – because they want to put pressure on China.

My response:

Yes, a lot of “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia” going on, the last few years.

As I’ve said for 17 months, they will discard the Ukraine “like a used condom.” Now, even the GODDAMN ZOMBIES are sensing it.

(Can I get an “amen”?)

When it happens, the hate and hysteria will be re-directed internally, and it will be vicious and even violent. There’s no other way, they have to top the last act, keep the game going.

And, if (again, if) the next pandemic hits in 2024… bar the door. Every “red” state or county that refuses to enforce extreme lockdowns, or accept the next nationwide eviction moratorium or whatever, will be deemed an insurrectionist. They’d paint an insurrection so well, it would probably become one.

Yes, I am talking serious ugliness. I have a vision of them sending a Federal SWAT team to try to arrest some state official who’s not playing ball. Let’s see how that goes over in, say, Texas. It wouldn’t be quite the army chaos passage from Stephen King’s The Stand, but it would be close enough.

And, the China war won’t be ready until 2025 or later (or, perhaps never, depending on how 2024 goes.) They have to fill the gap somehow.

If you’ve read Politico, you know it’s become a reliable sounding board for the CIA, or some such agency. 

(I guess that’s what Americans mean by, “a free press”.  The press are “free” to be shills, to be USED, BY THE STATE, LIKE WHORES.) 

Yesterday, Politico let us know, there’s a plan to run the Borscht Reich with some quadrumvirate junta (my term, not Politico’s), in the event that Green T-Shirt Guy is killed. 


First, as acknowledged by Politico, the Borscht Reich’s constitution spells out the succession.  There’s no legal basis for a junta of a top aide and two ministers to run the state, under the “figurehead” (Politico’s term) authority of the head of parliament. (Of course, we all appreciate Politico laying down the law in the Borscht Reich.)

Second, you’ll hardly believe this, but, please bear with me… THERE’S BEEN A FULL-SCALE WAR ON, FOR 17 MONTHS.  Only NOW do they talk about succession planning?  Did I miss something?  Slow news day?

Third, Green T-Shirt Guy visits one or more towns in north Donetsk (he’s appeared as little as JUST A FEW KILOMETERS from the front line) every month or two, to give a pep talk, hand out medals, whatever.  The visits are not “announced” in advance, but of course, it’s a big deal each time, he brings his bodyguards, photographers, secretary, makeup artist, body double, etc., etc.  And, Russia, by now, SURELY knows the pattern of radio activity and “spooky-spooky code language”, whenever his army is told to plan for his arrival. 

Of course, as EVERYONE knows, if Russia wanted to kill him, they’d have DONE IT ALREADY.  They wouldn’t need a hundred-million-ruble cruise missile—flying hundreds of kilometers to Kiev—to do it.

We may conclude, the CIA is letting Green T-Shirt Guy know he’s EXPENDABLE.  

Obviously, everyone’s tired of his “aggressive panhandling.”

The arrogant beggar has become a PR liability. 


His “Global Savior” schtick, threatens the CIA’s PRESENT EFFORTS (as in, right now) to negotiate a de-escalation with Russia, before GLOBOHOMO runs out of munitions, and in time for the 2024 U.S. election campaign. 

The Big Counteroffensive failed, and now, they have to bring him down to earth.

If he doesn’t come down to earth, he will, of course, be brushed aside.

It may not be a super-dirty job as with Ngo Dinh Diem (today’s CIA is a bit “softer”)…..

…..but it’s bound to happen, if he doesn’t get with the program.

Against the advice of his child, a Russian man resurrects the ancient, brutal Russian sport of cat bowling:


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