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Cooking The Books

dreizinreport  -  August 8, 2022

For a few weeks already, Brandonites have spun hard to convince us that despite the economy contracting, we’re not in a “recession” so everything is great. But, they are not just talking, they are acting, with the midterm election in mind.  They’ve actually succeeded in hammering down the price of oil (for the short term)...

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Wokeness Stops At The Water’s Edge

dreizinreport  -  July 20, 2022

In this video, Jacob is interviewed by the “Two Mikes” podcast. During the show, Jacob explains why the U.S. Government is obsessed with the Ukraine, and why the Democrat regime’s “progressive” ideals don’t apply to the fascist/supremacist, one-party dictatorship that the Ukraine has become. Please click on link below to access. Jacob appears at approximately...

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Dreizin video: Corona Censors Reawaken, Microchips, Ukraine Rocket War & Escalation

dreizinreport  -  July 17, 2022

My latest video on Rumble: (Our hosting site is no longer allowing embedded Rumble videos, so please click on link below to access.) As usual, if you wish to comment on the ko-rona aspect, please use more-or-less my usual idiotic spellings of key terms (e.g. ko-rona, vy-rus, vary-ants, vakk-seen, vakk-seenz, vakk-syn-ay-tted, vakk-syn-ay-shun, booss-tter shawt,...

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What’s your inflation story?

dreizinreport  -  July 9, 2021

Trillions of 2008-2010 bailout dollars did not lead to price inflation.  Does this mean the Government can keep “printing” and spending trillions more (all of it deficit spending) with no side effects, indefinitely?  Democrats—looking to the next election—think so.  They are wrong.  What does this mean for you and your family?  What does it mean...

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