Don’t Fight The Last War



Got plenty of korona, economic doom, a primer on “foreign influence operations” (a case study of The Moscow Times), a link to my recent appearance on James Kunstler’s podcast, the ABSOLUTE BATSH*T CRAZIEST Ukraine war stuff I’ve ever published, and more, further down, but first…..

…..a WARNING to those Republican party officials and conservative media/activists who still read me…..

If you’ve been following FBI “activity” against the Trump camp in recent days, you know we’ve never seen the Democrats (or any U.S. rulers since the War Between the States) this wild and desperate.

Although hundreds of poor sods are still in jail for merely trespassing for 20 minutes at the Capitol 20 months ago (many having walked in through wide-open doors and not even realized their crime)…..

…..The “January 6th Committee” (“Plan A”) was a ridiculous flop…..

…..then the “raid on Trump’s house” gimmick (“Plan B”) got bogged down…..

…..(they made too big of a show, got sloppy and walked away with too many papers; taking the three passports was an embarrassment; the authorizing judge CLEARLY lost his nerve; and now they’re in a battle over what they can use, out of what they took, and it might not be settled before the midterm election)…..

… they had to activate (or drastically accelerate) “Plan C.”

America’s “democracy” has seen plenty of TYRANNICAL oppression and suppression…..

…..with people losing their jobs/careers or even being IMPRISONED BY THE HUNDREDS for writing or saying the wrong thing (e.g., the crackdown on World War One dissidents, and the first Red Scare and then the second Red Scare), not to mention, terrorist “race massacres” as recently as the 1920s…..

…..not to mention, White House-coordinated censorship/deplatforming campaigns that totally shut down Republican talk radio in the late 1930s and again in 1964-65 (the latter episode also closely involving the Democratic National Committee)…..

…..but, there’s been no ruling party crackdown on the opposition party per se, like we’re seeing now, since the 1860s.

(Of course, it was much worse then, but we’ll see how things go.)

(And of course, they like to say they’re not targeting the whole opposition, only those nasty Trumpers, but that’s the ONLY opposition right now, if we define “opposition” as “a threat to some governing power or system”, LOL.)

And so, “Plan C.”

The FBI recently accosted up to 50 (yes, fifty) Trump advisors / campaign workers and other Trump-oriented Republican or conservative figures across the country…..

…..including political “dabblers”, hangers-on, amateurs such as Mike Lindell and Bernard Kerik (neither of whom had any government or party positions or formal campaign roles in 2020, nor any involvement in the “January 6th” events)…..

…..seizing their phones or demanding their email records, trying to build a case for some conspiracy to violate election laws or overthrow the government.

The FBI has moreover demanded records from more established figures such as Harmeet Dillon, a Republican National Committee board member for California. They also confiscated some Republican congressman’s phone. Just to give A FEW examples.

Such figures were involved in lawfully discussing and attempting to formulate a wholly failed or non-executed plan(s) to deny Brandon the electors he needed to win, similar to what the Dems and some RINOs tried against Trump in 2016 (though that effort was much more low-key, not being trumpeted by “It’s Her Turn” herself.)

Democrat partisans nationwide are eating it up, veritably peeing their pants in a giddy state.

If you don’t see all this as a meaningful backdrop for the midterms, you’re asleep.

As we saw in the November 2021 “off year” election in Virginia, Republican county officials wisened up from 2020, holding their vote tallies until “big blue” Fairfax County lost its nerve and gave up trying to outwait them.

(As of 10:45pm or 11:00pm, the Fairfax elections office was talking about needing ANOTHER THREE DAYS to count, LOL. That didn’t last long; they folded within a few hours when they realized the rural GOP was prepared to match them day-for-day. You don’t have to like Republicans to understand that Democrats love to count and count and count and count, until they get the number they need.)

Republicans likely think this hold-the-votes game of “chicken” will work for them, this November as well. It will, to some extent. Anyway, there’s no choice but to play the game.

But, things may get crazier.

Barring a huge financial meltdown and stock market crash between now and election day, the “Big Red 80-Seat Tsunami” clearly isn’t happening. There will be a medium to small wave, possibly just a ripple. The only question is how close will it be.

