Don’t Eat Your Pets

Please watch my new video, titled “Don’t Eat Your Pets.” If anything, I understated the Brandon regime’s new heavy-handed “house to house” approach.

Having already posted this video, I saw footage of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) coming to some guy’s very large, nice front porch, without a warrant, asking to see his two guns that he bought at the same time, because, you know, that’s a “bulk” purchase and he could be an illegal arms reseller.

News is, they are going house to house now, without warrants, just to fulfill some bizarre plan or quota set for them by their Democrat leadership. In principle, I don’t mind checking up on people’s guns (it happens in most other countries that have gun rights), but this is clearly loopy, arbitrary, and designed to intimidate. As I say in the video, we are back to the 1990s.

Anyway, the video is NOT about guns. Any Eurotrash (not Europeans, but Eurotrash) still reading this blog, please don’t bother with the “I don’t understand why Americans love guns so much” comments, you’ll be deleted and blocked. Instead, please go get a couple of Pfyezzer boosstter shawtz.

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*****To be clear, the above picture has nothing to do with the video. It relates to the below information.*****

What’s Going On At The Next Chernobyl?

Russia has been in control of the Zaporozhie Atomic Energy Station and its worker-city Energodar since March. 

Russia cannot attack the station because Russia is at the station.  There are Russian soldiers at the station. 

When our MSM writes that Russia and the Ukraine accuse each other of attacking the station, the writers know they are passing along bullshit.

It is not possible for people “in the know” to believe Jesus Zelensky’s claims that Russia is bombing itself at the station. 

Last month, Russia had attempted to connect the station to the Crimean grid.  In response, the Ukraine started sending attack drones aiming at Russian forces in the vicinity of the station.  Some station employees were severely injured in one such attack. 

The Ukraine then stepped up the ante with cannon and rocket attacks on the area.  It’s unclear what they have been aiming at.  Perhaps work crews (for the Crimea effort) or perhaps Russian forces, or both. 

Shelling has damaged or destroyed substantial infrastructure including power lines and water pumping systems for cooling the reactors. 

More recently, the Ukraine has made demands that Russia leave the station.  This obviously does not square with Jesus Zelensky’s claims that Russia is bombing the station.  But, no one thinks too hard about that. 

As of yet, the six reactor housings have not been hit.  The Ukraine is shelling the area using U.S.-supplied M777 howitzers, the munitions for which are incapable of penetrating the housings, except perhaps with a “lucky” direct hit at the very top of a housing dome, where the reinforced cement is possibly as thin as 80cm. 

The main risk is of a reactor meltdown due to destruction of cooling mechanisms, failure of external power to withdraw fuel rods from a reactor core, or human error arising from stress or fatigue.  (None of the staff signed up to work in a war zone.) 

Given the prevailing pattern of U.S. satellite and other intelligence being used in Ukrainian targeting decisions, we cannot rule out a direct U.S. role in the Ukrainian shelling. 

Incidentally, five of the reactors are past their “expiration” dates. 

As of now, to avoid a potential meltdown scenario, four of the six reactors have ceased operation (the rods presumably withdrawn, but still must be cooled), another one is in some kind of reduced-operation mode, and only one is fully functioning. 

Russia appears to have made an offer to continue supplying the Ukraine with free electricity from the station indefinitely, which (in addition to keeping the lights on in the Ukraine) allows the Ukraine to sell some small surplus to its western neighbors (Slovakia or whatever) for cash. 

This is not good enough for Jesus Zelensky—after months of defeats and bullshit talk about a “counteroffensive” that never happened, he needs a victory, and that involves Russia withdrawing from the station and from Energodar. 

Presumably, he interprets (and who can blame him?) silence or feigned ignorance from the U.S.A. and E.U. as a green light to keep pushing the envelope. It’s a game of “chicken.”

And if there is “another Chernobyl”?  Who cares!  It will be blamed on Russia. (It will also lead to much more financial support for the Kiev regime.)

The one kink in this “perfect scheme” is the pending visit of an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA, an affiliate of the United Nations) delegation to the site, which may evolve into a permanent mission to the site.

The 11 or so IAEA delegates scheduled to arrive in the coming days, are all from “neutral” countries (of course, people from “neutral” countries, i.e. states not within the U.S. hegemonic bloc, are much more likely to be sympathetic to Russia.)

Given the seriousness of the matter (the premises of one of the world’s largest nuclear energy plants being attacked with heavy weaponry every day for well over a month), the formation of the delegation and mission was absurdly, in fact, obscenely, delayed.

The only realistic explanation is, there was a struggle between Russia and the USA over who would be on the delegation. (Obviously, Russia won.)

Of course, the delegation will show up and determine that the site is, in fact, under Russian control, and Russia is not bombing itself. Will that be reported in the Western MSM? Of course not. But it will be reported in the neutral countries. This exercise is important for official and public opinion in the neutral countries.

In conclusion: Everything you have just read, must be “common knowledge” to people “in the know”, including at the U.S. Department of State, the radiological protection branch (or whatever) within the U.S. Department of Defense, and reporters at top newspapers including the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal.

They did not share this information with you. That any of this information is news to you, that you had to find it on some no-name blog… Well, that’s where we are in 2022.

If you still think you are learning something real about this conflict from CNN, Fox, NY Times, WSJ, WaPo, BBC, CBC, or even a specialist outlet such as 19fortyfive, there is no hope for you, you are a subhumanoid.

PS: In keeping with my “the expected won’t happen, the unexpected will happen” approach, I anticipate that if there is a nuclear disaster in Europe, it won’t be at Zaporozhie, it will be at some other nuke plant in the Ukraine or perhaps in France, where they have been overloading their reactors due to their power crisis, or somewhere else in Europe. If it’s in Emmanuel “we must sacrifice for democracy” Macron’s France, I guarantee I will be laughing my ass off. Send more cheese and Javelins! LOL.

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