Ukr forces & “murder tourists” (foreign mercs) abandon Severodonetsk industrial zone, city is 100% under Russ/Lugansk control; Ukr propaganda shifts hard to “we never needed that place, it was just a sneaky distraction for dumb Russ”; Noose tightens on Ukr in Lisichansk city, birthplace of 2014 Lugansk “Russian Spring”; Ukr withdrawal from Lisichansk west to Seversk and Slaviansk under way, by some accounts; *****NO SIGN OF LINDSAY GRAHAM… SOMEONE DO A WELLNESS CHECK???*****; To prove it is still a drunken gas station and not a real country, Russia launches ~40 cruise missiles overnight June 24-25, hitting as far as Lvov; Russia has massively stepped up its intel/surveillance—has been striking Ukr regional senior command centers & foreign arms marshalling points w/ increasing frequency, has likely already damaged or destroyed *most* U.S. M-777 cannon sent to Ukr; fate of Ukr force in Gorskoe-Zolotoe cauldron unclear, appears most attempting to exfiltrate on foot, incl. thru mine fields, many in civilian clothes—Russ victory here may be a starving bug hunt rather than “clean” mass surrender, nonetheless, many trophies taken incl. hundreds of U.S./Swedish AT-4 bazookas, millions of $ of high-end combat/trauma medical gear, piles of abandoned body armor; Ukr forces in/near Kharkov hard-pressed as Russia counter-advances near city, NOW HIDING IN HOSPITALS TO AVOID AIR/MISSILE STRIKES, *****PREPARE FOR MEDIA SH*TSTORM RE POSSIBLE RUSSIAN STRIKE ON HOSPITAL IN THIS AREA*****

Folks, a note regarding those who said that the Ukrainian soldiers shown in the videos on my two prior posts, looked like civilian militia and generally pathetic. Yes, I know one of them (in my last post) had quite a belly. The rest could have been “real” soldiers or at least “legitimate” reservists, we just don’t know.

Let me tell you, if you were to take any infantry squad from the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, take away their shaving gear for a few days, don’t feed them properly (or at all) for a few days, deny them sleep, perhaps give them a sunburn, and take away all their “battle rattle” and strip them down to their dirty pants and sweaty t-shirts…..

…..Some of them would look a lot like heroin junkies, or like these Ukrainian prisoners. As would you and I. In short, prisoners always look pathetic. They almost never look like killers, although some of them are.

Some junk and stuff

FWIW, below are photos of vehicles confiscated from the Ukrainians for their naughty behavior in the Lisichansk sector, including three BTR wheeled APC’s (one at the far right of the first photo, easy to miss), one not-very-modern tank, and a number of trucks, at least three of them with command or electronics modules in the back.

This does not look to be “prime quality” gear (the BTR’s for example are not the modernized variety that the Ukraine started the war with), but, the Ukrainians don’t have much fancy stuff (or any stuff) left that’s not recently Western-donated.

Also, for those who haven’t heard, the Russian side recently claimed to have taken two intact French-supplied CAESAR cannon trucks, although no visual documentation was provided.

The plague is coming back

Just a reminder that I think all this war bullsh*t will be forgotten once a more deadly form of the ko-ro-na appears, which will “target” and kill those (of course, not everyone) who are vakk-synn-ay-tted with the jeen the-rah-pee shawtz, especially those who are “heavily” vakk-synn-ay-tted (i.e. boooss-ttedd once or twice or more often.)

This (among other coterminous problems and crises) will strain our society to the breaking point, making the initial 2020 ko-ro-na outbreak look like the vacation that it was (for many office workers, at least.)

My guess is this could blow up anytime between now and 9-10 months from now, not later than that.

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