I’m NOT saying for sure it will be a cliffhanger, with the House of Representatives in the balance all night long, and into the next day.

Looking at history, this SHOULDN’T happen. It SHOULD be a comfortable Republican win.

But, the national GOP (under Kevin “deer in the headlights” McCarthy, and Mitch “the Manchurian turtle” McConnell) has fallen on its face so hard, it’s a POSSIBILITY.

And if (again, if) it’s really close, it’s worth contesting. Tough people would step up to slug it out.

In which case, it WOULD NOT look like 2020.

It WOULDN’T be about “the machines.” It may not even be just about late-night photocopied ballot stuffing by a skeleton crew in Atlanta or wherever.

It would be Team Brandon sending the FBI, Marshalls, Secret Service, etc. to select close race districts and precincts (the “still counting the next day” races), to start “observing” and “talking to” people involved in the count. 

In fact, if it’s looking very close nationally…..

…..I’ve no doubt at least several close races (ONLY in areas under Republican jurisdiction, of course) would be quickly taken over by Dem-appointed Federal judges, who would direct the FBI to go in and cart away all the ballot bins or whatever…..

…..then, hand the count over to some contractor hired by, I dunno, an “independent, nonpartisan” group such as… the ACLU.

Or something like that.

You think I’m nuts? Want to take a bet, feeling lucky? Felt lucky in 2020?

What’s to stop them? Who’s to stop them? America’s number one “closet case”, Lindsey Graham, talking tough on Fox News?


If (again, if) it’s close, all bets are off.

They’re just not giving up power, if they can physically help it, period.

Get that through your heads, my friends.

Look at Merrick Garland’s face.

They will IMPRISON and SHOOT people if they have to.

And their propagandists, activists, and voters (your fellow citizens, perhaps your neighbors, maybe even some of your family) would cheer and call them heroes.

They would cheer, just as many people in the Ukraine cheered a group of 40-some young Russian sympathizers being chased into a building and burned/asphyxiated to death in Odessa in 2014 (the few who remained alive and conscious long enough to try to escape, where shot at and then beaten once they jumped out the windows and hit the ground, no one ever went to jail, good times!) Civil strife is a nasty thing.

Knowing the risks, if I was a Republican governor…..

…..I’d be prepared to peacefully, professionally face off with the FBI (or whoever), and demand to see and understand the warrant, and make sure they stick to its narrow terms…..

…..and in fact, to call the judge’s office and verify over email that it’s legit in the first place (may take a few days to hear back and confirm, who knows?)

Also, might be wise to buy some time to get an appellate court judge to tell this district court judge (if that’s what he/she is) to fuck off.

It may sound loopy now, but I’d say, on grounds of “wanting to keep the vote peaceful, avoid rioting, be on the ready against terrorist threats that we found on the Internet, etc.”…..

…..all Republican governors should have select, capable National Guard units or detachments thereof, sitting in their armories the morning of election day, ready to deploy with their vehicles.  (In “red” counties inside “blue” states”, sherriff’s departments should be put on notice.)

Communications with the state adjutants (National Guard chiefs, should be at the governor’s side) should be via SINCGARS encrypted military radio only, using microwave or some other relay if the distance is too great for individual radios alone. Get it set up in advance, don’t wait until the last minute.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy. 2020 through early 2021 was also crazy.

(Incidentally, making everyone get “vakksinayted”—or else!—against a disease with a near-100 percent survival rate among healthy people under 60, is also crazy.)

The alternative to an organized, lawful approach (if it comes to it) in line with the U.S. Constitution, is, potentially, random unorganized violence by some angry lunatic yahoos (the “cling to guns and religion” crowd) here and there, which is totally unacceptable…..

…..and moreover, it would sharply turn off the soccer moms.

Don’t let it come to that.

If you’re someone of influence in your state or county Republican party, please share this essay, don’t be shy.

