COVID, your kids, & a doomed plane

When the Democrats were still impeaching Trump, I told my son to prepare for indefinite school closure.  In mid-February 2020, I bought hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) from a New Zealand online pharmacy.  This was before the censorship curtain went down on the drug.  

Knowing a foreign language helps sometimes.  I read in a U.S.-funded Russian opposition site (they are all U.S.-funded, because it’s OK for Uncle Sam to interfere in foreign politics) that the Chicoms, desperate for a cure for their Chinavirus, tried everything and found that of existing approved drugs, only HCQ had any measurable results.  Indeed, this was confirmed in an English-language medical paper published in Hong Kong.  So I stocked up in February and when my family and I got sick, it was a lifesaver.  

Chinavirus for people with even minor and normally non-impactful heart conditions can be a quickly-executed death sentence; you may not live long enough to die of pneumonia.  You can die within a few days.  But with HCQ, no guarantees (and don’t try this at home, and I’m not your physician, please consult your physician), but if taken shortly after onset of symptoms, let’s just say someone might be flat on their back, cramped, chilled, dizzy, with a 102.5 degree fever, and then one dose and a three-hour nap later, going for a long walk outside because they are tired of being stuck in the house.  

Among other things, HCQ calms the immune system; the effect must be seen to be believed.  It is a derivative of a synthetic form of quinine, the flavoring agent in tonic water, which is why tonic water disappeared from many supermarket shelves in April 2020 (although the dosage in the drink is too low to be useful.)  It is dirt cheap, and is so safe that it has been prescribed as both an antimalarial/antiparasitic and an immunosuppressant—for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis—to tens of millions of people since the 1960s.  In Europe alone, hundreds of thousands of autoimmune disease sufferers were prescribed HCQ as of when the Chinavirus hit.  

I talked to a few Democrat doctors and research types; they say that what happened in my home is possible on a one-off basis, as a coincidence, luck, but it’s not “science.”  

Well, we’ve seen the “science.”  We now know for sure that elements both within and close to the U.S. Government literally paid to outsource coronavirus research to Wuhan, China, because it was too hot to play with here, and then, when it appeared as though one of these viruses may have escaped (this was in Wuhan, after all), they panicked and, to cover their butts, told everyone (despite the science) that it was certainly 100 percent natural, also working directly with the dotcom giants—who wanted to hurt Trump by taking the focus off of China—to provide them with a “scientific” justification to censor all other views.  We know all of this now, it’s out in the open, well documented.  (Not to mention, HCQ has been “amnestied” since Trump left office.)  It’s the best movie script in years!  

All the talk about kids needing vakk-seen-A-shun is also political, and lies.  Healthy kids are hardly at risk.  When ill, my ten-year-old son had no energy for sports, and lost his sense of taste for a few days, perhaps a week.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t have known there was anything wrong with him.  My 13-month-old twins got very feverish, but it lasted less than 36 hours, and then they were fine.  (A useful experience, as I learned from doctors that the “posted” dosage for children’s Tylenol is too low to be effective for high fever, and the twins would have cooled down and recovered sooner with the proper dosage—but don’t quote me on that, I’m just a guy, I don’t know anything; talk to your own doctor and don’t try any of this at home.)  

Nationwide, the number of children who are confirmed to have died from Chinavirus is in the low hundreds, which is much, much fewer than die from the flu in any given year.  How many of these kids were cancer patients or had some other condition?  And yet, some blue states and counties want to make inoculation with hastily-approved vakk-seenZs (which have already killed thousands of Americans “unofficially”, if you look at those who died after magically coming down with a viral infection a few days or weeks after taking the vakk-seen, such as my friend’s father-in-law) a requirement for coming back to school in August.  They pretend the benefits for kids outweigh the risks.  They want to keep the panic magic going.  

