July 4th is CANCELLED

When “Juneteenth National Independence Day” (it’s a great idea to celebrate Emancipation, but why that long, bizzare, irrelevant name?) was established by law a few weeks ago, a writer named Jeff Charles over at RedState.com mocked those few true conservatives in Congress who said this new holiday is a leftist plot to supplant our actual, real Independence Day.  (After all, why would any country have two “Independence Days”?)

Well, it took only a few weeks to prove Jeff the fool.  

At my Federal employer (the VA), management has a long tradition of sending out holiday email messages, with the exception of those few holidays that don’t really have a clear purpose, other than to sell clearance furniture (e.g. President’s Day.)  

This past June, we had Juneteenth all over the place; we also had multiple “Pride Month” internal website features as well as book-end (June 1st and June 30th) long messages from the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, as well as a message from my division chief.  In his June 30th message, the Secretary highlighted our “Pride” achievements including adding sex change surgery to our list of services, not to mention adding “Q” to the end of “LGBT.”

But guess what, there is no July 4th this year at the VA.  No messages, no website features, nothing from up high, anyway.  In fact, when searching our internal website for “July 4th”, the most recent search result is a “post-holiday” thought piece from July 6th, 2020.

Maybe some VA hospital put up some flags in its coffee shop, I don’t know.  But, clearly, as a matter of high-level “policy”, July 4th has been CANCELLED at the VA, the second-largest U.S. Government agency.  I would guess it’s the same at other agencies.

Keep in mind, this is just the first year, and they only enacted Juneteenth this past June, a few days before the actual holiday.  Expect many localities to shift their July 4th festivities or decorations over to a Juneteenth focus next year.  It’s coming.  Any fool should be able see it.  This was intentional.  No country can have two “Independence Days.”

As demonstrated many times throughout history, when you take power, and you want to change the culture quickly (in your image) so as to gain absolute power and cement it for the long term, the very first things you do are (1) change the holidays, and (2) wage some shock treatment on the language (e.g. “mother” becomes “birthing person”, “husband/wife” become “spouse/partner”, and so on.)  We’re seeing it all here now.  It only took two hundred-some years, but the French Revolution has finally come to America.

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