In fact, everyone should be sharing. Why be an information dead-end? I’m very grateful for the loyal readership, but it seems only a small minority of my readers make a routine effort to share my material with friends and family. This blog could grow by 20 percent EACH MONTH if half of my readers routinely shared, instead of just sitting on it. Why is this not happening? I’ve got no ads and this stuff is free, please don’t be a leech, return the favor.

(BTW, I know there’s many readers (not from my original Republican mailing list) who are thinking, “who cares, no difference between the parties.” Well, I don’t care about the parties anymore, either, but federalism and division of power and prerogatives is better than hyper-centralization under one national capital perennially dominated by one party.  So, please don’t bother with those types of comments. As for the few remaining fools who want to complain like, “I’m not American and I don’t care about your politics, I’m only here for the war”….. Please, just leave this blog and don’t come back.)


Interest Rate Armageddon – Or, “How A Marginal View Goew Mainstream in 2 Months

The Federal Reserve’s panicked moment of reckoning—which I predicted in several videos a few months ago, and no I wasn’t the only one—is finally almost upon us. 

The SP500 stock index crashed over four percent on Tuesday, September 13th, when Uncle Sam’s latest inflation report came out. 

All the smart people had figured that with gasoline now somewhat cheaper (thanks to Brandon’s ultraliberal use of the “Strategic Midterms Reserve“, LOL), inflation would be cooling off.

All the smart people were wrong. 

Even per the Government’s BS numbers (which understate real inflation by about half), it’s getting worse. 

The reason stocks fell is, of course, that’s what happens when people realize the Fed might have to take the easy money away. 

“Treasuries” have since responded by lifting yields to their highest since 2007 or so.

Mortgage rates exploded, too.  The 30-year rate on a regular loan, for a $400,000 house, top credit applicant, 10 percent down, is now about 6.60 to 6.75 percent, depending on the area—well over twice what it was in December, and up at least 0.30 percent in just the last two weeks. 

On Wednesday, September 21st, the Fed’s board raised its “funds rate” target by 0.75 points.  After the inflation report, the financial markets had that more-or-less priced in already, yet the SP500 still dropped another 1.71 percent that day, and four percent for the week.

If (probably when, probably the next one) we get another bad inflation number, they will jack up their rate target again at their next meeting just before the midterm election, at which point, 30-year mortgages will zip to 7.0 percent….. 

…..thus totally shutting down the (already deeply struggling) residential real-estate loan market to all but high-equity, second or third time buyers.

Corporate bonds are also in BIG trouble, if companies (who were used to rolling over their debt at ever-lower rates for year and years) now have to sell new debt at roughly 2X the coupon and yield, relative to just last year.

(Most of the bullschitt dotcoms and other “trendy” outfits—maybe not the top five names, but most of the rest—will be brought down just like 2000-2001.)

But don’t worry, if the Fed doesn’t crash the economy this next time, they will crash it the time after that. It’s just a matter of time.

If (as I’ve predicted, and I’ve been good so far) inflation will keep rising, or at least stays high, they will have to keep raising.

So, either way, they are going to bring it all down (or Variant X—depending on when it hits—will bring it all down for them.) 

At which point, it’s been my view (as per my videos) that they will have to run back the other way….. 

…..lowering rates and “capitulating” to inflation. 

When I first talked about “capitulation” on YouTube in June and July, it was a MARGINAL view (not to mention, I got heaps of grief from dumb teenagers who wanted me to keep talking only the Ukraine war, not economics.)

It was marginal, in part, because few among the “investariat”, expected inflation to keep rising and rising, forcing the Fed to act, hard. (Obviously, you can’t capitulate to inflation if there’s no prolonged inflation.)

(Amazing how all the smartest people can’t ever predict anything, LOL.)

Now, “capitulation” has become so mainstream, that almost everyone expects it. Now, it’s just a question of HOW LOUD the howls of pain have to be, for the Fed to give up.

Once the Fed capitulates, and lowers rates into the recession (and perhaps into Variant X, depending on when that hits)…..

…..without… ever… having… gotten… inflation… under… control….

Once that happens…..

…..inflation will REALLY take off, and break everything. 

