My son’s school shows you the future

I live in a heavily Democrat area, where most children even as young as 8 or 9 years old, are vakk-syn-ated against the korona.

My son’s school of perhaps 500 students (not the one in the headline photo) is sending out near-daily notices of korona infection. They had been down to no cases as recently as March. Now, it’s 4, 5, 6, 7, even 10 per day.

What does this tell you?

It tells you the vakk-seenz have not led to herd imm-yoo-ni-tee.

Which means, despite what Dok-ttor Fow-chee might tell you, the eppy-demmik is not coming to an end. Not even close.

It can only be over when there is herd imm-yoo-ni-tee.

As I wrote to my mailing list (before this blog) many times, for the eppy-demmik to be over, most people have to get noticeably, unmistakably sick, produce their own genuine imm-yoon response, and recover. (In other words, let the thing run its course.)

We were told the vakk-seenz would generate herd imm-yoo-ni-tee, stop transmission, stop the eppy-demmik. None of this happened.

“They” have lowered the bar, lower and lower. Now, all they’ve got is that the vakk-seenz (more often than not) prevent severe dizz-eezz—assuming your shot doesn’t f*** you up some other way.

Guess what, that won’t last.

The korona is still here and fast mutating, with no end date.

At some point, it will overcome the vakk-seenz.

“They” must know this.

Leaders of various (northern hemisphere) cities and countries are now warning about severe outbreaks this SUMMER.


Someone among the medical authorities, knows (or suspects) something.

Of course, none of them wants to be the first to come out and say the vakk-seenz failed. That person would get doused with benzene and professionally set on fire. It’s easier to go with the flow, and then, when the bottom falls out, “My goodness, no one could have predicted this!

Those who got vakk-syn-ated, at least with the “jeen the-rah-pee” vakk-seenz, have a problem.

Their vakk-seen derived ann-tee-baw-deez CROWD OUT their innate ann-tee-baw-deez. This has already been proven, it’s not up for debate.

Sadly, the vakk-seen derived ann-tee-baw-deez are FIXED AND IMMUTABLE, whereas the vy-rus is fast mutating.

You see the problem?

There is ZERO chance that the “smart people” DON’T see this problem.

We don’t know when the bottom will fall out, we don’t know where it will start, but there will be a PANN-DE-MYKK of the VAKK-SYN-ATED.

(Of course, the authorities will blame the UN-vakk-syn-ated for it.)

In every highly vakk-syn-ated country—at least, in every one that bought into the “jeen the-rah-pee” vakk-seenz (Russia, for one, did not)—the medical systems will be overwhelmed, and will collapse.

Governments will have to pay all “nonessential” and laid-off workers to sit at home again, which will lead to hyperinflation, or something close enough to it.

And, of course, we have a hungry winter and an even hungrier 2023 ahead of us. I’m guessing this will all hit at roughly the same time.

There’s also a nasty situation with the international politics.

I think that’s three “horsemen” right there. I’m not sure what the fourth one is about. Doesn’t matter.

When the bottom falls out, I’ll be listening to Johnny Cash:

(***Caution:*** Persons who are not fans of horror films, may find the below video to be at least slightly DISTURBING. You have been warned!!! Watch at your own risk!!!)

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