Sorry to sound like Hamas or the late Saddam, but Ukr “opens gates of hell” by bombing/destroying Russian gas platform west of Crimea, killing at least 7 civilian workers – Russia despite all its destructiveness, has up to now avoided targeting infrastructure (e.g. power plants) that does not directly and immediately help the Ukr war effort – this *may* now change, we shall see – list of potential Ukr targets is VERY, VERY LONG – as they say in Russian, “возможно, допрыгались” (“they may have finally asked for it”)

You (may have) heard it here first. Please make sure to also see my previous piece on this site. Keep in mind, the emails going to my mailing list, include (for now) a link to the main page only. I don’t want to take attention away from the last post, as I spent much more time on it (and I am not emailing out this one.) Enjoy!

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