(Another multi-trillion dollar stimulus bill to deal with Variant X would be gasoline on this fire, but there will be fire, regardless.) 

Folks, we are still in the early innings of this thing.  (For non-American readers, that means it’s only 7am and the day ends at midnight.) 


In my estimation, inflation—perhaps sharply exacerbated by other, as-yet unforeseen crises or disasters, but inflation nonetheless—will break the country, forcing a sharp change to the U.S. political system (likely in the direction of substantial decentralization.)

Inflation has catalyzed sharp or disastrous political change in other countries (e.g., the USSR among many others) and yet literally no one else is predicting this with respect to the USA…..

…, in my view, that means it’s probably going to happen.

Especially as no politician has an answer for it.

Even great alt-thinkers such as Steve Bannon and all his podcast guests, have no answer for this.

Bannon can (rightly) rail against “elites” and China whatever, but inflation is the biggest thing in town, and he has little to say because….. the problem is his own listeners! (Among others.)

Most adult Americans reading this, are responsible for (or at least, benefited from) wild deficit spending that got us to where we are now.

For example, my day job is with the Federal Government (disclaimer: on this blog, I speak only for myself, on my own time, as a private citizen with opinions.)

Ever since I gave up on mostly fun, demanding, relatively low-paying jobs, “started a family” and settled down in a boring corner of the bureaucracy for the long haul, I’ve been earning decent money, loyally and honestly doing good, honest work that is not efficient or truly “needed,” as far as society goes.

It’s mostly just conspicuous make-work and smoke and mirrors, so that some executive can justify their own turf. My position would not exist in any efficient, private sector organization.

In short, I’m responsible.

I could hypothetically get a more productive, market-valued job in the private sector (not Government contracting, but the “real” private sector), but I don’t, because it would pay MUCH less, and I’d have zero job security.

As for YOU… If you’re an American, and you voted (in primaries but not only) with an eye only to social and not economic issues, election after election, and the politicians catered to that, and let the jobs go….. YOU’RE responsible.

If you benefited from the Paycheck Protection Program in 2020-2021, YOU’RE responsible.

If you or your parents or your community (and you living in that community) benefit from deficit spending on a year-in, year-out basis, YOU’RE responsible.

Such as, if the only really big business in your town is a VA hospital or any big hospital, or a college or university, or a military base…..

…..Well, you might think you have an “honest”, private sector job, selling cars or insurance or legal advice or whatever, and maybe you do, and it’s honorable…..

…..But if the people buying your stuff, are mostly collecting a Government paycheck—directly or indirectly, doesn’t matter, it’s Government spending regardless…..

…..Then, respectfully, YOU’RE benefiting from massive, perennial deficit spending, almost as much as any “lazy government employee”, almost as much as any “welfare queen.”

In short… People who just whine about “politicians”, “elites”, “corporations” or “capitalists” are either ignorant, or kidding themselves.

The problem is VOTERS and THE PUBLIC.

Yes, someone hollowed out our industry and made compensatory deficit spending on healthcare, (mis)education, and now, permanent “stimulus” and sloppy “pork” spending, a fixture without which the economy and our entire society (as we know it) dies.

But someone voted for that, over and over… Someone allowed that ball to get rolling… and it wasn’t Putin.

Maaaaybe if you’re under 40, you get a pass; this train left the station before you started voting. Anyone older, sorry, if you voted then you’re guilty.

I’m not saying “don’t vote now”, but obviously, under the current system, it’s too late to fix anything.

PS: Although those among the “investariat” who say that inflation will soon tame itself (or “is rolling over already”) have been reduced, as of recent weeks, to a small minority, they are warning much more aggressively now that the Fed is “overreacting.” Typically, these people are trying to sell you (“you” being a pension fund or some rich guy) on them managing your assets or something like that, keeping you in the game of buying stocks. All I can say, these people are bozos. It may be that asset prices will tank, but, day-to-day prices for most consumers are only going higher. In my area, residential rents are still rising fast. Globally, there will be an even worse food shock next year, because chemical fertilizer prices will be even higher (probably MUCH higher) than this year’s highs.  Industrial production in Europe will largely shut down for the winter, so by spring (although we will likely have “other big problems”) there will be shortages of parts for turbines, elevators, machine tools, and whatever else comes from Germany at a minimum.  Also because of the Europe situation, global competition for liquefied natural gas (LNG) will soon reach insane levels, pushing up the cost of everything in the USA, as the USA is an LNG exporter, and the more LNG exports, the more the un-liquefied stuff costs here as well. I could go on, but you get the picture.


