If my last post (from this morning, don’t miss it) didn’t make it clear, the Israeli army (“IDF”) is **NOT COMBAT-CAPABLE**, cannot handle enemy tactical drones & obviously has not learned new threats/tactics from Ukraine war. (Probably, U.S. Army in same shape.) Having facilitated Azerbaijan’s success against Armenians… Israel finds itself as potentially another Karabakh 2020, unprepared for modernity. Any “conventional” showdown with a “real” opponent such as Hezbollah (with its extensive Syrian experience), at the same time as Gaza, will lead to the IDF getting UTTERLY WASTED & WRECKED BEYOND COMPREHENSION. This is why tactical nuclear weapons would almost certainly be used in a war with Hezbollah, which may content itself with “merely” sending over a stream of cheap (perhaps even unarmed) drones to wear out Israel’s Patriot missile stores (Israel’s short-range “native” [Raytheon/Boeing-assisted] anti-rocket defenses can sometimes but are not intended to target & hit straight-line trajectory craft), *****forcing GLOBOHOMO to choose between Israel & the Ukraine/Taiwan.***** Again, the Black Swan. This is it, folks, this is it. You lived to see it, congratulations. // ***This is the second of two posts/sends this morning, be sure not to miss the first one.***

I hasten to add, if Israel uses tactical nukes against Hezbollah, if it does come to that (I hope not), then the genie is out of the bottle… and the Ukraine is done in five minutes.

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