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Hello everyone!  Just in the last few weeks alone, my blog mailing list has gained literally thousands of new subscribers, but my actual daily readership has not budged (in fact, has declined slightly) since late April.

Yes, in some cases, the email providers are blocking my updates.  However, in most cases, my updates are going into “spam” or “promos”, and people never see them.  Emailing such a large volume of people costs money, this blog hardly makes any money, and it’s not worth me paying out of pocket (and taking time away from my family, my health, etc.) if people sign up just to clog up my mailing list, without ever opening my updates.

I know there is a large set of subscribers that never see my emails but do check the site about once a week (or less often.)  This message is kindly aimed at them.  For about the next week, I will not be updating the blog, instead I will leave this message up top, with a request for people to enter JACOB@DREIZINREPORT.COM into their trusted contacts list on their email account.  That way, you will see my email updates, reliably.  Thanks for your understanding!

P.S. When I “come back”, barring any massively important developments in the Ukraine war, and other than highlighting any YouTube interviews that I might be invited to, I will not be covering the war, per se, at all. To that end, I will also “rebrand” the blog.

The Ukraine war is “so yesterday.” Russia has basically won already, it’s all over but the dying. We have much bigger problems here in the USA and the West generally.

Thus, I will be looking forward, not backward, and focusing on inflation, shortages, political dysfunction, the pending crash in Europe, and the coming (in Brandon’s words) “second pandemic” of the ko-ro-na-vy-rus, which will turn civilization and your own life upside down.

I’d love for you to stick around. But if all you were here for is the “war porn”, I understand, all the best to you. Escapism is great, but the war will end, and keep in mind, there are more important things coming that will affect you personally. Why not tune into them now?

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