(I wasn’t able to publish this yesterday, I wrote this before the photos/videos got out of refugee crowds.) “Instant mass cleansing” back on table as Azerbaijan plays hardball, hands Karabakh a list of Karabakh current & former civil government officials & military commanders who must be “turned over” (b/c they are terrorists blah blah) prior to Azerbaijan allowing “humanitarian corridor” into Armenia. Given that Karabakh population dipped (after 2020 war, this is latest figure I’ve ascertained) to 120,000, this means likely a substantial proportion of families (& certainly all “leading” families) have 1 or more on the list. *ALSO*, it’s a very clear “signal” of more HARDBALL to come… that is, of INTENT to “cleanse”, w/ no amnesty. Russia will probably finagle a corridor out, but… we’re looking at 120,000 homeless refugees (only a very small number would have homes in Armenia proper, the best-off likely got out after 2020.) “Woe to the vanquished.”

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