Endemic” And The “Rain Man



In the last few months, many geniuses have commented here that the korona will never get worse, only better, because now it’s “endemic.”

People throw that word around like it means “not a big deal anymore.” Mindless, they heard it on TV, repeat it, don’t even think about what they’re saying.

Bubonic plague is “endemic” in some parts of the world; rabies is “endemic” in my neighborhood. Fortunately, not among humans. Doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous.

Influenza is “endemic” among many species.

Humans have had some natural immyoonitee to the “endemic” flu (now likely on a genetic level) for at least 100 years, and yet…..

…..Every 5 or 7 years, some new flu strain kills 2, 3, or 5 times more people than “usual.”

And, “all scientists” agree that The Big One—a hugely deadly, 1918-1919 style flu eppiddemmikk, likely coming from our feathered friends—while perhaps still decades away, is probably unavoidable.

In fact, the korona was a shock to them in part because many were expecting “avian influenza” instead.

So, from now on, anyone misusing the term “endemic” in the comments section, will get put up against the wall.

(Incidentally, my entire household came down with flu, late last week. Never got it this early in “the season” before. I did a podcast recording over the weekend with James Kunstler, he had it even worse than us. This one is something else. I think the hospitals are going to be full this winter, and then…. Well, if you read me, you know. Check out New Zealand’s “Kiwi Drug” for some European-sourced Tamiflu, if they still have it, before everyone piles on. They also have Indian-sourced eye-verrr-mekk-tin, which I can’t vouch for, but it may be better than nothing. When ordering, write that it’s for prophylaxis and “just in case” purposes, and will not be consumed otherwise; they don’t need any more detail as to your motivation or intentions. Of course, I do not get paid to plug them. They’re just very good, in my own experience. Do your own research and buy at your own risk. Also, buy vitamin C, in bulk, enough for safe daily doses for the entire fall-winter, before everyone else piles on. If it’s a rough winter, vitamin C might become “the next toilet paper.”)

The korona is obviously myoo-tay-ting much faster than the human flu, we seem to have a distinct, authentic new strain out every 2 months or so.

OBVIOUSLY we’re going to have a deadlier korona strain sooner or later…..

…..AND, the vakksed-and-boosstted have clearly bucked up their immyoonitee to the korona (and probably not only korona), something that has NEVER before happened in the history of “vakseenz.”

It’s gotten so silly that the media long ago stopped reporting the “percentage of unvakksed among all korona-inpatients or serious cases” in whatever state or hospital system (remember that?)

Given all this, logically it’s hard to see ANY OTHER outcome but a very high body-count panndemmyk of the vakksynayted, within the near-enough future.

It’s just logic and common sense.

I’m not even getting into science talk about the vakseenz stimulating the myoo-tay-shunz and the degree of infekk-shuss-ness. I’ll leave that for experts like Mallone and Vanden Bossche. I don’t know the science, I just see obvious patterns and connect the dots.

A few commenters said I must be slightly autistic, because I see patterns and trends and stuff. OK, maybe so. A little bit of autism may be a gift.

As I’ve said many times in my videos, I still expect the bottom to fall out by March 31st, 2023. We’ll see if I am right. If it falls out on April Fools Day, don’t hold it against me too much.


Speaking of Autists…. Please Make Yourselves Useful

If someone could find my summer (June or July) YouTube and/or Rumble video(s) and the moment (tell me what minute and second, roughly) at which I state the Euro currency will be annihilated, let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.

(Please note, the video that has “Euro” in the title, is not necessarily the one in which I said “annihilated.” It may have been another one.)

