Ukraine garrison evacuating Lisichansk – Russian or Lugansk forces now reportedly INSIDE the city; also, Karma strikes as Russians claim to bag the bearded Georgian merc shown in the infamous, prisoner throat-slitting video from March 31st

We’ll cover the headline material. But first…..

A mall with 1000 people!!!

Regarding the latest LOL from the Ukraine. Russia is said to have bombed a shopping mall somewhere, “with 1000 people inside”….. but only killing two. OK, how does that work?

If the only part that got bombed was the storage locker with the hidden rockets or whatever, who cares how many people were inside the entire mall? LOL.

So basically, two people were killed. Well, I see their two and raise them one—here’s a video from the vault, of three dead teenagers somewhere in Donetsk (not the city)…..

…..who almost but didn’t quite make it into the basement/shelter before they were killed by Ukrainian shelling. Probably just playing outside and then, heard a siren, ran, and they’re dead.

So I got three here, but they got only two. I want a headline on CNN. Where’s my headline? After all, there are probably 1000 people living in this housing subdivision where these three kids were killed. 1000 people! My God!

This is all just dumb as sh*t, but it’s meant for people who are dumb as sh*t, so, what can you expect? Most people are just cud-chewing cattle.

Ukraine likely to lose Lisichansk before next week

Things are moving so fast, I can’t keep up. But first, some background…..

Perhaps due to its proximity to Slaviansk in the neighboring Donetsk Province/Republic, Lisichansk city was the very cradle of the “Russian Spring” revolt in Lugansk Province/Republic.

A crowd of several thousand, including the local Orthodox priesthood, came out to the funeral of the first three rebels killed there in May 2014.

The city was only abandoned by the militia under Aleksei Mozgovoi after the Donetsk rebel evacuation from Slaviansk in early July 2014 made it impractical to defend with the force at hand….. The only option being a fallback to Lugansk city, which is much closer to the Russian border.

Late yesterday (Monday, June 27th), there was a very credible report of Russian and/or Lugansk forces in the village of Maloryazantseve (I’m going by the Ukrainian name so you can find it on Google Maps)…..

… well as near the soccer/football stadium (within city limits) that you can find on Google Maps at “улица Свердлова, 199, Lysychans’k, Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine, 93100.”

Furthermore, Russian and/or Lugansk forces have finally managed to cross and establish firm beachheads at two points along the sharp bend of the Severskii Donets river just northwest of the city.

Moreover, Russian and/or Lugansk forces are also inside Verkhn’okam’yanka (wacky Google spelling, makes it easier for you to find), which sits on the highway to Artyomovsk (or under its de-communized new name, Bakhmut.)

Ukrainian forces had been evacuating Lisichansk on the only “open” (though bombarded) road west to Seversk (Sivers’k on Google Maps which relies on the Ukrainian pronunciation, the locals of course speak 100 percent Russian)…..

…..However, with the recent advance, it appears this road is, at best (for the Ukrainians) “contested”, and there are no longer any mapped/paved roads available for the retreat.

As a Russian might (soon) say…

С боем взяли Лисичанск, город весь прошли,
И последней улицы название прочли…

Stop arming Russia!

Folks, if the U.S. and its hegemonic bloc wants to help the Ukraine, perhaps they should stop arming Russia?

In the first half of the below video, inside and outside this shack formerly used as a barracks by a Ukrainian force, somewhere north of Slaviansk, we clearly see four new, still-packaged NLAW’s and a number of boxes of unknown munitions. (I’m not sure, but I think there is a fifth NLAW under the top rear one inside the shack.)

The persons in the video are one Russian soldier (the “presenter” at the start) and two Donetsk reservists. Later, you can also see two swastikas carved into the walls.

Of course, this is just one site among hundreds where Ukrainian gear to include NATO country-donated antitank weapons have been captured. I am confident the Ukrainians have actually abandoned **FAR, FAR MORE** NATO country-donated antitank weapons than they have successfully (or otherwise) used in this war.

Instant Karma’s gonna get you

Reliable Russian sources are claiming that Georgian “murder tourist” a.k.a. mercenary/volunteer Teimuraz Khizanishvili, the bearded, Osama-looking f*cker in the below video from the vault…..

…..which I highly recommend you DON’T watch, as it shows a group of Russian VDV soldiers who were ambushed, detained, disarmed, had their throats slit, and were left to massively bleed out (one who didn’t die fast enough and was making some gargling or wheezing sounds, gets shot in the video) during the Russian withdrawal from Kiev on March 31st…..

…..has been killed near Lisichansk. Isn’t the Ukraine great? It’s the one country where you can kill prisoners on camera (of course, this wasn’t the only video), post it on the Internet, it goes all around the world…..

…..and you can still show your face and carry on like nothing happened! What a country! Again, I highly recommend you ***DON’T WATCH THIS DISGUSTING VIDEO****, especially if you have mental issues or you are squeamish or easily upset.

***You have been warned, it’s better you don’t watch this video. Don’t send me an invoice from your psychotherapist—if you watch this, it’s all on you.***

The plague is coming back

Just a reminder that I think all this war bullsh*t will be forgotten once a MUCH more deadly form of the ko-ro-na appears, which will “target” and kill those (of course, not everyone) who are vakk-synn-ay-tted with the jeen the-rah-pee shawtz, especially those who are “heavily” vakk-synn-ay-tted (i.e. boooss-ttedd once or twice or more often.)

This (among other coterminous problems and crises) will strain our society to the breaking point, making the initial 2020 ko-ro-na outbreak look like the vacation that it was (for many office workers, at least.)

My guess is, this could blow up anytime between now and 9-10 months from now, not later than that.

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