***DREIZIN WROTE ABOUT THIS SINCE THE BEGINNING.  NOW, THEY ARE COMING CLEAN.***  In “above the fold” Bezos (Washington) Post hard copy story today (Tuesday, but it was online Monday), one that MUST be seen in context of Hamas’ October 7th carnage as well as U.S. intel chiefs likely seeing opportunity to drop the “Ukraine ballast”, CIA sources take **MASSIVE DUMP** on colleagues in Ukrainian state security & military intelligence, admitting large-scale training/funding of Ukrainian operatives since 2014 (why now???) *BUT* both acknowledging *AND* vaguely but unmistakeably claiming disapproval of the Ukraine’s killings of pro-Russian “collaborators” as well as of civilian pundits/influencers inside pre-2014 Russia.  Well, that’s nice because HALF the Russians that Dreizin follows on Telegram have been killed or “attempted” already.  Better to admit it late than never!  Fact is, terrorism is terrorism, & someone at CIA is discarding the Ukraine AND putting them on notice, PUBLICLY, that they’re in the same bucket as Hamas now.  Of course, this wonderful message would NOT have gotten out w/o Islamiacs providing a golden opportunity to start tossing this filthy albatross overboard. /// Folks, no more “long format” content or anything else besides sharp headlines & quick videos until my November 5th call, as advertised in my last post. Please, kindly DO NOT expect that I will give u “full Dreizin” w/o u paying up, not until after Nov 5th, anyway.

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