Invest In shovels

Folks, please watch this video and invest in shovels.  My webmaster / video producer (a good friend who is precisely half of the Dreizin Report) feels I understated or glossed over the political and psychological weight of the renewed campaign against Trump.  I understand where he’s coming from. Yes, we’ve become Thailand. IMHO, I understate nothing.

What I didn’t do (yet, in this video) is go into much detail regarding the political outcome of Variant X.

I do believe not just that these muddafukkaz and all their fishing expeditions, censorship, vote frawd, tranny agenda and other woke bullschitt, and chauvinism will be swept aside like dust, but that the Federal Government (as we know it today) will be much weaker, at best, once the dust settles.

Indeed, if (as I really hope) the country survives, there will be a “New Federalism” and a reorientation of political and economic strength OUT OF the cities and AWAY FROM the coasts.  I’ll go into that in a subsequent post.

Keep in mind, there has NEVER been a proper “revolution” without a major “exogenous” (i.e. arising not from “routine” oppression or day-to-day political pingpong) shock such as a lost war, hyperinflation / economic collapse, severe food shortages or famine, a successful revolution in a nearby country, and/or… perhaps… a really nasty vyrus.

We are, sadly, moving in that direction.  In this context, the Regime (again) going after Trump is “merely” another bale of straw on the bonfire, NOT (not even remotely) a potential direct cause.

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The Dreizin Report Is Now 100 Percent Demonetized

(If anyone didn’t see this, the last time.) The ax finally came down. Google Adsense cancelled me, and YouTube immediately demonetized me as well, because that’s also Google, because a few dotcoms own the world now.

I had already been subjected to “shadow demonetization”, whereby this blog and my YouTube channel were no longer showing “quality” ads from woke companies…..

…..but I was still able to earn at least $100 per week from the blog (which helped to defray expenses), with those stupid “Trump coin” ads or whatever.  Now, evidently, I am so toxic that even “Trump coin” ads can’t be shown on my blog.  LOL! I must be a real threat to society.

So, for the time being, at least until we find another ad service (unlikely, as the smaller players in this market seem to “vet” applicants even more strictly than Google does), I won’t be warning you again about any imminent ad blocker installation.

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