April 2023 – Page 2 – Your "Great Reset" HQ

Cucks “down under”

dreizinreport  -  April 12, 2023

Folks, a big thanks to everyone….. …..who has donated to make this blog worth my time. It’s clear from my own experience….. There’s a HUNGER for real journalism and the UNCENSORED TRUTH. I gave up trying to thank everyone individually, sorry. Just know that you are appreciated. The Leaker We can draw conclusions from the...

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Dreizin’s first UN-retraction

dreizinreport  -  April 10, 2023

We’ll get to the un-retraction. And, I have more to say about DeSantis. First: Why the U.S. and UK….. …..stopped their MANNED surveillance flights near Crimea….. …..at the end of September Let’s start with….. The Amazon (Washington) Post, April 10th, 2023: Ooooh….. Sounds familiar. Where did I read this before? The Dreizin Report, March 5th,...

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One More Go

dreizinreport  -  April 7, 2023

The above photo shows Christopher Walken….. …..training for “one more go“….. …..a.k.a. the Next Big Ukrainian Counteroffensive. In the below audio message….. (Length: 19:31) Not precisely but more or less in this order….. I cover: (1) The PR and “social psychology” explanation for how the Pentagon settled on its present estimate of Russian casualties. (2)...

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Ukraine & Machine Souls

dreizinreport  -  April 5, 2023

The Amazon Post moves on, and so does Dreizin….. (The below audio file is 16 minutes of pure, wholesome Brain Candy.) (Folks, this may not seem like much, but I recorded (and tossed) literally HOURS of other material, to settle on this. So, yeah I’m not ashamed to say, give me money for my efforts....

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“Tranny agenda” BS is nothing new, just another classic American hysteria

dreizinreport  -  April 2, 2023

As often happens, the headline piece is at the bottom. First….. I’d like to bring your attention….. To these fools, below. The leader of this pack….. …..is probably the guy….. …..behind the “attack Congress again, kill Federal officials, etc.” comments….. …..that I received on this blog….. …..when I first started. LOL. These dipshits….. …..who are...

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