RNC makes me want to shower

On June 2nd, RNC chair Ronna McDaniel came out with a tweet celebrating “Pride Month”, also declaring her intent to balance the homosexual and religious/traditional agendas within the GOP.  She should have left out the first part.  Although one tweet may not seem like a big deal, it’s hard to imagine the entire statement was not pre-cleared with the full committee.

Of course, this is a shot across the bow of conservativism.  Indeed, if it flies, it could be the end of the national GOP as a “conservative” party.  The GOP’s base is certainly more tolerant and open-minded than the Maoists who now guide the Democrats, but what we can’t stand is segmenting everyone into groups (some of them totally constructed and artificial, such as “Asian – Pacific Islander” or “LGBTQ”), emphasizing difference and division, and giving cheesy, grade-school style “participation trophies” to everyone except white heterosexual males.

They really should have stopped at Black History Month, but evidently that was just the start.  Soon, every month of the year will have some demographic attached to it.  This year, we’ve already had months for blacks, women, and Asian – Pacific Islanders (the dumbest month ever—“Asians” are by far, far, far the highest-earning census category; this category also throws together scores of radically different nationalities, many of whom don’t like each other; in short, the month is not for them but for Democrats.)  Now, we have June reserved, by Presidential proclamation, for sexual minority “pride.”  Which means that all Federal agencies—and in copycat fashion, most universities and large companies—have to send out Pride Month messages to the workforce, host Pride Month events, and so on.  Same as for all the other special months.

That the RNC is me-too-ing this, seemingly chasing the votes of the homosexual three percent of the population, at the expense of turning off the 38 to 40 percent who constitute its own voting base, is genuinely vile and bizarre.  These jokers are floating in space.  There is room for everyone in our big tent, but no “tolerance” for this gimmickry from the RNC.  

Of course, the question is, what can you do about it?  It would be great if we had a mechanism to declare a “sense of the base” independently of the RNC.  And that’s what my open letter is about, that I’ve been pitching the last week (please check my recent emails if this is new to you.) 

The RNC dropped a rare opportunity to call out Democrats for deliberately playing down the nationwide violence against Jews last month, and if the base doesn’t pick up that slack, no one will.  (Again, see my emails.)

That letter is one matter, we can do others, but one thing we should not do is be silent, and simply hope the RNC will turn around.  We need to start organizing and moving in parallel to the usual hierarchical channels, sounding off aggressively about everything, fighting a guerrilla war if need be, embarrassing them nationally, in open rebellion, while there is still time before 2022 election season.  Merely listening to Bannon’s show, and waiting for established, within-party processes to flush out the RNC seat-warmers and the party careerist trash at all levels, will not produce results in that time-frame.

As of now, they think that you will just sit there (will you?) and put up with anything, whatever it takes to keep raking in the Big Woke Corporate Dollars, even if we don’t have a brand, or a base, or a party at the end of it.

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