HELL FREEZES OVER as European Student Council, uhh, I mean, European Parliament, votes 500-21 on resolution that, among other things, states “the terrorist organization Hamas needs to be eliminated.” (Yes, I had to read this 3 times, could hardly believe it.) Folks, as I told you, game has changed. They’re serious about this. Islamiacs f*cked up & went overboard with medieval Wahhabi bedouin raid that was just too damn well documented. This sh*t was par for the course in Algeria 30 years ago, BUT there was no support for that in the world, no toxic “5th column” in Europe was cheering, it was not seen as threat to “the continent.” Now the Eurotrash, who figured they could buy off Hamas & keep it chill w/ a few $100 million dollars/year in aid money, really do feel THREATENED. It’s like there’s a man-eating tiger out in the woods now, that, having tasted blood, must be put down, & they’re finally getting behind Israel to do it. I *NEVER* imagined this could happen. (Also, Egypt has said “no” to any refugees crossing its borders, its govt likewise feels the heat, doesn’t want to become another Lebanon. Everybody just needed Gaza to STAY in Gaza.) Any “analyst” who doesn’t ***recognize and cover*** this SEA CHANGE is not even worth your time, they’re just PANDERING TRASH, pole-dancing for their peanut gallery.

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