I’m not even getting into mask flip-flopping.  It’s clear we lived through a movie where bad guys in charge lied and made selfish (and political) decisions, and the rest of us paid for it.  They are like the evil company man in Aliens who “made a bad call, Ripley, it was a bad call.”  Some needed to cover their butts while most sought merely to bring down Trump, or boost their own ratings, but tens of millions worldwide lost their jobs or businesses, and millions died needlessly, when the cure was available for less than a dollar a pill, three pills a day for five or six days.  It harkens to that old story about a guy in the desert running out of gas and shooting himself to avoid dying of thirst, when his car radiator has a full tank of water available (this was before antifreeze.)  Grotesque!  

Now what does “a doomed plane” (per my subject line) have to do with it?  We are coming up on the seventh anniversary of the allegedly Russian shoot-down of a Malaysian airliner (carrying mostly Dutch persons) over Ukraine.  You wouldn’t know it, but the Dutch are still investigating.  They just did interviews with a missile manufacturing company and others in Russia a few days ago.  They still haven’t gotten anywhere.  Seven years.  

Why haven’t they gotten anywhere?  It’s likely that the case was slow-rolled while they waited for Uncle Sam to get on board.  But after seven years, Uncle Sam still refuses to provide satellite imagery to the Netherlands-based investigative commission and, more recently, the Netherlands court that has begun prosecuting the case.  Just after the plane came down, “unnamed sources” told our media that U.S. spy satellites had seen it all, the missile launch and everything.  Joe Biden said it was Russians.  Seven years later, they are still playing games, they won’t hand their “evidence” over to the commission, or to the court.  In fact, the court’s multiple requests for U.S. evidence have not even been acknowledged.  

Instead, U.S. and British intelligence services have been paying, directly or indirectly, middlemen (such as the “Bellingcat” company) to feed the media stories about some old text messages or geolocated metadata from some Russian soldier that proves it was Russia.  But they won’t share anything with the Netherlands entities that have been investigating the disaster for almost seven years.  

In fact, Uncle Sam has made no public statement on the disaster since 2014, nor has he pursued criminal charges, although there was at least one American (a dual U.S.-Netherlands citizen) on that plane.  

This is the same Uncle Sam who told us that most of the bitcoin ransom paid to Russian hackers to restore that oil pipeline a few weeks ago, was just this past week recovered by the FBI from an inexplicably unsecured bitcoin “wallet” located on a computer server in California, where it had been sitting, unsecured, for weeks.  Hackers, sure.  

(I can’t pass up mentioning that the Russian dissident/expat victims of the alleged nerve agent poisoning in England a few years ago, were saved only because literally the chief nurse of the British Army happened to walk past, noticed their distress, and called for an ambulance.  A few months ago, the two Russians who had been accused in that 2018 incident, were suddenly accused of blowing up a Czech ammunition warehouse in 2014, which case had long ago been investigated and determined to be caused by negligence on the part of the facility contractor.)  

This is also the same Uncle Sam who is protecting Ashli Babbitt’s anonymous killer, and who hid and sat on footage of police randomly launching several flash-bang grenades directly into the heart of a peaceful, non-threatening section of crowd gathered near the Capitol steps on January 6th.  What else are they sitting on?  

Our government spins lies constantly, while hiding and suppressing the truth.  It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.  It’s gotten so bad that whatever they say, you should believe the opposite, like in some totalitarian dictatorship.  

Yeah, OK, nothing new.  But I will add this:  It’s not as bad in Russia, because in Russia they simply go silent if something doesn’t suit them.  And then, everyone can read between the lines, or hear the silence, as it were.  They don’t weave endless threads of fantastic, BS narrative—at least, not for domestic audiences.  They don’t even seek to fool anyone, they just don’t want people talking much about certain things, not on TV anyway, although you can still write anything on your blog.  And in fact, most “non-democratic” countries are the same in this regard.  They already have the power, so they don’t need or care to control your mind; you can keep your mind.  Everyone knows that whatever they show on TV is nonsense, or a distraction at best.  

On the other hand, here in America, many people (mostly Democrats, at this point) still believe everything the propaganda press and its Deep State pied pipers—for example, Fauci, who has been in the same job for 36 years, like J. Edgar Hoover—tell them.  And they think they are so smart, sophisticated, well-informed—the cognitive elite!  They are dumber than almost anyone living in any s***hole country.

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