I really should have “prophesized” against the Pound as well. It’s doing even worse. These countries are phucked. God is Great, folks. God is in control.

Not the “personal buddy god” (or your friendly pen-pal Jesus) that some people pray to, to balance their checkbooks or whatever, but nonetheless.

If you are against God, it’s not a good place to be.

*******PS: Disclosure, I am invested in betting against the Euro currency. With my few thousands of loyal followers, most of whom are not remotely among the investariat, I am clearly no financial guru or “market maker”, but, we understand the time we are living in, so I can’t be too careful. So, it’s disclosed, I hope to make lots of money as the Euro is being annihilated.*******


The Lowest Form of Life

I’ve watched parts of three different Russian state TV shows in which guests/commentators admitted Russia’s embarrassing disaster in Kharkov, and urged the military leadership to get its head out of it butt, before the entire house comes down. 

If people on Putin’s TV channels are saying that, I think it’s “case closed.” I think they know better than some angry (mostly blocked) dildos trying to spam my comments section.

Now, as you might have heard, Russia has suddenly, rapidly accelerated its political claims over the Donbass and Black Sea coast…..

…..Partly to convince the locals that they won’t be abandoned, as were many thousands of Russian “collaborators” who had to flee Kharkov region with the Russian retreat.  Again, “case closed.”

Russia’s defense minister Shoigu also basically admitted, they’re now calling up the reserves because they don’t have remotely enough men to cover a 1000-plus kilometer front (in short, the Kharkov problem), let alone to continue advancing. Once more, “case closed.”

The one saving grace with Kharkov, is that Russia was outsmarted and outmaneuvered, not actually outfought…..

…..and was able to retreat with almost all of its mobile gear and remarkably light casualties (given the circumstances), and is now better poised to defend other areas, while maintaining, on average, over time, a roughly 3:1 casualty ratio in its favor, same as always. 

OK, maybe that’s a few saving graces. Other than that…..

…..and the fact that the Ukrainian offensive ultimately proved to be a disorganized mess in its execution (they still can’t “do” offensives, their senior officers are incompetent and rely on U.S./UK advisers to tie their shoelaces)…..

…..succeeding only thanks to an 8-to-1 superiority in numbers along the axes of advance…..

…..Kharkov is clearly a DEFEAT, and not some cunning “secret plan.”

I got hate mail from groupies, who were upset that I called their prophets—e.g., Larry Johnson and Martyanov who thought it was all some genius, 4D chess move, and the New Atlas guy who denied it was even happening—”blind” and “illiterate.” 

I admit, that language was a mistake.  I should have called them “GODDAMN MORONS.” 

(As for the Duran guys, they are WELL smart enough to remain observers of the war, not deep analysts or forecasters—for those few who asked why I didn’t include them in the moron list, it wasn’t just because they had me on their show.)  

One thing I ask of all my readers, never be a groupie.  Groupies are subhuman filth, the lowest form of life.

Now, please stop by my store and buy my T-shirts (just kidding!)

PS:  The Wall Street Journal claimed a few days ago (in passing, it wasn’t a main point) that “hundreds” of Russian tanks, armored vehicles, and cannon were captured in Kharkov region.  This is a FANTASTIC claim, the equivalent of at least one full brigade’s worth of equipment being left behind by the Russian force retreating from primarily Izium (where there was not much more than one Russian brigade to begin with.)  I’d like to see the proof.  So far, what’s been made public is a video of a maintenance overflow yard with 10 or 12 broken-down (but fixable) Russian tanks and BMP’s in Izium, one or two other tanks that were shown elsewhere, some crates of munitions, and a pile of antiquated small arms that were left behind after likely being seized from the Ukrainians themselves in March or April.  Perhaps I missed something, but, “hundreds” of tanks?  Where, what?  It’s just another example of American “journalists” repeating BS talking points (or fantastic rumors) from their preferred side of the conflict—and don’t expect any corrections, ever.  I probably still have a couple of reporters from the WSJ reading me, I’m glad they’re here because, hey, you guys are PATHETIC.  I’m sorry I called groupies the lowest life form, it’s actually you quasi-state propagandists masquerading as “respectable journalists at a leading news organization”. How do you look yourselves in the mirror each morning? Make sure to get triple-boosstted… and don’t overfeed your dogs.


Foreign Influence Operations 101” – Or, Another Day At A Fake News Factory

The Russian announcement of a call-up of trained reservists (former contract soldiers and some former conscripts) has been followed by a torrent of fake news about these guys paying thousands of dollars to fly one-way to Istanbul or Dubai etc., to sit out the war. 

Probably the most “effective” examples of this fake news wave have come from the English-language Moscow Times, a Dutch-owned, largely Holland-based website that has been run—evidently for propaganda purposes—at a near-100 percent “operating loss” for years.

That is, no ads on the desktop version… only minimal ads (e.g. low-rent junk plugs for Asian comics) on mobile… no subscriptions… and no paid premium access.

I don’t know “for sure”, but typically in these cases (and there are a bunch), U.S. or European government or “foundation” funding is in play. 

With a slick website, reportedly at least 10 full-time staff and/or contractors, and a name that implies a respectable, good-sized, major city newspaper (despite running almost no news at all about Moscow itself)….. 

…..The Moscow Times gets picked up by the likes of Yahoo News, and aggregators such as Citizens Free Press and probably (though no one goes there anymore) The Drudge Report.

They only ever write what Russia-hating audiences want to hear—running almost nothing of interest to any Russian—and my impression is they make a lot of shit up.  (Almost none of their “terrified” witnesses/subjects ever have a last name or even a last initial, LOL.) 

Fact is, even if he doesn’t like the war, almost no Russian “who recently completed military service”, or his family, can afford to pay a panic price (allegedly) of thousands of dollars for a one-way ticket out of Russia…..

…..and then pay to live in a hotel or AirBnB in Turkey or Dubai with ZERO income, indefinitely. 

This is fantasy. Russian military-type families are not that rich, sorry.  Only the top 5 percent or so of Russians can afford to do that… and you can imagine they have nothing to do with the army, LOL.

Even American army reservists—you know, central Pennsylvania bumpkins or Spanish Harlem types—can’t afford that lifestyle.

Not to mention, most of these guys are married, and many if not most have at least one child already.

Anyone trying to sell you on this alleged “escape wave” as a mass phenomenon or as representative of a broad population of trained reservists, is a BULLSHITTER, and you should consider where their paycheck might be coming from. 

What’s likely happening (assuming the stories of sold-out flights to Istanbul, Dubai, Armenia, etc. are true), is that, just as in February-March…..

…..some panicked, “liberal” computer programmers and graphic designers etc. are looking to telework from another country while they figure out if Vlad the Impaler has really gone medieval this time. 

Many of them came back to Russia after the last time, and probably will this time as well.  It could be some of the same people as last time.  We already saw this movie. 

BTW, an obvious “giveaway” is the alleged selling out of flights to Armenia, which has become a major hub for Russian oppositionists. 

Another giveaway is that the word “Thailand” has not appeared with respect to this alleged reservist exodus.  Thailand is a favorite destination for Russians, there’s no shortage of flights, but it is Turkey that is the big base for Russian TELEWORKERS. 

As for Turkey as a safe haven, it’s no place I’d go to with the intent of sitting out any shit hitting any fan, LOL.  When Turkey goes down, it will look like World War Z. 

The funniest thing about the Moscow Times, it’s such a poor “investment” for NATO HQ, the National Endowment for Democracy, Soros, or whoever is paying them.  The content is not only ridiculous…..

…..It’s also in English, so, how many people in Russia are reading it?

All it is, is grist for echo chambers OUTSIDE of Russia.  And it makes no money.  What’s the point???

So much for an “influence operation.” There are many other sites (either government or “on the payroll”), such as Radio Svoboda and Meduza, which cater to Russian oppositionists in their own language.

To any normal person, they are unreadable, but at least they earn their keep.


England Is The Dumbest Country on Earth

In the U.S., we still have one good tabloid, the New York Post, which (if you’ve been lying in a tomb) broke the Hunter Biden laptop story, and was then totally censored and blocked by the dotcoms until well after the 2020 election.

I know Israel has a few pretty good, very popular tabloids as well.

In England, the tabloids are really, really, really dumb.

With all love for my English readers—I lived in England for some years as a child then as an adult, I know nothing of Scotland or Wales or the place that “Zombie” song is about, so I don’t say “UK” or “British”—English tabloids prove that England is THE DUMBEST COUNTRY ON EARTH.

Case in point:

A 73 year-old, retired Russian professor of aeronautical engineering (or something like that) fell down a flight of stairs and died.

This tabloid made it out like he was a friend of Putin, and the death is suspicious:



LOL. The poor guy, was just some guy.

The really funny thing is, I only ever read about this guy, in this stupid tabloid! I know his age, retired status, former profession, and mode of death, only because they told me. It’s all in the text!!!

And yet, well… you see the headline.

And so, most people (who don’t read much beyond the headlines) walk away with the impression that Putin is killing not just the occasional KGB turncoat rat who eats at $100-a-meal sushi restaurants, but in fact, all of his own old buddies…..

…..Working down a list, like some vengeful ghost in a horror film.

And of course, we can’t cut a deal with such a monster.



(As to the other seven “cronies”, one was just a random expat who—according to police—killed himself in Washington, DC, and most of the rest were current or former execs/managers in Russian state oil or gas companies or their various affiliates, which together happen to employ millions of Russians, so, yes, you will find some deaths among this large crowd, even just this calendar year. One guy fell off a boat, several killed themselves. Probably there’s many, many more who died of heart attacks, cancer, etc., but that’s not so interesting. You wouldn’t believe, people also die in London and New York City, it’s amazing.)


James Kunstler Podcast



Please click on the above link to hear me on James Kunstler’s most recent podcast.

In roughly the second half, we depart from my “usual” Ukraine stuff (the only reason I get invited anywhere, LOL), and talk about American politics and other things.

If you don’t know him already, James is the first (and still almost only) “doomer” who views the coming sharp decline of the USA as not a sudden thing that we can get to the other side of quickly, but as a multi-decade “Long Emergency.”

If you haven’t noticed already, I tend to agree with him on this.

James has also written a number of excellent books, including the well-selling The Geography of Nowhere (1994), about American suburbia, which has over 300 reviews on Amazon. You should check him out. Please note, he has a different style from me, and his blog doesn’t do specific predictions.


Mass Graves! Massacres! War Crimes!

I promised you the batshit craziest Ukraine material I’ve ever published, and, in my view, this is it.

Regarding areas recently retaken by the Ukrainian army in Kharkov region….. 

Russia was in Kupiansk for over six months, and in Izium for roughly four months. 

Izium was a battlefield in April.  Most of the town was damaged if not wrecked at that time, or by near-daily Ukrainian shelling and rocketing since (seeing as the town became a major Russian base.) 

Then, Russia quickly retreated. 

There are hundreds of bodies (many civilians, as well as many Ukrainian soldiers from the April battle) in rough graves near town.  The Ukrainian army dead were buried by the conquerors in various pits and trenches, not individually. 

It would be easy to claim (or “imply” without claiming) they are all victims of Russian death squads, or some Khatyn-type massacre of POWs, whatever.

Aaaaaand that’s exactly what’s happened.

The MSM (led by the Washington Post, the “Mouthpiece of Empire”) went lunatic with headlines of terror and horror, moral terror, oh the horror, horror and moral terror, a snail crawling along the edge of a straight razor.

Below are two videos. The first shows Russian soldiers collecting Ukrainian army dead in the fields and forests around Izium, in May (or early June at the latest). The second video shows these bodies being brought to burial.

At around 0:50 in the second video, you can see a large number of bodies in black bags (this is not remotely all of what was collected, only a modest fraction, but just to give you an idea)…..

…..then, starting from about 1:20, they are deposited in a pit in a forest, with one masked soldier narrating that the Ukrainian side refused requests to come pick up its dead.




…..Here is (just a very small taste of) America’s take on things, from the Washington Post:







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